Multnomah County Restricts Sale and Use of E-Cigarettes

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Thu, 03/05/2015
The Board of Commissioners for Multnomah County has voted to restrict the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, and prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in business places where traditional smoking is already banned.
The ordinance will not exempt vape shops from the smoking ban, a stipulation that several people testifying at City Hall claimed to be unfair due to the need for consumers to try out products within vape shops.
The ordinance will go into effect in thirty days, on April 5th.        
KBOO’s Ethan Martin spoke earlier today with Gregory Conley from the American Vaping Association.
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FCC Issues Ruling on Net Neutrality

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Thu, 02/26/2015
A ruling this morning by the Federal Communication Commission to protect net neutrality has been praised as a victory by internet activists.
But although the debate about how best to protect net neutrality may have concluded this morning with the FCC’s new rules to govern the internet, some activists say that the battle may have only just begun.
The House Subcommittee on Commerce and Technology, which is chaired by Oregon Republican Greg Walden, met Wednesday.
At the meeting, Walden conveyed his fears that the designation of the internet as a utility will inspire a wave of litigation challenging that classification . 4:10 minutes (1.9 MB)

Craig Morris on Germany's Green Energy

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Mon, 02/23/2015

Bill Resnick talks with Craig Morris about Renewables International and the example of Germany. They discuss the Energiewende--Germany's aim to transition to a renewable energy economy and leave nuclear and fossil energy behind--as well as the problems of subsidies for large polluters and the successes of democratizing sustainable energy production.
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Stop the TPP! protest outside Senator Ron Wyden's house

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Fri, 02/20/2015
Labor, environmental, and community rights groups across the country, including here in Portland, are in the midst of a week of activism to bring attention to efforts by some U.S. senators to fast-track the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership through Congress.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is a NAFTA style trade agreement between the U.S. and eleven other nations circling the Pacific Ocean, and would affect roughly forty percent of the world’s economy.
All negotiations shaping the TPP have taken place in highly secret meetings, with virtually no transparency or input from the public or non-corporate advocacy groups.
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The Digital Divide: Statistics, Sports and Breast Cancer

The Digital Divide
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Fri, 01/09/2015
Breast cancer is the premier biomedical in the world and yet survival has not increased since 2000. The Digital Divide explores what science has discovered about why breast and other cancers are difficult to treat, and why a shift to greater emphasis on early detection and prevention is warranted.  Host Robert Fortner interviewed Bob Eisenman and we'll listen to excerpts from that interview.

Also, statistics in sports might be distorting not only your view of the game, but of science and even lead to misjudgments in everyday life. Statistician Scott Berry brings this unexpected interplay to light.
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Sleep Dealer and Work Without Workers

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Mon, 12/29/2014

Joe Clement reads from Jason Read's review of Sleep Dealer, which he wrote for The Portland Phoenix. Sleep Dealer is a recent sci-fi dystopia in Spanish about a near future where robots are operated from afar by desperate Mexican workers. Jason writes about how he got to talk with the film's director, Alex Rivera, about the changing nature of work and the lived reality of exploitation in late capitalism.

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Todd Sloan on Consumerism & Commodity Culture

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Mon, 12/15/2014
Bill Resnick and Tod Sloan consider what consumerism is and isn't, the political-economic project that drives consumerism, how consumerism tries to compensates us for alienation and exploitation, how consumerism infects our social relations, and how to think about anti-consumerism in a world of material and political inequalities.

Tod Sloan teaches at Lewis and Clark College, and is author of the book called "Damaged Life: the crisis of the modern psyche".
13:37 minutes (12.48 MB)
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