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Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 12/01/2011

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Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 

Grim Reaper - Promo

D.B.C. - Deadlock

Taste of Fear - hall of mirrors

Looking for an answer - los olvidados

El Dopa - Headache

In Disgust - Unknown

Hirax - Satan's Fall

Spazz - animal liberation now

Purgatoria - Infamous Deception

insect warfare - whole side off split w hatred surge

magnacice - bow to stern

laughing dog - kettle black

endless demise - endless demise/on one

mic break

Falkenbach - Heathen Foray

Furdidurke - Be A Witness

Corrupted - Rato Triste

Godflesh - Like Rats

Immortal Fate - Healer

Witchfinder General Quietus

Mic Break

Judas Priest- Rocka Rolla

Unseen Terror- Unseen Terror

Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/30/2011

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Sounds Unsound
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This was actually a Drinking From Puddles show, filling in for Brandon..

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 11/26/2011

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Grateful Dead & Friends
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Vinyl Pajama Party on 11/22/11

Vinyl Pajama Party
Air date: 
Tue, 11/22/2011 - 3:00am - 5:30am
Short Description: 
"Hornucopia" Show


 Here on The Vinyl Pajama Party,

at this time of gratitude ,

we would like to give thanks

to some of  the foremost horn-blowers

of  all time !

Tune in this morning as Brian and his guest

spin some of our most treasured tracks.

Back To The Egg playlist for 11/20/2011

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Back To The Egg
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The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead - The Queen Is Dead 2011 Remaster (1986, Sire)
Clinic - Gideon - Visitations (Domino, 2006)
Blood Beach - Soft Serve -  Blood Beach EP (self, 2011)

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 11/19/2011

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
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11/17/78 - Rambler Room, Loyola College, Chicago, IL (more photos)

Winin' Boy Blues, Tom Dooley, This Time Forever, Dark Hollow, Oh Boy


Interview with author Paul Grushkin, Dead Letters, The Very Best Grateful Dead Fan Mail.

11/24/79 - Golden Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego, CA

Easy to Love You > Althea

Grateful Dead & Friends on 11/19/11

Air date: 
Sat, 11/19/2011 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Short Description: 
Acoustic & electric Grateful Dead, an interview and new Furthur all on today's show.

I'll have some rare acoustic tunes ('78!), new GD tunes from early in the Brent era, an interview with rock historian and 'author' of the new Dead Letters, Paul Grushkin, plus some highlights of Furthur's Fall tour, which wraps up this weekend.

CrossFade playlist for 11/17/2011

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 played some tracks before this list starts below.
Negativland KBOO Special 3/30/07 - Weatherman live from rainy Seattle, Down Band- Scanner, Jimi Hendrix- wind cries mary, Michele Wylen- Interlude: Pretty Girl,....

puter crash.
recordings lost.

theme was:


and then:


Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 11/17/2011

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Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 

grim reaper - final scream

sacrilege - shadow from mordor

liege lord - the maniac's mask

lobotomia - donos do sistema

blackout - evil game

doomwatch - legacy of death

L.S.D. (Japan) - unknown title

mic break (ozzy osbourne - see you on the other side)

Iron Maiden- Aces High (live)

Scorpions- We'll Burn the Sky (live)

Judas Priest- Tyrant (live)

Loudness- Crazy Nights (by request)

Dokken- Kiss of Death (live)

Proclamation- Hammer of Prophets

mic break--Family Matters

Asunder - A Clarion Call

Revenge - Death Heritage

Bone Awl - Bowing Heads

Terrorizer - Fear Of Napalm

Miasmal - Mesmerized

mic break (ghostbusters theme)

Drinking from Puddles on 11/16/11

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Wed, 11/16/2011 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
A Historic on-air performance by The Rats on Drinking From Puddles !!

The Rats were not only one of the best Punk Rock bands ever to come out of Portland, Oregon…The Rats were one of the best Punk Rock bands ever…period! A direct pre-cursor to Fred & Toody Cole’s universally beloved & longest running (of many) bands, Dead Moon, The Rats originally reigned from 1980-1984, releasing three classic full length LPs, all highly sought after collector’s items (and now receiving the much anticipated re-issue service via Portland’s Mississippi Records label).

The Rats perfectly captured the urgency & energy of the still young Punk movement of the time, while still penning tunes melodic enough that they burrowed into your brain for life.

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