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Heavy Metal Vomit Party is an attempt to provide an overview of heavy metal and its sub-genres, from its roots in hard rock from the late 60s to the more extreme modern style. Enough obscurities and detours to keep it interesting, but plenty of heavy riffs to keep you satisfied. Airs every other week after Life During Wartime.

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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 11/19/15

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Thu, 11/19/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 11/05/15

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Thu, 11/05/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 10/22/15

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Thu, 10/22/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 10/08/15

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Thu, 10/08/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 09/24/15

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Thu, 09/24/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 09/10/15

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Thu, 09/10/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 08/27/15

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Thu, 08/27/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 08/13/15

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Thu, 08/13/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 07/30/15

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Thu, 07/30/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 07/16/15

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Thu, 07/16/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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XINR Interview by Dennis Dread

program date: 
Thu, 09/27/2012

Our good friend Dennis Dread did an interview with the surviving members of XINR at their official record release party on Saturday September 15th, 2012 at Portland's EAST END. Erin Yanke helped with the editing, and it aired on Heavy Metal Vomit Party on September 19, 2012. Enjoy!


Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 03/12/2015

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
GriefI Hate YouCome To GriefThrone Records
EmperorI Am The Black WizardsEmperorCandlelight
FurdidurkeNative To A Noxious GlowNativeKlaxon Records
Judas PriestSinnerUnleashed In The EastColumbia
Amon Amarthfree will sacraficeTwilight of the thunder godMetal Blade
acrimonymillion year summertumuli shroomaPeaceville
running wildbeggars rightsPile of SkullsCBM
lecherous Gazenew distortionzeta reticuli bluesTee Pee
MetallicaMotor BreathKill 'Em AllWarner
AsunderWhited SepulcherAsunder/Graves At Sea split20 Buck Spin
Corrosion Of ConformityMad WorldAnimosityDeath Records
DestructionSatan's VengeanceSentence Of DeathMetal Blade Records
warningfootprintswatching from a distanceMiskatonic
ArckanumÞjazagaldrÞÞÞÞÞÞDebemur Morti
Destroyer 666the birth of tragedyPhoenix risingSeason of Mist
pestes lebe der todpestnuclear war now!
Blind GuardianBattlefieldsA Night At The OperaVirgin
Iron MadienRemember TomorrowMaiden JapanHarvest
DarkthroneI Am The Working ClassTacit Sleep
Knelt RoteTacit SleepFrom WithoutCelestial Gang
Buzz*ovenProven WrongWoundAllied Records
GodfleshLike RatsStreetcleanerKreation Records
The first part of the show...
terrorizer after world obliteration world downfall Earache
god macabre in grief the winterlong Blood Harvest
morbid angel rebel lands blessed are the sick earache
disgrace my dark paradise grey misery svart
the crown blitzkieg witchcraft death race king Metal Blade
Vanhelgd dodens maskatan anlete relics of sulphur salvation 20 buck spin
At the Gates eater of gods at war with reality Century Media
Hail Of Rage Priorities Fucking Pissed Anomie Records

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 02/26/2015

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
SatanTrial By FireInto The FireBuried By Time And Dust
BattletornTerminal DawnTerminal DawnMad At The World
SavatageHall Of The Mountain KingHall Of The Mountain KingAtlantic
KarpBacon IndustrySelf-TitledK Records
CorruptedNadieNadieThrone Records
NeurosisBlackPain Of MindAlternative Tentacles
CauchemarSalamandreTenebrarioNuclear War Now!
running wildThe Black Wings of DeathPile of SkullsCBM
DioRock n Roll ChildrenSacred HeartWarner Bothers
Fates WarningKiss of deathNight on BrockenMetal Blade
Judas PriestRock a RollaThe Best ofRCA
MotorheadBeer drinkers and hell raisersbeer drinkersMilan
Reverend BizarreDoom over the Worldcrush the insects
CarcassReek Of PutrefactionSymphonies of SicknessEarache
DarkthroneTransilvanian HungerTransilvanian HungerPeaceville
CirrhusNight Falls And Bestows Insect FixationCirrhusCW Records
dISEMBOWLMENTYour Prophetic Throne Of IvoryTranscendence into the PeriphalRelapse Records
NattefrostTerroristTerroristSouthern Lord
Immortalat the heart of winterat the heart of winterOsmose Productions
Carpathian ForestMask of the SlaveStrange Old BrewMercenary Musik
Grave MiasmaOssuaryOdoratus Sepulcrorumprofound lore
Oranssi PazuzuUraanisulaValonielu20 buck spin
Iron MaidenWasted YearsSomewhere In TimeAtlantic
VenomWarheadWarheadNeat Records
Bolt ThrowerCenotaphWarmasterEarache Records
Morbid AngelChapel Of GhoulsAltars Of MadnessEarache Records
Christian MistressBlack OutDemoUnseen Forces
Nuclear AssaultCold SteelGame OverCombat
Abysmal GriefIgnus FatuusMisfortuneHorror Records
Atlantean KodexEnthroned in cloud and firethe White Goddess20 buck spin
Nihilistrevel in fleshonly shreds remainCandlelight

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 12/18/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
GunRace With The DevilSingle
Electric WizardWitchcult TodayWitchcult TodayRise Above
King DiamondNo Presents For ChristmasNo Presents For Christmas
Syphilitic Vaginas???????Rescued From Life
StitchDevil's DealDevil's Deal
Black Oak ArkansasRace With The DevilRace With The Devil
Motorheadbeer drinkers and hellraisersbeer drinkersmilon
piunk fairiesdo itnever never land
funeral circlescion of infinityfuneral circleshadow kingdom
lord vicarpillars under waterfear no painchurch within
warningechosfrom a distanceMiskatonic
Micheal Schenker GroupLost Horizonss/tChrysalis
RiotLoansharkRestless BreedElektra
Diamond ReoPowerDirty DiamondsKama Sutra
MithrandirEyes of a MadmanMagickNew Leaf
EngorgedSurgery Drugs and Rock n Rollsplit w/ Impaled
Blut Aus NordDisciples LibrationMemoria Vestuta II
HawkwindSeven by SevenLive 70/73
NazarethChangin TimesHair of the Dog
White AshLive with Rock and RollS/T
GirlschoolRace With The DevilDemolition
WinterEternal FrostInto DarknessNuclear Blast
BethlehemDie Anarchische BefreiungDu Sollst Dich TotenRed Stream
CorruptedSus FuturosSe Hace Por Los Suenos AsesinosHG Fact
Judas PriestRace With The DevilSin After Sin
pungent stenchthe ballad of mangled homeboysBeen Caught ButteringNuclear Blast
Manowarblood of my enemiesHell Comes To Your House
aflictedthe rootthe odious reflectionsboot
disgracemy dark paradisegrey miserysvart
edge of sanity--blood of my enemies--spectical of sorrow

Hypocricy--life of filth--penetralia--nuclear blast

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 12/04/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
driller killertoday of the deadthe 4Q mangrenadeOsmose Productions
napalm deathsuffer the childrenharmony corruptionEarache
Exhumedthe power remainsgarbage daze regurgitatedritual records
Pungent StenchWhy can the bodies flydirty rhymes and psycotronic beatsNuclear Blast
pitchshifter(a higher form of) Killingdesensitizedearache
NasumI see liesinhale exhaleRelapse Records
uphill battleforked tongueuphill battleRelapse Records
Ozzy OsbourneMr. CrowleyBlizzard of OzzJet Records
CirrhusNight Falls and Bestows Insect FixationCirrhusCW Records
Blind GuardianWelcom To DyingTales From The Twilight HallCentury Media Records Ltd
KreatorFlag Of hateEndless PainNoise Records
UndergangEnglemagerskenIndhentet Af DodenMe Saco Un Oja
DisruptYou've No One To BlamePeople Killing PeopleSludge Records
ImmortalWinter of AgesBlizzard BeastsOsmose Productions
Vanhelgdmay the worms have mercy on my fleshrelics of sulphur salvation20 buck spin
Atlantean Kodextwelve stars and an Azure GownThe white Goddess20 buck spin
Rotting ChristAs if by MagicA Dead PoemFloga Poem
UtlagrSummer Island1066: Blood and Iron in HastingsSepulchral Productions
AbsutransylvaniaMythological occult metalOsmose Productions
WarlordDeliver UsDeliver UsMetal Blade
SodomBurst Command Til WarIn The Sign Of EvilSteam Hammer
GriefEarthwormCome To GriefThrone Records
Bolt Thrower...For Victory...For VictoryEarache Records
At the GatesEater of Godsat war with realityCentury Media
And Oceans100 Meters FinalWar Vol. ISeason of Mist
HelrunarLoka lögsagaBaldr ok IssLupus Lounge
solsticeCimmerian Codexnew dark ageMiskatonic
FalkenbachWalhallMagni Blandinn okmeintirinapalm records
SlayerAngel of DeathReign In BloodDef jam
Christian MistressPossessionPossessionRelapse Records
Dead Congregation - Only Ashes Remain - Promulgation of the Fall
Wermacht - Beermacht - City Of Thorns
Possessed - Swing the Axe - Metal Massacre VI
Hammers Of Misfortune - The August Engine (Part II) - The August Engine

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 11/20/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
MidnightBlack Rock 'n' RollFarewell To HellNWN! productions
HiraxFear The War WithinBlasted In BangkokDeep Six
Radioactive VomitHowls Emanating From The AbyssWitchbloodAbominate Records
DestruktorMeccademonBestial Mockery splitHell's Headbangers
PlutocracyMizerDankstahzAnomie records
Asbestos DeathThe AnguishUncleanSouthern Lord
AmorphisBlack Winter DayBlack Winter DayRelapse Records
Grave MiasmaDeath's meditative tranceOdoratus Sepulcrorumprofound lore
the crownBlitzkrieg Witchcraftdeath race kingMetal Blade
Isen TorrThe TheomachistMighty and Supirrior
sacraphixFatal Fromellesthe western frontnuclear war now!
Bolt ThrowerMercenarymercenaryMetal Blade
XibalbaCarchah/Sac Ibteeloob CabAh Dzam Poop EkNWN! productions
Bone AwlYou're LateNight's MiddleKlaxon Records
VordrAn Ending In SolitudeIIIDeviant Records
VolahnUno Con KaosDimensiones Del Trance KosmicoKlaxon Records
WulkanazHaifstjan Dauri DiupiþaPaúrpura FræovíbôkôsSeed Stock
eyehategodcrimes against skinTake As Needed For PainCentury Media
Atlantean Kodexenthroned in cloud and firethe White Goddess20 buck spin
IBridges of FireBetween Two WorldsOsmose Productions
Celtic FrostJewel ThroneTragic SerenadesCombat
Black SabbathLord Of This WorldMaster Of RealityNems
SatanHeads Will RoleKiss of DeathBuried By Time And Dust
The Ruins of BeverastMaleficaBlood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich KramerVan Records
GodfleshChristbait RisingStreetcleanerEarache Records
CauchemarSalamandreTenebrarioNWN! productions
Mournful Congregationconcresence of the sophiaconcrescence of the sophia20 buck spin

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 11/06/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
Electric Wizardfuneral of your mindTime to DieWitchfind
King DiamondHaloweenthe dark sidesRoadrunner
Nazarethexpect no mercyexpect no mercyA&M
HellhammerAggressorApocalyptic RaidsNoise
DrudkhThe glare of 1768The swan roadSupernal music
AcceptMonstermenRussian Rouletteportrait
Dead CongregationSchismaPromulgation Of The FallNorma Evangelium Diaboli
The Ruins Of BeverastDaemonBlood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich KramerVan Records
GorgorothFuneral ProcessionUnder The Sign Of HellBack On Black
DeathGenetic ReconstructionSpiritual HealingRelapse Records
The WhipFreelance liaisonFreelance LiaisonWantage
WitchcraftI know you killed someoneIf Crimson was your colorRise Above Records
Lucifers FriendFree BabyLucifers FriendBillingsgate
BudgieWondering what everyone knowsIn for the killMCA UK
Manilla RoadFlaming Metal SystemCrystal LogicHigh Roller
Reverend BizarreChildren of DoomThulsa DoomAftermath
At the Gatesthe book of sandat war with realityCentury Media
Immortalwinter of agesBlizzard BeastsOsmose Productions
Mournful CongregationSilence of the passedconcrescence of sophia20 buck spin
Vanhelgdrelics of sulphur salvationrelics of sulphur salvation20 buck spin
Meads of asphodelapocalypse of lazarusthe murder of jesus the jewCandlelight
unseen terrorgarfield for presedenthuman errorEarache
Pagan AltarSamhainMythical And MagicalBuried By Time And Dust
Witchfinder GeneralDeath PenaltyLive '83Nuclear War Now!
SatanBreak FreeInto The FireBuried By Time And Dust
VenomCry WolfAt War With SatanNeat Records
AmebixChain ReactionThe Power RemainsSkuld Release
Bolt Throwerno guts no glorymercenaryMetal Blade
manowarheart of steelkings of metalAtlantic
the crownblitzkrieg witchcraftdeath race kingMetal Blade
eyehategod - Kill your boss - take as needed for pain - Century media
Cathedral -Earth Messiha -carnival beyond redemption - Earache
Pungent stench - Vive la muerte - Dirty ryhmes and psycotronic beats

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 10/23/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
SlayerThe AntichristShow No MercyMetal Blade Records
ExodusMetal CommandBonded By BloodMusic For Nations
Dark AngelMerciless DeathWe Have ArrivedMetalstorm Records
TestamentInto The PitThe New OrderMegaforce Records
Nuclear AssaultBrainwashedSurviveIRS
HiraxBombs of DeathRaging ViolenceMetal Blade Records
MetallicaSeek & DestroyKill 'Em AllMegaforce Records
King DiamondHalloweenDark SidesRoadrunner
Acid WitchWitchfinder finderStonedhells headbangers
Electric WizardScorpio's curseBlack MassesRise Above
Cathedrala Funeral RequestCosmic RequiumEarache
MayhemNecrolustDeath CrushBack on Black
Iron maidenthe DrifterThe DrifterEMI
SodomTurn your head aroundBetter Off Deadsteamhammer
ContopotereUnisonNessuna Speranza Nessuna Painaundefined
DanavaQuiet Babies Astray in a MangerQuiet Babies Astray in a MangeKemado
Atlantean KodexThe Golden BoughDisciples of the Iron CrownCruz del Sur
CarcassGenital Grinder/Regurgitation of GibbletsReek Of PutrefactionEarache
Morbid AngelChapel Of GhoulsAltars Of MadnessEarache
KerosphorusLocus NexusNecronautNWN! productions
Buzzov*enFrayedTo A FrownAllied Recordings
CauchemarLa Feu Du SolielTenebrarioNWN! productions
EyehategodBlankTake As Needed For PainCentury Media Records Ltd
Vanhelgddodens maskatna anletarelics of sulphur salvation20 buck spin
Necros ChristosBaal of EkronDoom of The OccultVan
Longmont Potion CastleMetal InterludeHatebeak Splitreptilian
Saturnalia TempleBlack Magic MetalAion of DrakonNuclear Winter Records
BathoryThe return of darkness and evilThe ReturnBlack Mark
EntombedBlessed BeClandestineEarache
Bone SicknessTied to the StakeAlone in the Grave20 Buck Spin
saxon - power and the glory - carrere
Satan - Trial By Fire - Court In The Act

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 10/08/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
cathedralcommiserating the celebrationForest Equalibriumearache
Vanhelgddodens maskatna anleterelics of sulphur salvation20 buck spin
Angel WitchgorgonAngel WitchEarmark
ImmortalMountains of mightBlizzard BeastsOsmose Productions
Abysmal GriefCrypt of HorrorMisfortuneHorror Records
Hooded menaceEyeless hordfulfill the cursedoomentia
BurzumWarAskeback on black
Twilight of the GodsDestiny forged in bloodFire on the MountainSeason of Mist
Inquisitionjoined by dark matterObscure Verses for the MultiverseSeason of Mist
solsticeThe sleeping TyrantNew Dark AgeMyskatonic
SatyriconDark medieval timesDark Medieval Timesmoonfog
Urfaustein leerest sauberspielder freiwilige betlerVan
Isen TorrMighty & SupirriorMighty and Supirrior
Atlantean Kodexenthroned in clouds and firethe white goddess20 buck spin
LoudnessCrazy nightsthunder in the eastAtco
the crowndeath explosiondeath race kingMetal Blade
Carcassnoncompliance to ASTM F 899-12 StandardSurgical SteelNuclear Blast
Necros ChristosBaal of EkronDoom of The OccultVan
BolzerEntranced by the wolfschookAurairon bonehead
Wnterservants of the warsmeninto darknesssouthern lord
Nokturnal MortemWhite TowerVoice of steelOsmose Productions
Grave MiasmaDeath's Meditative TranceOdoratus Sepulcrorumprofound lore
Mournful CongregationSuicide ChoirThe June FrostOstra

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 09/25/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
bathorytotal destructionthe returnBlack Mark
Bachtoccata and fuge in D minorfour great organ toccatasmelodiya
pestes lebe der todpestnuclear war now!
morgioninvalid prodigyamong magestic ruinKreation Records
october tideall painted cold12 days of rainnorthern silence
Cult of Daathpiercing the thoraxrazor warnuclear war now!
VoivodKorgull The ExterminatorRrroooaaarrrCombat
DestructionMad ButcherSentence Of DeathMetal Blade Records
SavatageHall Of The Mountain KingHall Of The Mountain KingAtlantc Records
CauchemarLe Voile D'IsisLa Vierge NoireNWN! productions
VenomWelcome To HellWelcome To HellNeat Records
DarkthroneNorway In SeptemberDark Thrones and Black FlagsPeaceville
King DiamondHaloweenthe dark sidesRoad Runner
Spiritus MortisSunriseFall of the IdolsI Hate Records
Atlantean KodexSol Invictusthe White Goddess20 buck spin
CandlemassAncient DreamsAncient DreamsSvart Records
Thorr's HammerNorgeDommedagsnattSouthern Lord
WinterEternal FrostInto DarknessNuclear Blast
AsunderThe Fall Of EldersLike Flies On Flesh splitLife Is Abuse
ArckanumÞann SvartísÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞDebemur Morti
blood of kinguHerald of the Aeon of DarknessSun in the House of the Scorpionback on black
Necros ChristosSuccumed to Sarkum PhagumDoom of The OccultVan Records
CathedralA Funeral RequestForest EqualibriumEarache
Black WitcheryBlood OathUpheaval Of Satanic MightNWN! productions
BlasphemyNocturnal SlayerGods Of WarOsmose Productions
Knelt RoteUsurpationTrespassNWN! productions
RevengeBanner DegradationScum.Collapse.EradicationNWN! productions
ConquerorInfinite MajestyWar.Cult.SupremecyOsmose Productions
UrfaustVom Gesicht Ind NatselDer Freiwillige BettlerVan Records

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 09/11/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
Iron MaidenRunning FreeIron MaidenHarvest Records
Iron MaidenKillersKillersCapitol Records
Iron MaidenGanglandThe Number Of The BeastHarvest Records
Iron MaidenFlight Of IcarusPiece Of MindCapitol Records
Iron MaidenAces HighPowerslaveCapitol Records
Iron MaidenWasted YearsSomewhere In TimeCapitol Records
Iron MaidenThe Evil That Men DoSeventh Son Of The Seventh SonCapitol Records
Motorheadthe watcherOn paroleEMI
Motorheadleaving hereCity Kids LivePlatinium
MotorheadLimb from limboverkillEMI
Motorheadstep downBomberProfile
MotorheadNo ClassNo Sleep Til Hammersmithbronze
MotorheadSpeed FreakIron Fistbronze
Excruciating TerrorE.T.Divided We FallPessimiser
DystopiaSocialized Death SentenceThe Aftermathlife is abuse
GaspCan't Seem A Mongrel BlyDrome Triler for the Puzzle Zoo PeopleSlap-A-Ham
Man is the BastardTykeThoughtlessGravity
Vile Horrendous Aerial BombardmentAcehSovereignty In RubbleUnrealeased
Discordance AxisIkaruga3 Way SplitHG Fact
Noothgrush29th ScrollFailing Early, Failing OftenSlap-A-Ham
GodfleshCrush My SoulSelflessEarache
GriefLifelessTurbulent TimesSouthern Lord
Uncle Acid and the DeadbeatsRitual knifeBlood LustRise Above
CathedralEbony TearsForest EqualibriumEarache
Amebixright to rideArise!Alternative Tentacles
Bleak HouseTo the GodsBleak houseHR
KnirschendTranscending The Necessity Of GodS/TSelf Realeased
MoonbloodSarg & TodTaste our German Steel
Sodom - Witching Metal - In The Sign Of Evil
Darkthrone - Det Svartner Na - Hate Them
Venom - In League With Satan - Welcome to Hell
Grim Reaper - See You In Hell - See You In Hell
The Crown - Blitzkrieg Witchcraft - Deathrace King
Arckanum - Pann Svarts - Thurz 
Black Widdow - Come to the Sabbath - Sacrifice
Immortal - at the Heart of Winter - At the Heart of Winter
Bathory - Sadist - Return...


not enough Nuge!!

....well like I said......Not enough Nugent.



is this show off the air

weres the fucking metal?

Rev. Pat Spatters Top 5 ALL TIME

VENOM- At War With Satan



IRON MAIDEN- Number Of the Beast



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