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sounds unsound Late March 2015

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/29/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
sounds unsound late March 2015
Music, noise and more..

Sounds Unsound on 03/22/15

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/22/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

sounds unsound early Mar 2015

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/15/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
sounds unsound early March 2015
Sounds Unsound...

Sounds Unsound on 03/08/15

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/08/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

Sounds Unsound on 02/22/15

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 02/22/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

sounds unsound early Feb 2015

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 02/15/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
sounds unsound early Feb 2015
Valentines day just ended, but it's not too late for the SOUNDS UNSOUND VALENTINE SHOW ..  Songs and sounds of love, romance, lust and more...  .

Late Jan '15

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 01/25/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound late Jan 2015
Sounds Unsound - the usual pop hits you've heard a thousand times before..

Early Jan '15

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 01/11/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound early Jan 2015

A new year of Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound early Dec '14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 12/14/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound early Dec '14
If it sounds unsound it's Sounds Unsound- bi-monthly show of audio sound experimentation and music. 

Sounds Unsound late Nov '14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 11/23/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound late Nov '14

Bringing you an eclectic mix of avant rock and more...
Most of the first hour we listen to new releases....
Music and noise mixed with film soundtrack.


Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 09/27/2015
  • Length: 178:16 minutes (163.2 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 32kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

sounds Unsound Jan 25 2015

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 01/25/2015
includes the State of the Union and Rebuttal mash-up
  • Title: ghklglk
  • Length: 190:13 minutes (130.61 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 22kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

sounds Unsound Jan 11 2015

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 01/11/2015
Sounds Unsound for 1/11/15 finally on podcast.. 
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 177:28 minutes (162.48 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Sikhara Live in the KBOO Studio Part 2

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Fri, 10/16/2009

Part 2 of Sikhara's live set in the KBOO studios on Sounds Unsound. Sikhara will play their 500th live show at the Fez Ballroom on Monday Nov 19th, 2009..   

  • Length: 20:36 minutes (18.86 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Sikhara live in the studio on Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sat, 10/10/2009

Part 1 of Sikhara's live set in the KBOO studios on Sounds Unsound. Sikhara will play their 500th live show at the Fez Ballroom on Monday Nov 19th, 2009..   

  • Length: 17:17 minutes (15.82 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Sounds Unsound playlist for 02/23/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Nihilist Spasm BandDestroy All NationsNo RecordAlchemy
The Jazz FakersWhere's IonHere is NowAlrealon Musique
Sax RuinsBig HeadBlimmguassSkin Graft
AhleuchistasWispsHeads Full of PoisonCunieform
Dengue FeverTaxi DriverGirl From the NorthTuk Tuk
Ma Sein MyineBeneath Meza MountainThe Crying Princess:78 rpm Records From BurmaSublime Frequencies
Limpe Fuchs/Christoph Heemann/Timo Van LuijkForestMacchia ForestStreamline
Machine MassIn a Silent WayIntiMoonjune
Family FodderBetter LiesSchizophrenia PartyStaubgold
Cherry BlossomsBoogie DeaseaseLive in AmsterdamHairy Spider Legs
Chelsea WolfeFeral LovePain Is BeautySargent House
WarpaintLove Is to Dies/tRough Trade
Duchess of SaigonOreo Hovercrafts/tS-S Records
Bene GesseritTo Beat Or Not To BeatMuLTiLiNGuaL SaD SoNGS, WeiRD JoKeS aND eXPeRiMeNTaL STuFF FoR uSe By GRoWN-uP CHiLDReNFeeding Tube
JaeRed Around the EyesBalls and Kittens, Drought and Strangling RainHubro
DevoOnoHardcore Vol 1Superior Viaduct
DevoFountain of FilthHardcore Vol 2Superior Viaduct
DevoMongoloidHardcore Vol 1Superior Viaduct
Steven R SmithWhere the World WentFloor of o the SkyBurnt Toast Vinyl
Lubomyr MelnykCorrosion of the Surface of LifeThree Solo PiecesUnseen Worlds
The Haxan CloakBurning Torches of Despairs/tAurora Borealis
Brian Coniffe/Suzanne Walsh/Diarmuid MacDiarmadaLandslideLandslideLumberton Trading Company
Un Festin SagitalEl Aseseto del Sol (version 1)El Muerte SolarBeta Lactam Ring
Larkin/Nurse With WoundRock Baby RockErroneous:A Selection of ErrorsImportant
Mark BanningLunar EclipseI am the CenterLight in the Attic
Susan ClynesLes LarmesLife Is...Moonjune
Monofonic OrchestraChipsMusicdesignAlga Marghan
The Woodcraft FolkTehm Tehre EyesIt Happened on a DayThe Great Pop Supplement
Crow TongueGhost EyeGhost:Eye:SeekerHand/Eye
Ghadalia TzartesSix SeptAnte-MortemHinterzimmer
Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritege EnsembleUnitys/tTazona

Sounds Unsound playlist for 02/09/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
bEEdEEgEEHelium AnchorSum/One4AD
WarpaintDisco/Verys/tRough Trade
Plvs VltraWorld In WordsParthenonSpectrum Spools
Group DouehMadam Jat FaabuniHassaniya MusicSublime Frequencies
Group 1850Don't Let It BeMother No-HeadPseudonym
PholdeForm and Holds/tPanto Rhei
CanDoko E Part 1Doko EFPK & S
FoetusWarm LeatheretteSoakEctopic Ents
Bene GesserituN DouX ViSaGe eT De GRaNDS yeuX D’uN BLeu LuMiNeuXMuLTiLiNGuaL SaD SoNGS, WeiRD JoKeS aND eXPeRiMeNTaL STuFF FoR uSe By GRoWN-uP CHiLDReNFeeding Tube
Circuit des YeuxBud & GinOverdueBa Da Bing
Spires That in the Sunset RiseWinter SongAncient Patience Wills It Again Part 2Hairy Spider Legs
Guardian AlienTranquilizerSpiritual EmergencyThrill Jockey
Solah Abdel GhafourYil'ab ChoubiChoubi Choubi!: Folk and Pop Sounds From Iraq Vol 2Sublime Frequencies
Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo de Cotonou DahomeyEgil Miton? Nin Mi Nawa GbinThe First AlbumAnalog Africa
The One Ensemble & Sarah KenchingtonPolkagrisDummy Jim
Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritege EnsembleEl-Hajj Mulik El-ShabazzSinglesMidday
CircleDragonEmpireRiot Season
We Wait for SnowWaiting for the SnowLullabies from our DreamsFinal Muzik
Constance DembyOm Mani Padme HumI Am The CenterLight in the Attic
IgnatzI Need a Good Night's SleepCan I Go Home Now?Fonal
Fern KnightMurder of CrowsMusic for Witches and AlchemistsVHF
Laughing Eye Weeping EyeMetamorphisisBewayHairy Spider Legs
Kemialliset YstavatSysteemi 1Lumottu Karkkipurkki (Vapaa Systeemi)Fonal
Charlie McAlisterSue/Beezer/OuterspaceDeath Water EstatesCPlate
KuupuuTuli UniSous JujuEm
TwinsistermoonThe Mirror BedBogyrealm VesselsHandmade Birds
MyrmyrHot SnowFire StarUnder the Spire
CyclobeWe'll Witness the Resurrection of Dead Butterflies (Three Moons)Wonded Galaxies Tap at the WindowPhantomcode
jacques BerrocalCryptea IVParallelesAlga Marghen
The Legendary Pink DotsCloud 6Code NoirBeta-Lactam Ring
Lori GoldstonCruel SisterCreekside: Cello SoloMississippi

Sounds Unsound playlist for 01/26/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Alamaailman VasaratRiistomansiirtgaValtaNordic Notes
Achim ReichelTurbulenzenAutovision
Group MarwaniWanyey Allah IdumuHassaniya MusicSublime Frequencies
Oiseaux-TempeteCall John Carcones/tSub Rosa
Laughing Eye Weeping EyeSentient BeingBewayHairy Spider Legs
JuricaViolet DaysDistant MemoriesAlrealon
William OnyeaborWhy Go To War?Who Is William OnyeaborLuaka Pop
Tee Vee PopFactoryThe Only YearsDesire
Orchid SpangiaforiaSecond Hand SmokeFlee Past's Ape ElfFeeding Tube
RMillisReliefReliefHelen Scarsdale Agency
Jorge AtunesA Musica Humaniza a MaquinaIn Defense of the MahcinesPogus
Peter Brotzmann OctetMachine GunMachine GunFMP
Iancu DumitrescuApogeumEd Mn 1001Edition Modern
John HegreDoColors Don't ClashDekorder
Big BloodThe Archivist & the ArcheologistDead SongsTime-Lag
Sun RaContinuation to Jupiter FestivalContinuationSaturn
Margeret De WysI OhI OhEcstatic Peace
Origami GalaktikaPunane KuuEest Lilled Silmad SudaSpeeding Across My Hemisphere
MasstishaddhuFor the Dead and UnbornShekinahPsychedelic Pig
Asmus TietchenGittersplit LP w/Kouhei MatsungaImportant
Claudio RocchiGiusto AmoreVolo Magico No 1Ariston
DarwinsbitchSilver SphereOreDigitalis
Painting Petals on Planet GhostAkatsuki No HoshiFallen CamelliasA Silent Space
Tsege Mariam GebruThe Mad Man's LaughterSeielt Eigene KompositionenMississippi

Sounds Unsound playlist for 01/12/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
CanOn the Way to Mother SkyThe Lost TapesMute
Robert ZiinoStonedHeads on a PostExperimental Artists
If, BwanaLisa VerabbitRed OnePogus
ChromeLooking For Your DoorHalf Machine From the SunKing of Spades
Tee Vee PopTell MeThe Only YearsDesire
KoudedeToghlamtGuitars from Agadaz Vol 7Sublime Frequencies
Lucrecia DaltVittiSyzygyHuman Ear Music
Chene NoirHeyMobilisation GeneraleDiggers Digest
No Neck Blues BandTransferring the FrogGitanjaliRi Be Xibalba
Tar PetA LetterDeaf Drawing Blind ListeningHairy Spider Legs
Oiseaux-TempeteA Blaze in the Distances/tSub Rosa
The Invisible HandsDark Halls/tAbduction
CocoRosiePoisonTales of the GrassWidowRed Eye
Master Musicians of BukkakeArcheFar WestImportant
Big BloodSamatiRadio Valkyrie 1905-1917Feeding Tube
Laughing Eye Weeping EyeVillageBewayHairy Spider Legs
Nurse With Wound/Graham BowersOff to Hell in a HandcartParadeRed Wharf
The Red MasquePolyphemus (Live)MythalogueBeta-Lactam Ring
Orchid SpangiaforaMondo Stupid/Hold EverythingFlea Past Ape's ElfFeeding Tube
The NecksOpenOpenNorthern Spy
TroumThe Great Drowning of MenGrote MandrenkeBeta-Lactam Ring
Akos Rozmannside 6Images of the Dream and DeathIdeological Organ
Michele BokanowskiPhone Variationss/tTrace
Iannis XenakisAisAnasteneria/Troorkh/AisCol Legno
Magical Power Mako4Hapmoniym 1972-1975Mio
Annabelle's GardenMy Unknown ChildTime's No MeasureDias
Volcano the BearSplendid GooseAmidst the Noise and TwigsBeta-Lactam Ring
Ruby PinsA Trials/tM'Lady's

Sounds Unsound playlist for 12/29/2013

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Dengue FeverGirl From the NorthGirl From the NorthTuk Tuk
Bryan and the Haggards featuring Dr. Eugene ChadbourneFightin' Side of MeMerles Just Want to Have FunNorthern Spy
ChromeThe RainHalf Machine From the SunKing of Spades
Sajida ObeidMesafrah (The Traveler)Choubi Choubi Vol 2Sublime Frequencies
Glaxo BabiesStay AwakePut Me On the Guest ListSuperior Viaduct
Russian CirclesMemorialMemorialSargent House
Emily Jane WhiteFaster Than the DevilBlood/LinesImportant
Gary Husband/Alex MachacekBlablablaNowAbstract Logix
The ThingBoot!Boot!Trost
Big BloodSecret GardenRadio Valkyrie 1905-1971Feeding Tube
The Red MasqueThe Dark Salt SeaMythalogueBeta-Lactam Ring
Kate BushAerialAerialColumbia
The Use feat. Rachel MasonBird SongNew Sonic StrategiesAlrealon
Brigitte FontaineIl PeutBrigitte Fontaine Est... FolleSuperior Viaduct
Baroque Jazz TrioOreintasieMobilisation GeneraleBorn Bad
Nils FrahmSaid and DoneSpacesErased Tapes
Whore PaintHaunt/Alives/tLoad
The Cherry BlossomsVolcano Gods SongLive in AmsterdamHairy Spider Legs
UmbertoIt Came From the SwampFrom the GravePermanent
The Lexie Mountain BoysDeep CouchSacred VacationCarpark
Circuit des YeuxLithoniaOverdueBa Da Bing
Edward Ka-SpellFriends of the EarthOne Last Pose Before the RuinBeta-Lactam Ring
Zbigniew Karkowski & Tetsuo FuradateBelow the DemarcationWorld As Will IIISub Rosa
FuzzheadIt's After the End of the WorldEl SaturnEcstatic Yod
Armchair Migraine Journey2Transmit Mutation DroneBeta-Lactam Ring
AMThe Great HallYet Marvellous StasisHaamumaa
Pepe WismeerAvec LepinLe Stridor de l'EscargotEquation
Larkin GrimmThe Last TreeAfter You Men Explode the World We Women Will Sing It To SleepSloow Tapes
Catherine Ribiero & AlpesLa Kleenex, Le Drop de lit et l'EtendardAme DeboutMantra
Steven R SmithSifting ChimelleAutumn is the EndDarla
Angels in Heavy SyrupSpace ConquestIVMonotremata
SE RogieMan Stupid BeingThe Sounds of SE RogieMississippi
Last show of the year.. A few calls, and I even played a request (Kate Bush)  ...

Sounds Unsound playlist for 12/15/2013

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Un Festin SagitalLa Cancion del Nino AteoSic Deus Dilexit MundumBeta-Lactam Ring
Dustan JevtovicDrummer's DanceAm I Walking Wrong?MoonJune
Los Siquicos LitoralenosCinta PlanetariaSonido ChipadelicoSham Palace
Franois TusquesNous Allons Vous Conter..(Intercommunal Blues)Mobilization GeneraleBorn Bad
Kaboom KaravanThe A ThemeHokus FokusMiasmah
Craig LeonRing With Three Concentric CirclesNommosSuperior Viaduct
Pepe WismeerYellow GunsUn-Beta-Lactam Ring
Circuit des YeuxMy Name Is RuneOverdueBa Da Bing
Bardo PondKali Yuga BluesPeace on VenusFire
Psycho-BabaBhajan MeOn the Roof of Dedar LodgeJapan Overseas
Margaret KammererBlues or Woman in the Mind at NightThe Orchestra of Futurist Noise IntonersSub Rosa
Legendary Pink DotsAscension 3Code NoirBeta-Lactam Ring
Lucrecia DaltGlosolaliaSyzygyHuman Ear Music
The Red MasqueThe MinotaurMythologueBeta-Lactam Ring
The ThingIndiaBoot!Trost
Diciduous FluxConjuring the Shadowss/tAutomatic
Volcano the BearHairy QueenHotbites Live at the NightlightBlastocoel Sound
Cherry BlossomsRoman AquaductsLive in AmsterdamHairy Spider Legs
No Neck Blues BandFrom 51:GitanjaliRi Be Xibalba
Deseno CorbusierGolpe De AmistadEl Alma de la EstrellaVinilissimo
Akos Rozmannside 1Images of the Dream and DeathEditions Mego
Body/HeadAintComing ApartMatador
FoonTieuSurface Noise and ImperfectionsNo Fidelity Audio
ArcSomewhereSomewhere There:Drone Compendium IIBeta-Lactam Ring
PantaleimonAnother WorldThe Butterfly Ate the PearGrass Girl
Heldon Marhaug NordwallTake Me to Hell, Take Me to OsloWhen the Ice Is Leaving, Scandanavia Is BurningFirework Editions
MessyNo Noise DreamThe Palest MayaHa Releases
TronicsIntro to Shark Fucks/Shark FucksWhat's the Hubub BubM'lady

Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/24/2013

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
TuxedomoonSeeding the CloudsHalf-MuteRalph
ChvrchesWe Sinkthe Bones of What You BelieveGlam Note
Spray PaintFalse CowboyRodeo SongsSS Records
Whore PaintAmenSwallow My BonesLoad
Guerilla TossGod Fearing/Sex SymbolSplit LP w/ Sediment ClubFeeding Tube
Sidney YorkElectrolove<3s
Los Siquicos LitoralenosPerhaps, PerhapsSonido ChipadelicoSham Palace
Dewa BudjanaDang Hyang StoryJoged KahyanganMoonJune
KuupuuValonhalu`Sous JujuEm
JgrafWhen the Grass Was Very HighThe Future is a Faded Song
RmillisSecret SentenceReleifHelen Scarsdale Agency
UmbertoDream SequenceFrom the GravePermanent Records
Chelsea WolfeThey Will Clap When You're GonePain is BeautySargent House
Dusan JevtovicIn the Last Moment IIAm I Walking Wrong?MoonJune
Don CherryTibetThe Sonet RecordingsVerve
FoonSoonNo Fidelity AudioNFA
Musique NoisePzkr!Fulmines RegualrisMusea
Michael PisaroSilent CloudTombstonesHuman Ear Music
Lucrecia DaltMirageSyzygyHuman Ear Music
Maggi PayneBack to ForthAhh-AhhRoot Strata
Nick HallettFalcoln (Heene) AscendingThe Orchestra of Futurist Noise IntonersSub Rosa
Mammane Sani et son OrgueBodoLa Musique Electronique du NigerMississippi
Stone BreathUnquiet GraveSpear of Flame, Horse of AirBrave Mysteries
Francois BayleL'Avemtire di CriL'Experience AcoustiqueINA GRM
CastanetsEvidenceFirst Light's FreezeAsthmetic Kitty
Lexie MountainApelsinStone Shit UnicornChocolate Monk
HarriusUntitled (A1)Enter the Cotton RingEhse
Furholmen/BjerkstrandSolve et Coagula 09Love Comes Shining Over the MountainRune Grammofon
Plastic People of the UniverseApokalyptickej PtakMagical NightsMunster
Kouhei MatsunagaNatsyumesouUpside DownMille Plateaux
Circuit des YeuxFruition... P o P Marvelous7"Dull Knife
Aaron MooreCrayoThe AccidentalE & J
Idea Fire CompanyHeroesStrandedSwill Radio
Psychic RealityFoxeyBored Fortress 7"Not Not Fun

Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/10/2013

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Dusan JevtovicIf You Can See Me AgainAm I Walking WrongMoonJune
Land of KushDrift BeguineThe Big MangoConstellation
ChicaloyahGloves and TieFolie SacreeShelter Press
Chelsea WolfeAncestors, the AncientsPain Is BeautySargent House
Alvarius BArt Can Count to 5Fuck You and the Horse You Rode In OnAbduction
Alvarius BPirates Kill For the Fuck of ItFuck You and the Horse You Rode In OnAbduction
Alvarius BKid DeathFuck You and the Horse You Rode In OnAbduction
Micah Blue SmaldoneDead StopThe Ring on the RiseImmune
CelerNothing So MysticalSMM:OpiateGhostly International
Lou ReedMetal Machine Music A-3 (excerpt)Metal Machine MusicRCA
Lou ReedKicksConey Island BabyRCA
Lou ReedStreet HassleStreet HassleRCA
Velvet UndergroundVenus on FursSceptor Studios SessionsPolydor
Velvet UndergroundHere She Comes NowWhite Light/White HeatPolydor
Lou ReedWalk On the Wild SideTake No Prisoners LiveRCA
Velvet UndergroundThe Murder Mysterys/tPolydor
Velvet UndergroundAll Tomorrows PartiesPeel Slowly and SeePolydor
Lou ReedThe BedBerlinRCA
Velvet UndergroundChic Mystique(The Dom, NYC, April 66)Caught the Twisted Stars
Velvet UndergroundCandy Sayss/tPolydor
Velvet UndergroundSister RayWhite Light/White HeatRCA
Velvet UndergroundSister Ray(Boston Tea Party 3/15/69)Caught the Twisted Stars
Oneohtrix Point NeverWayland Lincoln Border7" split w/TomutonttuAlter
Nivritti MargaPreludes/tLe Souffleur
Weiss/Cameron/Hillside 1DrumgasmJackpot
Poire_Z/Phil Mintonw oder qqFor 4 Ears
Mark CunninghamMagnesiaBlood River DuskFeeding Tube
HamayokoLe Train MuetYgun -n9-Entr'acte
Korea Soundblasters1s/tDom Elchklang
Hailu MergiaShemonmuanayeHailu Margia & His Classical InstrumentAwesome Tapes From Africa
University PunxComputer PoliceIn Society 7" b-sideMykeDroner
DDAAThe Sea It Laps at Transistor Geisha Girls5 AnniversaireIllusion Productions
Jonny TrunkDead Soon7"Trunk
Tod DockstaderFirst MoonWater Music/Two Moons/QuartermassStarkland
Topaz RagsCrown Center7"Not Not Fun
Played a few new releases, and then a lengthy tribute to Lou Reed, playing some of my favorites from his solo career and the Velvet Underground..  and then some wierder stuff towards the end. as well as some rejects from the 15 minute show set I will be doing for next Saturday's 45th anniversary.  .

Sounds Unsound playlist for 10/27/2013

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
JaculaUFDEMTardo Pede IN Magian VersusMellow
Henri ChopinLa PeurLa Peur and Co (1958-1979)? Records
MalditosBurning Eyess/tAlchemy Coffin
Chelsea WolfeSickPain Is RealitySargent House
Whore PaintDead Like I WasSwallow My BonesLoad
Tafo feat. Nahid AkhtarNaughty BoyLife Is a DanceFinders Keepers
Micah Blue SmaldoneTimeThe Ring of the RiseImmune
ChicaloyahLook My EyesFolie SacreeShelter Press
Kaboom KaravanKipKapHokus FokusMiasmah
Mammane Sani et son OrgueSalamutoLa Musique Electronique du NigerMississippi
Moira Smiley & VOCORanoSmall Worlds
DisbandLook at My Dicks/tPrimary Information
Alvarius BPassenger Seat People/Turquoise BluesFuck You and the Horse You Rode In OnAbduction
Los Condenadosb1YeppersFeeding Tube
Else Marie Pade & Jacob KirkegardeCirrocumulusSvaevningerImportant
Lars-Gunnar Bodin/Bengt Emil JohnsonVietnamSemikolonParadigm
Christer Bothen featuring Bolon BataMimounaTranceDanceMNW
Wolfgang Dauner's Et Ceteratuning SpreadKnirschHGBS
Plastic People of the UniverseMagicke NociMagical NightsMunster
Eugene ChadbourneThe Wild AngelsCountry ProtestFundamental
Anne HellerFountain of AnnihilationFountain of AnnihilationBobby J
Iancu DumitrescuProfondisEd Mn 1010Editions Modern
Nurse With WoundJuly 6Shipwrecked Radio Vol 1United Dairies
Hastings on MalawiBeouf en Crut Sexist IntravenousVibrant Stapler Obcures Characteristic GrowthPapal Products
MorphogenesisOccult NecessitySolarisationStreamline
Geoff Mullenside BArmory RadioBarge
Jeffrey Lewis/Kimya DawsonPirates Declare WarAFNY Collaborations Vol 1Olive Juice Music
The Puke EatersGod Is Frees/tChocolate Monk
RockettotheskyOh, AnnaMedeaTrust Me
SpunkTrembleKantarellRune Grammofon
Julianna BarwickUnit 6SanguineM'Ladys

Sounds Unsound playlist for 10/13/2013

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
CanUphillDelay 1968Mute
Velvet UndergroundHeard Her Call My NameWhite Light/White HeatPolydor
Les Etoiles FilantesSomethingKruat! Demons! Kraut?
The FugsSaran WrapGolden FilthReprise
Group 1850I Put My Hand ON Your ShoulderAgemo's Trip to Mother EarthPseudonym
Peirre MarietanInitiate 1split LP w/Terry RileyBYG/Get Back!
Mecky Mark MenGet Ups/tUniversal
Sam GopalCold EmbraceEsculatorGet Back!
Second HandMainlinerRealityEssex
Davie Allen & the ArrowsShape of Things to ComeDevil's RumbleSundazed
DamonDon't You Feel MeForge Your Own DreamsNow-Again
The OutsidersDaddy Died on SundayCQPolydor
Nino RotaMain Title-Toby Dammit ThemeLSD RomaCherry Red
Francois DufreneSequencesOeuvre DesintegraleAlga Marghen
Terry RileyPoppy NogoodOhmEllipses Arts
Los GatosCuano Heque el Ano 2000Love Peace & Poetry?Latin-American Psychedelic MusicQDK
La ArdillitaLemsa Odean LD 1735Cumbia Beat Vol 1Vampi Soul
Erkin KorayCicek DagiTurkish DelightsGrey Past
Intersystems1st several untitled tracksFree Psychedelic Poster InsideStreamline
Woordenside 1s/tOmega
Princess Flower & the MoonraysAncient FacesDreaming the Magic of Your MayaWah Wah
AMMLike a Cloud Hanging in the Sky?The Crypt: 12th June 1968Matchless
Le Stelle Di Mario Schifanoe dopoDedicato o..Akarma
Baby GrandmothersBeing is More than LifePsychedelic PhinlandLove
International HarvesterHow to SurviveSov Gott Rose-MarieSilence
HarumiFire By the Rivers/tFallout
The Ant Trip CeremonyPale Shades of Gray24 HoursCicadelic
Group 1850We Love Life (Like We Love You)Mother No-Head: Their 45sPseudonym
The Sperm (Pekka Airaksinen)OrganMadam I'm AdamLove
Lily GreenhamUnknown TitleLingual MusicParadigm
Tammi ParkoHysteriabluesArktinen-HysteriaLove
Those Lovely Hula HandsTarzan Apornas Apa/Tarzan Gregah/Jane Porter Sivistyksen MuurillaPsychedelic PhinlandLove
Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage EnsembleDetroit RedThe Malcolm X MemorialMississippi
Genesis P-OrridgeBalloonEarly WormDais
Inspired by the previous night's excellent Offbeat Sounds from 1968 from Dr Zomb and Alejandro, tonight we continued in that theme with more crazy sounds from 1968.. stuff that was either recorded or released in 1968... Originally this was going to be an hour or an hour and a half, but I sort of got carried away so it went for the full three hours of Sounds Unsound.. Got a few calls, and one complaint that it sounded too much like his tinnitus (when the Intersystems track was playing....)


Sunday morning 22nd great show!!

I was unable to write down the artist, will you be posting  a playlist? Really enjoyed the music!



yes.. and thanks

Yes, I usually post the playlist the next day. It should be on there now..

I'm loving Sounds Unsound tonight

I've been stuck to me radio since midnight.... thanks for the sounds.


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