Sun 1/27/08 Soul hosts Workshop + fundraiser for KBOO

Soul, one of KBOO's Out Loud volunteer producers, is hosting a KBOO fund raiser in the form of a mini-workshop.  He needs our help in packing Liberty Hall with up to 145 people next Sunday from 12:45 - 3 p.m.

Two events in one afternoon:

DIY, Portland: History

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Wed, 01/16/2008

granpa on the radio


38:54 minutes (35.61 MB)

Interview with Free Geek

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Mon, 12/17/2007

Michelle Shroeder Fletcher interviews Shawn Furst and Michael Westwind from Portland's unique computer training and electronics recycling center.  Find out how to recycle old computer gear with Free Geek, or how you can earn your own computer by helping Free Geek build them for others.

19:22 minutes (17.73 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour for January 7, 2008

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Sun, 01/06/2008

 Today's show is hosted by Tom Becker.  It begins with a Bill Resnick interview with Anita Weiss about what's going on in Pakistan and why the US should not engage in military action there.  Larry Bowlden reviews Alice McDermott's novel At Weddings and Wakes--a "quiet novel."  Tom reads a satirical piece by Steve Early called "How the Presidential Candidates Made Me an Atheist: Put God Back in the Closet Where It Belongs."   And Bill Resnick alerts  us to an important meeting with the new superintendent of Portland's schools on Friday, January 11 and the issues that will be on the table there.

53:17 minutes (24.39 MB)

Circle A Radio playlist for 12/19/2007

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Long-time gay rights activists, and current PFLAG members talk about the Portland Chapter of Parents Friends and Families of Lebians and Gays. The recordings were made by the Preserving Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer History class at Portland State University.


Marlene Smith with Dr Bailey & Dr. Peskin on cancer, and Ed Goldberg on the economy

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Thu, 12/13/2007

Marlene hosts Dr. Steven Bailey and an interview with Dr. Brian Scott Peskin, author of "The Hidden Story of Cancer".  Then, in the second half of the show, Marlene and Ed Goldberg discuss the mortgage crisis and sub-prime lending.


103:10 minutes (17.71 MB)

J. Craig Venter on his memoir, "A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life"

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Wed, 12/12/2007

Producer Lisa Loving interviews genome scientist J. Craig Venter on his book, his life, the future applications of genomic research on alternative fuels, and the recent implosion of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Robert T. Watson's career.

27:09 minutes (24.86 MB)

Circumcision on the Decline

Evening News
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Sun, 10/28/2007

Circumcision is on the decline globally and fewer and fewer parents are electing to have the procedure performed on their newborns in America.

The National Office of Circumcision Information Reasearch Center, or NO-CIRC for short, has set up a booth at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Convention in San Francisco this week.

2:16 minutes (2.08 MB)

The Underground playlist for 10/24/2007

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The Underground
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October  2007 –  Advice

Rhythm Interviews his Dad Dennis about advice on how to not annoy your parents

Tabrise and Paisely – how to be a good friend and not a weird person

Zoe – Vox Pop about things your parents told you not to do that you did anyway

BreAna interviews Timothy and Katie from Youth Line

Play Announcements

James and Rhythm interview John from Resolutions NW

Emily and Lindsey do a school profile on New Urban High School

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