La Ruleta

La Ruleta (The Roulette) is a music show, sometimes in english, sometimes in spanish, focused mainly, but not exclusively, on underground, hard to find, independently produced, non commercial,  limited edition recordings, mostly of Mexican, South American and Spanish origin. Ranging from many musical styles as classical, rock, jazz, experimental, avant garde, indigenous, blues, ethnic, electronic, free jazz, some poetry and theatre.

The Second and Fourth Friday of the month. From 10pm  to Midnight

Past shows can be listened at


La Ruleta es un programa, algunas veces en español, otras en inglés, de música principalmente, pero no exclusivamente, mexicana, sudamericana y española subterránea, no comercial, poco conocida, de producciones y compañías independientes, tocando géneros como el rock, el jazz, experimental, clásica, moderna, blues, jazz libre, indígena, electrónica, teatro y poesía.

Cada segundo viernes de cada mes. De 10 a 12 de la noche.

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Episode Archive

Homenaje a Gustavo Cerati

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 09/12/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Homenaje a Gustavo Cerati
This Friday September 12th, we will pay homage to Gustavo Cerati, who recently passed away. Vocalist and member of Soda Stereo since the 80's, Cerati kept producng and performing after the band's disolution.

An icon of highest regards, Cerati passed away last week, after being in a coma for over 4 years, he was 55 years old.

His pasing leaves millions of fans, and his beloved family.

Let the music speak.

Short Wave: Mexican 1990's POP with some much more!

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 07/11/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Short Wave: Mexican 1990's POP with some much more!

This Friday we'll feature Short Wave, a pop band fom the 1990's in Mexico; we'll have as guest Armando Olveda; drummer and founder of S. W., an artist on his own right, and a resident of Portland, Or, as guest to give us the history of this original band from San Luis Potosi. we will play some music from the state of SLP, as well, as some other music from the area and times.

La Ruleta: 4 Hour Special with Bardo Thodol, Syntoma, The Sacred Cheese and Aristeo

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 06/13/2014 - 8:00pm - Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Bardo Thodol, Aristeo

Join us this Friday the 13th on a 4 hour La Ruleta Special, for some never issued important recordings of the Mexican Underground: BardoyThodol and Aristeo.

We will play some of Bardo Thodol's latest recordings, we will have a guests to it members, Alex Eisenring and Carlos Vivanco on direct line from Mexico City.

We will play some of their most recent recordings, as well as a selection from their vast discography: Syntoma, the Sacred Cheese and Bardo Thodol. We will aslo play an unedited tape by Synthoma.

Also, some never played, recently discovered recordings by Aristeo: Heriberto Montes de Oca, "Frontier of Extremes", from the late 1970's - early 1980-'s.

Murcof, Los Nena.

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 04/11/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Murcof, Los Nena.
This Friday, April 11, 2014, on La Ruleta we will be playing music by Murcof, and Los Nena.

By Murcof (Fernando Corona, Tijuana B.C.N.) we will play its first CD: Martes (Tuesday, 2002).

Renaissance, Lucifer, Iguana

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 03/14/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Renaissance, Lucifer, Iguana
On La Ruleta we will be listening to three very interesting and important albums in the history of Mexican Rock:

Peck-Smyth & Off: "Love"; Compilation of Mexican Techno

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 01/10/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Peck-Smyth & Off: "Love"; Compilation of Mexican Techno
This Friday, on La Ruleta, we'll be playing Peck-Smyth & Off: "Love". Album by this American band, recorded in Mexico in 1975, and released on the ORFEON Label at the time.
Little is known about this band, but their Psychedelic album became a sort of cult among collectors and such, so judge for yourself and enjoy this broadcast.
"Love" is about 40 minutes long, so after, we will enjoy a compilation bu Opcion Sonica by Mexican Techno bands from the 1990's, like Cenobita, LLC, Interface, 29, and many more..

Bardo Thodol and The Holly Cheese

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 12/13/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Bardo Thodol and The Holly Cheese
On La Ruleta we will be having a special special with Bardo Thodol.

Mexican duet by Alex Eisenring and Carlos Vicanco; these recordings are from this year, but they have been playing together for 40 years.

We'll also listen to some recordings by El Queso Sagrado (The Holly Cheese), precisely from 40 years ago, these recordings had never been available before

Arturo Romo from OXOMAXOMA on La Ruleta

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 11/08/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
This Friday on La Ruleta we'll have as guest Arturo Romo, ex-member of the mexican cult band OXOMAXOMA. It will be a pleasant interview with music and experiences of this world Avant-Garde classical band.

La Ruleta on 08/09/13

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 08/09/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Volti, Las Flores del Mal, Interface, Artefakto

On Friday's show we'll be playing newly discovered recordings by the Techno Pop band Volti, two Demo Tapes from 1984.

Also, an All Girl Band, Las Flores de Mal, synths and Techno-like as well from the same era.

And to Artefakto, from Tijuana, and Interface, with the tape Extincion.

La Ruleta on 07/18/13

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Thu, 07/18/2013 - 10:00pm - Fri, 07/19/2013 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
La Ruleta TONIGHT!


ARTURO MEZA Entrevista KBOO 2a. parte

La Ruleta
program date: 
Mon, 06/28/2010

Agradecemos a Alfredo Funetes Feliciano por la edición.

Arturo Meza Entrevista KBOO 1era. parte

La Ruleta
program date: 
Fri, 06/11/2010


La Ruleta playlist for 03/30/2012

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Gerardo EncisoA ContracorrienteA Contracorriente
Gerardo EncisoYa No Me QuedoCuentos del Miedo
Gerardo EncisoUmbralEs Por Ti
Gerardo EncisoRadioEn Vivo en la Peña Cuhicacalli, 1990
Gerardo EncisoDinero al PuebloCuentos del Miedo
Gerardo EncisoSalamadraTararaFugazi
Gerardo EncisoAlquimistaEs Por Ti
Gerardo EncisoLa Primera VezEs Por Ti
Gerardo EncisoEntre la Guerra y la PazCuentos del Miedo
Gerardo EncisoParada SuprimidaEn Vivo en la Peña Cuhicacalli, 1990
Gerardo EncisoMirame DesaparecerTararaFugazi
Gerardo EncisoDonde Estaran?TararaFugazi
Gerardo EncisoEl AbueloTararaFugazi
Gerardo EncisoSol InhaladoTararaFugazi
Gerardo EncisoUna Mirada AsiTararaFugazi
Gerardo EncisoTorres de BabelA Contracorriente
Gerardo EncisoEl Fantasma de CantervilleEn Vivo en la Peña Cuhicacalli, 1990
Gerardo EncisoAireCuentos del MiedoCulebra
Gerardo EncisoYo Te BesareEs Por Ti
Gerardo EncisoQue Quieres de Mi
Gerardo EncisoBull Dog BluesEn Vivo en la Peña Cuhicacalli, 1990
Gerardo EncisoEl Vals de la MuerteCuentos del MiedoCulebra
Gerardo EncisoSangre de PanamaCuentos del MiedoCulebra
Gerardo EncisoEn Brazos del OlvidoEn Vivo en la Peña Cuhicacalli, 1990
Gerardo EncisoTelefonoEs Por Ti
Gerardo EncisoEs Por TiEs Por Ti
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 03/30/2012 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
An Evening with Gerardo Enciso - Una Noche con Gerardo Enciso

This Friday March 3th we'll have as guest Gerardo Enciso, extradrdinary Mexican independent song writer singer with a relevant career of unquestionable quality.

With many official independent productions of poetic and musical weight he will be with us from his home in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, sharing experiences and introducing his songs.


Este Viernes 30 de Marzo estara con nosotros Gerardo Enciso, extraordinario musico independiente mexicano con relevante trayectoria de calidad indiscutible.

Con varias producciones independientes oficiales de peso poetico y musical, Enciso nos acompañara desde Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, compartiendo experiencias de su carrera como cantautor, e introduciendo canciones de su autoria e interpretacion.

La Ruleta playlist for 03/09/2012

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
KhafraNo Pararemos de RockandrolearKhafraAvanzada
AgresorMas Alla dela
KhafraPreferimos MorirKhafraAvanzada
ReptilNo le
KhafraEzquizofreniaKhafraAvanzada Metalica
KhafraKhafraAvanzada Metalica
KhafraRebelde SoyKhafraAvanzada Metalica
ReptilSolo Juega a
KhafraParen el FuegoKhafraAvanzada Metalica
KhafraKhafraAvanzada Metalica

This Friday we listened to Rock from The Border from the State of Sonora, 1980's to 90's, some unreleased; with bands like Reptil, Agresor, Aristeo, Khafra, Hoztl, and many more!.

We had as special guest Police Sanchez, member of Reptil, who introduced the songs.


This broadcast can be listenet to at:


Este viernes escuchamos musica de la Frontera, principalmente del Estado de Sonora, de los 80's y 90's, la mayoria inedita. Con grupos como Reptil, Agresor, Aristeo, Khafra, y muchos mas.
Tuvimos como invitado especial a Police Sanchez, de Reptil, quien introdujo las canciones y compartio experiencias.


Audio de este prorama puede ser escuchado en:

La Ruleta playlist for 01/26/2012

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Tinta BlancaAvandaro, Salmo VII; Salmo VIIIVibraciones del 11 de Septiembre de 1971Polydor
La Revolucion de Emiliano ZapataDig ItVibraciones del 11 de Septiembre de 1971Polydor
MachoSi la Vida Fuera MiaVibraciones del 11 de Septiembre de 1971Polydor
Como Viejos AmigosMarthaVibraciones del 11 de Septiembre de 1971Polydor
La Division del NorteUn Nuevo DiaVibraciones del 11 de Septiembre de 1971Polydor
La Verdad DesnudaUn Nino en el BasureroVibraciones del 11 de Septiembre de 1971Polydor

La Ruleta playlist for 01/13/2012

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
SizeDaily MatrixSize
SizeBar ShipSize
DecibelEl Fin de los DodosContranaturaMomia
DecibelEl Poeta del RuidoContranaturaMomia
Casino ShanghaiHollow BodiesFilmWEA
Casino ShanghaiBreathlessFilmWEA
Casino ShanghaiSexy BodiesFilmWEA
Walter Schmidt and
SizeJuegos de AzarSize
SizeCastillos en el CieloSize
SizeTrafico de EsclavosSize
Casino ShanghaiLip to LipFilmWEA
DecibelTerapia de Faquirato (excerpt)ContranaturaMomia
Walter Schmidt as Guest on La Ruleta
    • When
      Friday Jan. 13th, 2012
    • Time
      8:00pm until 10:00pm
  • Where
    90.7 FM in Portland, Or. on internet:
  • Description

    Friday January 13th, from 8 to 10 PM we had as guest Walter Schmidt; important and prolific figure on the development of underground experimental electronic music in Mexico, as well as Prog Rock, Techno and Syth Pop, since the late 1970's.

    His collaborations (for the most part on independent labels) range from recordings mainly with Decibel (RIO, experimental, late 1970's, to now), as well as Size (Techno, early 1980's), Casino Sganghai (Techno Pop, 1980's), and Robot (Electronic Experimental).

    He was with us from his home in Mexico City, sharing music and experiences from his 35 year-plus career, and presenting Decibel's New Album; Melies.
    With many thanks to Carlos Bautista Rojas for providing most of the music for this show, and to Arturo Castillo for the contact.

    Sound for this broadcast can be fount at:




    Este viernes 13 de enero tuvimos como invitado a Walter Schmidt, figura prolifica e importantisima dentro del desarrollo de la musica experimental electronica subterranea en Mexico, asi como rock progresivo, tecno y pop, desde finales de los 70's.

    Sus colaboraciones (en mayor parte en sellos independientes) van desde grabaciones principalmente con Decibel (rock en oposicion, eperimental; finales de los 70's, hasta la fecha), asi como Size (tecno, principios de los 80's), Casino Shanghai (Tecno Pop), y Robot (Experimental Electronico).

    Nos estuvo acompañando desde su casa en la Ciudad de Mexico, compartiendo musica y experiencias de su carrera de por mas de 35 años, y presentando la mas reciente produccion de Decibel: Melies.

    Con agradecimientos para Carlos Bautista Rojas por compartir la musica para la mayoe parte del programa y a Arturo Castillo por el contacto.

    Este programa puede ser escuchado en:

La Ruleta playlist for 12/16/2011

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Guillermo BriseñoAuscencias e IrreverenciasAuscencias e IrreverenciasFoton
Rolando ChíaBicicletaAlejandra Mostró...Alejandra
Real de CatorceMe Miraba a los OjosReal de CatorceDiscos Mina
Real de CatorceFlores en la VenatanaReal de CatorceDiscos Mina
Real de CatorceSoledad Y SolReal de CatorceDiscos Mina
Chac MoolAdicto al AmorCaricia DigitalWEA
Loch NessFace 1Loch Ness
Ingreso Libero
Henry West
Peace and LoveLatin Pride

Auido for this and other broadcasts can be found at:

La Ruleta playlist for 12/09/2011

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
SizeEl Diablo en el Cuerpo
Sombrero VerdeNo Me Mires AsiTiempo de RockRAFF
Tino Contreras y Su CuartetoLos DiosesUNITEC
Tino Contreras y Su CuartetoLa Rana LocaUNITEC
Gerardo EncisoYa No Me QuedoCuentos del MiedoCulebra
Las Insolitas Imagenes de AuroraEl Safari (Version en Vivo)
OverflowThrough the NightOverflowORFEON
Sun RaWhen Spaceships AppearWhen Spaceships AppearSaturn
Rodrigo GonzalezComo Un Perro en el PerifericoHurbanistoriasPentagrama
Los HooligansCerezo RosaLos HooligansORFEON
La Banda ElasticaAzul OcreAi TencargoLuna Negra
Arturo MezaLa Ultima Batalla70 CentavosGente de México
IconoclastaAlquimiaLa Granja HumanaHILARGI
Los OvnisCuando Era Niño
Les LuthiersLa Bossa NostraLo Peor de Les LuthiersGAMMA
Javier Batiz and the Famous FinksC'Mon and SwimJavier Batiz and the Famous FinksECO
Los MonjesPobre Niña
Los SleepersZombie
KlopfzeichenKluster 1
UnknownUnknownFiestas of Chiapas and OaxacaNonesuch
Arturo MezaVenadito del SolVenadito del SolCentro de Investigaciones Estéticas de la U.NA.M

Sound for this and other broadcasts can be found at:

La Ruleta playlist for 11/10/2011

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
L.A.P.MValiumSick Souls
Tripulante CeroNacion 2
L.A.P.M.Sin TituloSick Souls
L.A.P.M.ArañasSick Souls
La Pira IncendiariaPepe el Toro es IndigenteLa cap ita l era quíAlejandra
L.A.P.M.Despierta de DíaSick Souls
Armando VelascoExtractoInsane Music for Insane People
L.A.P.M.Friday 13 Part 0Sick Souls
F. SteelSolo, Triste y
L.A.P.MMitoteSick Souls
Tripulante CeroMotto
German BringasLa Triste Maquina de Hacer ArrozLa Triste Maquina de Hacer ArrozJazzorca
Gerardo EncisoSol InhaladoTararáFugazi
Musica MayaCinco Siglos de BandasInstituto Nacional Indigenista
F. SteelCí
L.A.P.M.Sick SoulsSick Souls
Gerardo EncisoGuadalajara Otra VezTararáFugazi
F. SteelLá
L.A.P.M.Quiet from HellSick Souls
Mario LavistaPieza para Piano e Instrumentos de VientoVoz Viva de MéxicoU.N.A.M
L.A.P.M.Hope or FearSick Souls
Gerardo EncisoLa Niña ITararáFugazi
Música MayaI.N.II.N.I
Germán BringasLa Triste Máquina de Hacer ArrozLa Triste Máquina de Hacer ArrozJazzorca
Gerardo EncisoLa Niña IITararáFufazi
Música MayaI.N.II.N.I
F. SteelOjos de Niñ
Vistas FijasGotasVistas Fijas
Musica de BandaI.N.I.I.N.I.
Musica de BandaI.N.I.I.N.I.
F. SteelAstgmá
L.A.P.M.Despierta (de Noche)Sick Souls
La Pira IncendiariaErotransporteLa cap ita l era quíAlejandra
Gerardo EncisoLa Busqué, la EncontréTararaFugazi


La Ruleta playlist for 10/27/2011

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
F. SteelFamiliamama se Fue a la
F. SteelMama se Fue a la SelvaMama se Fue a La
F. SteelDolorMama se Fue a La
Fosa ComunArrancandose las UnasFosa Comun
F. SteelSorpresaMama se Fue a La
Jose Alvarez, Arturo RomoPista 01
Fosa ComunLa PiedraFosa Comun
Voldarepetpista 01En Vivo Sala federico Chopin, 1979
F. SteelCentauramama se Fue a la
Talon San CosmePista 03
F. SteelDanza macabramama se Fue a la
VoldarepetPista 02

La Ruleta playlist for 09/30/2011

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
WS Loop Co.The Last LoopClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Dean StyleSame StoryClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
SizeWe Did ItClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Rock by New GigStairwayClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Via LacteaEl Hombre en la Eternidad (Nacimiento)Classical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Dean Style, Little LiesPlanetsClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Manola EleganteDon CocoClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Humberto Alvarez, Eblen MacariMusica InmediataClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Little Lies, ViccoSafariClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
WS/Niño RotoAmarcordClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, Margarita BotelloDatura InoxiaSol CentralLuna Negra
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, Margarita BotelloAmnesiaSol CentralLuna Negra
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, Margarita BotelloEl AvatarSol CentralLuna Negra
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, Margarita BotelloPor los Cuatro CostadosSol CentralLuna Negra
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, Margarita BotelloLa Gran FeriaSol CentralLuna Negra
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, Margarita BotelloCiencias CelestesSol CentralLuna Negra
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, Margarita BotelloLa de los AcertijosSol CentralLuna Negra
Arturo MezaPorque el Amor EsPlaneta MiedoFonarte Latino
Dean Style, Little LiesHartoClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Capitan PijamaLa GataClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Old FashionedChica de NivelClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Dean StyleStrange ThingClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Manola EleganteKing KongClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
WS Loop Co.Tetric AnticsClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
ViccoEsferaClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Illy GotzillaBatucada SiniestraClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
Nazca81Classical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
DecibelYour Shirt is Not CleanClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
A. SanchezThe ClassClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666
SyntomaGeorgieClassical Archievement Series, Cass 6666

Classical Archievement Series, Cass 6666 fue un cassette recopilatorio editado por Walter Schmidt para Archie Patterson a principios de los 80's, y contiene grabaciones ineditas de Decibel, Size, Capitan Pijama y otros musicos e integrantes de diferentes grupos mexicanos. Agradecemos a Tony Coutlier por digitalizar y compartir estas grabaciones de valor incalculable, asi como a Carlos Alvarado por haberselas otorgado a Patterson, hace aproximadamente 30 años.


Escuchalo aqui: (Listen at):


La Ruleta playlist for 07/08/2011

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Luis PerezMexico Magico Cosmico
Nuevo MexicoCeramicaNuevo Mexico
Caja de PandoraApocalipsisCaja de Pandora
High Fidelity OrchestraLas HormigasHigh Fidelity OrchestraMagog 1983
IconoclastaCuentos de ArquiciaIconoclastaRosenbach 1983
La Banda ElasticaInfantes TerriblesLa Banda ElasticaDiscos Tiradero 1986
KaleidoscopeI Think It's All RightKaleidoscopeLa Ciruela Eléctrica
Zig ZagNoches de EstrenoZig ZagOrfeon
Chac MoolEl Fantasma del MuseoCintas en Directopolydor
Dug Dug'sSmogAbre Tu MenteRCA Victor
Al UniversoViajero del EspacioViajero del EspacioOrfeon
EnmedioCambio de ActitudVale VerPentagrama
Via Lactea
Nobilis FactumSuite Natural para EllaNobilis FactumPentagrama
NazcaEl Viaje de los MuertosNazcaNaja
Jose Luis Fernandez LedesmaAlebrijeDicen que Somos Dioses y nos Sonamos HombresSmogless
UndersunEs el TiempoMusica Sin Sombras
SemanforashLa BromaLo ImpredecibleOrfeon
Jorge Reyesla Diosa de las AguilasComalaLejos del Paraiso
DecibelEl Fin de los DodosContranaturaMomia
OxomaxomaBahia AbandonadoSin Boca con los Ojos NegrosAlejandra
Duda MataDuda MataDuda Mata
Mexican Prog Rock @ KBOO, this Friday, July 8th, from 8-10 PM we'll be playing important classic Mexican Rock bands from the 70's and 80's, such as Iconoclasta, Chac Mool, Nazca, High Fidelity Orchestra, Nuevo Mexico, Via Lactea, Aristeo, and more!


Rock Progresivo Mexicano, este viernes 8 de julio de 8 a 10 PM, horario Pacifico, estaremos escuchando Rock Progresivo Mexicano, con grupos clasicos como Iconoclasta, Chac Mool, Nazca, High Fidelity Orchestra, Nuevo Mexico,Via Lactea, Aristeo ,y mucho mas!.


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