CHAPTER 8: Resource Development Goals - A Plan of Action

In order to accommodate the goals of the strategic plan, KBOO has made a commitment to the following overarching priorities for resource development or capacity building. They include Marketing and Community Outreach; Media Center; and Secondary Product Development.

Goal #1 - Marketing and Community Outreach

KBOO board, staff and volunteers will actively participate in marketing and public relations activities to improve the visibility of the programming, services, projects and other events and issues of the organization. In the short-term, this effort will serve to identify the target constituency, and the long-term effort will sustain those relationships through an ongoing, coordinated and integrated plan to be revised, reviewed and renewed regularly by all parties within KBOO.


  • Increased and consistent marketing and outreach activities will help to fulfill the mission of KBOO and will bolster fundraising efforts while also creating unique and rewarding community partnerships for mutually beneficial results and impact.

Implementation Plan:

  1. Action Step: Board and collective management will participate in the development of an integrated and comprehensive marketing and community outreach plan that will consider the following elements:
    • Visual impact of KBOO in print media, online, and within the community.
    • Broad, multi-faceted image of KBOO.
    • Targeting community outreach based on market segments and priorities.
    • Partnerships within the community that would be mutually beneficial.
    • Integration of Underwriting as a crux of any marketing efforts.
    • Fund Drive initiatives that advance the marketing and outreach goals of KBOO.
    • Streamline operations and develop grant funding strategy in order to support outcomes of the plan.
    • Incorporate the outcomes of the audience assessment work to be completed as part of this plan.
    • The plan will consider long-range goals and activities.
    Timeline: July 2011 – July 2012
    Responsible party: Development Committee and Development Department.
  2. Action Step: When marketing and community outreach plan is complete, KBOO will revise this strategic plan to incorporate key elements of the plan.
    Timeline: July 2012 – August 2012
    Responsible party: Executive Committee.

Goal #2 – Media Center

  • Provide members and listeners with diverse access to media content as an extension of the existing radio-based format.
  • Enable staff and volunteers to increase their effectiveness by expanding, strengthening and enhancing internal IT systems.


  • Increasingly, the public demands the ability to access media content at any time via the Internet and portable media devices. Providing this service to the public is a core aspect of KBOO’s long-term viability and commitment as a responsive community partner.

Implementation Plan:

  1. Action Step: Increase Web Presence for (a) Internal Organizational Efficiency and (b) Public Access/Use.
    1. Internal Organizational Efficiency:
      • Internal website use for Staff; Volunteers; Board of Directors; Programmers.
      • Policy Creation for Use and Access to internal networks.
      • Training protocols on IT systems.
      • Database for internal use: Public Affairs; Music; Contact Information for Vendors, Community Partners, Recording labels/Music industry contacts; Corporate contacts; Non-profits.
    2. Timeline: July 2012 – July 2013 and ongoing.
      Responsible party: Programming Committee and three board members.
    3. Public Access/Use:
      • Real time synch with “What’s Playing.”
      • “Click to Buy”
      • Online banner ads.
      • Podcasting: Searchable and downloadable from website and subscription-based
        • - Song/Artist of the Day – Daily, Monday through Friday.
        • - Guest Programmers’ Choice – Playlist delivered Biweekly.
        • - Live Performances – Remote broadcasts, in-studio performances.
        • - Video of the Week – Music, public affairs, KBOO Behind the Scenes.
        • - Public Affairs – Interviews and news stories of note about topics that KBOO listeners care about.
        • - News Feed of KBOO’s unique news coverage: Local, National and/or International.
      • Playlists from all shows and web-only playlists from programmers, staff and volunteers.
      • Interactive content creation from the public.
      • “Join Now” and contribution options prominent throughout website.
      • E-mail subscriptions for new postings to website and/or to show-specific postings (Subscriber can select categories).
      • Increased visual stimulus on website:
        • - Programmer Biographies
        • - Show Bios with links to relevant program content.
        • - Videos of in-studio content.
        • - Videos of remote broadcasts.
        • - Videos of interviews.
        • - KBOO Behind the Scenes.
        • - Photos/slideshows.
        Timeline: July 2012 – July 2013 and ongoing.
        Responsible party: Programming Committee and three board members.

Goal #3 – Secondary Product Development – Planning

Diversifying KBOO’s services, programs, and products is a smart investment in the future of the organization. It simply makes good sense to create a multi-faceted revenue stream to sustain KBOO’s operations, strengthen its community presence and enable the organization to better serve its mission.

The immediate need for KBOO to increase its revenues is a core consideration as the organization makes determinations about the most appropriate products to develop. The primary decision making factors will include:

  • Available staff and volunteers.
  • Financial resources.


  • KBOO will develop secondary products in order to meet the changing demands of media consumers and to maximize the resources, expertise and unique market niche that KBOO has cultivated throughout its existence.

Implementation Plan:

Action Step: Develop a priority list for projected product developments to be implemented during years three to five. The first two years will focus on planning for secondary product expansions and will hinge on the success of the immediate priorities of increasing membership and implementing a strategic and assertive grant writing campaign. Possible products include the following:

  • Fee for service work such as Public Service Announcements.
  • Political ads.
  • Audio stream.
  • Website use:
    • Online banner ads
    • “Click to Buy.”
  •  Archive digitization and public distribution and access.
  • Partnerships with other community radio stations for trainings.

Timeline – Planning: July 2011 – July 2013
Responsible party: The collective management body, the Board of Directors and the Programming Committee, as well as buy-in from the membership once planning phase is completed.



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