Life During Wartime playlist for 02/10/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Diskords- theme
Sudor-la mierda siempre apesta
System Fucker- what is freedom?
Flux of Pink Indians- tube disasters
Neuroottiset Pelimannnit- natural
Rattus- Khomeini- rock
Groinoids- empty skull
Brain Handle- out of touch

TV Evangelists- farewell falwell
Malinheads- hoax
State Poison- war is product
Uber- todo es una mierda

X – Present
Smierc Kliniczna – Jestem Ziamkiem Plasku
Diskurz – Idle
Rank Xerox – In A Hole
Stalin – Allergy
Otan – Que Dias de Mierda
Ellos Aun Viven – Anisias de Poder

Explode into Colors – Paper
As Mercenarias – Me Perco
Rubella Ballet – Money Talks
The Cheap – New Ways are Best
8 Bark – Breathe
Monorchid – Sink the West Coast
Eddy Current Supressio Ring – It’s All Square

Anodyne playlist for 02/08/2010

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Back To The Egg
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Life During Wartime playlist for 02/03/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
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LDW Theme song

Ratos De Vaticanos – Acostumbrate
Active Dog – Nothin Holding You
Groupo Sub one – Tu a Boston yo a Babylonia
Pointed  Sticks – Part of the Noise
Shellshag – Right and Wrong
Hank IV – Beaten Reviled Threatened and Hated
Tragic Mulatto – Fist of the Fleet
Killdozer – Cyst

Nine shocks terror- dog dick afternoon
System fucker- Japanese title
Easy Action- nowhere
Rocky and the Sweden- so what
Armia- nie ja
Big Boys- act/reaction
Pagans- street where nobody lives

Reagan Youth- Anytown
RKL- Life in a bottle
Guilty Razors- Provocate
Nation of Ulysses- Aspirinkid
Destroy All Monsters- You’re gonna die
The Brat- The Wolf


Anodyne playlist for 02/01/2010

Program name: 
Back To The Egg
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Adelit@s: Hay Que Luchar

program date: 
Thu, 01/28/2010

 Hay Que Luchar is the closing track off the latest release from Portland's own Spanish-language anarcho-punk band, Adeil@s.

The album can now be found, in its entirety, at the Free Music Archive.

3:38 minutes (8.33 MB)

Life During Wartime playlist for 01/27/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Anodyne playlist for 01/25/2010

Program name: 
Back To The Egg
Air date: 

Membership Drive Special: Fave songs of 2009.

All songs from 2009 except for the Abner Jay tune which is probably from the 60's but I heard it for the first time on the Yeti 7 compilation cd, released in....2009

Anodyne playlist for 01/18/2010

Program name: 
Back To The Egg
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Rest In Peace, Jay Reatard (1980-2010). I featured one track from him in each hour of tonight's show. Also featured a track from the new Spoon album "Transference", and a couple of songs from a 1978 show by Elvis Costello & The Attractions that was just released as well (Live At Hollywood High)

Help Us Help You, The Punk Scene!

Dear The Punks:
We have decided to do a weekly show listing HERE on Our Blog... and then You will add shows by Commenting on what we've forgotten! How's that sound? Great!

Thursday Jan 21

Walls, Raw Nerves, Cower, None (Van,WA!) and Lee Corey Oswald play at NE 22nd and Holman. All Ages. Over by 10. Pack it in, Pack it out. No damn dogs.

Okay, now your turn!

Life During Wartime playlist for 01/20/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Ldw theme

Ambient noise- I was there at the texas chainsaw massacre
Dow Jones and the Industrials- can’t stand the Midwest
Midnight- vomit queen
Fix Me- Intereses
Slavescene- fuck off  away from me
Burial- break the ice

Cult ritual- ugly years
OTAN- siempre quenda cicatrices
Slices-desert march
GAI-bloodspit night
Low threat profile- the product
Vacant State- vile
Bad Brains- right brigade
Condemned 84-  gang warfare

Under Al Kritik – Ingenting
Vicious – Happiest Place on Earth
Pedestrians – Future Shock
Asylum – Public mores
Raxola – Steal It

Mary Weiss – Don’t Come Back
Registrators – Boys From Nowhere
Jay Reatard – Night of Broken glass

Walls- hands and knees

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