Fight the Empire on 07/02/09

Fight the Empire
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Thu, 07/02/2009 - 9:30am - 10:00am

Per Fagereng speaks with Norman Solomon about the State Budget Crises, with a focus on California.  How is war spending gutting our State coffers?

Norman Solomon is a nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics. He has been writing the weekly "Media Beat" column since 1992.

Portland's Sunday Parkways

Locus Focus
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Tue, 06/16/2009

 Hosted by: Barbara Bernstein


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Bicyclists protest I-5 bridge

Evening News
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Sun, 06/14/2009

The Rising Tide bike riders took over the streets of North Portland Sunday, June 14th,  shouting “Twelve Lanes? That’s Insane”.Their slogan refers to a proposal to construct a new I-5 bridge known as the ‘columbia river crossing’ between Portland and Vancouver.

Protesters also hung a giant banner from a rooftop on Mississippi Street, near Mason, last night, which read “More lanes equal more cars equal more climate change.

No Columbia River Crossing !”

Jonathan Erwin from rising Tide describes the days events.

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What do Lents residents really think of Randy Leonard's baseball stadium deal?

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Wed, 06/10/2009

At last month's meeting of the Lents Neighborhood Association, Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard told a less than enthusiastic audience that "Having a Triple A baseball stadium would be the best thing we could ever have happen in Lents." While criticism of the stadium deal grows - including official rejection by the Portland Parks Board - Leonard remains unmoved in his belief that "downtown" interests, not neighborhood residents, are behind the opposition.

But what do the residents of Lents really think? The Lents deal has triggered deep-seated concerns about livability, affordable housing, economic development, historic preservation and how much voice citizens have with City Hall. Dave Mazza talks with Lents residents Kathleen Juergens de Ponce and Nick Christensen, organizers of Friends of Lents Park, about what their neighbors are concerned about and what they really think about Randy Leonard's desire to play ball in Lents. He also talks with Damien Chakwin, chair of the Lents Neighborhood Association and a supporter of the stadium proposal. 

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Mayor Sam Adams and Portland's new Climate Action Plan

Locus Focus
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Tue, 06/09/2009

While Portland may be ahead of the curve in taking on the challenge of climate change, there's still a lot of work to be done.

Portland was one of the first American cities to take climate change seriously. In 2007, Portland was the only large metro area in the U.S. that actually reduced its carbon emissions below 1990 levels. But that doesn't mean we can just rest on our laurels. If this region is to succeed in radically reducing our carbon footprint, there’s a lot more work to be done. This morning Portland Mayor  Sam Adams joins Locus Focus host Barbara Bernstein to unveil Portland's new Climate Action Plan.

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Is Portland's Village Building Convergence relevant in this economic crisis?

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Wed, 06/03/2009

The 9th annual Village Building Convergence starts in Portland on June 5. Coming together under the them "Powered by the People," Portlanders will work on projects ranging from water catchment systems and intersection painting to native plant gardening and cob benches. But with record job and home loss rocking the metropolitan area, is the convergence still relevant? Even in good times, how much community voice does the convergence really create?

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Civil Rights Activists Respond to Bridge Poll

Evening News
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Mon, 06/01/2009
Civil Rights Activists are responding to the Government's use of security cameras to track people who use the I-5 Bridge.
KBOO's Kyle Burris Has More:

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Salem Area Transporter Could Strike

Evening News
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Mon, 06/01/2009

In Salem, workers at the CherryLift company could go on strike at any moment.

Due to unscrupulous business practices, the Amalgamated Transit Union who represents CherryLift no longer trusts the company’s employer OHAS.

Peter Shoaf talked to Jonathan Hunt, President of the ATU:

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Our Little Mayor Part 3

Ubu Hour
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Sun, 05/31/2009

Our Little Mayor Part 3 - Catch up on the latest adventures of Our Little Mayor Slam Assbuns and his problems with the media hounding him for consensual sex with another adult... This peice involves car crashes, 12-lane highway bridges, and a new soccor stadium.  Written and produced by G Violetta

16:54 minutes (15.47 MB)

Trimet To Cut Budget

Evening News
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Wed, 05/27/2009

Trimet has proposed twenty-three million dollars in cuts this year.

The announcement provoked a protest by the newly-formed Trimet Riders Union yesterday, at the newly-built ‘Portland Bus Mall’ on 5th and 6th avenues.

KBOO’s david nochumson spoke with Al bradbury with the transit riders union about the cuts.

6:35 minutes (6.03 MB)
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