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Voices from the Edge 12-16-10 Police & Politics

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Thu, 12/16/2010

Open Lines:  Callers share what's on their minds about Portland Police and politics.

The conversation doesn't end when the program does. You can join in additional discussion of the week's issue on our blog at kboo.fm/voicesfromtheedge  (click on the "blog" tab). You'll find additional information, important links, comments from other listeners and commentary from Jo Ann and Dave. Have a question for our guests, but can't call in during the program? Post your questions on line so we can make them a part of the Voices discussion.

Hosts:  Jo Ann Bowman, Dave Mazza
Program Engineer: Steve Nassar
Audio Editor: Alicia Olson

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Anti Racist Action Conference

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Wed, 12/15/2010

Tonight on Circle A Radio we will bring you audio from the sixteenth annual anti racist action network conference. This year, the conference was in Portland, Oregon from July 22 to the 25, 2010.  We’ll focus on the Anti Racist Action History Panel, and the panel on Self-Defense, called Prepared, Not Paranoid: Conflict Resolution & Confrontation Management.


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Floodlines Tour with Jordan Flaherty

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Wed, 11/17/2010

Floodlines is a firsthand account of community, culture, and resistance in New Orleans in the years before and after Katrina, by Jordan Flaherty. Instead of a traditional book tour, Jordan has helped organize The Community and Resistance Tour, which  seeks to communicate about current struggles for justice and liberation. The tour also seeks to connect communities of liberation, and to build relationships between grassroots activists and independent media.
On this show, we speak with Jordan Flaherty, we’ll listen to other audio supporting the The Community and Resistance tour, from Jesse Muhammad, Sunni Patterson, and Mic Crenshaw.

45:55 minutes (42.03 MB)

Left and the Law: The FBI and Mohamed Mohamud

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Mon, 12/13/2010

 Jan and Mike talk about Mohamed Mohamud, accused of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. They consider the tactics used by the FBI to create the criminal scenario, whether Mohamed was really a sleeping terrorist and how entrapment fators into any of it.

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Voices from the Edge on 12/02/10 - The Arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud

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Thu, 12/02/2010

The arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud is raising troubling legal, political, social and moral questions. This week, Dave and Jo Ann examined the fallout of this incident and how we can move toward real - rather than politically expedient - solutions.

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Voices from the Edge on 12/02/10

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Thu, 12/02/2010 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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What's the fallout from the Mohamed Osman Mohamud incident?

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What's the fallout from the Mohamed Osman Mohamud incident?

The Nov. 26 arrest of 19 year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud for allegedly attempting to detonate a bomb during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Pioneer Courthouse Square raises troubling legal, political, social and moral questions.

Did the FBI derail a dangerous plot or entrap a disaffected youth?

November 29 Old Mole Variety Hour

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Mon, 11/29/2010

 Joe Clement hosts this show in which we see more  efforts to sell us on policies born of fear: the sting operation resulting in the arrest in Portland of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the so-called "Christmas Tree Bomber"; stripping us of our dignity in airports with scanners and gropes; and hard-line messages to Iran sent by way of Korea.   Tom Becker shares an Alexander Coburn piece calling for "real mutiny."  And on a happier note, our Movie Moles find joy in a boxing gym through the lens of documentarian Frederick Wiseman.   


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Gropings and Nude Images: Your TSA in Action

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Mon, 11/29/2010

 Drawing on sources from the Left Press, Well-read Red Frann Michel analyzes the weird convergence of political  opposition to "enhanced screening" procedures being instituted at airports, and shows how the understandings of Left and Right differ.   The text of Frann's piece is here.  For more of her work, go here.   

7:40 minutes (4.39 MB)

Manufacturing Terrorism?

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Mon, 11/29/2010

 Discussing the case of the "Christmas Tree Bomber," local scholar and activist Michael Munk and the Old Mole's Bill Resnick show howit is being used to glorify the FBI and the National Police State.  Munk is a political scientist and radical historian who produced Portland's Red Guide, connecting readers with Portland's radical tradition not just through stories, names and dates, but with reference to specific places in Portland that you can visit today.  

14:27 minutes (8.27 MB)
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