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The Old Mole burrows down to the roots of the great issues of our time – the struggles of ordinary people for democratic and sustainable ways of life.  The Mole goes where corporate media fear to tread, supporting grassroots challenges to top-down authority and giving voice to movements that shake the foundations of an unjust society.  The Moles' perspective is democratic, broadly socialist, and feminist.  (We count Karl Marx as a friend).

Here is why we call this show "The Old Mole"

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 Our theme "Mole in the Ground" is by Bascom Lamar Lunsford  (1924), somtimes blended with a newer versions, like the one  by dj/rupture, sung by Sindhu Zagoren.  It's on the album Special Gunpowder

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Episode Archive

Old Mole Variety Hour January 10 2014

Air date: 
Mon, 02/10/2014 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Short Description: 
Democracy in Everyday Life, Steve Early and the labor movement, The Onion as Marixist newspaper

Joe Clement hosts this membership-drive special and we hear:

Old Mole Variety Hour for February 3rd 2014

Air date: 
Mon, 02/03/2014 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Short Description: 
Education, Neoliberalism, Sports, Minimum Wage, Feminism, Teen Novel, Pete Seeger

Denise Morris hosts this episode of the old mole variety hour featuring the music of Pete Seeger
  • Bill Resnick interviews Feminist blogger and writer Soraya Chemaly on football and the Super Bowl
  • Larry Bowlden reviews the teen novel Divergent by author Veronica Roth
  • Frann Michel discusses Education and Neoliberalism
  • Joe Clements interviews GEOFFREY MacDONALD about his his article 'Who Needs the Minimum Wage?' available on Counter Punch

Old Mole Variety Hour for January 27

Air date: 
Mon, 01/27/2014 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Short Description: 
Elections, comedy, class war and the national security state

Clayton Morgareidge hosts the show and we hear radical takes on how to run elections, a venue for leftist comedy at the Red & Black Cafe, the neoliberal soul, Richard Sherman's post-game rant, and class war and the security state.

Old Mole Variety Hour January 20th

Air date: 
Mon, 01/20/2014 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Short Description: 
Movie Moles: Her, revolutionary reforms, Chinese Environmentalism, Public Utilities in Portland

Old Mole Variety Hour for January 13

Air date: 
Mon, 01/13/2014 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Short Description: 
Detroit, Occupy, Strikes in Portland, and death row.

Clayton Morgareidge will host this episode of the Mole, and it will be about
  • What happened to Detroit and what could save it 
  • Socialist gains and Capitalist panic 
  • A review of a soon-to-be-published novel by a Portland writer about working with men on death row
  • Legalism and the fight against the national security state

Old Mole Variety Hour on 12/30/13

Air date: 
Mon, 12/30/2013 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Short Description: 
A program of social and political commentary from a socialist-feminist point of view.

Old Mole Variety Hour for December 23, 2013

Air date: 
Mon, 12/23/2013 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Short Description: 
South Africa, Apartheid, Racism, poverty, Social Change, Religion


Wage Slavery and Beyond

program date: 
Mon, 02/15/2010

 What is wage slavery?  Why are even well-paid workers nevertheless slaves?  Could work be abolished?   What is the real value of work?  These are the questions pondered by Old Moles Clayton Morgareidge and Frann Michel, and Poet Marge Piercy in this portmanteau segment with musical breaks by Thelonious Monk and Stephan Grapelli.  The image here is a Mural at the Frederick Douglass Library/ University of Maryland by Mike Alewitz, "The Creation of Wealth."  And you can find Frann's text and her sources by clicking here.  

The Left & The Law: Faith Healing & Incarceration

program date: 
Wed, 02/10/2010

 Another in the Old Mole's series The  Left and the Law, this conversation with appellate attorney Mike Snedeker and psychologist Jan Haaken takes up two recent issues.  First, the right-wing radio ad campaign against the early release of some inmates because of the state budget shortfall.  But does longer incarceration do any good? Why do we spend so much on prisons and so little on education?  Second, the recent conviction of a Church of Christ family for trusting to faith healing rather than  medical attention for their dying son: what right does the state have to regulate the way parents care for their children?   

Medicine in Haiti

program date: 
Mon, 02/08/2010

 Angele Theard is a Portland anesthesiologist and second generation Haitian just back from ten days in Haiti administering to the pain of injured people.  In this interview, she talks with Thabiti Lewis about her work and the problems of getting needed aid to the people.  Dr. Theard was part of a group working with Medical Teams International of Oregon.  

Poisons In Our Bodies

program date: 
Mon, 02/08/2010

 What toxic substances are we soaking up from the industrial products we use -- including "sippy"  bottles for babies?  Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis has been studying the body chemistry of Oregonians and she talks with the Old Mole's Bill Resnick about her findings.  Hackenmiller-Paradis is with the Oregon Environmental Council and wrote the Oregon "Pollution in People" report  (PDF) which found alarming amounts of mercury, endocrine disrupters, mercury, and other stuff in the tissues of Oregonians.  

February 8, 2010 Old Mole Variety Hour

program date: 
Mon, 02/08/2010

 Tom Becker hosts this show which covers several health-related issues: the medical challenges in Haiti after the earthquake, poisonous chemicals in our bodies from manufactured products, and how the law treats  people who rely on faith healing rather than medicine.  Plus, Tom memorializes the late Howard Zinn who practiced history from below -- making him one of history's Old Moles.  

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To hear the whole show, use the play button below. To hear individual pieces and find more information, follow these links:

1.  Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis from the Oregon Environmental Council talks with the Old Mole's Bill Resnick about research into the pollution in our bodies from the products we use.

2.  Dr. Angele Theard discusses her recent work in Haiti, interviewed by Thabiti Lewis.

3.   Remembering Howard Zinn and how he did history.

4.  The Left and the Law: Mike Snedeker and Jan Haaken review the radio campaign for incarceration and faith healing and the law.

Remembering Howard Zinn

program date: 
Mon, 02/08/2010

Practicing history from below: that was the work of the late Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States. Here Tom Becker describes that approach to history, in contrast to traditional ways of telling stories from the perspective of ruling classes.  Tom quotes from Richard Greenwald's  brief memoir, published in In These Times.

Hope in Hard Times from Howard Zinn

program date: 
Tue, 02/02/2010

 Perhaps as an antidote to what might seem the pessimism of Chris Hedges in the preceding segment of today's Old Mole, Bill Resnick reads a message of reasoned optimism from the recently deceased  Howard Zinn.  It comes from a  2004 piece in The Nation, "The Optimism of Uncertainty."   




Portland's African Film Festival

program date: 
Tue, 02/02/2010

 Celebrating Black History Month and  the 50th anniversary of 17 African countries that achieved their independence in 1960, the 20th Annual Cascade Festival of African Films begins on February 5 and continues through March 6.   P.C. Peri is a member of the planning committee and of Flying Focus Video, and talks with the Old Mole's Jan Haaken about the festival and several of the films being shown.  

As the festival's website points out, "The feature and documentary films that we show, the majority of which were made by African directors, celebrate Africa’s achievements, expose Africa’s failures, and reveal the possibilities for a more hopeful future. They show us pictures of Africa through the eyes of Africans, rather than a vision of Africa that is packaged primarily for western viewers. The films represent African concerns that are political, historical, and social. This year’s films cover a wide range of themes and topics, including African identity, liberation, emigration, displacement, dictatorship, racism and war, issues of trauma, conflict and reconciliation, peace, truth, justice, forgiveness, and the position of women."

Fictional Democracy

program date: 
Mon, 02/01/2010

 The recent Supreme Court decision granting rights of free speech to corporations merely reveals what was already true: that democracy is merely a useful fiction and we are already ruled by corporations.  This is the argument Chris Hedges makes in a piece on Truthdig, read here by Tom Becker.

February 1, 2010 Old Mole Variety Hour

program date: 
Mon, 02/01/2010

 Hosted by Bill Resnick, this program features an on-the-ground report from Haiti.  In addition, we hear from Howie Hawkins, Green Party Candidate for Mayor of Syracuse about public, locally generated power; from PC Peri of Flying Focus Video about the 20th Annual Cascade Festival of African Films; from Chris Hedges (read by Tom Becker) about our fictional democracy; and from the late Howard Zinn (read by Bill Resnick) about why we should still be optimistic in uncertain times.  

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Special note:   If you see the world from the Mole's underground point of view and would be interested in working with the Old Mole collective, email us with some information about yourself and the kinds of issues that interest you.  For more about the Mole's outlook, check out the links on our main page.  Write to OldMoleVarietyHour@gmail.com


For information about our theme music and our graphics, go to our main page. You can also follow us on Facebook.

To hear the whole show, use the play button below. To hear individual pieces and find more information, follow these links:

1.  Journalist and activist Kevin Pina reports from Haiti in this conversation with Laurie Mercier.

2.  Howie Hawkins and Bill Resnick on electical  power -- locally owned, locally produced.  

3.  The African Film Festival, Feb.  5 - Mar. 6:  PC Peri and the Old Mole's Jan Haaken.

4.  Chris Hedges on the Supreme Court stripping bare the illusion of democracy.

5.  Howard Zinn on why we should be optimistic in hard times.




Avatar's Jake Sully is ---- Tarzan - - -


A great review I've seen on Avatar (and how the soldier will save the people):


There is a link from there that exposes Cameron's plot as a mirror of Pocahontas, amazing parallel!      http://failblog.org/2010/01/10/avatar-plot-fail/


Since watching Avatar, I have viewed older videos on DVD and would rate that ahead of Avatar.






commentary transcripts

It's convenient to have the Old Mole audio files available.
Even more useful for some of us would be transcripts of the commentaries (Clayton Morgareidge). Written material allows a person a chance to review, consider, digest and refer to mentioned references & thinkers. The "Well Read Red" commentary from 4 Aug 08 is a good example of a piece I'd like to read at my own pace.


We will see to it that this happens whenever there is a prepared text. Thanks for the suggestion. Clayton Morgareidge The Old Mole Variety Hour

These folks are so profound

These folks are so profound and fascinating, especially the Resnick guy. Wow!


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