Book Mole: Lily King's novel Euphoria

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Mon, 06/15/2015

Book Mole Larry Bowlden reviews Lily King's novel Euphoria, a fictional account inspired by events in the lives of anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson.

You can find more of Larry's reviews here on his blog:

6:02 minutes (2.77 MB)

Refueling the Columbia Generating Station

Evening News
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Thu, 06/04/2015
An active nuclear power plant in Washington state is being refueled.
Washington’s Columbia Generating Station, or C.G.S will be refueled using raw radioactive material.
The Environmental Protection Agency says that radiation levels in the area will increase significantly, but that the equipment used to measure that radiation will be completely shut down during the refueling process.
KBOO’s Nathan Behensky spoke with Miriam German of No Nukes Northwest about the plant’s current problems and the future of nuclear power in Oregon and Washington. 15:49 minutes (14.48 MB)

Rethinking electroshock

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Wed, 05/20/2015

Marcia Meyers of Rethinking Psychiatry and electroshock survivor Deborah Schwartzkopff are today's guests.


56:10 minutes (51.42 MB)

The Old Mole Variety Hour for May 18, 2015

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Mon, 05/18/2015
Old Mole Variety Hour

Denise Morris hosts this episode, with segments on electoral politics vs political movements, videocameras and policing, warrior capitalism, and the psychology of responding to climate change.

To hear the whole show, including the music, use the play button. To hear the separate segments, follow the links below. And to keep up with the Mole, check out our Facebook page.

Bill Resnick with Brian Tokar on Bernie Sanders
54:30 minutes (24.95 MB)

Psychology and Politics: Climate Change

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Mon, 05/18/2015

Jan Haaken and Tod Sloan focus their "Psychology and Politics" segment on the complex cognitive and emotional responses that arise as people come to terms with climate change and think about what to do about it individually and collectively. They discuss campus campaigns for divestment from fossil fuels as an example to explore motivational and ideological obstacles.
11:17 minutes (5.17 MB)

How to Lose Your Virginity?

Bread and Roses
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Mon, 05/11/2015
This is a Bread and Roses web exclusive. Delphine Criscenzo speaks with Therese Shechter, the producer of the new documentary “How to Lose Your Virginity? What if all we had to lose were our virginity myths?” A local organization, A Fourth Act is bringing the film to Portland on May 21st along with Therese but only if 65 people buy their tickets in advance. Visit to reserve your ticket. You will be asked to purchase your ticket but the amount will only be deducted once the screening takes place. You only have until May 14th to reserve your ticket.
40:39 minutes (37.22 MB)

Portland neighbors come together to save Overlook Bluff

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Wed, 05/06/2015
A group of neighbors in north Portland are mobilizing a last-ditch effort to save an oak savannah and heritage tree on a spot of land they call ‘Overlook Bluff’.
The savannah is located in the neighborhood north of Overlook Park, west of Interstate Avenue, overlooking the Willamette River.
 Friends of Overlook Bluff was organized about 3 years ago to work to save the meadow and tree. 
The group has raised over four hundred thousand dollars to try to buy the property to protect it from development, but they need twice that amount to purchase the land.
And now, the owner has announced that he’s ready to sell the land to the highest bidder. 3:58 minutes (3.63 MB)

Officials and Activists Weigh Options for O & C Lands

Evening News
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Thu, 04/30/2015
The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released five options for updating the Northwest Forest Plan, which determines, among other things, the number of board feet allowed to be harvested from the O & C lands. These lands are a patchwork of square-mile plots surrounding the coprridor of the failed Oregon & California railroad extending the full length of the Oregon coast. In the 1930s, a deal was set up where the land once owned by the O & C would become public land for the benefit of local counties, and the result was decades of wholesale logging, only ending in the early 1990s due to environmental regulations. 5:45 minutes (5.26 MB)

PDX vs. Climate Change: Part 2

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Mon, 04/27/2015
Bill Resnick continues his conversation with Michael Armstrong of Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability about City-wide action on climate change, making Portland more sustainable, and the importance of collective as well as individual initiative.

Image Credit: Portland State University
20:17 minutes (18.58 MB)
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