The Confessional

Each of us has secrets, guilt, and shame we carry with us. These little (and sometimes big) secrets weigh us down, hold us back from reaching our own individual potential. Sometimes we hide these secrets to avoid being judged by others, sometimes we hide them to stay out of prison.

The fear of being discovered can lead to highly orchestrated daily activities to avoid being exposed, or it can hold one back from realizing true intimacy with others.

Share you secrets, joys, fears and minor felonies live on air with Contessa de la Luna in The Confessional, every Sunday, starting at Midnight on KBOO 90.7 or on internet.


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"You are a child of the Universe, no less than the moon and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should." -- Max Ehrmann


Episode Archive

The Confessional on 09/21/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 09/21/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 09/14/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 09/14/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 09/07/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 09/07/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 08/31/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 08/31/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 08/24/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 08/24/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 08/17/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 08/17/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 08/10/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 08/10/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 08/03/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 08/03/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 07/27/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 07/27/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

The Confessional on 07/20/15

The Confessional
Air date: 
Mon, 07/20/2015 - 12:00am - 2:00am
Short Description: 
Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187


Mannequinhead in the Confessional

The Confessional
program date: 
Sat, 05/15/2010

  • Length: 39:12 minutes (35.89 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


The Confessional playlist for 11/18/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 

Tonight's playlist features all copyright free music from a variety of open sources including:

Artist Title Length Album Track # Year
  BestShowPromo 0:45      
  Lets Have a KIKI ACapella short 0:35      
  ruggeri THEME 3:05      
  JewsHarp 1:00      
_ghost Ice and Chilli 3:54 ccMixter   2009
_ghost Reverie (small theme) (ft. Pitx) 0:41 ccMixter   2010
Admiral Bob The Broken (ft. jeris) 2:43 ccMixter   2011
Andrea Carri Sunshine After Rain 4:18 Frammenti 6 2013
basematic La Madeline Au Truffe (composed by Jeris) (ft. Jeris (VJ_Memes)) 5:30 ccMixter   2011
Tres Tristes Tangos Planta Baja 7:11 Open Music Archives - no copywright   2012
Citizen Nyx Undercover (ft. Stefsax.TfS.Sleepless...) 3:40 ccMixter   2007
copperhead Chillin' With Jeris (ft. Jeris) 3:24 ccMixter   2012
Den Sorte Skole Formula Dub 3:40 Lektion III 4 2013
DoKashiteru Maybe (ft. AlexBeroza) 4:10 ccMixter   2009
duckett Another Girl (instrumental) (ft. fourstones, miafas) 3:12 ccMixter   2009
Jeris Love shak samba (ft. robwalkerpoet, NiGiD ,) 5:27 ccMixter   2013
J.Lang Kakoi's Groove-The J. Lang ReMix (ft. Robwalkerpoet) 4:12 ccMixter   2013
Ivan Chew Dream On This Side (instrumental) 5:18 ccMixter   2012
grapes I dunno 2:45 ccMixter   2011
Pitx Hidden Blues (ft. rocavaco) 2:24 ccMixter   2010
Speck New Earth Euphoria (ft. leinadsorihcak, smilingcynic, snowflake, Adisa McKensie) 4:50 ccMixter   2013
spinningmerkaba 260809 Funky Nurykabe 3:06 ccMixter 26 2010
spinningmerkaba Blue Like Venus (ft. Admiral Bob) 4:34 ccMixter   2012
spinningmerkaba Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix) (ft. Morusque, Jeris, CSoul, Alex Beroza) 3:27 ccMixter   2011
:zoviet*france: Signal 1:06 Misfits, Loony Tunes, and Squalid Criminals 5  
:zoviet*france: Rattle Stick Cruss 6:04 Misfits, Loony Tunes, and Squalid Criminals 8  
2Cellos; Naya Rivera Supermassive Black Hole 3:25 In2ition 5  
Cheeseslider Sweatmajor 6:02 D-Funk: Funk, Disco and Boogie Grooves from Germany 1972-2002 4  
Chinese Man I've Got That Tune 4:28 Electro Swing 5  
CK Mann & Carousel 7 Asafo Beesuon/Obaa Yaa Aye Me Bone [Edit][Edit][Medley] 3:43 Strange Games and Funky Things, Vol. 5 Disc 1 19  
Club 69; Suzanne Palmer; Swedish Egil Alright [Club 69 Future Mix] 5:33 Groove Radio International Presents: Global House 4  

The Confessional playlist for 11/04/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 
Artist Title Length Album Track # Year
Circus Clown Calliope Vaudeville Playoff 0:25 Circus Clown Calliope (Vols 1&2 Inc) 16 1999
Beck Slap Happy Mentos Eater 1:09      
Combustible Edison; Esquivel Mini Skirt 2:32 Lounge-A-Palooza 1 1997
Matias Aguayo High Heels 4:32 The Visitor 8 2013
Chemical Brothers 11 - Surface To Air 7:23 Push The Button 11 2005
Mr. Scruff 08 Get On Down 5:54 Ninja Tuna with Bonus Bait 1 2009
Bob Acri Sleep Away 3:20 Bob Acri 3 2004
Kaki King Holding The Severed Self 3:20 Glow 8 2012
Brian Eno Ali Click 4:15 Nerve Net 8 1992
John Mayall Exercise In C Minor For Harmon 8:32 Jazz Blues Fusion 6 2000
  05 Suite of Damâli Pieces - Yâru Maliri        
DJ Wally Zeta Reticulli Trip I (One) 6:02 The Stoned Ranger Rides Again 4  
Poncho Sanchez & Terence Blanchard Nocturna 6:25 Chano Y Dizzy! 7 2008
Anoushka Shankar Beloved 7:05 Rise 6  
Unknown Artist Felakesh 1:11 Unknown Album 26  
Ceramic Dog Avanti Populo 0:57 Your Turn 5 2013
Ceramic Dog Take 5 5:25 Your Turn 11 2013
Charles Ruggiero Bag's Groove (Originally Performe 9:14 The L.A. Sessions 8 2012
Chemical Brothers Chemical Brothers 3:44 Push The Button 9 2005
Cornelius Mic Check 3:00 Fantasma 1 1998
Deanta King of Blues 3:39 Travel the World with Putumayo 10 1997
Degenerate Art Ensemble Bitchslap 2:20 the Bastress 7 2005
Monster Breaks Bugs, Rocks & Vampires 6:24 A Collection of Big Beat Finery 12  
DJ Spooky Dialectical Transformation II [Du Nouveau Monde] 1:14 Riddim Warfare 12  
Ecstatic Sunshine Perrier 10:03 Way 3 2008
Total Files: 25

The Confessional playlist for 10/14/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 
2. Twink - I Heart Rainbows 3. artist - Track 03 0122131709 4. Anubian Lights - What a Bagdad Had 5. Daedelus - Only for the Heart Strings 6. 4th Ward Afro Klezmer Orchestra - Yemenite Tanz 7. Ursula 1000 - Red Hot Mama 8. Anubian Lights - Lazytown 9. All Good Funk Alliance - Mr. Hipnoid 10. The Souljazz Orchestra - Ya Basta 11. Mr. Scruff - 05 Whiplash 12. Tinariwen - Aden Osamnat 13. Richard Durand - Arrivals 14. Richard Durand - Seven 15. Ssion - Psy-Chic (Chops And Screws Mndr R 16. Akron - Tricorder 17. Akron - Rabbits In Orbit 18. Andrew Bird - Introduction 1 19. More Monstrous Movie Music (re - Gorgo Big Ben Demolished 20. Unknown Artist - Beloved 1 21. Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Lovers Party 22. De Phazz - Rock'n'roll Dude 23. Don Gere - Ritual 3 24. Arnold Dreyblatt And The Orchestra Of Ex - Pedal Tone Dance 25. Ash Ka Ru - Maray-Wollelaye 26. Unknown Artist - Starry 27. Brian Eno - Wire Shock 28. Music - Lilac wine

The Confessional playlist for 09/16/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 
ArtistTitleLengthAlbumTrack #
HannaSnagglepuss Syndicated Titles0:29Barbera Classics, Vol. 125
CompilationsFeeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)3:46Verve Remixed The First Ladies4
Matias AguayoThe Man7:46The Visitor2
Flaming LipsApproaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia)3:09Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots11
YppahNever Mess With Sunday4:30Eighty One5
ZiriguiboomInexplicata4:19The Now Sound of Brazil, Vol. 23
Yohimbe BrothersInnerspin (A Tone Hymn)2:04Front End Lifter13
MusicRepertoire for Gelede in Kétou- Rhythm for the Afternoon4:03Yoruba Drums from Benin, West Africa17
ZambriHundred Hearts5:33House of Baasa4
Yohimbe BrothersThe Callipygiac Caldonians4:01Front End Lifter14
CompilationsI Put A Spell On You (Pretty Ligh4:46Verve Remixed The First Ladies10
Circus Clown CalliopeOriental Blues (Ernies Tune)1:43Circus Clown Calliope (Vols 1&2 Inc)8
Circus Clown CalliopeThe Stripper1:58Circus Clown Calliope (Vols 1&2 Inc)29
Radio ZumbidoLivingston Buzz4:22Los Ultimos Dias del Am2
Radio CitizenNight Part 14:28Berlin Serengeti4
Yohimbe BrothersTransmission XXX3:10Front End Lifter9
MusicOriental Wind4:13World 2004 Disc 116
MusicMilonga de Mis Amores3:05World 2004 Disc 16
William OrbitBubble Universe4:04Hello Waveforms7
What the World Needs NowWitches Boogaloo4:02Sugarman 35
Wagon ChristToomorrow4:19Toomorrow2
TwinkFlibberty Gibbet2:53Itsy Bits & Bubbles6
Toufic FarroukhHand Made3:27Ali on Broadway4
TipsyEl Bombo Atomico [Pizza del Sol Mix]4:49Remix Party!12
MusicKeep Hope Alive5:15Trip Hop Acid Phunk, Vol. 39
Hurdy GurdyTok Jöns4:37Prototyp4
Matias AguayoHigh Heels4:32The Visitor8


playlist for September 16, 2013

The Confessional playlist for 08/12/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 


ArtistTitleLengthAlbumTrack #Year
Contessa de la LunaIntroTrackwith Promo3:10   
20th Century MastersIt Takes Two3:15The Millennium Collection- The Best of Kim Weston1 
All Good Funk AllianceGo-Go Bananas4:39Jacks of All Trades72012
KilaGrand Hotel- The Grand Hotel-Mary Kelly's Hatchet6:51Luna Park8 
AkronRabbits In Orbit3:05Voyage Of Exploration42012
Masters of Groove Meet DJMon Amore4:5693 
Gotan ProjectArrabal3:57Lunático10 
Ricardo SilveiraTango Carioca (Carioca Tango)4:35Noite Clara4 
Sultans of StringOrquidea4:02Move8 
Calibro 35Arrivederci E Grazie3:12Ogni Riferimento3 
Ry Cooder & Manuel GalbánMonte Adentro2:53Mambo Sinuendo2 
Tao Ravao & Vincent BucherStones In My Passway4:00love call6 
DJ KrushOce 95043:36Meiso12 
MusicLIVE IT UP3:34Various Artists22011
Kraak & SmaakThe Journey5:45MIXED FEELINGS10 
MusicVoodoo People2:47Various Artists9 
4th Ward Afro Klezmer OrchestraToco Hills Kiddush Club2:44Abdul the Rabbi92012
HeidiMarch Violets4:03The Jackathon13 
The Cinematic OrchestraBluebirds5:06Motion5 
Aquiles BaezEl Trompo Enrollao4:39La Patilla11 
MusicRobot New York4:11Various Artists2 
NickodemusAlkebulan3:46Moon People4 
UltraMr. Ghost Goes to Town2:20Lounge, Vol. 11- Organs in Orbit11 
Groove ArmadaBut I Feel Good5:18Lovebox11 
Serge GainsbourgYou're Under Arrest4:15Love and the Beat, Vol. 213 
Brian EnoWhat Actually Happened4:43Nerve Net31992
FutureSalsa With Mesquite7:18A Journey Through the Electric Underground Disc 22 
ModulationsNo UFO's [Remix]7:00Cinema for the Ear3 
Blue Sky Black DeathSleeping Children Are Still Flying6:00Noir2 
Mamud BandOpposite People5:32Opposite People8 
Four TetEverything Is Alright2:31Pause72001

The Confessional playlist for 07/29/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 

1. Unknown Artist - Hit the Road Jack
2. Masterbatie
3. Fanfare Savale - Sârba Lu’ Tractor
4. Unknown album (7 - Urban Cuban
5. -zoviet-france- - Rattle Stick Cruss
6. Webelos - If You Chose To Stay
7. artist - Track 03
8. Green Hill Music - Beso Apasionado (Passionate Kiss)
9. Old Timey Titanic Music 1912
10. Zeb - Afrodisco
11. Nickodemus & Zeb - Che Lingua
12. Quantic & Nickodemus - Puerto Rico Pa Gozar
13. DJ Chillfreez - Wand Doodler Samba
14. Twink - The Broken Record
15. Prisoners Of Memorie - Keep It Wrong
16. Gautam Dasgupta - Duniya Mane Bura to Goli Maro [From Arjun]
17. Fanfare Savale - Pe Drumul Romanului
18. Twink - Yipee Skipee
19. ZOVIET-FRANCE - Host-Blowing In The Instrument
20. The Souljazz Orchestra - Tanbou Lou
21. Sussan Deyhim - The Spilled Cup (DJ Spooky Remix)
22. Slugabed - Earth Claps
23. Sanso-Xtro - The Origin Of Birds
24. Mr. Scruff - 05 Whiplash
25. Four Tet - This Unfolds
26. Four Tet - Everything Is Alright
27. Ecstatic Sunshine - B
28. DJ Sun - Marksonthekeys (Featuring Mark So
29. Daedelus - Get Off Your Hi-Hats
30. Brian Eno - What Actually Happened
31. Aquiles Baez - El Trompo Enrollao
32. All Good Funk Alliance - Go-Go Bananas
33. Akron - Rabbits In Orbit

music selected by DJ Purfectitude (aka Love Jonze)

The Confessional playlist for 07/15/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 
#ArtistTitleLengthAlbumTrack #Year
1Bobby SealeBlack Panther Party Platform3:02Every Tone a Testimony An African Ameri15 
2Ry Cooder & Ali Farka TouréAmandrai9:22Talking Timbuktu51994
3Little Wolf BandCoyote Dance6:32World Music That Speaks to the Spirit81997
4More Monstrous Movie Music (reGorgo Gorgo Escapes Mama Rises1:16recording321996
5Unknown ArtistDialectical Transformation II [Du Nouveau Monde]1:14Unknown Album12 
6Brian EnoFractal Zoom6:26Nerve Net11992
7ZoharSketches of Egypt5:30Onethreeseven12 
8Big PauperExpansion and Suppression2:50Beyond My Means6 
9Aram Bajakian's KefWroclaw4:45Aram Bajakian's Kef5 
10St GermainAcid jazz - So Flute7:23Tourist32000
114th Ward Afro Klezmer OrchestraFiddler on the Roof3:20Abdul the Rabbi42012
12Drums of PassionIfe l'Oju l'Aiye6:49The Beat3 
13WebelosTsunami Season2:52Shadow Seasons5 
14Bitman & RobanDespues de Almuerzo Parte 22:16Musica Para Despues de Almuerzo7 
15Andre ObinThe Arsonist4:44The Arsonist3 
16Aquiles BaezA San Benito5:21La Patilla1 
17Angelo BadalamentiDance of the Dream Man [Instrumental]3:41Twin Peaks [Original TV Soundtrack]9 
18Musique Qui Fait PoppDanse de l'Ours3:16Highlights from the Works of Andre Popp- 1952-196231962
19Unknown ArtistColours Beyond Colours2:53Unknown Album12 
20Unknown ArtistStarry4:39Unknown Album11 
21Ambiances du SaharaSakhadougou5:43Desert Blues Disc 27 
22Alla FagraVilovals6:19Våta Pussar4 
23alfred bizarrodiscarded love theme7:19alfred bizarro to be exactly3 
24Shades of JadeCity Lights [Mixture]8:30From Africa to New York, Vol. 651997

The Confessional playlist for 07/08/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 
#ArtistTitleLengthAlbumTrack #Year
1Just MarriedFireworks 13:59Duets12005
2Akira TanaIn the Heat of the Night4:53Secret Agent Men42002
3All Good Funk AllianceSpeaker Sweat5:03Jacks of All Trades92012
4Aquiles BaezLa Patilla4:28La Patilla4 
5 56 - Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabeté    
6Unknown ArtistRed Sun 4 24:50Unknown Album2 
7Unknown ArtistMahadeva 15:41Unknown Album3 
8CorneliusThe Micro Disneycal World Tour3:37Fantasma21998
9 12 Essa Moça Tá Diferente - Chico Buarque    
10DaedelusOnly for the Heart Strings3:15Love to Make Music To72008
11Andrew Bird's Bowl Of FireDepression-Pasillo3:32Thrills51998
12Mr. ScruffAmbiosound3:34Get A Move On!31999
13Bio RitmoDina's Mambo4:09La Verdad2 
14Carter BurwellTechno Pop3:21The Big Lebowski [Original Soundtrack]131998
15Richard DurandStrings5:48In Search of Sunrise 9 'India' Disc 292011
16Richard DurandIn The Air5:12In Search of Sunrise 9 'India' Disc 2142011
17AkronFuneral For Euclid4:23Voyage Of Exploration92012
18WebelosFire Ant Season1:44Shadow Seasons3 
19HannaSnagglepuss Syndicated Titles0:29Barbera Classics, Vol. 1251960
20SaxanaA Chicken In Form 91:59The Girl On A Broomstick82011
21 Buscando Caiman En Boca'e Caño - Aquiles Baez    
22Anubian LightsThe 3-Step Formula6:01Naz Bar122001
23TulkuLife Force4:54World Music That Speaks to the Spirit21997
24Towner GalaherJimmy & Johnny4:32Uptown!42012
25The Souljazz OrchestraKelen Ati Leen3:39Solidarity22012
26 I Like Merry Tinkle 12:35   
27Arnold Dreyblatt And The Orchestra Of ExLucky Strike2:30Propellers In Love61988
28Unknown ArtistRaga Madhuvanti- Gat in Rupak [7-Beat] 18:43Unknown Album3 
29Sanso-XtroExit Joyous Mountain2:50Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain92011

The Confessional playlist for 07/01/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 


Aimee MannWise Up3:31Magnolia
 10 Joshua Fit De Battle Ob Jericho -  
DJ DoloresTrancelim de Marfim [Apollo 9 Remix]5:44Ziriguiboom: The Now Sound of Brazil, Vol. 2
Unknown artistTrack 15:54Unknown album (10/23/2011 1:31:20 PM)
Apollo NoveInexplicata4:19Apollo Nove
 12 Essa Moça Tá Diferente - Chico Buarque  
YppahD. Song3:49Eighty One
Unknown ArtistCudna Zena2:27Unknown Album
Akira TanaIt's Probably Me5:51Secret Agent Men
AkronRabbits In Orbit3:05Voyage Of Exploration
 Kaja Djula - Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabeté  
Nickodemus; Sammy AyalaConmigo1:48Wonderwheel Spins in 2012 Disc 2
Unknown artistI Love You Baby [Instrumental]1:17Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que: 25 Hickory-Smoked Harmonies
Bob Spalding; Teisco del ReyHouse of the Rising Sun3:42The $100 Guitar Project Disc 1
Matt WilsonWhite Byrd0:25The $100 Guitar Project Disc 2
Chuck O'MearaUntil It All Went Terribly Awry1:48The $100 Guitar Project Disc 1
Billy Ware; David Doucet; Edward Poullard; Errol Verret; Michael Doucet; Tommy ComeauxLa Visite au Condamne1:03The Mad Reel
Ava MendozaNormal Nagual3:23The $100 Guitar Project Disc 2
Aisha DuoDespertar5:07Quiet Songs
Angelo Francesco LavagninoGorgo: Jet Alert/Battleship Barrage1:09More Monstrous Movie Music (re-recording)
Anubian LightsMicronite4:54Naz Bar
Aquiles BaezBajo Tu Techo De Estrellas6:49La Patilla
Bonde Do Rolê8•0:00Tropicalbacanal
 Moon (The Slips Remix) - Björk  
Ben FoldsGolden Slumbers1:41I Am Sam
Aki Takase/George Lewis/Marcel DuchampErratum Musical (Score for Three Voices)/Voyage for Three0:48Sound Unbound
All Good Funk AllianceI Don't Care If It's Your Birthday4:45Jacks of All Trades
Kaki KingMarche Slav3:02Glow
MoondogStamping Ground5:11The Big Lebowski [Original Soundtrack]

Total Files: 34

The Confessional playlist for 06/10/2013

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 
I Heart RainbowsTwinkA Very Fine Adventure2008
ContessaCaliffo De LuxeRevolution Radio 
Loulou StardustThe Pinker TonesNacional Amazon Sampler 20122012
valley of firealphadiabeticzzyzx 
La ContessaR. CappellettiFisarmonica ... In Ballo, Vol. 22006
Best of SevenAaGigantic Music Sampler2009
Do the LurdDexter RomweberChased By Martians2001
Bombay DuckThe ShadowsThe Shadows - The Original Chart Hits 1960-19802000
Besame MuchoJet HarrisPopular Music Hits Vol 12011
Harem BellsJim Head and his Del RaysSurf Age Nuggets2012
Magnetic WarriorArchie Bronson OutfitCoconut2010
The Sad SkinheadFaustFaust IV1973
Love the WorldKaroshi Bros.Love the World - EP2007
La Noche Called My NombreThe ResidentsCoochie Brake2012
Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) [Alternate Mix]The TemptationsPsychedelic Soul2003
TezetaGetatchew MekuryaBest of Ethiopiques - L'âge d'or de la musique éthiopienne2009
Gubèlyé (My Gubel)Mulatu AstatqèBeginner's Guide to African Blues2011
La Contessa ScalzaKatyna RanieriThe Very Best Of2011
Main TitleEnnio MorriconeNavajo Joe (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)2008
The Lunatics Have Taken Over the AsylumCollideVortex2004
SupermentRed ElvisesRokenrol2002
The Last BandoleroTOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRAHigh Numbers2003
Audrey's DanceThomas TruaxSongs from the Films of David Lynch2009
Serenade For MissyThe ResidentsHere It Is, The Music CDK Vol. 11988
SPACEWEAVERwww.portalconcert.comThe Portal2011
Ananta Snake DanceSuns Of ArqaThe History Of Indipop - The First Ten Years 1981-1991 
Chanting Nyabinghi10 Ft. Ganja Plant & John Brown's BodyMidnight Landing2003
Nightmare in Monte CristoLos Straitjackets!Viva! Los Straitjackets1996
The Enchanted SeaMartin DennyParadise1990
Piume di Cristallo (From "L'Uccello Dalle Piume di Cristallo")Ennio MorriconeAssoluto Morricone, Vol. 12001
Choserito PlenaMarc RibotMarc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos1998
Malagueña SalerosaPaco de Lucía & Ramón AlgecirasDos Guitarras Flamencas en America Latina1994
Instant PartyFred FrithCheap At Half the Price1983
Cops TooKeith LeveneHere It Is, The Music CDK Vol. 1


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