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Lark In The Morning on 11/21/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 11/21/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 11/07/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 11/07/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 10/17/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 10/17/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 10/03/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 10/03/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 09/19/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 09/19/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 09/05/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 09/05/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 08/15/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 08/15/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 08/01/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 08/01/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 07/18/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 07/18/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music

Lark In The Morning on 07/04/14

Lark In The Morning
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Fri, 07/04/2014 - 5:30am - 7:00am
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Folk Music


Lark In The Morning playlist for 11/19/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
New Lost City RamblersTaxes On The Farmer Feeds Us AllSongs of the DepressionFolkways
Woody GuthrieGreenback DollarLibrary of Congress RecordingsElektra
Woody GuthrieBoll WeevilLibrary of Congress RecordingsElektra
Haywire Mac McClintockLast Gold DollarHallelujah, I'm A BumRounder
Mike Seeger & Alice GerrardSt. Louis BluesAlice Gerrard & Mike SeegerGreenhays
Earl RobinsonHe Built The RoadStrange, Unusual EveningEarl Robinson
Malvina ReynoldsNo Hole In My HeadMalvina ReynoldsCentury City Records
Malvina ReynoldsWorld In Their PocketHeld OverCassandra
Michael CooneyThe Man in the MaskSinger of Old SongsFront Hall
Joe GlazerCongressman's BluesGarbageCollector
Leon RosselsonRules of the GamePalaces of GoldFuse
Phil OchsThat's What I'm Waiting To HearI Ain't Marching Any MoreCarthage
Jim PageYou Ain't Seen Nothin' YetOn The Street AgainWhid-Isle
Don McLeanThe Pride ParadeDon McLeanUnited Artists
Jim PostBack On The Street AgainBack On The Street AgainMountain Railroad
MagpieWorking Girl BluesWorking My Life AwayCollector
Charlie KingSelf StorageFeelings of FireFlying Fish
Charlie KingThe Rats Are WinningOld Dreams & New NightmaresCW Records
MistralFinnish PolkasPromontoryMistral
Lou & Peter BerrymanSqualorClub de WashCornbelt
Larry LongGrandma's Penny SaleRun For FreedomFlying

Yesterday I read a news item that really struck me.  It reminded me that, despite the happy talk from our government, we really are in hard times that rival the so-called Great Depression of the 30's.  The news item was about how a farm in Ireland was being auctioned, and how the local community banded together to prevent the farm sale: they showed up at the auction, and refused to bid.  This is something that used to happen in this country in the 30's, and probably hasn't happened since.  Here's the link to the story:

Time To Reclaim The Land That Is Rightfully Ours

Ireland invented the boycott during the land wars, and perhaps it is time to take this effective weapon of resistance down from the thatch to deal with repossessions and resales Despite the spiralling economic crisis we are in, there was, last week, an epiphany at a small auction in Co Meath.

A 67-acre farm in Crossakiel, which had been repossessed by ACC bank, was up for sale. Despite a reasonable attendance by local farmers at the auction, there was only one derisory bid of €1.

There was, according to some present, ‘‘an atmosphere’’ in the room, and the auctioneer later told the Irish Times that ‘‘there was no question but that people weren’t bidding because it was being sold by the bank’’.

This reminded me of a song by Larry Long, a songwriter out of Oklahoma, called "Grandma's Penny Sale."  It was the last cut that I played this morning.

By the way, the story about the Irish farm sale came to my attention via a blog I follow called The Automatic Earth.

Lark In The Morning playlist for 11/05/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
Dave RaySnaker's BluesMore Blues, Rags, and HollersElektra
Jesse FullerMemphis BoogieJazz, Folk Songs, Spirituals, and BluesGood Time Jazz
Fred NeilBlues on the CeilingBleeker and MacDougalElektra/Asylum
Tom RushAlabama BoundBlues, Songs, and BalladsPrestige
Tom RushPallet On Your FloorBlues, Songs, and BalladsPrestige
Jim Kweskin Jug BandCircus SongGarden of JoyReprise
Home & JethroRhythm in My Nursery RhymesZany Songs of the 30'sRCA
New Wine SingersFunction JunctionAt the Chicago Opera HouseVee-Jay
New Wine SingersThe KitchenAt the Chicago Opera HouseVee-Jay
Carolyn HesterEast VirginnySimply Carolyn HesterColumbia Folk Odyssey
Ed McCurdyVirginnyTreasury of American Folk SongElektra
Paul ClaytonSilver City BoundPaul Clayton, Folk SingerMonument
Barbara DaneLa Le Too-DumWhen I Was a Young GirlHorizon
Bob GibsonMoney Is KingI Have Come for to SingRiverside
Bob GibsonDrill, Ye Tarriers, DrillI Have Come for to SingRiverside
John GreenwayThe Psychotherapy SongThe Cat Came BackRiverside
John HartfordI Shoulda Worn My Birthday SuitJohn Hartford Looks At LifeRCA
Dave Van RonkLady GayInside Dave Van RonkPrestige Folklore
Tom LehrerPoisoning Pigeons in the ParkAn Evening With Tom LehrerReprise
Smothers BrothersMy Old ManThink EthnicMercury

Knowing that my friend Jon was coming down from Seattle to co-host, I struggled to decide on what to play... finally it hit me: we'll play folk artists of the 60's.  After all, he was there in the thick of it: he saw many of these artists play, and socialized with a good many of them!  We had a good time.

Lark In The Morning playlist for 10/29/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
Dean GitterAnne BoleynGhost BalladsRiverside
Janet SmithMolly BonThe UnicornTakoma
Hermes NyeThomas RhymerEarly English BalladsFolkways
Irene SaletanLady MargaretTony & Irene SaletanFolk-Legacy
Cyril TawneyThe NightingaleFarewell NancyTopic
Shirley CollinsDeath & The LadyDeath & The LadyBGO
Dave Goulder & Liz DyerA Most Unpleasant Way, SirThe Raven And The CrowArgo
Peter BellamyThe Ghost SongThe Fox Jumps Over the Parson's GateTopic
John Roberts & Tony BarrandThe Maid on the ShoreDark Ships in the ForestFolk-Legacy
The Oldham TinkersThe Lancashire WitchesFor Old Time's SakeTopic
Gary & Vera AspeyAuntie KetyllFrom the NorthTopic
Archie FisherThe Witch of the West-Mer-LandsArchie FisherTopic
Hedy WestThe Wife of Usher's WellOld Times & Hard TimesFolk-Legacy
Bill JonesThe Tale of Tam LinPanchpuranCompass
Martin CarthyThe Bloody GardenerByker HillTopic
Michael CooneyLady Isabel & the Elf KnightThe Philadelphia Folk FestivalFlying Fish
Peggy SeegerThe False Knight Upon the RoadBlood & Roses, Volume 1Blackthorne Records
Cheap Suit SerenadersMysterious MoseCheap Suit Serenaders #2Blue Goose

Some notes on the songs from this year's Spooky show...

Anne Boleyn was unfortunate in being one of King Henry VIII's wives; this song was written in 1934 by R.P. Weston and Bert Lee.

Molly Bon appears in many collections under slightly different names like Lucy Wan, Molly Wan, etc.  In each, the poor dead girl returns to defend her lover in court.

Thomas Rhymer appears in Sir Francis Child's collection of ballads as #37, and tells the tale of an unfortunate encounter with the Fairy Queen.  She gives an apple that causes his tongue to never lie, and spirits him away for seven years.

This long version of Lady Margaret from Irene Saletan is a true classic night visiting song.  The dead lover comes back to his maid, and takes her through the churchyard to his grave.

The Nightingale is a sea version of a night visiting song; the parents don't approve of the match, and have the press gang take the young man off to sea.  He dies and his ghost comes back to tell the woman how her parents betrayed him.

Death & the Lady is a little morality tale about how beauty and riches cannot forestall an appointment with the Grim Reaper.

A Most Unpleasant Way, Sir tells the tale of someone who meets a young man with a gruesome bird on his arm.  By the end of the conversation the bird has transferred to the visitor's arm, and now he must find a new host... is it you?

Peter Bellamy sings a version of The Cruel Ships Carpenter, in which a young man lures a woman to her death and then thinks to escape by going to sea.  However, the ghost pursues him, and eventually shreds him before his shipmates.

Another tale in which the young woman wins out in the end is The Maid on the Shore.  She is a lovely creature, but beware taking her on board, for she will sing you to sleep and steal your wealth.

The Lancashire Witches is an affectionate song about the feminimity of witches in Lancashire.

Auntie Ketyll tells of the lengths a woman will go, to the extent of making a pact with the Devil, to protect her man in battle.  Alas, it is all in vain, for she makes a mistake in the charm.

Archie Fisher wrote the Witch of the West-Mer-Land using traditional themes.

The Wife of Usher's Well tells the tale of three young sons sent off to learn magic ("grammaree").  They fall victim to some disease, and come home to say good-bye.  Hedy West's banjo accompaniment is outstanding on this cut.

A. L. Lloyd discovered The Bloody Gardener in a Vauxhall Gardens songbook from the 1770's.

Michael Cooney's version of Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight sticks very close to the traditional story line, and his banjo work is also very fine.

The False Knight on the Road tells the story of a small innocent child standing up to the Devil; she counters every one of his proclamations with poise and grace.

We finish up with Mysterious Mose, covered here by the Cheap Suit Serenaders.

Lark In The Morning playlist for 10/01/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
Tom PaleyLittle Rabbit Where's Your MammyBanjo StylesElektra
Tom PaleyPretty PollyBanjo StylesElektra
Rick AbramsCarolina Mountain Fox ChaseWild GooseHeritage
George WilsonSwing AwayNew England Contra Dance MusicKicking Mule
StrathspeyMy Home WaltzNew England Contra DanceKicking Mule
General HumbertMrs Kelly, et alGeneral HumbertShanachie
Ad Vielle Que PourraAndromadereAd Vielle Que PourraXenophile
MistralA Lorient Sont
La Bottine SourianteChristopheLa MistrineMille Pattes
SolasThe Sunday Waltz / Solo Double OhFor Love and LaughterCompass
County VaudevilleFour and Twenty BlackbirdsCounty VaudevilleCounty
Eddie UptonThe Excise BalladThe Tale of Ale
Peter SutherlandThe Apple Picker's WaltzPoor Man's Dream
Janet Rothfield & Alan CarrRockingham Cindy/Waiting For NancyThere & BackTemple
McArthur FamilyBill Hopkins ColtMake the Wildwood RingFront Hall
Sandy Bradley & the Small Wonder String BandNone Of Your BusinessFoolish QuestionsRooster
Sandy Bradley & the Small Wonder String BandLet's Go DancingFoolish QuestionsRooster
Arm & Hammer String BandBig Bend GalStay on the Farm
Dan MaherOor HamletWinter WhiskeyDan Maher

Membership drive: play good, no, GREAT music!

Lark In The Morning playlist for 09/17/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
Pete SeegerMaple Syrup TimeSeedsAppleseed
Uncle Dave MaconCome On Buddy, Don't You Want to GoLaugh Your Blues AwayRounder
Riley PuckettDon't Try It, For It Can't Be DoneOld Time Greats, Vol. 1Old Homestead
Harry McClintockAin't We CrazyHallelujah, I'm A BumRounder
Plank RoadKiss Me QuickVocal And Instrumental BlendJune Appal
Tom MacKenzieIn the Hall of the Mountain KingFinally TunedRooster
Joel MabusHewlettSettin' The Woods On FireFlying Fish
Putnam String County BandPerilous JourneyHome GrownRounder
The Rambling Boys of PleasureEverything's Fine Right NowGlad To Be HereRichmond Records
Jim PostHandsome MollyJim Post & FriendsFlying Fish
John PrineCommon SenseCommon SenseAtlantic
Peter, Paul, & MaryLemon TreePeter Paul & MaryWarner Brothers
Sam LittleMontanaFruit TrampRoad Runner
Charlie MaguireThe Strike Is OnLong Way To Another FriendTrain On The Island
Kathy & CarolCarter's BluesKathy & CarolElektra
Jon WilcoxHot Dog StandClose To HomeBriar Records
Mary McCaslin & Jim RingerGeronimo's CadillacBramble & The RosePhilo
Annie LoreThe Roving Repairman-OThe Grey Cocked HatImminent Records
Tom MacKenzieLittle Dutch GirlFinally TunedRooster
Kate WolfHere In CaliforniaClose To YouKaleidoscope
Debbie McClatchyDixie DarlingRadiolandPlant Life

A program of nearly all LP's... a focus on California performers at the end of the set.  Enjoy!


Lark In The Morning playlist for 09/03/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
Bascom Lamar LunsfordZolgotzSongs & Ballads of American HistoryLibrary of Congress
Bascom Lamar LunsfordCharles GuiteauSongs & Ballads of American HistoryLibrary of Congress
Hamper McBeeHenry MartynCumberland MoonshinerPrestige Folklore
Blue Ridge Mountain SingersChristine LeRoyBanjo Pickin' GirlRounder
Ernest V. StonemanUnlucky Road to WashingtonErnest V. StonemanHistorical Records
Harmony SistersMedleySecond HelpingFlying Fish
Holy Modal RoundersAcross the Alley from the AlamoAlleged in Their Own TimeRounder
Holy Modal RoundersVoodoo Queen MarieAlleged in Their Own TimeRounder
Any Old Time String BandLock and KeyLadies ChoiceBay
TrapezoidCountry HomeCool of the DaySugar Hill
Jody StecherWild Bill JonesGoing Up On The MountainBay
Dwayne ThorpeWillie MooreCome and Keep Me CompanyMinstrel
Mary McCaslinBallad of a Wanted ManWay Out WestPhilo
Sandy & Jeanie DarlingtonMcFee's ConfessionSongs and BalladsFolk-Legacy
Tall TimberJealous Hearted MeEncoreVoyager
Tall TimberMedleyEncoreVoyager
Tony & Irene SaletanRake and Rambling BoyTony & Irene SaletanFolk-Legacy
Paul ClaytonStackoleeMurder BalladsWashington
Ed McCurdyBilly the KidBadmen & HeroesElektra
Ewan MacCollTurpin HeroBad Lads & Hard CasesRiverside

Songs of Bad Men!

Lark In The Morning playlist for 08/20/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
The Oldham TinkersDown At Our SchoolOwdham EdgeTopic
Mary KershawYou're Allus Welcome HereLancashire Sings AgainTopic
Bob HartCod-BangingSongs From SuffolkTopic
Bob HartAustraliaSongs From SuffolkTopic
The Garret SingersStingoThe Garret SingersArgo
Barry & Robin DransfieldGood Ale For My MoneyThe Tale Of Ale
Bob BlakePoison In A Glass of WineSussex HarvestTopic
Eddie Upton & Musica InebriataThe Excise BalladThe Tale Of Ale
Shirley & Dolly CollinsRichie StoryThe Power Of The True Love KnotHannibal
Frankie ArmstrongThe Tarry TrousersLovely On The WaterTopic
Peter BellamyAdieu Sweet Lovely NancyThe Fox Jumped Over The Parson's GateTopic
The WatersonsAdieu, AdieuFor Pence & Spicy AleShanachie
Bob CopperDick TurpinRose In JuneTopic
June Tabor & Martin SimpsonJoe PeelA Cut AboveTopic
Nick DowBold CarterA Mark Upon The EarthOld House Music
Alison McMorland & Peta WebbSailing's A Weary LifeAlison McMorland & Peta WebbTopic
Nic JonesThe Wanton SeedThe Noah's Ark TrapShanachie
Tim Hart & Maddy PriorEarl RichardThe Folksongs of Old England
John KirkpatrickLumps of Plum PuddingPlain CapersTopic
Telemann SocietySix Playford DancesThe Country Dancing MasterTelemann
John Kirkpatrick & Sue HarrisOld Sir Simon The KingA Really High Class BandTopic
KempionThe Birmingham OmnibusBrummagen BalladsBroadside Ballads
High Level RantersStanley MarketRanting LadsTopic
Tom GilfellonThe Celebrated Working ManIn The Middle of the TuneTopic
John KirkpatrickWheatley ProcessionalPlain CapersTopic

A whole show of Brit folk!

Lark In The Morning playlist for 07/16/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
Al HopkinsWest Virginia GalsAnthology of Folk MusicRevenant
Blind Alfred ReedHow Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and LiveAnthology of Folk MUsicRevenant
The Carter FamilyBlack Jack DavidAnthology of Folk MusicRevenant
Blue Sky BoysBanks of the OhioAnthology of Folk MusicRevenant
Lily May LedfordJim Along JosieBanjo Pickin' GirlGreenhays
Lily May LedfordWake Up SusanBanjo Pickin' GirlGreenhays
Lily May LedfordCharmin' BetsyBanjo Pickin' GirlGreenhays
Cathy Fink & Duck DonaldHop On The TrainCathy Fink & Duck DonaldFlying Fish
Tommy ScottCampingDoc Scott's Old Time Medicin ShowFolkways
Mike SeegerThe Mayor Is A Good Old BoyThird Annual Farewell Reunion
Fennig's All Star String BandDixie Bee LineFennigmaniaFront Hall
Art ThiemeTennessee StudThe Older I Get The Better I WasWaterbug
Critton Hollow String BandPaydayGreat Dreams of HeavenFlying Fish
Fuzzy Mountain String BandBarlow KnifeSummer Oaks & PorchRounder 0035
Fuzzy Mountain String BandFisher's HornpipeSummer Oaks & PorchRounder 0035
Janet Rothfield & Allan CarrRockingham Cindy / Waiting For NancyThere & BackTemple
Dave StameyOpalThe Cambria Hoot
Kendal MorseGoin' Back To Where I Come FromLights Along The ShoreFolk Legacy
Norman BlakeColumbus Stockade BluesThe Nashville BluesRounder 0188
Duck BakerDrunken WagonerWhen You Wore A TulipKicking Mule 135
Duck BakerWhen You Wore A TulipWhen You Wore A TulipKicking Mule 135
Duck BakerThou SwellWhen You Wore A TulipKicking Mule 135
Kathy KallickDid You See Jackie RobinsonDiamond CutsHungry For Music
Chuck BrodskyBallad of Eddie KleppDiamond CuttsHungry For Music
SF SealsJoltin' Joe DiMaggioDiamond CuttsHungry For Music
Wally PleasantThe Ballad of Ty CobbDiamond CuttsHungry For Music
Steve KeyShoeless Joe JacksonDiamond Cutts Turning TwoHungry For Music

Check out the baseball songs at the end of the set...

Lark In The Morning playlist for 07/02/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
Uncle Dave MaconRock About My Saro JaneEarly RecordingsCounty 521
Morrison Twin Brothers String BandDry & DustyEchoes of the OzarksCounty 518
Ashley's Melody MenBath House BluesEchoes of the OzarksCounty 518
A.E. Ward & HIs PlowboysI'm Going To Leave Old ArkansasEchoes of the OzarksCounty 519
Bascom Lamar LunsfordLittle Turtle DoveMountain BanjoCounty 515
Frank JenkinsHome Sweet HomeMountain BanjoCounty 515
Stoneman's Blue Ridge Corn ShuckersSerenade In the MountainsA Day In The MountainsCounty 512
Grayson & WhitterI've Always Been A RamblerRecordings of Grayson & WhitterCounty 513
Dempson & Denmon LewisBull At The WagonTexas FarewellCounty 517
Ola Belle ReedOver Yonder In The GraveyardOla Belle Reed & FamilyRounder 0077
Stefan GrossmanLouis CollinsFinger-Pickinng GuitarKicking Mule 112
National Fraternity ChorusThe Whiffenpoof SongRequired SingingEpic
The QuartonesThe Rhyme of the Chivalrous SharkRequired SingingEpic
Oscar BrandGood Peanuts / I Don't Want No More Of Army LifeEverybody Sing!Riverside
Michael CooneyBe Kind To Your ParentsA Place To BeBiograph
Dave Bromberg & John HartfordThe HoldupA Place To BeBiograph
Bruce PhillipsChildren's Liberation SongYou Got MagicBiograph
Bill ThomasThe Longest TrainFolk & MusicChanning Murray
Jocelyn PettitNiel Gow's Lament
Dave Van RonkGreen Rocky RoadPhiladelphia Folk FestivalFlying Fish
Steve GoodmanChicago Bust RagGathering At Earl of Old TownMountain Railroad

Some odd stuff today, enjoy!

Lark In The Morning playlist for 05/21/2010

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
The Brothers FourTomorrow Is A Long Time
Carolyn HesterThis Life I'm
The HighwaymenFare Thee O Babe
Woody GuthrieBury Me Beneath The Willow
Ramblin Jack ElliottThe Roving Gambler
Hoosier Hot ShotsDown By The Riverside
Oscar BrandA Dollar Ain't A Dollar Any More
Dian & The Greenbriar BoysGiving Everything Away
Johnny CashHank and Joe and Me
Betsy RutherfordWill The Circle Be Unbroken
Hoyt AxtonWalkin' Down To Georgia
Hoyt AxtonVandy, Vandy
Ian and SylviaChanges
Joan BaezPal of Mine
Judy MayhanOne Morning In May
Nashville Jug BandWomen Make A Fool Of Me
Michael HurleyYou Got To Find Me
Gamble RogersThe Sky Lake Campfire Girls
Gamble RogersKissing Is A Crime
Low Tide DriftersMe & John Barleycorn
Steve NoonanIt's No Big Deal
Hoyt AxtonGreenback Dollar
Don McLeanRespectable

Started off as a bit of a 60's hootenanny...


Great program this morning

We really enjoyed this mornings program.  Great music and starts the day well.  Thanks.

4th of July

Thanks for the Gina Forsyth tune. Hadn't heard it before; it's great!

Fri 9-17-10 show

Hi Kurt,


Heard some very nice classical sounding guitar this morning around 6am.  I think you said it was Joe Vega or Mabus?  Unsure.  It was a live performance from 1980? at a place called the 10 pound fiddle?

Hope that is enough information to find out who that was and what song they played. 



Hi, maybe you'd like our music...


I really like you show.  I wish there were a whole station devoted to this kind of music.  2 things you might be interested in:

First, my band, Mistral ( just finished a CD of Breton and French folk music, adding a couple English folk ballads.  I'd like to send you a demo if you're interested. 

I'm part of the Bridgetown Morris Men.  We perform traditional English Morris dancing.  After practice, we go out and do a weekly pub sing, currently located at the Green Dragon on 9th and Belmont, Wednesday at about 9:15pm.  The Brit Folk show was right up our alley!

-Ian Clemons

What was the last song played

What was the last song played Friday morning, February 5, 2010?  It was a song with a line repeating (I think), "I'll go to sea no more", sung by a very familiar voice.  It was such a beautiful arrangement, but when I do a search on those words, I get a song quite different from what I heard this a.m.  Thanks so much.  Carol

playlist question


     Who performed the song "Let's have Christmas in January" which you played around 6:58 AM on Friday 12/18? They Might be Giants? Anyway, my sentiments exactly. Thanks for the music.


Playlist question

Would love to know the name of the song played at approx 6:45 this morning. Woman was wrapping about bomb shelters and marijuana in tupperware(!). Thanks.

Loved today's program

Fundamental cracks in the foundations of our world and society are rarely brought up in conversation, let alone in the media -- and to hear problems of class divisions and despair talked about in such an unscripted and heartfelt way made today's Lark in the Morning broadcast a particular treat.

Keep up the good work!


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