Ground Kontrol Celebrates 10 years

The Underground
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Wed, 08/26/2009

BreAna Loranger, former KBOO Youth Collective reporter interviews Art Santana and Anthony Ramos of Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade about their 10 years of business. Together Art and Anthony explain the history and evolution of this arcade and their plans for the future.

Whether you are an arcade buff or simply enjoy the ocassional video game Ground Kontrol has something you'll enjoy spending fifty cents on. This interview is an excerpt of a longer interview that will be posted shortly, and does a great job of showing how unique Portland is for providing a breeding ground for something like this arcade to thrive in.

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Review of 9, opening today (9/9/09)


9 (Computer Animation)
Director: Shane Acker
Voices of: Elijah Wood, Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau, John C. Reilly, Crispin Glover

The reason that Pixar is the best at computer animated films is because they spend time and money on a script.  Others have come close (the Shrek films) but none has surpassed Pixar’s record of stories and characters we care about.  9 has neither.
A post-apocalyptic tale with hand-made cloth beings, each with a kind of mission, that come together to fight a kind of malignant intelligence which can create war machines as it needs to.  Naturally, the little critters manage to join to do battle with evil.  And that points to the purpose of the tale.

Dudu Intrudes

Ubu Hour
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Mon, 09/07/2009

DUDU INTRUDES is a homage to Alfred Jarry's Ubu plays, with Ma and Pa Dudu as the ugly Americans who are visiting a house in a foreign country after their car breaks down. It's rude and crass, and hopefully catches some of the spirit of the original Ubu./..

33:55 minutes (31.06 MB)

Our Little Mayor Part 4

Ubu Hour
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Mon, 09/07/2009

OUR LITTLE MAYOR Part 4.. More hilarity insues with the further adventures of Slam Assbuns, openly-gay mayor of a small big west coast city, and the follow-out from his lies about the relationship he  had with an 18-year old. Rabid petition-recallers, corrupt city officials, and sleazy news paper publishers ... not to mention that the Ubu Hour once again pokes fun of The Couve, (also known as VanKansas) to the north of us...   Written by G Violetta

16:59 minutes (15.56 MB)

Home Movie Day

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Thu, 08/27/2009

S.W. Conser previews International Home Movie Day with local film preservationist Tom Robinson.  This segment originally aired on the August 28 premiere episode of Behind the Screen.


7:49 minutes (3.13 MB)

Wednesday, September Ninth, 2009

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Tue, 09/08/2009
Greetings Cascadia! My name is Steve, and this is the KBOO Community Calendar for Wednesday, September Ninth, 2009.
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Movie Talk: Links of Interest – a review of Dead Snow

 Here is a link to my review of the new thriller Dead Snow, at QuickStopEntertainment, in which I grapple with the notion of evil in horror films. 

Reviews of All About Steve, It Might Get Loud, and My One and Only, opening today


My One and Only
Director: Richard Loncraine
With: Renee Zellweger, Logan Lerman, Mark Rendall, Kevin Bacon

Movie Talk: Links of Interest – a review of Big Fan

 Here is a link to my review of Big Fan over at the Vancouver Voice, a film I discuss as part of a new trend in films, the intentionally Unfunny Comedy. 

Movie Talk: Links of Interest – the new DVD of Batman: The Brave and the Bold

 Here is a link to my review at the Vancouver Voice of the Saturday afternoon kids show Batman: The Brave and the Bold, recently released on DVD, 

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