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The Outside World on 02/08/14

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 02/08/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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The Outside World

The Outside World on 02/01/14

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 02/01/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The Outside World

The Outside World on 01/25/14

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 01/25/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The Outside World

The Outside World on 01/18/14

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 01/18/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The Outside World

Songcircle's Jeff Rosenberg guest-hosts

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 01/11/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The usual grab-bag!
Jeff will spin some tunes he can't get away with playing on his daytime show. He'll also be joined by former KXCI Tucson community radio DJ John Paul Marchand, who'll probably play a bit of prog-rock - as well as other stuff, too, so don't let that scare ya.

We'll host live performances by brilliant PDX songwriters Keith Baich and Alan Kanning, and Darka Dusty and Miri Stebivka of Mammoth in Space. More special guests might show up as well. Join us for another trip around The Outside World.

The Outside World on 01/04/14

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 01/04/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The Outside World

The Outside World says farewell to YUSEF LATEEF

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 12/28/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
THE OUTSIDE WORLD says farewell to another great--- YUSEF LATEEF

The Outside World on 12/21/13

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 12/21/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The Outside World

The Outside World on 12/14/13

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 12/14/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The Outside World

The Outside World on 12/07/13

The Outside World
Air date: 
Sat, 12/07/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The Outside World


Forbidden Planet, with Billy Mondo

The Outside World
program date: 
Sat, 12/27/2014
  • Length: 175:25 minutes (120.45 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

Moh Alileche Live on KBOO

The Outside World
program date: 
Sat, 12/06/2014
  • Length: 4:41 minutes (6.44 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Michelle Shocked Interview

The Outside World
program date: 
Tue, 04/30/2013

Daniel Flessis interviews Michelle Shocked

  • Length: 51:23 minutes (47.04 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


The Outside World playlist for 03/28/2015

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
Midnight:Aladdin Theater Underwriting AnnouncementAn Evening w/Wishbone AshLive DatesBGO (UK)
Mitch Ritter & The Paradigm ShiftersIntro Outside WorldThe Late NowWHO'S IN CHARGE?
60-Second Philosopher intro by John Perry, Ken Taylor, Merle Kessler as Ian Shoales, Acerbic Social CriticIan Shoales Commentary on Illiberal DemocracyPhilosophy TalkKALW,
Joan Armatrading BandSomething's Gotta BlowLive at Royal Albert Hall429 Records, 2011
Loud & Rich Band (Wainwright III & Thompson)Hard Day On the PlanetMore Love SongsDemon (UK, 1985) Rounder (US)
Richard Thompson Amnesia Band(We're All Working For the) PharaohAmnesiaCapitol, 1988
Third World Love (with trumpeter Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital -bass\oud, Yonatan Avishai - piano\Judeo-Arabic vocal, Daniel Freedman - drums)Ha'Reschuth\The Authority (Yemeni Rabbi Shalom Shaba'azi, Judeo-Arabic Diwan)Sketches of Tel AvivSmalls Records, 2006
Leo Daedalus, Thomas DietzelThe Late NowOW!
Thomas DietzelHomeric Hip HopThe
Thomas DietzelIn Defense of Milman Parry & Albert Lord's The Singer of TalesRenewing Oral Theory by Merrit Sale,
Rayssa Fatima TabaamrantDiva of the Atlas Mountains, Tachlehith, MoroccoPre-Lit Oral CompInstitut du Monde
(36:00) Mitch Ritter & the Paradigm ShiftersRadio Mud WrestlingOW!KBOO
(38:00) Leo Daedalus, Thomas DietzelHomer & the Role of Storyteller in Variations of Oral TextsIliad v. OdysseyAgamemnon v.
41:00) Thomas Dietzel , Leo Daedalus (Beat Box)EurhapsodoiThe Late
(43:00) The Late NowDark Side of the Balkans v. Sunny Side of the BalkansOW!KBOO
(43:30) Leo DaedalusHouthis In Charge?The Late NowOW!
(44:20) Thomas DietzelAlbert Lord's The Singer of TalesHomeric Hip Hop:Oral
(47:00) Dietzel Daedalus"Wine Dark Sea"Beats & Formulae Pre-Literate Oral Composition
(50:00) Mitch Ritter & Paradigm ShiftersSo. Mediterranean Anti-Atlas & Rif Oral Rwais Journalism & Story Singer traditionsAmazigh (Berber) Rwais v. Classical Greek Oral Tradition Comparisons
(53:00) Thomas DietzelTyranny of the Text in ModernityAlbert Lord\Stephen MitchellThe Singer of
(55:00) Thomas & LeoBiases of Originality& the Oral Modes of the Pre-Literate WorldYugoslav Pre-Lit Mytho Poetic Moonlighting
(1:00 AM Top of the Hour)Intro of Live Music Malachi GrahamRecap of opening music set on Theme of 'Who's In Charge?'
Paradigm ShiftersPharaonic Riffing & Hieroglyphingvis a vis Pre-Post Lit formsHouthis In Charge in
(1:07) Intro of Rayssa Fatima TabaamrantTirra N'Yils\Oral WritingEcho of the Atlas MountainsInstitut du Monde Amazigh (Morocco,
Rayssa Fatima TabaamrantAjddig Ilwrd\Hymn to NatureEcho of the Atlas MountainsInstitut du Monde
(1:22) Leo Daedalus Mzab So. Algerian SojournAlgeria Mzab language and cultureMzab Oasis of GardeaControl of Language & Pre-Code Hollywood v. Hays Code Cinematic Vocabulary &
(1:27) Intro of Pre-Code Singer Malachi Graham w/Ashley Blinko in Studio 1Kiss Me Like A Pre-Code MoviePre-Code Songs (EP)Mike Coykendall’s Blue Room Studios,
(1:32) 2nd Live In Studio 1 Pre-Code song performed by Malachi Graham w/Ashley BlinkoSelfishSelfish EPKBOO Studio
(1:34) Malachi Graham w/Ashley Blinko Live in Studio 1BelieveLive OW! KBOOKBOO Studio
(1:40) Malachi GrahamPickathon Daniel Flessas After Midnight Stage in the WoodsGreenest of Green Rooms in the woods at PickathonKBOO Studio 1
(1:44) Grace Young & Leo's Late NowExplaining Pre-Code Hollywood Film VocabularyMiriam Hopkins Hob-ba
(1:46) Grace YoungEtymology of Flat-Footed FloozieArab Migration to Detroit Early Assembly
(1:50) Leo DaedalusSound Poem Pre-Dating DaDaChristian Morgenstern "Das Grosse La Lu La"Cabaret Voltaire
(1:53) Leo DaedalusPara Literate Pomes & SongsTuli Kupferberg & The Fugs Para SongsKBOO OW!
(1:55) Late NowJohn Cage & David Tudor Show & Tell OvertureMeaning Making MonstersOW! circa Late Now
Leo DaedalusWe're All Done ForMeaning Making MonstersOW! circa Late Now
(2:00) Grace YoungOn Oral Traditions & Doing the Cage Thing in Music SchoolRiffing on Cage-y 4:33OW! circa Late Now
(2:05) Artist intro welcoming Andrew Oliver back to Po'townThe Prepared Piano for the Unprepared AudienceMore Riffing on Sound & Meaning
(2:06) Andrew Oliver Kora Calabash BandCascadesLive at Empty Sea Studios, Seattle January 2013Origin Records
(2:15) Mitch Ritter & Paradigm ShiftersRecalling Andrew Oliver at work & play out at Studio Tango Berretin, Outer SE Po'
(2:16) Leo DaedalusGhanaian Shout-OutKpan LogoGhanaian Glee Club OW!
(2:17) Leo DaedalusPre-Code Kalevala Hip HopFreestylin' KalevalaPaloozaKarelia Runo\Half-Finnish
(2:18) Grace Young, Leo Daedalus, Thomas DietzelThe Great Half Finnished EpicBardic Traditions of FinlandUnder the Swedish Yoke
(2:20) Leo DaedalusPun Proof FinnishMore
(2:21) Grace YoungSlaps Her ForeheadGrace Speaks In 3rd PersonViola a la StradavUzi
(2:23) Grace YoungViola Solo Interruptus by LeoDoing Kurt Schwitters Famous Pop Sound PomeRibba Bobbo Pimlico
(2:25) Leo DaedalusRibba Bobbo PimlicoCalling Kurt Schwitters Sound Pome SweepstakesRibba Bobbo Pimlico Photo Finnish
(2:26) Grace Young solo viola JS BachViola Solo JS Bach Gigue\Cello SuiteSwedish Chef Muppets
(2:30) Caller James to OW! Grace YoungTin Can Fishin' Wire Loaded & Prepared Viola Variations on Notes of LoveBork Bork BorkViola Wielding Hooligans Throwing Down
(2:34) Mitch intro of Horace Tapscott QuintetThe Giant AwakensThe Giant AwakensFlying Dutchman 1969 reissue
(2:35) Horace Tapscott Quintet w/Black Arthur Blythe - alto saxThe Giant Is AwakenedThe Giant Is AwakenedFlying Dutchman L.A.
(2:52:34) John Cale & Bob NeuwirthOverture A) A Tourist B) A Contact C) A PrisonerLast Day On EarthMCA\Universal
(3:00 AM) John Cale & Bob NeuwirthWho's In Charge?Last Day On EarthMCA\Universal

Guest Explorers: Mitch Ritter & The Paradigm Shifters
Including Leo Daedalus, Grace Young, Thomas Dietzel of The Late Now

Musical Guests in Studio A: Pre-Hollywood Hayes Code Chanteuse Malachi Graham
accompanied by Ashley Blinko

Viola soloist: Grace Young playing her Stratav-Uzi
Homeric Hip Hopper: Thomas Dietzel (Classical Greek, see Milman Parry & Albert Lord The Singer of Tales)
Kalevala-Palooza Freestyle Rapper: Leo Daedalus (Half Finnish)
DaDa Recitative from Christian Morgenstern via Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich; Kurt Schwitters: Leo Daedalus
aka Impresario of The Late Now
Telephone Caller & Tub-thumping Violist: James playing his tin can & wire viola 

Engineered by: Devin Rainbow Raccoon LaCroix
In Studio Live Music Engineered by: Diablo
Executive Producer: Daniel Flessas

The Outside World playlist for 01/10/2015

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
Mustapha AkebdanThe Rif Mountains, Morocco
Akli Ibrahim Ag MouhamadineSouthern Niger,
Hamzata HamidouneAzawad (The Hot Place) Northern Niger,
Old & New Dreams (Dewey Redman, Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, Charlie Haden)Orbit of La Ba (Dewey Redman)PlayingECM (Oslo,1979)
Don Cherry Multi Kulti w\Peter Apfelbaum & Berkeley Hieroglyphics, Ingrid Sertso, Frank EkehUntil the Rain Comes (Peter Apfelfaum)Multi KultiA&M (Berkeley, 1989)
Midway FairMost Distant Star (Jon Patton)Most Distant Star (EP)Creative Commons (Baltimore, 2014)
Lou ReedFly Into the SunNew SensationsRCA (1984)
Gigi (Ejigayehu Shibabaw) & Bill Laswell's Material\Abegasu Shiota keyboards, krar\Peter Apfelbaum & Steven Bernstein horns\ Hamid Drake & Aieyb Dieng drums & perc\Dominic Kanza guitarMata, Mata (Amharic)Mesgana Ethiopia (Live at Austria Festival Glatt July 2009)MOD Technologies, Recorded by Oz Fritz, 2009)
Midway FairGone to California (Jon Patton)Most Distant Star (EP)Creative Commons, Baltimore
Blame SallyShame(Monica Pasqual)Blame Sally (2004)Ninth Street
Horace Tapscott Quintetaieee The Phantomaieee The PhantomArabesque Jazz (1995)
SwanseaMaintenance Shed (Rebecca Sanborn)Old BloodSelf Released (2011)
SwanseaLost & Found (Rebecca Sanborn)Old BloodSelf Released (2011)
Nick Jaina & The No'Po PlayboysThat's The Kind of Fruit That You Leave On The VineA Narrow WayHush Records (2009)
Valerie JuneWorkin' Woman BluesPushin' Against A StoneConcord (2013)
Midway FairOnes & Zeroes (Jon Patton)Most Distant Star (EP)Creative Commons (Baltimore, 2014)
Mark GrahamMr. ZeroInner LifeSelf Released (1998)
Terry Callier & SufiChicago 1999Coming Up From BabylonLifeTimeVerve (1999)
Pierre de GaillandeBad Reputation (Georges Brassens adapted from the French by Pierre de Gaillande)Bad Reputation (Sings the Songs of Georges Brassens) Brassens refused France's Legion of Honor Medal some 30 years ago as last week Economist & Best Selling Author Thomas Piketty refused it on principleBarbes Records (2010)
Hasna El-BechariaDjazair Johara (Algeria's Diaspora Claims Another)\Ah Ooueja (Moroccan traditional)Djazair JoharaIndigo of France (2002)
TayfaAjkuk\The Youth (Farid Ait Siameur)Tayfa (the band's debut of Kabylie-Celt & inclued on Planet Kabylie compilation & band's follow-up Assif)Atoll & Blue
Markunda Aures (Chaouia Songstress of Aures Mountains, Algeria)Djamila (Hommage A Aissa Djemouni)Markunda AuresArb (1999)
Markunda Aures (Chaouia)BarkirMarkunda AuresArb (1999)
Akli D. (Taqbaylit-Tamazight, Kabylia, Algeria)Afriqa War (Alilu I Ya)Anefas Trankil\Let Him BeAl Sur (2001)
Coyle & SharpeThree-ismAudio VisionariesThirsty Ear (2000)
Coyle & SharpeThe BlotchAudio VisonariesThirsty Ear (2000)
Across TAMAZGHA (Land of Free Peoples, or Native North Africa)

Guest OW Host and Explorer\jSchnorrer Mitchito Ritter & the Paradigm Shifters
Engineer Extraordinaire: Devin LaCroix
Apprentice Ouija Board Op & Co-Op: Roxandra

With In-studio guests from Tamazgha Mustapha Akebdan (The Rif, Morocco), Akli Ibrahim Ag Mouhamadine (Southern Niger) and Hamzata Hamidoune (Azawad "The Hot Place" Northern Niger) discussing the states of indigenous Amazigh (Berber) and Kel Tamasheqt (The Free Peoples aka Tuareg) struggle for civil and cultural rights, human rights, justice and development across the resource rich yet underdeveloped and barely represented communities of Tamazgha.  Also discussing the various regional and tribal traditions for celebrating BERBER NEW YEAR: YENNAYER 2965.  

The Outside World playlist for 12/06/2014

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
Guest OW blunderer-explorer-schnorrer: Mitch Ritter and the Paradigm Shifters
Engineered by Devin LaCroix and Roxandra
1) The Train
Most Immaculately Hip Aristocat
Straight Records (1956)
Lord Buckley
2) B & O Blues #2
The Early Years
Document Records (1927-1935)
Blind Willie McTell
3) It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Train to Cry (B. Dylan)
Angels of the Future Past
Sire Retrospective (1990)  Originally issued on Fiends & Angels (1969)
Martha Velez (backed by Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Mitch Mitchell, Christine McVie, Brian Auger, Jim Capaldi)
4) Between Trains
King of Comedy (Movie Soundtrack)
Warner Brothers (vinyl\cassette tape 1983))
Robbie Robertson
5) Last Train
Southern Nights
Reprise (1975)
Allen Toussaint at Sea Saint Studios, NOLA
6) Right Down Here
Shelter (1971)
J.J. Cale
7) If You’re Ever In Oklahoma
Shelter (1971)
J.J. Cale
8) Ridin’ Home
Shelter (1971)
J.J. Cale
9) Goin’ Down (Don Nix)
Shelter (1971)
J.J. Cale
10) Roll On (J.J. Cale)
That’s The Way A Cowboy Rocks & Rolls
Capitol (1978)
Jessi Colter
11) Interview with author of THE DEEJAYS & WhatEverest (Poems)
The DeeJays: How the Tribal Chieftains Got to Where They’re At
MacMillan (1971)
Arnold Passman aka WhatEverest
12) Sympathy for A Train
Mad Dogs & Okies (Various Artists compiled & produced by Jamie Oldaker)
Concord (2005)
Willis Alan Ramsey
13) Mississippi River Railroad Track
Mercury (1982)
J.J. Cale
14) Dr. Jive
Mercury (1982)
J.J. Cale (Farrell Morris on congas & vibes)
15) Crazy Legs & Friday Strut
The Big Apple Bash
Atlantic (1979)
Jay McShann (backed by Joe Morello, Jack Six, Gerry Mulligan, Herbie Mann, John Scofield, Sammy Figueroa)
16) Interview with Josh Petroni, Joshua Thomas, Kauri Voss of the band Lesser Strays
Kid & the Queen (2014) \ Epoch (2013) Double EP on 1 CD
Bandcamp\Sound Cloud
Lesser Strays
17) Kid & The Queen
Live in KBOO studios
Lesser Strays
18) Spies
Live in KBOO studios
Lesser Strays
19) Paint My Picture
Live in KBOO studios
Lesser Strays
20) Cold Touch
Live in KBOO studios
Lesser Strays
21) Stolen Property
Live in KBOO studios
Lesser Strays
22) The Commuter Train
The Roches (Maggie, Terre, Suzzy)
Warners (1979)
The Roches
23) A Small Word
CD Baby (2006)
Brian Cutean
24) Box of Maple Ave
CD Baby (2006)
Brian Cutean
25) Night Train to Paris
The Cauldron
Great Divide (1984)
Jack Hardy
26) Dixie Flyer
Land of Dreams
Warners (1988)
Randy Newman (backed by Mark Knopfler)
27) Harper’s Ferry
Artifacts of Love
Deja Disc (1994)
Lisa Mednick
28) Chickamauga
Texas Music Group (2002)
Lisa Mednick
29) Cascades
Origin Arts Records (2010)
Andrew Oliver & The Kora Band
30) Interview with Algerian Amazigh bard Moh Alileche
Live in KBOO Studios
Moh Alileche
31) Volunteer’s Day\Tashmilt
When the Dust Settles
Flag of Freedom Records (2012)
Moh Alileche
32) It Started In Tunisia\Tunes
When the Dust Settles
Flag of Freedom Records (2012)
Moh Alileche
33) Close of interview with Moh Alileche
Live in KBOO studio
Moh Alileche
34) Out Here
New Whirled Order
Red House Records (2014)
Claudia Schmidt
Last 2 tracks archived
Pickle Feather Express
OW overrun

The Outside World playlist for 11/08/2014

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
herbie hancockdoin' it (12:03)secretscolumbia
ESGmoody (12:11)come aw99 records
gene ammonsfeeling good (12:15)the boss is backprestige
cannonball adderleyscorpio (12:20)soul zodiacblue note/capitol
arthur brownprelude-nightmare (12:25)the crazy world of asrthur browntrack record
goblindeep shadows (12:28)profondo rosso OSTcinevox
prince and the revolutionamerica (12:34)12"paisley park/warner bros.
PiLthe suit (1:04)metal boxvirgin
boscoeintroduction/writin' on the wall (1:08)boscoenumero group
pharoah sandersmorning prayer (1:19)thembiimpulse!
mulatu astatkeyekitir tezeta (1:27)mulatu astatkesoundway
nino rotathe godfather finale (1:31)the godfather OSTparamount
nino rotaend title(1:36)the godfather part II OSTABC
nino rotamain title (the godfather waltz) (1:40)the godfather OSTparamount
art ensemble of chicagoa brain for the seine (1:42)a message to our folksBYG
george dukesoul watcher (2:20)save the countryliberty
george dukeloop de loop (2:25)the aura will prevailMPS
mose allisonwar horse (2:41)wild man on the looseatlantic
marian andersona little black kitten (2:48)snoopycatfolkways
yochannon space age vocalistmuck muck (2:48)7"saturn research
mildred baileyjunk man (2:51)her greatest performancescolumbia
pearl baileygo back where you stayed last night (2:54)come on let's play with perlie maeroulette
ahmad jamalextensions (2:58)extensionscadet
it's jamilah in for daniel!!!

The Outside World playlist for 01/18/2014

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
12:02 a bit of The Firesign Theatre's debut LP Waiting For The Electrician (or Someone Like Him) (Columbia)
12:02 excerpt from "Mantra" from Material's HALLUCINATION ENGINE w/Wayne Shorter, Bootsy, Bernie, Sly Dunbar, Zakir, Trilok, Simon Shaheen, L. Shankar, Jonas Fucking Hellborg (as Cousin Jimi calls him), Nicky Skopelitis, Laswell & Aiyb Dieng (Axiom)
12:05 self-recorded music from UGER-KHAN (the artist formerly known as Soriah)
12:11 interview with this remarkable American-born Tuvan-style throat singer/cab driver, Soriah (becoming Uger-Khan)
12:25 "Kongurai" by Uger-Khan from "Songs of The Masters
12:30  LIVE PERFORMANCE in KBOO's Studio One of SORIAH
1:03 "Toura Toura Tour Kelilah" from "Night Spirit Masters: Gnawa Music of Marrakesh" (Axiom)
1:07 excerpt from Firesign's Waiting for The Electrician.. (Columbia)
1:08  "Lalla Mira" from Randy Weston and The Gnawa Musicians of Marrakesh and Tanger's "Spirit! The Power of Music" (Sunnyside)
1:20  "Lalla Mira, part 2"  "  "  "  "
1:26  "The Mantras & The Chakras" previously unreleased unindexed bonus track from the CD of Firesign Theatre's Waiting For The Electrician (or Someone Like Him) (columbia)
1:30 --you'll notice some recording glitches here in my announcing. no idea what or why this is, but thankfully it doesnt last long..
1:33 Tanya Taqaq Gillis from a live bootleg recorded at the 2001 Vancouver Folk Festival
1:40 "African Cookbook" from Randy Weston's Monterey '66 w/Booker Ervin on tenor, Big Black on percussion (Verve)

at 2:05 begins a long huge FULL MOON collage consisting of myriad sound sources all blended together in a singing, dancing  cacophony until around 3:10 am when i went out into the night to drive bagels to Salem and listen to the Pickle Feather Express...

elements of the collage include excerpts from the following:
Wendy Carlos' WINTER from Sonic Seasonings (Columbia), Sun Ra's Medicine for a Nightmare (from The Singles on Doxy Music), Terje Isungset's WINTER SONGS (music played entirely on instruments made of ice (recorded in an igloo in Norway!) (on ALL ICE RECORDS), Chibite by Hukwe Zawose & his nephew, from Zimbabwe (Real World), Meredith Monk's Songs from The Hill/Tablet (wergo), Pink Floyd live in Amsterdam 1969 (bootleg), Bill Laswell &David Solid Gould's Dub of The Passover (Tzadik), an old record Devin found in our library of Amazonian ritual music, sounds of traffic in the rain at night on a freeway, FUCK SHIT UP, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore & Christian Marclay (Victo), a record of trains, Robert Wilson's slowed down crickets, Syd Barrett from Barrett, Miles Davis' Sanctuary (written by Wayne Shorter) and part of Miles Runs The Voodoo Down from Bitches Brew, and..... ?

The Outside World playlist for 01/11/2014

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
Roxy MusicOut of the BlueCountry Life
StewThe Naked Dutch Paintersame
Big StarRadio Citysame
TrustyThere Goes Sally"Goodbye Dr. Fate"
Rocket from the CryptOn a RopeScream, Dracula, Scream
The KinksWhere Are They Now?Preservation Act I
MC Paul BarmanBurping & FartingPaullelujah!
Johnny CashThe Cremation of Sam McGeePersonal File
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsThe Curse of MilhavenMurder Ballads
Black Sun EnsembleLotusBehind Purple Clouds
Eric JohnsonSeason of CirclesAction Figures
Keith BaichPut up with Melive in studio
Find Company"
Just Like the West"
Horse's Tail"
Holcombe WallerWithout ItTroubled Times
Alan KanningNo Two Wayslive in studio
Long Black Train"
There Was You"
Tim BuckleyPhantasmagoria in TwoGoodbye and Hello
Uriah HeepLady in BlackSalisbury
David BowieWild-Eyed Boy from FreecloudSpace Oddity
Jürgen KnieperDie Kathedrale der Buecher (The Cathedral of Books)Wings of Desire: Soundtrack
Kafe MetelykKoi No Bakansu (Vacation of Love)
Wendy & BonniePaisley WindowpaneGenesis
Darka Dusty and Miri StebivkaWhen We're Flying
Darka Dusty and Miri StebivkaByla Mene Maty (My Mother Used to Beat Me)live in studio
Scott WalkerJesse (September Song)The Drift
Darka Dusty and Miri StebivkaAll the Way Homelive in studio
Robert FrippExposuresame
Eric DolphyWarm CantoFire Waltz

The Outside World playlist for 07/26/2013

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
Ingrid KarklinsMetenitis

The Outside World playlist for 06/08/2013

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
janis joplinsummertime
janis joplintry just a little harder
santanaeternal caravan of reincarnation
santanawaves within
santanalook up
santanajust in time to see the sun
santanasong of the wind
henry manciniblue mantilla
henry mancinidreamland
antonio carlos jobimbrazil
antonio carlos jobimstone flower
Flora purimmaria tres filhos
Flora purimencontros e despedidas
frank zapparedunzl
frank zappamr green genes (encore, live)
andre poppjava
andre poppperles des cristal
andre hodlierjazz & jazz
coldcutstop this crazy thing
james brownget up offa that thing
parliamentaqua boogie
john pattonrakin & scrapin
annie rossi'm just a lucky so and so
jane scheckterthe best thing for you
jane scheckteri hadn't anyone til you
mose allisoni don't worry about a thing
john abercrombieparable
william s burroughshear us through the hole in thin air
materialseven souls
jim larrancepaul frees tribute
film composermothra theme
roger enoquixote
howard shoremany meetings
richard wagnerparsifal, conclusion
moody bluessimple game

The Outside World playlist for 04/26/2013

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
Roland kirkLunatic Danze
Roland KirkSilverization
Roland KirkIt's a Grand Night For Swinging
Roland KirkMoon Song
Roland KirkVolunteered Slavery
Roland KirkBlue Rol
Dizzy Gillespieoo ya koo
Dizzy GillespieOw!
Dizzy GillespieHe Beeped when He Should Have Bopped
Dizzy Gillespiestay on it
Dizzy Gillespiein the land of oo-blah-dee
Dizzy Gillespiecubana be
James BrownChoo Choo Locomotion
Earl BosticStompin at the Savoy
Bill DoggettHonky Tonk
Professor LonghairLonghair's Blues Rhumba
Vivianne GreeneUnfinished Boogie
Fats WallerHandful of Keys
Louis JordanChoo Choo ch boogie
Slim Gaillard3 handed boogie
Anita O'Day Gene Krupacoppin a plea
Slim GaillardBoot-ta-le-za
Slim GaillardBassology
Slim GaillardYut Rock Heresy
Slim GaillardAtomic Cocktail
Slim GaillardLauging in Rhythm
Slim GaillardJump Session
Slim GaillardSlim's Jam
doina de pevaleaSounds of transylvania
face noisesuncle crapiola
dolly rathebekitty's blues
Ella FitzgeraldMr Paganini
Ella FitzgeraldOne Note Samba
Ella FitzgeraldYou're driving me crazy
Ella FitzgeraldDesfinado
Ella FitzgeraldStars Fell on Alabama
Ella FitzgeraldAnything Goes
Ella FitzgeraldI'm just a lucky so and so
Ella FitzgeraldEverytime We Say Goodbye
Ella FitzgeraldFoggy day
Charlie ChristianFlying Home
Charlie ChristianSeven Come Eleven
Charlie ChristianBreakfast Feud
Andy KirkWalkin and swinging
Hoosier Hot ShotsHot CHa Nan
Hoosier Hot Shotsfrom the indies to the andes in his undies
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The Outside World playlist for 03/30/2013

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The Outside World
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Sesame street MARTIANS discover RADIO

Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - Ritual Slaughter - from YOUR TURN

Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart - from People, Hell & Angels 

Jimi Hendrix (w/Lonnie Youngblood on sax & vocals) - Let Me Move You - People, Hell & Angels

LIVE PERFORMANCE from NICK JAINA & his band : Nick Jaina : electric guitar, vocals, author of all the material; John Whaley: trumpet, vocals; Jason Leonard: electric guitar, vocal; Matt Dabrowiak: electric guitar; Dave Depper: electric bass; Scott Magee: drums

I'll become everything

All the best falters

Expense Reports

True Hearts are as International as War

I'll Do The Time

These Fair Hands

Man Without A Head

Mississippi Turnaround

We Want Boys Who Are Brave Not Just Clever

Try Try Again

High Beams

Dirty Heart

We Are All Alone In This World

(all songs except the last two are from Nick's new album "Primary Perception" on Fluff & Gravy records)


(interlude from The Mad Daddy)

Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog -- Bread and Roses -from Your Turn

Django Reinhardt - Pennies From Heaven

Tom Waits - Summertime// Burma Shave - from Austin City Limits, 1978

Hamza El-Din - Call to Worship - from Music of Nubia

smile epidemic by Aryana Lanning

Miles Davis Quintet - Agitation - from Miles in Europe, 1967- The Bootleg Series, vol 1 (Copenhagen)

short piece read by Maya

Monk's Mood - Thelonious Monk w/John Coltrane - from live at Carnegie Hall 1957

Nels Cline - The Veil - from The Veil

Bessie Smith - St. Louis Blues

Ishmael Reed - Lake Bud

Bud Powell - Lover Man

Fred Frith - Light Erases The Thought - from The $100 Guitar Project

Howe Gelb - My Grandfather's Clock - from a Tribute to John Fahey

Nicole Mitchell - Afrika Rising Part 1 : The Ancient Power Awakens - from Afrika Rising

Nicole Mitchell - Afrika Rising, Part II : Metamorphosis - from Afrika Rising











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