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Randomonium on 08/08/08

Air date: 
Fri, 08/08/2008 - 11:00pm - Sat, 08/09/2008 - 12:00am
Short Description: 


We kick off the opening of the Olympics with a simulcast of sorts.
We’ll hear Andreas Ammers and Console’s Olympic Bootleg, some of film
maker Leni Reifenstahl’s Olympia and way too many commercials,
endorsements and ads by the Kill Ugly Radio performance
enhancement pharmaceutical corporation.


Every Friday, from 11pm to 12am



Randomonium playlist for 08/30/2013

Air date: 
Chris Chandler and Paul BenoitSo Where Ya Headed/Poncho and LeftySo Where Ya Headed
Richie HavensFreedomThe Best of Richie HavensRhino
Janis JoplinSummertimeLive at the Carousel Ballroom
Julio De CaroCortesanita1926-1932Harlequin
Francisco CanaroPampaLa melodia De Nuestro Adiosel bandoneon
Calos Di SarliDon JuanY Su Orquesta TipicaBMG Argentina
Osvaldo PuglieseRecuerdoAusenciaEMI (Argentina)
North Mississippi AllstarsGet The Snakes out of the WoodsWorld Boogie is Coming
Edgardo DonatoEstrellita Mia1933/1941BMG Argentina
Francisco CanaroAdios JuventudLa melodia De Nuestro Adiosel bandoneon
Angel D'Agostino and Angel VargasEl Espejo De Tus OjosTangos de los Angeles vol.2BMG Argentina
Juan D'ArienzaCorazon de artistaDe Pure CepaSony BMG
North Mississippi AllstarsThat Dog After that RabbitBoogie is Coming
Edgardo DonatoElla Es Asi1933-1941BMG Argentina
Francisco CanaroSilueta PortenaLa melodia De Nuestro Adiosel bandoneon
Francisco LomutoParque Patricios1931-1950Sony BMG
Ricardo TanturiLa CumparsitaNoches de tangoBMG Argentina
Conjunto BerretinNueve de JulioTango For Lovers and FoolsBerretin Records
SantanaNomadShape Shifters
Marianne FaithfulPerfect Stranger
The ClashShould I Stay or Should I goClash on Broadway
Debbie DaviesDone Sold EverythingAfter the FallMC records
Son VoltSeawallHonky TonkRounder
Clothesline RevivalSnake WalkThey Came From SomewherePaleo Music
Laura VeirsSun SongWarp and WeftRaven Marching Band Records
Joan ArmatradingWould You Like to Dance
Natalie MerchantThe Dancing Bear
Rickie Lee JonesPiratesDuchess of CoolsvilleRhino
Jen ChapinLet it ShowReckoningPurple Chair Music
Annie GallupGirl in the RuinsLittle Five PointsWaterbug
Billy BraggNo One Knows Anything AnymoreTooth and Nail
Marianne FaithfulHorses and High HeelsHorses and High Heels

Eclectic Shirley Surtan

Randomonium playlist for 10/22/2010

Air date: 
Pierced ArrowsParanoia
Nice NiceA way we glow
Bikini KillNew Radio
Magnetic FieldsFrom a Sinking Boat
SpoonOut goest the Lights
MirahEngine Heart
Mountain GoatsThis Year
The Moldy PeachesWhos got the crack?
Mountain GoatsDance Music
Iron and WinePagen Angel and a borrowed car
YOUR RIVALTouch my groin
Anti-FlagThis Machine Kills Fascists
Jonny X and the GroadiesGauntlet of Iron and Fear
Jonny XFog of Blood
Jonny XScience Lesson part 2
Jonny XMetal Brain Part One
Jonny XCorpsed
Jonny XDon't stop screaming
Jonny XCastle/ Face
Jonny XBroken
Jonny XImmportal
BisKill Yr Boyfriend
Le TigreAfter Dark
Mos DefSex Love & Money
Will SmithWild Wild West
K-OsI wish I knew Natalie Portman
KRS-ONEYou Ready for this?
R Kelly Ft. UsherSame Girl

In Lieu of your regular youthful DJ's we, the old farts of KBOO, bring you some songs of our youth. Join us as we travel back in time from what we listened to this morning while sipping coffee to what we danced around to dressed like The Spice Girls when our parents weren't home.

Also, live local youth band Your Rival joins us for a rad live set here in the studio. They're great. Check Em Out.



The graduates.

Randomonium playlist for 04/23/2010

Air date: 
bucketheadthe shape vs buckethead
venture bros.no vacacy
the doveskindom of rust
Clem Snidewallmart parkinglot
cloud ninehi neighbor
cloud ninedock of the bay
cloud ninejust my imagination
cloud ninein my room
cloud nineits allright
cloud nineup on the roof
cloud nineprayer of the children
cloud ninekiss the girl
cloud ninein the still of the night
cloud ninemadworld
cloud ninepaper planes
cloud nineronald ge III
cloud nineremix to the illusion
sabatangost divishion
negitive landpump gag
monster magnetblack
steve martenking tut
bilagodycompass rose
kamalotmarch of mephisto
powerman 5000tonight the stars revolt
rage aganst the machinegorilla radio
basshunterwalk on water
bomb funk mcrocking the spot

Randomonium playlist for 09/12/2008

Air date: 
Tom WaitsThe PontiacSmack My CrackGiorno Poetry Systems
The NormalWarm LeatheretteTVOD 7"Mute
Tom WaitsOl' 55 ("Freeways, cars and trucks" looping)Closing TimeElectra/Asylum
KraftwerkAutobahn (live)Amsterdam 1976Bootleg
KraftwerkAutobahnAutobahnWarner Bros.
Shadowy Men On a Shadowy PlanetAutobahnFound on SeeqPod-www.seeqpod.com
Gary LucasAutobahn (live)Found on SeeqPod-www.seeqpod.com
Sid Davis ProductionsDrivers Ed : Driving TipsYouTube link-www.youtube.com
DMV Driver's EducationDrivers Ed : Behind the Wheelyoutube link-www.youtube.com
Chevrolet Corp.Drivers of Tomorrow (narr. by Jimy Stewart)YouTube link-www.youtube.com
Sid Davis ProductionsDrivers Ed : Speeding (music by Louis Barron!)youtube link-www.youtube.com
J.G. BallardCrash! 1971 film (Dir. Harley Cokliss)YouTube link-www.youtube.com
Isolrubin BKThe Dynamics Involved In An Injury By Mechanical ForceCrash Injury TraumaSoleilmoon
Doodah, Inc.Part 95, Breaking a ChannelHow to CBPickwick
Isolrubin BKExtensive Fissured Skull Fractures Produced By The Head Striking The Border Of The WindshieldCrash Injury TraumaSoleilmoon
Doodah, Inc.The Ten Code, CB Terms, part oneHow to CBPickwick
Isolrubin BKCranio-Facial Absorption: Multiple LacerationsCrash Injury TraumaSoleilmoon
Sleep ChamberWarm LeatheretteWarm Leatherette/Fetish 7"Inner-X-Musick
Casual ContemporariesHow2CBBest of Casual Contemporariesunabomb
Wendy Mae ChambersThe Star Spangled BannerFemiramaAuxilio De Cientos

The Kill Ugly Radio Roadshow

Program Guide Blurb:

What happens when J.G. Ballard, Isolrubin B.K., Ralf, Florian, Karl & Wolfgang, a moribund C.B. radio instructor - and more - pile into a Pontiac Fleetwood Brougham with warm leatherette interior for a cruise across the American wasteland?
Tune into this week's Randomonium to find out.

The scoop:

Lots of old driver's ed films over the mixed live in the studio Autobahn Suite, an old LP entitled How to CB and the ugly, atonal Isolrubin BK (aka Brian Lustmord) album Crash Injury Trauma and more.

Order in playlist is approximate, as many sources were played simultaneously.

All of my shows are archived off-site at my blog, Kill Ugly Radio.

Randomonium playlist for 08/08/2008

Air date: 
NBC TelevisionNBC Olympics Theme (Looping)
Welcome to Beijing ThemeYouTube clipDeleted by copyright weasels
Democracy NowReport on the Olympics08/8/08 broadcastwww.democracynow.org
Yat KhaAlbys-ShulbusTundra's GhostRandom Musicwww.yat-kha.com
Democracy Nowsuppression of journalists in China08/8/08 broadcastwww.democracynow.org
Yat KhaAnthropfagyTundra's GhostRandom Musicwww.yat-kha.com
BBC NewsBjork on TibetYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
BjorkDeclare IndependenceDeclare IndependenceOne Little Indian
Yat KhaShamanTundra's GhostRandom Musicwww.yat-kha.com
Yat KhaShambalagTundra's GhostRandom Musicwww.yat-kha.com
LaibachZhōnghuáVolkMute/Grey Area
Official Olympics ThemeOur DreamsYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Bill Laswell / Pete NamlookArenaPsychonavigation IVFax +49-69/450464
Democracy Noww/ David Zirin08/8/08 broadcastwww.democracynow.org
Pepsi Corp.Pepsi Red Can commercialYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Coke Corp.Coke 2008 Olympic CommercialYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
CNN Newscrackdown on foreign journalistsYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Rich RandomStation ID and Back-announce
NBC TelevisionNBC Olympics Theme II (Looping)
Ammers / ConsoleHymnen '72Official Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
Ammers / Console"Horen Sie jettz..."Official Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
CBC News1972 terrorist incidentsYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Ammers / ConsoleLange FackelnOfficial Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
ABC Sports/Jim McKayThe Agony of Defeat [looping]YouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Ammers / ConsoleBaballula BootlegOfficial Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
Leni RiefenstahlJesse OwensOlympia [film]
Ammers / ConsoleJesse Owens '36Official Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
Bill Laswell / Pete NamlookGood and BadPsychonavigation IVFax +49-69/450464
NBC TelevisionNBC Olympics Theme III (Looping)
Ammers / ConsolePing Pong PirouetteOfficial Olympic BootlegFax +49-69/450464www.ubuweb.com
Leni RiefenstahlMen's gymnasticsOlympia [film]
Ammers / ConsoleDDR BootlegOfficial Olympic BootlegFax +49-69/450464www.ubuweb.com
Ammers / ConsoleBomben '72Official Olympic BootlegFax +49-69/450464www.ubuweb.com
Olympics ThemeOne World, One DreamYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
LaibachDogs of War [excerpt]NATOMute
NBC TelevisionNBC Olympics Theme IV (Looping)

Playlist from Randomonium on 08/08/08.

Order of songs is approximate, as many were mixed simultaneously.

Many nice enthusiastic callers.

More info at Kill Ugly Radio.

Randomonium playlist for 08/01/2008

Air date: 
frank zappaintro to side onelumpy gravy lpverve
captain beefheartbeatle bones and smokin' stonesstrictly personal lpblue thumb
serge gainsbourgreqiem pour un conles annees psychedeliques
ennio morriconedriving decoysdanger: diabolik st cd
les reedthemegirl on a motorcycle st lprpm
mutantespanis et circensess/t lp
white noiselove w/o soundelectric storm lpantilles
bit a sweet2086hypnotic 1 lpabc
silver applesprograms/t lpkapp
nancy and leesome velvet mornings/t lpreprise
iron butterflythemesavage seven st lpatco
ennio morriconebubblesdanger: diabolik st cd
bonzo dog bandrockalizer babythe doughnut in granny's greenhouse lpliberty
tiny timthe other sidegod bless... lpreprise
mutantesave gengis khanos mutantes lp
syd barrettscream thy last screamunforgotten hero bootleg lp
fifty foot hosecauldronst lplimelight ?
gaetano veloso?
henry mancinitheme (inst.)the party lprca
lalo schifrinice pick mikebullitt st lp
nilssontony's tripskidoo st lprca
serge gainsbourgno no yes yesles annees psychedeliques lp
bit a sweetmonday tuesdayhypnotic 1 lpabc
les baxter/the senatorspsychedelic senatewild in the streets st lptower
les reeddreamgirl on a motorcycle st lprpm
silver applesoscillationss/t lpkapp
mutantesa minha meninaos mutantes lp
zappa/mothersare you hung up?only in it for the money lpverve
bonzo dog bandthe trouser pressthe doughnut in granny's greenhouse lpliberty
white noisemy game of lovingelectric storm lpantilles
zappa /mothersexcerpt side 2lumpy gravy lpverve
piero umilianitopless party, foto modellesweden, heaven or hell st lpeasy tempo
serge gainsbourgbonnie and clyde
nancy and leesands/t lpreprise

 Dr. Zomb sits in with an impromptu hour of offbeat recordings released in 1968, the year KBOO started up, in honor of our 40th anniversary this year. This was kind of a shake down cruise for a 2 hour special I will do soon on my own show, Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura, Thursday nights @ 12 am, alternating with the Autonomy Hour. 

 With one exception, the show was all vinyl and actually ran to two hours as Daniel was late to do The Outside World.

 As always, the show and playlist is created on the fly and so may have omissions and/or inaccuracies...

Randomonium playlist for 07/18/2008

Air date: 
Doris DayQue Sera SeraBest ofMercury
Simon BoswellEverything's Under ControlHardware SoundtrackVarèse Sarabande
Erik SatieFurniture Music pt. 2Conceptual WorksErato Records
George W. BushBush flubs and blundersyoutube link
LustmordMain Title/Infinite Space/The CellZoetrope OSTZoetrope OST
Noam Chomsky"Why do they hate us...?"youtube link
Nancy PelosiCongress on Torture, Pelosi denies being briefed, caught in lie.youtube link
Barack ObamaObama flops compiledyoutube link
John McCainMcCain on Al Queda goofyoutube link
NegativlandThe Bottom LineFreeSeeland Records
Brian EnoDiscreet MusicDiscreet MusicEG
Richard Burton/John HurtIn The Ministry of Love1984 DVD (M. Radford)20th Century Fox
LustmordCellular BlurZoetrope OSTZoetrope OST
Noam Chomsky"Why do they hate us...?" IIyoutube link
ColdcutEverything Is Under ControlEverything Is Under ControlNinjatunes
SuperjackDelkomSuperjack Remixes EPWAU / Mr. Modo Records
End.To Hell With EveryoneThe Sounds of DisasterEpicac Records
LaibachWar - RemixAnthemsMute
unTheme from PNACWargasm!unabom records
unWargasm!Wargasm!unabom records
Jello BiafraA Message from Our SponsorJourneys by DJAvex Trax
Simon BoswellEverything's Under ControlHardware SoundtrackVarèse Sarabande
John McCainMcCain Flubs and blundersyoutube links (various)
The FugsNothing (excerpt)Electromagnetic SteamboatRhino
HawkwindThe WatcherDoremi Fasol LatidoUnited Artists

Everything is under control

Now that the State/Corporate Nexus version of American Idol has narrowed the search down to two enthusiastic hopefuls, Randomonium and The Kill Ugly Radio Institute for Synergistic Exploitation would like to remind you that whichever lever you pull next November, everything is under control.

It was a retooled version of a mix I did on the web about a year ago, performed live in the studio.

More information here.


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