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A sonic exploration into bad dreams, online shopping, failed relationships, poor hygiene, ice cream binges, awkward social interaction, self-made prisons, and knowing it's sometimes better to just go to bed.

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Table for One on 04/25/13

Air date: 
Thu, 04/25/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
What you've come to expect plus a live set from Olympia's Bone Sickness!!

On Tonight's Episode of Table for One we have very special guests Bone Sickness playing live in the studio at KBOO. Death Metal fans stay up late tonight (not that you don't have that problem anyway...) so you won't miss these guys. Debut album "Alone in the Grave" out April 30th on Olympia's 20 Buck Spin Label. This will be ugly. Tune in.

follow the link to stream the entire new album!

Table for One on 04/18/13

Air date: 
Thu, 04/18/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 03/28/13

Air date: 
Thu, 03/28/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Tonight: The soundtrack to doing the dishes or cleaning up after someone else.

Table for One on 03/14/13

Air date: 
Thu, 03/14/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
The New Way-1 hour earlier and 1 hour longer. Figure that one out Daylight Savings!

Yes! Table for One is now a whole 3 hours of pain/pleasure. Now airing from 12am-3am every other Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Bang your head against the wall or cry on the toilet, either way- we are in this together.

Table for One on 03/07/13

Air date: 
Thu, 03/07/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 02/28/13

Air date: 
Thu, 02/28/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
More of what you have come to expect.

On Tonight's Very Special Episode of Table for One, our very 1st live guests- GAG from Olympia Washington! They will perform a live set and then maybe let us in on some of their deepest secrets. Do tune in!

Table for One on 02/21/13

Air date: 
Thu, 02/21/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 01/31/13

Air date: 
Thu, 01/31/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 01/17/13

Air date: 
Thu, 01/17/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 01/03/13

Air date: 
Thu, 01/03/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
let's ring in the New Year with endless droll and white noise.


Table for One playlist for 08/15/2013

Air date: 
RäjäyttäjätHuikon LavallaRäjäyttäjät!Dead Beat
Per PurposeRed Hill SetsaImplicating More Than OneBedroom Suck
Cop City/Chill PillarsJenniferHeld Hostage On Planet ChillFloridas Dying
HyperbubbleKinkyDoppelhertz Vol. 2Hertz-Schrittmacher
Harry PussyTight FitOne Plus OnePalilalia
HawkwindLeave No Star UnturnedLeave No Star UnturnedDirter
ClusterIn EwigkeitSowiesoso4 Men With Beards
SelectoYama (sf/co re-edit)Doppelhertz Vol. 2Hertz-Schrittmacher
The Velvet UndergroundA Symphony of Sound (Part Two)A Symphony of SoundWorld Youth Records
Risk RiskModern TimesDoppelhertz Vol. 2Hertz-Schrittmacher
HeatsickTaxi Zum NO (sf/co re-edit)IntersexPan
Royal TruxStrawberry SodaRoyal TruxRoyal
HeatsickIce Cream On ConcreteIntersexPan
Klaus SchulzeCrystal LakeMirageIsland
Jim ShepardFat John / Your Uncle Is Dead / WreckagePicking Through The Wreckage With A StickSiltbreeze
Rhodri DaviesClosed Horizontal IlluminedWound ResponseAltvinyl
Chorauntitled (sf/co re-edit)SlatesSergeant Massacre
Paul MisrakiTheme D'AmourJean-Luc Godard - Bandes Originales 1959-1980Wildcat Strike
Les Rallizes DenudesuntitledHigh Or Dieself released
ClusterZum WohlSowiesoso4 Men and Beards
Arthur Lipsett21-87SoundtracksGlobal A
Vas Deferens OrganizationFutura PerspectiveZyzzybalubahAether
TomutonttuSyvät SävytSplit with Astral Social ClubTipped Bowler
Dislocation04.Coyote's CallFusetron
Martial SolalA Bout De SouffleJean-Luc Godard - Bandes Originales 1959-1980Wildcat Strike
Black SwanWalking My MonkeyEchoes And RainbowsPolydor
Ritchie Venus & The Blue BeetlesDown To The EarthRebel BloodOnset/Offset Records
Tall DwarfsLurlene BaylissDogmaFlying Nun
Mauthausen OrchestrauntitledBloodymindedUrashima
Matt Purse | FenianCyclops.exeMetempsychosisself released
Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Oren AmbarchiIn A Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A SubjectIn A Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A SubjectBlack Truffle
Magik MarkersMost Beautiful City on EarthI Trust My Guitar, Etc.Ecstatic Peace!
Milk MusicFertile GroundBeyond Livingself released

Table for One playlist for 08/01/2013

Air date: 
MortiisFerden og KalletCrypt of the Wizard
Cintecele DiavoluiDance of the DeadThe Devil's Songs
Fata MorganaA Forest PathFata Morgana
VondNar Livet Tar FarvelSelvmord
BurzumBalferd BaldrsDaudi Baldrs
WongravenTiden er en Stenlagt GravFjelltronen
Lord WindThe Temple of SunAtlantean Monument
Glenn DanzigRetreat and DescentBlack Aria
EquitantWhen the Istary Wizards Appeared in Middle Earth (The Days of Kings Had Come to an End)The Great Lands of Minas Ithil
Mistigo Varggoth DarkestraBy the Wisdom Roots of a SorseryMidnight Fullmoon
MunruthelIcymphonyYav, Nav i Prav
PazuzuThe Churning Seas of AbsuAnd All Was Silent...
MirkwoodTrack 2untitled
Depressive SilenceAtmosphereDemo III
GothmogLost in My DreamsMedival Journeys
TrolltjernSagnet om Trolltjern III - FjelletHymner fra Trolltjern
ValorStones That WeptLa Lune Noire
LamentationSilence Evades on the Carpathian MountainsAs Shadowkingdom Comes to My Sight
DolchChildren of YggdrasilYggdrasil...Nature...Anthems
Forgotten PathwaysIncomingShrouded in Mystery
ElfforDarkness in the Foggy MountainInto the Dark Forest
WojnarLza dla PrzeszloscKiedy Duch Wojny Nade mna Powstanie
MyrrdinEpilogueGlomung ofer se Weald
Lord LovidicusCryptic Tomb of the Lost TomeTrolldom
Abandoned PlacesShadow WeaverLost Paths Remembered in Dreams
Til Det Bergens SkyggeneSkog, Natt og StjernerTil Det Bergens Skyggene
GvasdnahrStars in a Northern Winter SkyThrough Mists and Ruins
ErangThe Dark DungeonTome II
ErangThe Last of My NameTome II
MortiisKeiser av en Dimension UkjentKeiser av en Dimension Ukjent

Dungeon Synth

Table for One playlist for 06/06/2013

Air date: 
MithotynIn the Clash of ArmsGathered Around the Oaken Table
EinherjerHowl Ravens ComeNorwegian Native Art
ThyrfingAngestens HogborgVansinnesvisor
WolfchantBlood for BloodBloody Tales of Disgraced Lands
VintersorgTill FjallsTill Fjalls
Nomans LandMjolnirRaven Flight
ForefatherOut of DarknessThe Fighting Man
DoomSwordFor Those Who Died with Sword in HandResound The Horn
PrimordialThe Coffin ShipsThe Gathering Wilderness
AgallochHallways of Enchanted EbonyPale Folklore
SIG:AR:TYRKing of the WorldBeyond the North Winds
ManegarmHemfardVredens Tid
FalkenbachHeathenpride...En Their Medh Riki Fara...
SummoningFlesh and BloodNightshade Forests
GodThe Promised LandHeaven and Hell
EnslavedVetrarnottVikingligr Veldi
BathoryBlood Fire DeathBlood Fire Death
Dark ForestUnder the Northern FullmoonAurora Borealis
WindirJourney to the End1184

Table for One playlist for 05/22/2013

Air date: 
Scott Walkerdimplebish bosh4AD
Black Humornext stepLove God - Love One AnotherSuperior Viaduct
Erkin KorayHadi Hadi OrdanMechul singles & raritiessublime frequnecies
Wicked LadyI'm a freakpsychotic overkillGuerszen
Condominiumunder glass/warm homewarm homecondominium records
Goatgoatheadworld musicrocket recordings
Drownercasting/ transient hotel/window painmodern paranoiahorse worship
Swell MapsgunboatsA Trip to MarinevilleSecretly Canadian
Facescindy incidentallyooh la laWarner Brothers
The Scientistssorry, sorry, sorrys/tAgitated Records
The MobDance on you foolLet the Tribe IncreaseBroken Rekkids
The Stranglershanging aroundRattus NorvegicusA & M Records
Endless Boogiethe savagistlong islandno quarter
Framtidbomb blastunder the ashesblack water records
Carcasscrepitating bowel erosionsymphonies of sicknessEarache
Protomartyerfrench poetsub pop 1000sub pop
Hank Wood & The Hammerheadsi don't see nothinGo Hometoxic state
Dreamdecaytrack 6/track7NVNVNVIron Lung Records
Una Bestia Incontrolablea les seves mansobservant com el mon es destrueixLa Vida Es Un Mus
Infernohinfernowar tjardD-Takt & Rapunk
DYSescapewolfpacktaang records
society nurseDiscardeds/tIron Lung Records
High Tidefutilist's lamentsea shantiessundazed
Black Pusa better manall my relationsthrill jockey

Table for One playlist for 04/24/2013

Air date: 
Lumeriansshortwave fieldstransmalinniaknitting factory records
Black Pusfly on the wallall my relationsthrill jockey
Una Bestia Uncontrollablemar de lava/observant com el mon es destrueixla vida en us mus
Demdike Staremisaapropriationtestpewssing #001modern love
Gnodtron/visions of load/the vertical deadChaudelande Volume #1rocket recordings
Nolla Nolla Nollaleikin loppu/lisaaoodeja simasvillesvart
Inserviblesexclusionuna vida de tristezaLa Vida Es Un Mus
Bone Sickness LIVE!!
Crazy Spiritcrying mothers/ttoxic state
Insect WarfareParanoiaevolved into oblivianrescued from life
Conditionsmoldering wreckageEPrust and machine records
013sa et voiTakaisin Todellisuuteenassel
noisenoisenoiseits wargoot from the bootgonna puke
Goatgoatmanworld musicrocket recordings
soul swallowergreed and disgustdevouredpainkiller
John Carpenter and Alan Howarthmain title/chariots of pumpkinsHalloween 3Death Waltz Recording
Raimeyour cast will tirequarter turns over a living lineblackest of black
Ratos De PoraomorrerCrucificados Pela Sistemabeat
Metzsad prickss/tsub pop
Hagar the Wombidolizationword of the womb
carcassreek ofpeel sessions
grotesque infectionfeverish diarrheaconsumptrion of human fecesdemo
no ballsanother hammers/t
Breakdowndissed and dismisseddemo

Table for One playlist for 04/10/2013

Air date: 
Pussy Galoredead meatgroovy hate fuck EPshove
Comets on Fireholy teethavatarsub pop
Orient Expresstrain to bombays/tmainstream
Alèmayèhu Eshètétenageris/tmississippi
The Apryl Foolthe lost motherland (pt1)ongaku 70 -vintage psychedelia in JapanHiruko
Uzi Rash?Palmwine Rumpus Vol. @24/7
Black Flagpadded celldamagedsst/unicorn
Pukeblodback to the stone ageCBR
Tragedydarker days aheaddarker days aheadtragedy records
Useless Childrenmarypost ending/pre completioniron lung records
High Tidefutilist's lamentSea Shantiessundazed
A-Framesnegativeblack forestsub pop
The Cultural Decayend of the corridorEight Ways to Start A Daysacred bones
FNU Ronnieswatchful eye golem smoke herb alpertEPself released?
Mammane Sani Et Son OrgueliddaLa Musique electronique du Nigermississippi/change
Men's Recovery Projectegyptian assassinthe very best of men's recovery projectLoad Records
Arabian Princestrange lifeinnovative life- the anthology 1984-1989Stone's Throw
Alice Cooperhalo of flieskillerwarner brothers
Modern Englishthe token manmesh and lace4AD
Metzratss/tsub pop
The Chosen Fewthere's a lot of it going aroundthe joke's on usgoing underground
Boys Next Doori mistake myselfdoor, doorMushroom
David Bowie5 yearsThe Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From MarsRCA
Tomorrowmy white bicycles/tbootleg
Sweetlady starlightgive us a wink!Capitol
Silver Applesprograms/tPhoenix
Parasites of Western World-entire album-s/tde stjl
Michael Yonkers with Blind Shakein betweenhydrocarbates hydrocarbonsnero's neptune

Table for One playlist for 03/14/2013

Air date: 
The Mutantsmonster of lovecan you hear me?PVC
Final Warningrain of deathEPblack water
Typhusno touchinsect terroristabsolute power
Le Facesalvador daliisolationdead beat
The Cystsdestroy mastersthe cyst EPseizure palace
Survival Knifetraces of me45sub pop
Big Boysthin linewhere's my towelred c
Tronicsshark fucks45Whats Your Rupture
The Kinksall of my friends were thereare the village green preservation societyPYE
Loopstraight to your heartheaven's endreactor
MudhoneySonic Infusion45sub pop
The RatsanimalIntermittent SignalsMississippi Records
The Maggotsrough dubEPDiscourage
The Mentwist the knifethe men/nomos split cassettevinyl rites
Nate Youngcomes unbiddenstay asleep:regression vol. 2nna tapes
Snuff Filmside AEPself release
Death Agoniestransubstantiationthe tunnel - split cassette w/ PHTself release
John Carpenter and Alan Howarthfirst chaseHalloween III: Season of the Witch OSTDeath Waltz Recordings
Velvet Undergroundthe giftWhite Light White Heatverve
Lydia Lunchsnakepit breakdown13.13neutral
Uriah Heepthe gypsys/tMercury
Pissed Jeanschain worker/romanticize mehoneysSub Pop
Migrainethe occurenceweird talesCowabunga Records
Iron LungWhite Glove Test Finds More Filth (excerpt)White Glove TestIron Lung Records/Prank Records
The Blackoutswrithinglostsoulsclubwax trax!
Tuxedomoon19th nervous breakdowncan you hear me? music from the deaf club v/a lp 1980PVC
Caged Animalintro/C.A. Crew/regret/fake ass sceneEPWarthog Speak
Kool Keithlick my asssex stylefunky ass
Rolling Scabsmy mom smokes potlive at Gilman St. Projecttension holding companyt
Giuliano Sorginitrance/straightjacketThe Living Dead at the Manchester MorgueDeath Waltz Recording
Skyhookshorror movieLiving in the 70'sMushroom
Brainbombsi wish i was dead she saidcheapload

Table for One playlist for 02/28/2013

Air date: 
Groundhogsi love you miss ogynyhogwashunited artists
Husker Du8 miles high45sst
Pissed Jeanshealth planhoneyssub pop
Killdozerhamburger martyrburltouch and go
Rudimentary Peniin crematorium flamearchaicouter himalayan
Deviation Socialnew rightFrom End to Beginningdais
untitleduntitledtape 2rhinocervs
Naked on the vagueabstract figures45RIP Society
Bachsminister to a mind diseasedout of the bachsvoid
GAG live set
Cut Handsstabbers conspiracyvol 1Dirter
Bone Sicknessthe collectordemo 7"Inimical
country teasersprettiest slave on the bargescience hat artistic cube moral nosebleed empirein the red
Shoppers2silver yeardrugged conscience/feeble minds
Francis Harold and the Hologramsmy hellthe white bull weepsfrom valhallavideo disease
Steel Pole Bathtubthe riverlurchboner
Frijid Pinki wan to be your lovers/tDeram
Snake Apartmentno raisespaint the wallsparts unknown
Sweetactiongive us a winkcapital
Birthday Partyblast off454AD
Wireour swimmer45rough trade
Music Machinecome on inturn onoriginal sound
Stare Casebed that eatslose todayDe Stijl
Uriah Heepthe gypsys/tmercury

Table for One playlist for 02/14/2013

Air date: 
Troggswhen will the rain come45fontana
Killing Jokeexitwhat's this for?EG
Dead Boomersvintage summa cum laudepig in the pythonsabbatical
Swansthe seer pt.2/the seer retrunsThe Seeryoung god
Dead Languagemisanthropys/tiron lung records
Harry Partchdaphne of the dunesthe wrold of harry partchColumbia
Suicidegirls/tred star
Bruce Springsteenjohnny 99NebraskaColumbia
Landedthe biggest shittimes i despiseload
Dwarrevil luresanimalsdrag city
Simon and Garfunkelrichard corysounds of silenceColumbia
The Slaveswild rideocean on oceanHelen Scarsdale Agency
Ed Schrader's Music Beattravelingjazz mindload
Easy Actionall of the times/treptilian
FNU Ronniesant peoplesaddle upLoad
Society Nurseempty roads/tiron lung records
BauhausnervesIn The Flat Field4AD

Table for One playlist for 01/31/2013

Air date: 
The Troggsi can't control myself45fontana
The Dwarvesfree cocainelucifer's crankno. 6
Black FlagDamaged 1louie louie 45posh boy
His Electro Blue Voicedead micedead sons 12"
george colemantransistor radiobongo joeMississippi Records
primitive calculatorsugly pumping musclesplit w/ slug gutssweet rot
The Saintsmemories are made of thiseternally yourssire
Vile Gashevery day2nd EPyouth attack
Daniel Menchethreegutseditions mego
Big Stardon't lie to me#1 albumstax
Circle Pithoney33hardly art
Gary Warhollow futures45sacred bones
Pig Heart Transplantgut pleasures45iron lung
Knelt Roteinsignificanceinsignifcance 12"forest/parasitic
Laughing Hyenaslife of crimelife of crimetouch and go
Neil Young and Crazy Horsedown by the rivereverybody knows this is nowherereprise
Lord Kitchenermy wif'es nightieLondon is the Place for me 2Honest Jons
Factory Menthe log/the blouse/sleeping with the jew/phoning the factoryEPMy Mind's Eye
Rusted Shutfeeling weakdeadLoad Records
The Slavesdokodeocean on oceanHelen Scarsdale Agency


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