Life During Wartime

Life During Wartime started in 1995, and is on every other Wednesday night from 10 pm until midnight (PDT), here on KBOO. We play DIY Punk And Hardcore records, have live bands, and do a  local shows listing for the Portland area (annihilate this week ) right around 11pm.

We want your records!! Send them to Life During Wartime /PO BOX 1113 / Portland, OR / 97207-1113

If you have the misfortune of living outside of the Portland area, you can listen to the whole two hour show for two weeks at Live Band sets will also be posted on the website, eventually.

Episode Archive

Life During Wartime on 11/18/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 11/18/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 11/19/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 11/04/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 11/04/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 11/05/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 10/21/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 10/21/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 10/22/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime (Music) with Host 10/21/2015 10:00PM to 12:00AM

10:03PM-10:05PM (2:00) Mulltute “Welle” from Mulltute (12 Inch) on Heart First

10:05PM-10:09PM (3:35) The Visitors “electric heat” from Electric heat on Deep Cuts Records

Life During Wartime on 09/23/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 09/23/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 09/24/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 09/09/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 09/09/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 09/10/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 08/26/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 08/26/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 08/27/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 08/12/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 08/12/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 08/13/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 08/05/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 08/05/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 08/06/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 07/29/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 07/29/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 07/30/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 07/15/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 07/15/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 07/16/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area


Interview with Bob Suren

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 10/21/2015

Erin Yanke talks with punk rock author Bob Suren about his new book "Crate Digger", the cautionary tale of record collecting, the importance of trying new things, and the importance of culture and ethics in our scene. bob Suren will be in Portland Oct 24th Saturday: - Courier Coffee at 3pm, and Discourage Records at 7pm and at  9pm on Oct 25th Sunday at Blackwater venue.

  • Length: 15:50 minutes (14.5 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

10th Anniversary of The Know

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Thu, 01/08/2015
The Know, the iconic bar on NE Alberta, is turning 10 years-old in January! They are celebrating by honoring each year with a monstrous show that’ll feature both long-standing 'staples' of the scene, as well as feisty up-and-comers!! These shows truly exemplify a HUGE cross-section of the musical landscape that’s featured within our walls!
We spoke with Dave Rose about all this on January 7th at KBOO. Interview by Erin Yanke
MON JAN 12th (our official B-Day!) - RED FANG, GAYTHEIST + DRUNK DAD
*PLUS* “Eye Candy” w/ VJ NORTO
SAT JAN 17th
3pm @ American Legion #134 (2104 NE Alberta) 
8pm @ The Know 
NOTE: ALL shows above (***with exception of MATINEE event) @ The Know - 8pm - 21+ $cover$
  • Title: @ð-
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 13:48 minutes (12.64 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: THE CLEAVERS

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Sun, 01/26/2014
This recording was made in 1980, way before LDW's time here on KBOO, but I did find the reel to reel tape, and transfered it to digital. Enjoy!
  • Length: 27:14 minutes (24.93 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: ABORTION REELS

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 01/01/2014
  • Title: abortion reels
  • Year: 2014
  • Length: 6:55 minutes (6.33 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 01/01/2014
  • Length: 10:52 minutes (9.94 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: DARK SLASH LIGHT

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 12/11/2013
So stoked for this band! Justin and Candy and Tarika from The Triggers, Justin Candy and Mary from Sleepwalkers RIP! Thanks so much for playing!
  • Length: 18:37 minutes (17.05 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: DAMAGES

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 11/27/2013
From LA!
What's Left For Us / No Another Day / Not Your Soldier / I got No Patience / Purgatory / Disease Called Reality / Impulse / Vatican Rats

Live in Studio: O INIMIGO

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Fri, 11/08/2013

From Brasil! Live in Studio from Last November... sorry we lagged, more photos to come, and the set list!

  • Length: 37:42 minutes (34.52 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Neo Boys Special

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 10/30/2013
Documentary on the Neo Boys featuring KT Kincaid, Kim Kincaid, Pat Baum, Pat Baum, Jennifer LoBianco, and Meg Hentges, and audio from their new retrospective out on K Records, Sooner or Later.
  • Length: 59:25 minutes (54.4 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: FREEDOM CLUB

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 10/02/2013
Just before their west coast tour....
  • Length: 22:10 minutes (20.29 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Life During Wartime playlist for 10/27/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Double NegativeSuper RecourseDaydreamnationSorry State
Plasma AlliancePeace and FreedomWe Can't WaitDepression
United MutationOwn WayFugitive FamilyDSI
Rudimentary PeniShardCacophonyOuter Himalayan
NegazioneCannibaleCondannati a Morte Nel Vostro Quieto VivereDisco Autoprodutto
Polikarpa Y Sus ViciosasPara Todos AquellosAnimales MuertosBajo Peril
Limp WristCollapse12"self-released
The MisfitsSkullsWalk Among Usboot
The DamnedWait For The BlackoutThe Black AlbumBig Beat
The CrampsTV SetSongs The Lord taight UsIRS
The EstrangedFast Train7"Black Water
Young WastenersWaiting7"Hjernespind
The StranglersEnglish TownsNo More HeroesUA
Fossil FuelI Like NyquilI Hate Music
Body SnatchersAre you into Destruction?Bloodstains across TexasRedrum
Ghost WalkFallen Angel
ScreamersIf I Can't Have What I Want I Don't Want Anything
The ComesI Love You/Dead BodyNo OutsiderHirohito Era Hardcore
FU'sOutcastMy AmericaX-Claim!
Gorilla AngrebMotorsmashahakrenSplit In HalfHjernespind
Dow Jones and the IndustrialsSet Yourself On Fire
Tzn XennaDzieci Z Brudnej UlicyDzieci Z Brudnej UlicyTonpress
UK SubsTeenage7"Gem
PenetrationFiring SquadThe Early YearsGet Back
The Clorox GirlsGolden BoySelf TitlesSmart Guys
Bog PeopleBog ManLive at KBOO
Bog PeopleDark Skies
Bog PeopleBirth Defex
Bog PeopleNo More
Bog PeopleS.G.P.
Bog PeopleIllusions
Bog PeopleConstant Torture
Bog PeopleChaos Tribes
SacrilegeShadow From MordorBehind the Realms of MadnessBlood and Iron
Talk Is PoisonRechargeControlPrank
ConfinesDownward HamonizationWithdrawnSide Two/Labor Of Love
ManipulationEnd the NightManipulationResidue
OmegasGimme OblivionOmegasPowered
Sex VidSublimationCommunal LivingDom America
IlegalRuido PositivoRuido PositivoLengua Armada
KriegshogPurposeWar For Peace?H:G Fact/La Vida Es En Mus
TranzmitorsGet Arounds/t 7"Dirtnap
Newtown NeuroticsFoolsSuzi is a Heartbreaker 12"No Wonder
No HOpe For The KidsBattery AcidNo Hope For The KidsKick n Punch
Husker DuWhateverZen ArcadeSST
Joyce McKinney Exper4ienceGreen SongJoyce OffspringMeantime
Pahaa VertaViimenen TuutulauluPahaa VertaPaha Tukka Elama
NerveskadeOutside of Society
AK 47The Badge Means you SuckBloodstains Across TExasRedrum

Bog People Plays Live tonight... audio posted soon!

Life During Wartime playlist for 10/20/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
DiskordsLife During Wartime
Animals and MenDreaming of BabalyonSelf TitledConvulsive
MonorchidSink the West CoastWho Put out the Fire?Touch and Go
The NextCheap RewardsBloodstains Across TexasRed Rum
TranzmitorsIt's Not Your CallD/t 7"Dirtnap
Electric EelsAgitatedThe Eyeball of HellAscat
Raw NervesLifetime GuaranteeWe Must Be Dreaming 7"Inkblot
NerveskadeBrain Damages/t LPBlackwater
unwoundMiseriffic conditions/tKRS
Tales of TerrorTales Of TerrorS/TCD
Code Of HonorCode Of HonorS/TSubterranean
Die KreuzenAll WhiteS/TTouch and Go
RFTCGoldS/TDrunkin Fish
Poison IdeaUgly AmericanKings Of PunkPusmort
Gang GreenSkate To HellS/TTaang
Abrasive WheelsThe Army Song7"Abrasive
Arctic FlowersPattern recognitionSpectres splitCharged/Distorted
The MindsLost in A CrowdPlastic GirlsAlien Snatch
Celibate RiflesJesus On TVRoman Beach PartyWhat Goes On
SpectresRats In WallssplitCharged/Distorted
La FractionDanser Les MortesAussia Long Sera le CheminFraction
The SlitsVindictivePeel SessionsBBC
Bog PeopleChaos TribesVivid Sekt splitFear Of War
Lebenden TotenDeath CUlture Deprivatio0n10"overthrow
Inversiblesnadacult ura pen deja epHBSP-2x records
Fratriciderip wide the sky12"schizophrenic
Heratyskiirekiirekiires/t 12"not enough
No Statikcalrified distilled recomposed45iron lung
Snuff Filmthe producers/t EPhome invasion?
Mukilteo FairiesOly LatentBoysS/TKRS
Mukillteo FariesMe Want To Choke
Hell CowsJealosyG Spot CrushBlack Label
Huggy BearHer JazzHer JazzTrouble
WipersRomeoRomeoPark Avenue
Naked RaygunRat PatrolThrob ThrobDutch Eastern India
Naked RaygunSurf CombatThrob ThrobDutch Eastern
Angry SamoansRight Side Of My MindInside My BrainBad Trip
WurmI'm DeadBlasting ConceptSST
Goverment IssueJoyrideJoyrideFOY
Really RedYouth Culture For SaleRest In PainCIA
Green RiverAint Nothing To DoS/TSelf Release
Final WarningOut Of SightS/TFatal Erection
BrujeriaSiesS/TSelf Release

Life During Wartime playlist for 10/13/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
diskordslife during wartimeblame it on the kidsvinyl warning
Assassinatorsunder blodrode skyerdemo 7"Alerta Antifascista
PedestriansLeft On Destructionfuture shockresidue
BuzzcocksBreaKDOWNSpiral ScratchNew Hormones
Bastard Sons Of ApocalypseStrangledStrangled By The SystemAdelante/Todo Destruido
Neo boysPoor Man's JungleCrumbling Mythsn/a
The JamThat's Entertainment7"Polydor
MercenariasPoliciaCade As Armasbaratos Afins
Polikarpa Y Sus ViciosasDesplazadosAnimales MuertosBajo Prefil
Terveet KadetA.L.I.E.N.HalloweenRock-O-Rama
Die KreuzenPain/Sick PeopleDie KreuzenTouch and Go
AtentadoOdioTodo Esta OscuroDiscos Enfermos
GBHAm I Dead Yet?Sick BoyClay
MG15Caos FinalCaos FinalLa Vida Es Un Mus
Nerveskadeoutside of societys/t 12"black water records
Men's Interest3 & 4EPhome invasion
Sliceshunting accident/migraineshis presence...EPhome invasion
Gestapo Khaziescalators45eradicator
Total Controlparanoid video45smart guy
Le FaceShe was a mutantisolationdead beat
Anxiety1/2 neutral scum/human racepathetic EPsocial napalm
Vae Victuslast manugly reflection
Dayglow AbortionsI am my Own GodOut of the WombUnrest Recrods
Onion Flavored RingsVirginitiesSplit 7" with BitchiinNo Idea
Butthole SurfersSuicideBrown Reasons to LiveAlternative Tentacles
HickeyFood Stamps and Drink TicketsSplit 7" w/ voodoo Glow SkullsProbe
PandemoniumNo REactionWho the fuck are you 7"noise and distortion
Eddy Current Supression RingI Got A FeelingRush To RelaxGoner

Life During Wartime playlist for 10/06/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
DiskordsLife during wartimeblame it on the kidsvinyl warning
CrucifucksPigs ina blanketwisconsinalternative tentacles
Siegecold wars/t 12"deep six
Mellakkaeirecordiings 1984-1986partners in crime
Cause fior alarmstand as ones/t EPvictory
UranusPanaceas/t 12"great american steak religion
Out Coldnothing like youWarped Sense Of Right and Wrongkangaroo records
Wasted TimeFutilityFutilityGrave Mistake
DeathreatBow To NoneConsider It WarPartners In Crime
Citizens ArrestA Light In The DarknessA Light In The DarknessWardance
DeathwishTailgateTailgateLost and Found
Crimen De EstadoOdio A Los Ricossplit w/ SudorMal Sonido
DiscardSounds Of WarDeath From AboveJesus Kudd
KebabHypocritess/t lpSoft Spot
flux of pink indiansTapioca SunriseWargasm CompPax Records
the controllersNeutron BombWhat Stuff CompIloki
The GermsOur WayGISlash
GasThe Day After1982-1986Partners in Crime
Ivy GreenMister Mister
VexIt's No CrimeWho, What, Where , When Why compMortarhate
The KilljoysJohnny Won't Get To Heaven7"Raw
Guilty RazorsProvocate7"Seventeen
Scott Deluxe Drake & The World's Strongest MenAmmunitionBeneeath The Bloodshot LightsRank outsider
Asta Kaskfolkmeloditill sista droppenHohnie
The Irritonesmikado business
Lords of Lightthe kingiron lung split 7"wicked witch
The Ding DongsKnock Me downs/tnorton
Toxic reasonsKillerIndependenceBeer City
The Gun ClubShe's Like Heroin To MeFire Of LoveMunster
Easy Actiondo it cuz i cans/treptilian
Sonic's Rendevous Bandcity slang45 singleorchide
Pagansheart of stoneshit streetCrypt
Reagan Youthgo nowherevolume 1new red archives
Fugazi (by request!)Great CopIn On The Kill TakerDischord
Descendents (by request!)Ride The WildRide the WildPinsicato
Zero Boys (by request!)Down The DrainVicious CircleToxic Shock
DeskonocidosVamos a BailarEn La OscuridadTodo Destruido
Rayos XConfundidosMi DesordenLengua Armada
Reality CrisisFrustrationDischarge Your FrustrationWhisper In Darkness
9 Shocks TerrorConstant PressureZen and the Art of Kicking Your AssDevour
Harum ScarumSystematic DeathMental HealthTribal War
LarsenVomitas Sangre
InvasionDestino FinalLa CazaLa Vida Es Un Mus

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/29/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
DiskordsLife During WartimeBlame it on the KidsVinyl Warning
The KidsSex QueenNaughty Kids
Chin ChinWe Don't wanna be prisoners7"Mississippi Records
MutantsMonster of LoveMusic from the Deaf Club comp
The ScientistsFrantic RomanticWhere Birdmen Flew CompTax Devil Records
Eddy Current Supression RingIsn't it NiceRush to RelaxGoner
plasmaticsButcher Babyyou tubeBY REQUEST
Scientistsswamplandswampland EPmunster
Deskonocidossuicidaen la obscuridadtodo destruido/trabuc records
Hitler SSslavehitless ss/ tampax split 7"napalm records
Chronic Sickblood type Xreagan bands EPNo Way
Vaccinepious/wastehuman hatredpainkiller records
VeinshospiceEPyouth attack
Vaaskaangre y sudorruido hasta la muerte540
BlurtBullets For YouA Fish Needs A Bike - The Best of Blurtsalamander
Your FuneralI Want to be Youcassetten/a
Laughing HyenasWild HeartLife of CrimeTouch & Go
Big BlackThe Power of Independent TruckingSongs About FuckingTouch & Go
Naked RaygunI lieBasement ScreamsHaunted town
The GitsWhile You're Twisting I'm still breathingFrenching the BullyBroken Rekids
No RestCaridades/tA+D Necessario
7 SecondsThe CrewThe CrewBYO
Ratos De poraoVelhos DecreptosVivoEldorado
Bog PeopleChaos TribesVivid Sekt split
Gorilla AngrebBedre Tiderbedre TiderFeral Ward
IRALo Que Ustedes Se MerecenEpidemiaAbsurd
ShitfitBigotsWe Own you We Will Kill YouDysgusher
InepsyDeath Or SlaveryMadness and OverkillFeral Ward
DischargeThe Final BloodbathHear Nothing See Nothing Say NothingClay
SamhainNovember's Coming FireNovember's Coming FirePlan 9
ComplicationsAlienationComplicationsFeral Ward
FeederzBurn Warehouse BurnEver Feel Like Killing Your BossBroken
FrantixMy Dad's A Fuckin' AlcoholicKilled By Death #6bootleg
Big Balls and the Great White IdiotHell So NeatFoolish GuysVince Lombardi HIgh
DezerterPostepUnderground out of PolandMaximum Rocknroll
BGKArms Race
La UrssTene Fe En El PartidoProductTodo Destruido
NecrosPolice BrutalityConquest for DeathTouch and Go
NixeBoring Citys/tPolly Magoo
Kriegshogtemptation/zouowar for peace?HG FAct/la vida en us muc
KNife Fightisolationisolation Eppainkiller records
Sexdromeoccupy megrown youngeryouth attack
R.I.P.policia nono te muevas
The Systemdogs of wars/tprofane esityence
Frustrationno troublerelaxborn bad

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/22/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
KriegshogLife Is...KriegshogH:G Fact/La Vida Es En Mus
TotalitarDarfor Ar Jag FarligSpela Bort Allt Du HarDod Suppsvalld
Corrosion Of ConformityL.S.eye for an eyeToxic Shock
Cheetah Chrome MotherfuckersEnvy (I'm A Mess)splitCOR
MorphemeOunou No RensaMorphemePrank
PlasmidLust For PowerPlasmidShort Fuse
ParabellumMutation Por RadiacionSacralegiobootleg
FilthFreedom (Request!)Live the Chaos 7"Lookout
Born AgainstThis Traxh Should Have Been FreeBattle Hyms of the Race WarVermiform
Direct ControlWhat's the PointYou're ControlledNo Way
FyfanSnick SnackAh NejAdult Crash
Burning KitchenNon EaterDamned if you Do, Damned if you don't 10"Funai
Os EstudantesVitimaPeradoTod o Destruido
Fix MeParadoja7"Sell Our Souls
No Means No2 Lips, 2 lungs, 1 TongueWrongAlternative Tenticles
Los OlvidadosSomething NewListen to thisAlternative Tentacles, 1980
burning kitchensicknessdamn if you do, damn if you don'talerta antifacista
chicken's callnotre histoireundefinedtofu guerilla
la fractionaussi long sera le cheminaussi long sera le cheminskuld
innocentesel salvadormiseria e fome
descendentssuburban homeMilo Goes To College
signal lostle progres de la maladrechildren of the wastelandprank
StarshooterBetsy Partys/tEMI
FelliniRock Euorpeu7"Soul Jazz
JawbreakerInto You Like A TrainDear YouBlackball
DIGunsTeam GoonXXX
The SkidsThe Saints Are ComingScared To DanceVirgin
The Riffsnowhere To GoDead End DreamTKO
The ReplacementsStuck In the middleStinkTwin/Tone
Poison IdeaNATION oF fINKSFeel The DarknessAmerican Leather
Ultimo ResorteAgresividad ControladaLa Larga Sombra Del PunkLa Vida Es En Mus
StalinAllergyAllergy 7"Climax
Eppu NormaaliSuomi RyomiiAknepopPoko
ParlamentOstala Je Drugima Pri RuciImena I LegendeSuzy
DilsYou're Not Blank7"What?
KrautAll TwistedAn Adjustment To SocietyNew Red Archives
IV ReichGenocidoDouble 7"Desobediencia
Kakkahatta 77Kapitalismi Haisee7"Deaf ForeverMexicanos Al Grito De Mierda
Los MonjoMexicanos Al Grito De Mierda7"Solo Para PUnks
The FreezeI Hate Tourists7"
Frozen TeensBury Me AliveDemoself released
HardskinMake My TeaMake My Tea 7"Feral Ward

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/15/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Pissed Jeansfantasy worldhope for mensub pop
Dead Kennedysthe preytoo drunk to fuck 12"alternative tentacles
SPKkontactauto da fewalter ulbricht schallfolien
Extreme Noise Terrorpray to be savedphonophobiavinyl japan
Billy Baofactory of repressiondialectics of shitparts unknown
DisclosePollutiontragedyyour own jailer
Assucksalt minemisery indexsound pollution
Double Negativediscovery machinedaydreamnationSorry State
Rudimentary Penias nothingthe underclass EPouter himalayan
C(reative) R(ecording) A(nd) S(sound) S(ervices)our weddingLoving's magazine joke singleCRASS
Red HerringWarnings/t 7"Mississippi Records
Jay ReatardSee/saw7"Matador Records
UV RaceI Hate You7"Fashionable Idiots
Ratas Del VaticanoNo Puedo DetenermeChido EpVolar Records
Slow MotionsMystery ActionMystery ActionHG Fact
nailsOne FixST 7"Taken By Surprise
Death SideLive and Livebet on the possibilityselfish
Icons of Filththey've taken everythingonward christian soldiersmotorhate
4 skins1984the wonderful world of the 4 Skinsstep 1
The Mobcrucial pointupset the system 7"mob style records
DYScity to citywolfpacktaang records
Laughing Hyenasliving in darkness
indochineindochinel' aventurierArabella
Savage LucyOutsidersDead Boys Stay DeadSquirrel
Marked MenNothing's ChangedShe Won't Know 7"Shit Sandwhich
Ty SegallStanding at the Stations/t 7"Goner
No Hope for the KidsSecret PoliceDas Reich 7"Backwards Masking
Juggling JugularsToy VotersSplit with Enough
Rayos XConfundidosMi Desorden epRaw Punx
NeedlesWooden Beadss/t 7"Leguna Armada
KoroIt's OKs/t 7"Sorry State Repress
Husker Dua girl who lives on heaven hillnew day risingsst
birthday Partyin the woodshits4AD
Joy Divisonexercise onecomplete bbc recordingsfuel 2000
Karpbacon industryself titled LPK Records
Jesus Lizardcountless backs of sad losersdowntouch and go
Bunnybrainsiam not your frined(i am your destiny)box the bunny
SuicideGhost riders/tred star
hot snakeswhy does it hurtsuicide invoiceSwami Records

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/08/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Diskordslife during wartimeblame it on the kidsvinyl warning
No Trenddieteen loveno trend
Alice DonutEggBucketfulls of Sickness and horror in an otherwise meaningless lifeAlternative Tentacles
Sonic Youthhot wire my heartsistersst
Big Blackpigeon killhammer partyhomestead records
Roky Ericksoncold night for alligatorsgremlins have picturespink dust
Christ on Paradeflashsounds of naturepusmort
Black FlagMy WarMy WarSST
InvasionBastardosInvasionLa Vida Es En Mus
Ratos De PoraoVelhos DecreptosDescanse Em PazBaratos Afins
The EstrangedEntrancedEntranced 7"Dead Ideas
N.N.Pasivos MuertosPasivos...Muertos 7"Lengua Armada
nancy Frieko and the Frieko Rock ImperativeMy Crazy Bitch SongDangerous Songs From The 12th Perspectiveself
White LungMagaziness/tderanged
Sweet Suburbiagarotos Do SuburbioParanoia Day by DayLiberation
NerveskadeInsanityInsanity 7"Iron Lung
Dead KennedysgaslightLive at the Deaf CLubManifest
Butthole SurfersBBQ the PopebrownAlternative Tentacles
Adolescentsbrats in battallionsbrats in battallionsSOS records
DOAThe prisonerbloodied but unbowedCD Presents
Iggy and the Stoogessearch and destroyraw powercolumbia
psycho surgeonswild weekendDo the PopRock Sound
Dickieswalk like an eggincredible shrinkingA&m
The DiskordsKiss Of DeathPink Palace 7"Dirtnap
PagansBoy Can I Dance GoodShit StreetCrypt
Blood Spit NightsRaw Christ PuncherFull metal JacketMassacre
The Modern LoversGirlfriends/tGet Back
Stinky ToysSun Sicks/tPolydor
AssassinateLightning Strikess/tWhisper In Darkness
Surf punksBig TopMy BeachEpic
Angry Samoansyou stupid assholeinside my brainPVC
Crassbomb plus Bomb tapeChrist-the albumCrass Recs/southern
As Mercenariaspoliciabrazilan post-punk 1982-88soul jazz
Mentally Illgacy's placegacy's place: thje undiscovered corpsesalternative tentacles
Wooden Shjipsvampire bluesvol. 2holy mountain
Rikk Agnewfalling outall by myselffrontier
State of COnfusionfoolish one6.3 million acresSilence
The BeatYou Won't Be Happys/tColumbia
MagazineShot By Both SidesShot By Both Sides 7"Virgin
The SonicsDirty RobberHere Are The SonicsNorton

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/01/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
DiskordsLife During WartimeBlame it on the KidsVinly Warning
Friendly NeighborsAn Exquisite Necklace7"self
Village PeopleFood FightRennaisanceBlack Scorpio
Fucked UpNeat PartsTriumph Of life 7"Vice
TV SuicidesFuneral Homedemoself
The Boomtown RatsLookin After No. 1singleEnsign
CrassShaved WomenLive Recording1981
TragedyRabid PanicNerve DamageTragedy
The Marked MenSophisticateFix My BrainDirtnap
OuterwearBloody Toilet PaperThe Outerwear LImitsNew Hope Records
The GunsI'm not rightThe New Hope CompNew Hope Records
The Easter MonkeysUnderpantsSplendor of SorrowSmogveil
NumbskullFBIFinal Base of TortureMy Mind's Eye
Spike in VainParty in the GroundDeath Drives a CadillacUnreleased!
X_XYou're Full of Shit7"Drome
StrychnineJack The Ripper7"Music Adventures
Dave E. and the Cool marriage CouncelorsSearching Through Sears7"Christmas Pets
The ZerosBeat Your Heart OutDon't Push Me AroundBomp
Sleepwalkers RIPLife or Death7"Hovercraft
Silla ElectricaNada7"Solo Para Punks
Chin ChinProud SoldiersSound of the WestwayMississippi Records
Zero BoysLivin in the 80's/Drug Free YouthVicious CircleNimrod
Husker DuBlah Blah BlahEverything Falls ApartReflex
Hans a plastRank XeroxSelf TitledReforce
EstrangedThe Subliminal ManThe Subliminal ManDirtnap
Frozen TeensHopeless CityDemoSelf Released
UV RaceGore Orphanage
Total ControlParanoid Video7'Smart Guy
FangThe Money Will Roll Right In
La Sect RougeZombie BBQ
MC5Looking At You
Missing LinksWild About You
Reigning SoundIf You Can't Give Me Everything
Sick ThingsCommitted To Suicide
Swell MapsMidget Submarines
DH PamoashPung Smasher
Cheetah Chrome MotherfucNation On Fire
OtanSociedad Despreciable
HuvudtvattHelt Ren/Karl Dusch
Beach BoysNever Learn Not To Love

Life During Wartime playlist for 08/25/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Diskordsthemeblame it on the kidsVinyl Warning
TSOLdie for medance with mefrontier
EffigiesHaunted TownHaunted TownRuthless
WeirdosLife Of CrimeDestroy All MusicBomp!
DogsSlash Your FaceKilled By Death # 1Redrum
Ice and the IcedWe've Had EnoughKilled By Death # 77bootleg
DescendentsBikeageMilo Goes To CollegeSST
DV8Guns On The RightNo One Left To Blamebootleg
CondominiumRedemption SongGag EPDeer Healer
Homostupidsape shitthe glow EPself released
OTANbarrotessociedad despreciablel avida en us mus
Sex Videxorcismnestsdom america
Born Againstthe good fathermurders among us compcombined effort
Useless ChildrennamelessEPcriminal IQ
Rorschachmy warrorschach/1.6 band splitchainsaw safety
Jesus and the Gospel FuckersKill The PoliceSplit with Agent OrangeKangaroo Records
InstangdFangadMitt Svar Pa Ingenting 7"Sorry State
The Spelling Mistakeshate Me, Hate MeMove To Riot CompRaw Power Records
Mass HysteriValkommen Till VrklightetenSelf TitledFeral Ward
The ExecuteVoiceNetwork of Friends CompPlastic Bomb
BGKFreeze MeA Dutch FeastAltertnative Tenticles
The RamonesBonzo Goes To Bitburg (My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down)Animal BoySire
Jonathan Richman & The Modern loversI'm Nature's Mosquitoback In Your LifeBeserkley
Out With A BangCirclesI'm Against It EPVida Loca
Total ControlSTairwayFirst 7"Aar
SpectresVisions Of A New WorldVisions Of A New World 7"Whisper In Darkness
Angry SamoansGas Chamberback From SamoaBad Trip
DetonatorsIron YouthBalls To YouDouble A
Dayglo AbortionsSuicideFeed Us A FetusFringe
The Gearsbaby RunaroundRockin' At Ground ZeroDionysus
The StranglersSometimesRattus NorvegicusA&M
Gang Of FourAt Home He's A TouristEntertainmentWarner
The PagansNot Now No WayShit StreetCrypt
The RatsDefianceIntermittent SignalsMIssissippi
The JamBurning SkySetting SonsWarner Bros.
AsexualsWake Up/ Stand Up
Big BoysApoliticalFun Fun FunEnigma
Chronic SeizureNo EscapeEPFashinable Idiots
Ivy GreenSex on the Radio
Joy Rider and Avis DavisNasty Secretary
The SpitsTake Back the Alley
System FuckerWhat is Freedom?EPCrust War
PoikkeusAnsaPoikkeusCrust War
Agent OrangeYour Mother Sucks Cocks in HellSplit with Jesus and the Gospel FuckersKangaroo Records
Go GosToniteBEauty and the BeatIRS


playlist for 6/09!?!??!

argh. i really dug just about the whole 1st set but had to leave b4 i could hear what any of it was.  and i mean just the 1st 5-6 song set of tunes after the discords. i cassetted most of them, still sound great. [6/09/10]

if not the whole show, any way just those 1st few tunes could be listed here sometime? thanks!   stiv

or e-mail to me if you'd like:   

the present day punker refuses to die!  thanks for your show.




did you play a song last night called "fuck you dad"? i thought i heard it but didn't see it on the playlist... 


 Thank You Life During Wartime! Whoop Whoop you keep this old kboo listener happy!

xo pops croghan


wouldn't mind hearing some Annhilation Time

 Second that! Strung Up,

 Second that! Strung Up, Warkrime, Deadfall. Bay Area love

 Awesome show!  you guys

 Awesome show!  you guys should leave and party more often...just kiddin.




Fucking yes! Thank you, how come no one knows about the feederz. You just made my night!

thank you for filling the

thank you for filling the sucking void that is portland radio.

Life During Wartime

did Cower just play at 1:20 or somehwere around there? it was really good is there a way to get a tape of it? or should i ask the band for it, great radio station today was the first time hearing it great show:) KEEP IT UP:)
take care


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