The Abe and Joe Talk Radio Show on 12/27/11

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Tue, 12/27/2011 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Abe and Joe's year-end wrap-up show. Plus: predictions for 2012.

 It's a grab bag of topics on Abe and Joe's end-of-the-year show. Plus: predictions for 2012.


Portland Community Rallies for Immigrant Rights

Evening News
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Mon, 12/19/2011

Over the weekend, hundreds of supporters of immigrant rights gathered in downtown Portland to commemorate International Migrants Day. Speakers at the rally in the South Park Blocks Saturday morning spoke of the need for national legislation providing a real path to citizenship for immigrants, and encouraged the passage of the DREAM Act to allow children born abroad but raised in the U-S to be able to become citizens.

KBOO’s Anna Preble was there, and spoke with some of the participants in the march and rally:


4:22 minutes (4 MB)

Focus on Youth

Out Loud
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Tue, 12/13/2011

Tonight we welcome community organizers working to support youth in schools and our communities. Tis the season for some HoHoHomo holiday music, as well!

Our first music break features Venus Envy's 'Rhonda the Lesbo Reindeer', from their CD I'll Be a Homo for Christmas

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10 Years that Shook San Francisco 1968-1978

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Wed, 12/07/2011

Ten Years That Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-78 is A collection of first-person and historical essays spans the people’s history of San Francisco in the tumultuous decade from 1968, the year of the San Francisco State College strike, to 1978 and the twin traumas of the Jonestown massacre and the assassinations of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. This volume provides a broad look at the diverse ways those ten years shaped the world we live in today. From community gardening to environmental justice, gay rights and other identity-based social movements, anti-gentrification efforts, neighborhood arts programs and more, many of the initiatives whose origins are described here have taken root and spread far beyond San Francisco.

57:30 minutes (52.64 MB)

Between the Covers on 12/08/11

Between the Covers
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Thu, 12/08/2011 - 11:00am - 11:30am
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Barry Spector on his book, Madness at the Gates of the City: The Myth of American Innocence

Host Robyn Shanti speaks with writer Barry Spector about his book, Madness at the Gates of the City: The Myth of American Innocence The book is a rumination on our society, reaching back into Greek mythology to illuminate the world today. Spector blends literature, history and myth to critiques contemporary America.

Guess Who's Coming to Radio??!! on 12/08/11

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Thu, 12/08/2011 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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dissecting 'good hair'- the film

as the conversation on hair is continuous for us at 'guess who's coming to radio??!!'; this week, we wanted to take the time to focus on the concept of 'good hair'- namely, the film.  amidst all of the positive reviews for the film, we wanted to see for ourselves how effective the message was in discussing the socio-political issues and connections regarding the so-called 'black hair industry'. 

overall, 'good hair' is healthy hair; is this something the film conveyed, or did it perpetuate notions of corporatism/colonialism?

Ying-Ying Chang, author of "The Woman Who Could Not Forget"

APA Compass
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Fri, 12/02/2011

Author Ying-Ying Chang speaks with Luann Algoso from APA Compass.  Ying-Ying's book, "The Woman Who Could Not Forget", is an inspring memoir of her late daughter, Iris Chang. Iris was a celebrated Asian-American human rights activist and the author of the international bestseller, “The Rape of Nanking." Ying-Ying speaks frankly about Iris' strong stands against racial profiling by the US government, mental health taboos within the APA community, and efforts to put Asian-American history into our high school curriculum. Ying-Ying's interview is articulate, heartfelt, and moving.

14:05 minutes (12.9 MB)

The Gang Life

Prison Pipeline
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Mon, 12/05/2011

What is it about the structure of gangs that draws youth into it's hands and what kind of support can we as parents and community members provide to help our youth realize their real potential?

28:31 minutes (26.11 MB)
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