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The Sudden Radio Project - April 2010

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Mon, 04/26/2010

Todd dies but is born again...Love is in the air...Mexico is on the beach en tu cabeza...LAX returns to LAX...and Randall makes cookies.

Featured Selections (+start times)

Scenes From a Wedding (2:20)

Local in the Cabeza (10:30)

You Know What Gets Me? Part 13 (20:10)

I Am Always Searching (26:20)

Karl's Grandfather Fought In The Finnish Civil War (31:50)

Willy... (43:05)

56:15 minutes (16.09 MB)

UBU EATS EASTER:Book of Holes Part 2

Ubu Hour
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Mon, 04/05/2010

The day after Easter, The Ubu Hour rips into that holiday in part 2 of the Book of Holes, an hour long surreal audio drama about Adam, Eve and the Serpent, the power of words, and the epic battle between the pagan Goddess of fertility, Ostara, and the Zombie king and his followers, who want to turn her celebration of sex into worship of the tortured and murdered son-of-a-god. The following peice contains lurid sex and violence, moments of extreme audience abuse, profanity, descriptions of bodily fluids, and other things too unpleasent to mention here. 

Proceed at your own risk!

58:38 minutes (40.27 MB)

Paula's Picks playlist for 04/01/2010

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Here's the Pick List!

As promised, the show was packed with TONS of surprises - in-studio guest Mick Schafer of Tree Top Tribe; featured in-studio guest Will Redwood, who chatted with us about his artistic melding of poetry and visual art AND treated us to a reading of his poem"A Bird Song" now available as a picture book!

There was a ticket giveaway to Elephant Revival's performance on April 2nd at The Woods.

We had spoken word artistry through a poem by local poet Scot Siegel, an inspirationally poignant essay by Dana Roc and an excerpt of an interview with The Mighty Third Rail!

The Mighty Third Rail shared their thoughts about on

Paula's Picks on 04/01/10

Air date: 
Thu, 04/01/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Music within and beyond boundaries & remarkable spoken word!

Coming up on tonight's "Paula's Picks" - plenty of great music from independent, local and not-so-local musicians and vocalists.

As usual, there will be a spoken word "open mic" segment. But, keep your ears tuned to KBOO for another special spoken word segment.

Tonight's show will feature an interview with Will Redwood, local poet/graphic artist, who will share a little bit about his journey through the wonders of visual and spoken art.

Ubu Hour on 04/05/10

Ubu Hour
Air date: 
Mon, 04/05/2010 - 11:00pm - 11:55pm
Short Description: 
BOOK OF HOLES Part II: Ubu Easter S-it

For April on the day after a holiday, we air a sequel to the BOOK OF HOLES...

Is it a strange and surreal trip into the erotic garden of Eden?
Is it a celebration of the classic battle between a zombie savior and Ostara, the goddess of fertility?
Is it a hilarious look at contradictions in a Holy Book?
Is it a vicious satirical attack on Western religion?
Or is it merely an ameturish production with feable attempts of humor with profanity and filth? 

Tune in and find out!
You think the new health care legislation made them mad? They'll be out in the streets with pitchforks and uzus when they hear.. BOOK OF HOLES PART II: UBU EASTER S-IT 

The Treasure Ship by Rapheal Sabbatini

Gremlin Time
program date: 
Mon, 03/15/2010

Irishman Peter Blood and his crew of escaped slaves and political prisoners have taken their captured Spainish Galleon to the free port of Tortuga to elude both the Spainish and British Navies. But their ship is undermaned, and they soon realise that she is prised by other bigger and more ruthless pirate crews. Especially that commanded the notorius Captain Easterling. So, Captain Blood and his men set sail one night, hoping to make a Dutch port where they can resupply for a crossing back to Europe. But Captain Easterling and his bloodthursty crew of pirates are in hot pursuit.

55:47 minutes (51.07 MB)

The Melting Pot on 04/06/10

The Melting Pot
Air date: 
Tue, 04/06/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Interviews and New Tracks from ELIOT LIPP


Eliot Lipp didn’t choose to become one of the most looked to artists in contemporary electronic music, but somehow, Lipp’s sound, one that uses vintage gear to create a unique take on Hip Hop and House, has quickly garnered the respect among the industry’s most influential musicians and producers as well as the deep admiration among audiences worldwide.

Since being discovered by Scott Herren (aka Prefuse 73) in the mid 2000’s, and releasing albums on the cutting edge labels Eastern Developments, Mush and Hefty as well as backing the hype with a relentless touring schedule of influential live shows all over the globe, Lipp has quickly become one of the barometers for the revival of electronic music in the States.

Paula's Picks playlist for 03/18/2010

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Tonight's journey was a FUNtastic one! DJ Muffin was in the studio the entire time and even participated in "Muffin's Picks", by running around finding the tunes selected by YOU, our KBOO family!

Many thanks to all who called with their "Muffin's Picks". Thank you for sharing your love of music with us and fellow listeners.

Tonight's show also included a special spoken word "open mic" flashback! I played segments of all the spoken word contributions to "Paula's Picks" so far. It was a lovely revisit of the amazing poems and short stories written by talented local and not-so-local artists!

As always, here is the information for local/independent artists featured on "Paula's Picks".

Spoken Word Artists

Paula's Picks playlist for 03/08/2010

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Today is "International Women's Day" and KBOO dedicated an entire day's programming to the celebration of women here, there and EVERYWHERE!

Tonight's episode of "Paula's Picks" is dedicated to continuing that celebration!

Listen up!


Tune into "Paula's Picks" the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month at 8 pm!

Please see the "Picklist" for the artists and songs played tonight. Below is more information about the independent artists played.

Independent Artists

Jessie Márquez & Mike Denny -

Gossip -

Paula's Picks on 03/18/10

Air date: 
Thu, 03/18/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Music to move to & words that inspire you!

Tonight's episode of "Paula's Picks" will feature a segment of "U Picks!"

That's right, Paula the Small is letting the audience pick "the songs that make the whole world sing"!

Listeners e-mailed and commented on the songs they wanted to hear tonight and those selections will air for one night only!

Woo hoo!

"Paula's Picks" airs on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of every month at 8 pm. Tell your friends!

Thanks for listening to K-B-O-O 90.7!

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