The Abe and Joe Talk Radio Show on 03/20/12

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Tue, 03/20/2012 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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The latest dispatches from the War on Women.

Relax, vagina-having Americans, it's for your own good. Since taking power in statehouses across the country, not to mention the U.S. House, the GOP has wasted no time in addressing the most serious problem confronting the United States -- uppity women.

Out Loud on Tues March 6

Out Loud
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Tue, 03/06/2012

Tonight we feature local change agents working on making impacts in our larger communities.

Before we welcomed our first guest, we took a music break with 'Una Mujer' from Renee Muzquiz's CD "Gay in Texas". This music was featured in 'Bunkin' with You in the Afterlife', the musical produced by BroadArts Theatre. The final run of this performance is this weekend at Interstate Firehouse Community Center on Friday March 9 and Saturday March 10.

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Outside In Guerilla Theatre Peer Education Radio

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Wed, 03/07/2012

Last week KBOO and Outside In worked together on a youth media project about Peer Education and health. We begin with  Erick and Heberto Espinosa, Youth Specialist, who introduce the show.
Next, Richard Temple finds out how others cope with stress in order to adapt, cope and thrive. He created the song on the track, Sled Through Snow. After that we'll have Love Gun speak about recovering from alcohol and drug addiction,  Peter Tysdal demystify psychic abilities, Jem talk about healthy, affordable alternatives to tampons, and interviews “veteren menstrator” Annie Calhoun, and  Jackson Weird talk about the similarities between transgender and cisgender folks, how to be a good ally and shares great resources.

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The Abe and Joe Talk Radio Show on 03/06/12

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Tue, 03/06/2012 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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What if there were a Congressional hearing on women's health isssues, and women weren't invited?

What if there were a Congressional hearing on women's health issues, and women weren't invited? You'd be in 21st-century America. Abe and Joe return to the ongoing brouhaha over contraception, in which old-timey right-wing misogyny is laid increasingly bare.

Coltan and The Congo

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Wed, 02/15/2012

Tonight we talk about conflict minerals,  the historic exploitation of Congo and the role that Western nations
and multi-national corporations continue to play in the exploitation  of the resources of Africa.

We hear from many people, including Aaron Hall,  from the enough Project, Kambale musavuli, spokes  person from Friends of the Congo,Chouchou Namegabe Nabintu (recorded before the senate committee on foreign relations on May 13th, 2009), and more.

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Voices from the Edge on 02-16-12 Exploring fear and loathing on the Populist Right with Arthur Goldwag

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Thu, 02/16/2012

Exploring fear and loathing on the Populist Right with Arthur Goldwag

Its no surprise that the confluence of the internet and the 24-hour news cycle has enabled extreme groups once relegated to the fringe of American politics to enjoy unprecedented influence on political discourse. The paranoia and scapegoating of today's Tea Party, however, reflect a disturbing pattern in our history that fueled hysteria about the Illuminati of the 1790s, anti-New Deal forces of the 1930s, and McCarthyism of the 1950s. What is new about the "new hate" is its ability to project itself and the willingness of politicians to exploit it for their own purposes.

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Well-read Red: The Spectacular President's Role in Electoral Theater

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Mon, 02/20/2012

Well-read Red, Clayton Morgareidge, comments on the spectacle of electoral politics, the presidency itself, and how voting is over-rated as a form of social action when so much that matters is decided, when addressed at all, by other means and to other ends. The presidential election is a reality TV-show as irrelevant to our lives as the gossip on Jersey Shore, Chris Hedges argues and Clayton reads, while the debates fomented by the Occupy movment about inequality, corporate malfeasance, the destruction of the ecosystem, and the security/surveillance state are the only ones that matters right now.

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William Beeman - The Great Satan and the Mad Mullahs: how the US and Iran demonize each another

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Mon, 02/20/2012

Bill Resnick interviews William Beeman, author of "The Great Satan and the Mad Mullahs: how the US and Iran demonize each another". They talk about the history and patterns of this demonization, and why & how the same people who argued for war in Iraq over weapons of mass-destruction are doing it again with Iran (and again with little or no evidence). 

William Beeman is a professor of anthropology and chair of the department at University of Minnesota. He also maintains a blog on Culture and International Affairs.

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Old Mole Variety Hour February 20th

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Mon, 02/20/2012

 Tom Becker hosts today Old Mole and we hear about the war drums being beat over Iran, the kabuki theatrics of electoral politics, a cold war waged with drones, and about the African Film Festival.

 Thanks to all you folks who called in to support KBOO and the Old Mole!  If you didn't get to it, you can use the tip jar at the top of this page!

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