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Episode Archive

Eastside Sound on 06/04/12

Air date: 
Mon, 06/04/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Singer-guitarist Bronwynne Brent from New Orleans will join us for a live performance + interview.

On today's program, guest host Andy Hosch welcomes contemporary folk singer-songwriter-guitarist Bronwynne Brent to the KBOO studios for a live performance and interview. And we'll hear selections from her debut CD, "Deep Black Water". Currently on a West Coast tour, Bronwynne Brent will be performing Thursday evening at Portland's Alberta Street Pub (9:30-11:45 pm)



Eastside Sound on 09/26/11

Air date: 
Mon, 09/26/2011 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Music from the eastside

Eastside Sound on 03/28/11

Air date: 
Mon, 03/28/2011 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Making waves at SxSW and in Portland!

Rascho is on the loose this week, and he's left me, VJ, in charge. Oh dear.

On this episode of the Eastside Sound, we look at local and Canadian performers who made waves at South by Southwest (SxSW) , and/or will be coming to Portland in the next month.

Here's what we heard...

Check out what we'll be checking out...


Casey Neill Live! In Studio One on the Eastside Sound Feb 25 2013

program date: 
Mon, 02/25/2013

On February 25, 2013  it was my pleasure to welcome

Casey Neill

Live! In Studio One

Happy trails


  • Length: 30:28 minutes (69.74 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

Lewi Longmire Live! In Studio One on the Eastside Sound Jan 14 2013

program date: 
Mon, 01/14/2013

On January 14, 2013 it was my pleasure to welcome

Lewi Longmire

Live! In Studio One

Happy trails


  • Length: 43:57 minutes (100.6 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

Jerry Joseph Live! In Studio One December 31,2012

program date: 
Mon, 12/31/2012

On December 31, 2012 it was my pleasure to welcome

Jerry Joseph

Live! In Studio One

Happy trails


Live! on the Eastside Sound

program date: 
Mon, 04/23/2012

What an honor to host

Live! in Studio 1


Dan Haley and Tim Acott


happy trails


The Student Loan LIVE! on the Eastside Sound

program date: 
Mon, 03/12/2012


On March 12, 2012 it was my pleasure to welcome

LIVE! in Studio One



The Student Loan            http://www.thestudentloanmusic.com


Happy trails



Live! Music February 27, 2012 on the Eastside Sound

program date: 
Mon, 02/27/2012


On February 27, 2012 I was honored to host in Studio 1 some of the progenitors of THE Eastside Sound


Bingo Richey - Jim Boyer - Dave Reich

Happy trails


Live! Music February 27, 2012 on the Eastside Sound

program date: 
Mon, 02/27/2012


 On February 27, 2012 it was my pleasure to welcome into Studio One


The Waxwings



 Happy Trails,


LIVE MUSIC on the Eastside Sound

program date: 
Mon, 01/30/2012



Live in Studio1

Music for your Monday afternoon



Here is the aircheck from the scene

Happy trails



LIVE MUSIC on the Eastside Sound

program date: 
Mon, 01/30/2012


 What fun having LIVE in Studio1

The Tumblers



This is the aircheck of their historic performance

Happy Trails


  • Title: The Tumblers
  • Length: 25:50 minutes (23.65 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Eastside Sound - Concert Special

program date: 
Mon, 02/14/2011


The Eastside Sound

Music for your Monday Afternoon

from the KBOO archive


 Doc Watson and Merle Watson in Concert

Reed College   -  February 14th, 1971 -  Portland, Oregon

1st Set

-Introduction  -Traveling Man  -Good Old Rough and Rowdy Ways  -Black Mountain Rag  -Going Down the Road Feeling Sad  -A'roving on a Winter's Night  -Georgie  -Open Up the Pearly Gates for Me  -The Streamlined Cannonball  -You Gonna Be Sorry For What You Done -Brown's Ferry Blues

2nd Set

-I Didn't Have Nobody  -Tennessee Stud  -BlackJack County Chain  -The Shiek of Araby  -Windy and Warm  -Preacher Jokes  -I Couldn't Believe It Was True  -Flint Hill Special  -Foggy Mountain Breakdown  -Sweet Georgia Brown

Happy trails



Eastside Sound playlist for 04/25/2011

Air date: 




 The Eastside Sound playlist for April 25, 2011

Ages and Ages - Alright You Restless - Under a Cloud Shaped Like a Tomb

Brown Recluse - Evening Tapestry (Slumberland) - Paisley Tears

The Big Ideas - Live at The Banana Stand (promo) - Frontin'

Isaac Allen - Don't Smoke (Horizon) – Saddle

Bing Ji Ling - Shadow To Shine (Tummi Touch Records) - Bye Bye


Wy'East - An EP In Eight Parts - Long Gone

Swoop Swoop - Lust Collage  - Your Blood is in My Blood - Metal Postcard

Wheat & Water - Left Hand Blue - Cow Song

AB and the Sea - Run, Run, Run - Take It Easy

Travis Peterson Band - This Time Around - You Don't Even Know My Name


Davis Coen - Blue Lights For Yours and Mine (Soundview) - Mambo Jumbo

Davis Coen - Blue Lights For Yours and Mine (Soundview) - Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand

Davis Coen - Jukebox Classic (Soundview) - Better World

Davis Coen - Jukebox Classic (Soundview) - Don't Ever Be Sorry

Davis Coen - Jukebox Classic (Soundview) - Waitin' on a Fire


Abigail Washburn - City of Refuge - Last Train

The Black Lillies - 100 Miles of Wreckage (Attack Monkey) - Two Hearts Down

The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow - Barton Hollow

Steve Smith Chris Sanders & Hard Road - Signs Along the Road (Desert Night Music) - All Things Left Behind

Malcolm Holcolmbe - To Drink The Rain - the mighty city


Adele - Adele21 (Columbia) - Rolling in the Deep

Healing Sixes - Bluejay - End of Always

Gregg Allman - Low Country Blues (Rounder) - Rolling Stone

Buffalo Tom - Skins (Scrawny Records) - Arise, Watch

Stellarondo - Three Cowgirls on Redchurch


The Black Lillies - 100 Miles of Wreckage (Attack Monkey) - The Arrow

Eastside Sound playlist for 04/11/2011

Air date: 


  Eastside Sound playlist for April 11, 2011



 1 - High Atmosphere - Diana Jones - High Atmosphere (Proper Records)

2 - Little Wing - Lisa Biales - Closet Hippie

3 - Drop - Elephant Revival - Break in the Clouds (Ruff Shod Records)

4 - Copenhagen - Lucinda Williams - Blessed (Lost Highway Records)

5 - Go To France - Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds (Yep Roc Music)

6 - Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich - A Million Miles Out (Dirty Hit)

7 - From The Echo - Cyndi Harvell - From The Echo (Citrus to Citrus)

8 - Lord Only Knows - Emilie Mover - Seems So Long

9 - Intertwined - Maggie Bjorklund - Coming Home (Bloodshot Records)

10 - Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov - This Empty Northern Hemisphere (Suitcase Town Music)

11 - Hard Times - Rebecca Pronsky - Viewfinder (Nine Mile Records)

12 - Look At The State We're In - Riley Etheridge Jr - Powder Keg (Rock Ridge Music)

13 - Almost Fine - Karin Savoca - Promise (Alcove Music)

14 - People Have Spoken - Hotels & Highways - Lost River (Co-op)

15 - Yes We Can Can - Davis Coen - Ill Disposition (219 Records)

16 - I Sing - Joe Crookston - Darkling & the Bluebird Jubilee (Milagrito Records)

17 - Be the Boss - Mike and Ruthy - Million To One (Humble Abode Music)

18 - Roll On, John Herald - Andy Friedman - Laserbeams and Dreams (City Salvage Records)

19 - Farm in New Hampshire - Robert Sarazin Blake - A Long Series of Memorable Nights Forgotten - The Belfast Sessions (Same Room Records)

20 - El Gato - Jugalbandi - From Is To Was (Sonicmine)

21 - Hang Me - Mike and Ruthy - Waltz of the Chickadee (Humble Abode Music)

22 - Is Anybody Goin To San Antone -Tom Corbett - Tonight I Ride (Roundhole Records)

23 - Jackson - US 32 - Tumblin' Home

24 - Girl From The North Country - Mason Porter -Story of the Rifle (Mathom)

25 - Frankie and Johnny - Mason Porter -Story of the Rifle (Mathom)

26 - Dark Gray Horses - Dennis Crommett - In The Buffalo Surround (Signature Sounds)

27 - Over the Rainbow - Cathy Brittell & William Limbach - One Autoharp One Guitar Two Voices (Larkpoint Music)

Eastside Sound playlist for 03/28/2011

Air date: 

Domo kun!Thanks so much for listening to the Eastside Sound, and thanks, Rascho, for letting me spin some tunes.

The theme of the show, at least initially, was great performers coming to town. Here's the list of who, what, where, and when:

Date Performer Venue
Monday, 3/28 The Luyas Doug Fir
Tuesday, 3/29 Said the Whale Backspace (all ages)
Wednesday, 3/30  Little Scream Doug Fir
Monday, 4/4 Ron Sexsmith Doug Fir
Saturday, 4/9 Rural Alberta Advantage   Doug Fir

Here's what we played:

Time   Artist Track Album
2:02 The Luyas Tiny Head Too Beautiful to Work
2:06 Said the Whale Black Day in December  Islands Disappear
____back announce_________
2:11 Said the Whale Gentleman Islands Disappear
2:13 Little Scream The Heron & the Fox Little Scream
2:19 Rural Alberta Advantage   Don't Haunt this Place Hometowns
____back announce_________
2:24 Rural Alberta Advantage  Stamp Departing
2:27 Ron Sexsmith Love Shines Long Player Late Bloomer
____back announce_________
  Julie Doiron I woke myself up Woke Myself Up
2:39 Julie Doiron Consolation Prize I wonder what you did with your day
2:41 golden dogs Lester  
2:44 Crystal Castles Not in Love Crystal Castles (II)
2:48 Shad We, Myself, & I TSOL
2:52 The Dears Omega Dog Degeneration Street
____back announce_________
3:00 Diamond Rings Give it Up Special Affections
3:05 Malajube Montreal -40C Trompe d'Oeil
3:08 Young Galaxy Peripheral Visionaries Shapeshifting
3:12 Justin Rutledge Be a Man The Early Widows
____back announce_________


Women Eyesore Public Strain
3:29 Wolf Parade Oh you, old thing Expo 86
3:35 Black Mountain Old Fangs Wilderness Heart
____back announce_________
  Pink Mountaintops the Gayest of Sunbeams Outside Love
  The New Pornographers  The body says no Mass Romantic
  The Donner Party Sickness Complete Recordings
3:52 Choir Practice Failsafe Choir Practice
3:55 Stars I died so I could haunt you   The Five Ghosts
3:59 Broken Social Scene Meet Me in the Basement Forgiveness Rock Record

Eastside Sound playlist for 03/15/2011

Air date: 



March 14th, 2011 from 2pm until 4pm

A Women's History Month Special

Lisa Lepine Promotion Queen (the first to define Portland's Eastside Sound) has been instrumental in Portland's music scene, particularly in her support of emerging women artists. In Celebration of Women’s History Month, she shares the history of local women’s music from the late 80’s to today.


Artist:                          Margaret Slovak

Song:              To the Far Side of the Sea

Album:            Undying Hope

Label:             N/A


Artist:              Margaret Slovak

Song:              Stored in a Shell

Album:            Undying Hope

Label:             N/A


GIRLS NIGHT OUT (Late 80’s):

Artist:              Corona Hats & The Space Angels

Song:              Little Drops of Blood

Album:            Dream Seamstress

Label:             N/A



Artist:              Lynn Conover

Song:              Walkin’

Album:            Live at LaurelThirst Volume 1 (compilation)

Label:             Rainforest Records


Artist:              Crackpots

Song:              Righteous Sista

Album:            Live at LaurelThirst Volume 1 (compilation)

Label:             Rainforest Records


Artist:              McKinley

Song:              Dorothy

Album:            Live at LaurelThirst Volume 1 (compilation)

Label:             Rainforest Records


Artist:              Flatirons

Song:              Wildfire

Album:            Live at LaurelThirst Volume 2 (compilation)

Label:             LaurelThirst Records


Artist:              Little Sue

Song:              Sweetie

Album:            Live at LaurelThirst Volume 2 (compilation)

Label:             LaurelThirst Records




Artist:              Cheralee Dillon

Song:              Little Yellow Lemon

Album:            Citron

Label:              Glitterhouse Records - Germany


Artist:              The Shivers

Song:              Love Other Gone

Album:            The Shivers

Label:              Restless Records


Artist:              Petty Cash

Song:              Soul Fork

Album:            Shrouded by Angels

Label:             N/A


DAISYCHAIN MUSIC FAIR (Turn of the Century):

Artist:              Dahlia

Song:              Movin’ On

Album:            FLUX: A Benefit for Casa (compilation)

Label:             N/A


Artist:              Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

Song:              Crocodile Man

Album:            Tanglewood Tree

Label:             Signature Sounds


Artist:              Dirty Martini featuring Leah Kruger

Song:              It’s Only Music

Album:            Mississippi Studios Live Volume 1 (compilation)

Label:                         N/A


Artist:              Amelia

Song:              St James

Album:            FLUX: A Benefit for Casa (compilation)

Label:             N/A


Artist:              Kate Power & Steve Einhorn

Song:              My Love

Album:            Brick & Mortar

Label:             Quality Folk


Artist:              Doris Daze

Song:              Wall Down

Album:            Uncle

Label:             Rainforest Records



Artist:              Annie Bethancourt

Song:              Oh, What’s a Girl to Do?

Album:            Three Hundred Suns

Label:             N/A


WOMEN WHO ROCK (2000’s):

(showcase series produced by Eric Kotila)

Artist:              Reina Collins with Paula Sinclair   

Song:              Sisters in Crime         

Album:            Austin to Boston      

Label:             N/A


Artist:              HaléLupé

Song:              Love Me Twice

Album:            The Heart of Things

Label:             N/A


Artist:              Pilar French

Song:              Closer

Album:            Butterfilies

Label:             N/A


SWAN DAY (Support Women Artists Now):


Artist:              Carley Baer

Song:              The Rain Song

Album:            You Can’t Control the Weather

Label:             N/A



Artist:             Rachel Taylor Brown          

Song:              Venice is Sinking     

Album:            Jonah Days  

Label:            Shrewd Rube Records       


Artist:              Storm

Song:              Asylum

Album:            Dearly Departed (compilation)

Label:             K Wheel Records



Artist:              Brownish Black

Song:              Footsteps

Album:            That Love

Label:             N/A



Eastside Sound playlist for 02/28/2011

Air date: 

The Eastside Sound for February 28, 2011

Music for your Monday afternoon



1 - Busted - Wanda Jackson - The Party Ain't Over
2 - T.Bird - Rocky Roberts & the Airdales - Wasa Wasa
3 - What'd I Say - Mel Melton & the Wicked Mojos - Papa Mojo's Roadhouse
4 - Wine Woogie - Marvin Phillips & His Men From Mars - Wasa Wasa
5 - Mellow Moonlight - Leon Haywood - Wasa Wasa

6 - Under the Sun - Under The Sun Orchestra - Cult Cargo
7 - A Mellow Mood - Floyd Morris - Wasa Wasa
8 - Calabo Calabao - La Tromba - Palenque Palenque
9 - Funky Soul - Henry Battiste - Wasa Wasa
10 - Lay Your Burden Down - Buckwheat Zydeco - Lay Your Burden Down

11 - Six White Horses - Johnny Cash - Bootleg Vol II
12 - Hands of God - Wink Keziah - Hard Times
13 - Reckless Side of Me - The Steeldrivers - Reckless
14 - Black Elk Speaks - Railroad Earth - Railroad Earth
15 - I Worn My Body For So Long - T Model Ford & GravelRoad - Taildragger


16 - Mi Declaracion - Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell - Lagrimas Mexicanas
17 - T'es Pas La Meme - Pine Leaf Boys - Homage au Passe
18 - La Valse a Pop - Linzay Young & Joel Savoy
19 - Krafta - David Greely - Sud du sud
20 - Dylan Song - Jo El Sonnier - Wheres That Music Coming From

21 - Winter is the Warmest Time of the Year - Corin Raymond - There Will Always Be A Small Time
22 - Old Black Dodge - Sean Rowe - Magic
23 - Tornado 87 - The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing
24 - Canary - The Poor Nobodys - Until I Uproot and Walk Again
25 - When the Walls Come Tumblin' Down - One Left - This Land I Love

 26 - Dying to Make a Living - Rich & the Po' Folk - When The Whistle Blew
27 - Save Me - Lynn Miles - Fall For Beauty
28 - Muscle Relaxants - The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing
29 - Tous Les Soirs - Linzay Young & Joel Savoy

Eastside Sound playlist for 01/31/2011

Air date: 

A Membership Drive edition of the

Eastside Sound

Every other Monday 2pm to 4pm

Music for your Monday afternoon (usually)


Along the Navojo Trail         Hot Club of Cowtown     What Makes Bob Holler

Bruised by Tears                  Sassparilla                        Ramshackle

All That You Dream             Michael J Miles                Collage

Never So Good Together     Annemarie Russell            100 Reasons

City of Refuge                      Abigail Washburn             City Of Refuge

Bluejay on the Wrenhouse    Healing Sixes                    Bluejay

Tasty Vintage                       Lincoln's Beard                Brothers Grace

behind the number one         Malcolm Holcombe          To Drink The Rain

Say                                     Emily Arin                         Patch Of land

Oh! Sunny Day                   JT Nero                            Mountains/Forests

Partake                               Curtis & the Dilettantes     Tales Of A Traveller

I Wanna Meet Jesus          Will White                         Rise Above

Take Off                            Northern Departure           Cleared For Takeoff

Wild Hog in the Woods     Foghorn Duo                     Lonesome Song

Gone Away                       Lincoln Crockett

Ominous Anonymous        Frank Solivan & the Dirty Kitchen

Octopus Tree                    Jared Miles                         Rocketship



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Eastside Sound playlist for 01/03/2011

Air date: 
Amy AnnelleThe Hellhound's AddressThe Cimarron Banks
The Blackberry BushesI'm On FireA Little Bit Of Grace
Lincoln CrockettSawdust SettlerAngels and Devils Alike
Joe DiffieHard to HandleHomecoming
Alejandro EscovedoShelling RainStreet Songs of Love
Future HistoriansFlathead LakeIf You Slip Into The Fog
Green WhiskeyOne Phone CallTriple Shot High
HillstompOld Plank RoadDarker The Night
Infamous StringdustersYou Can't Stop The ChangesThings That Fly
The Lew Jones ActSave Me From This RepetitionAnthology II - A New Past
Kites and CrowsShe Hangs The MoonGolden Room
Lincoln's BeardBefore You Walked InBrothers Grace
Mighty GhostsThe Kind of Gals I KnowAberdeen
Not An AirplaneOur TimeThings and People
Over The HillFloridaThe Album Is Dead
Matthew PriceOut of Sight Out of MindStranded
Red HorseI Am A ChildRed Horse
Caleb StineAin't NobodyAin't Nobody
William TylerTerrace of the Leper KingBehold the Spirit
Upside DownWounded KneeThe Town With Bad Wiring
Sharon Van EttenSave YourselfEpic
Kendl WinterWaiting for the TakerApple Core
Super XX ManBroken BranchWhite Bed
Y La BambaWinter's SkinLupon
The FallmenLast WaltzLife is Pain
Caleb KlauderMy Baby Came BackWestern Country

Every other Monday from 2pm until 4pm

The Eastside Sound

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2010 New Release Show

An A to Z selection from some of 2010's new releases (except for Q & Z)

Eastside Sound playlist for 12/20/2010

Air date: 
Leon RedboneMississippi Delta Blues
CW StonekingJungle Blues
Minnie WallaceThe Old Folks Started It
Memphis Jug BandStealin' Stealin'
Mighty GhostsPick 'Em Up PappyAberdeen
DecembristsA Record YearAlways the Bridesmaid
DecembristsLegionaires LamentCastaways and Cutouts
DecembristsAnnan WaterHazards of Love
Decembrists16 Military WivesPicaresque
DecembristsRaincoat SongAlways the Bridesmaid
Lloyd Jones StruggleI'm a Fool for YouHave Mercy
Too Many CooksRobert Cray Band
Curtis Salgado & Terry RobbHit It 'n Quit ItHit It 'n Quit It
Paul deLay BandLost in a DreamLast of the Best
John NemethBreakin' FreeName the Day
Foghorn DuoGreenback Dollar
Be Good TanyasReuben
Be Good TanyasOh Susanna
Foghorn DuoGreen River Waltz
Be Good TanyasCrow Waltz
Joe McMurrianBlack Water at My DoorGet Inside This House
Joe McMurrianGet Inside This HouseGet Inside This House
Joe McMurrianI'm So GladGet Inside This House
Caleb KlauderMy Times Gonna ComeWestern Country
Caleb KlauderSatisfied MindWestern Country
Caleb KlauderWhat was I Supposed To Do?Western Country

The Eastside Sound

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Music for your afternoon

Eastside Sound playlist for 12/06/2010

Air date: 
Blue GiantBlue SunshineBlue Giant
Frontier RuckusSilverfishesDead Malls and Night Falls
Sharon Van EttenSave YourselfEpic
Kurt HagardornHeartbeatLeaves
Y La BambaWinter's SkinLupon
Wayward VesselWinter SongWayward Vessel
The WinterlingsBird in the CornAnimal Groom
The Civil WarsBirds of a FeatherBarton Hollow
SassparillaTicket to RideRamshackle
Joe McMurrianCuckoo BirdGet Inside This House
Honeyboy EdwardsMojo HandWest Helena to Chicago
Dr Hector & the Groove InjectorsDoing All the Wrong Things RightSlide Guitar Blues
Sunnyland SlimHighway 61
Hubert SumlinDissatisfiedAmerican Folk Blues Festival
Super XX ManWhite BedWhite Bed
James LowBuilt to LastMexiquita
Pete YornRock CrowdPY
Tired PonyI am the LandslideThe Place We Ran From
Kendl WinterWaiting for the TakerApple Core
Chatham County LineBirmingham JailIV
Leo KottkeWatermelon6 & 12 Sting Guitar
HillstompCrawdad HoleDarker the Night
Los LobosEverybody Loves a TrainColossal Head
Freak Mountain RamblersTransmissionPickathon Live Vol. 1
Little SueScary PlacesThe Long Goodbye

The Eastside Sound

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Eastside Sound playlist for 11/22/2010

Air date: 
Kurt HagardornBlown AwayLeaves
Only a DreamLeaves
Tail LightsLeaves
Mighty GhostsAberdeenAberdeen
The Land of Milk and HoneyAberdeen
Pick 'Em Up PappyAberdeen
TaarkaCollins Park Pledge DriveSeed for a Winter Garden
Echinacea & the Golden SealEven Odd Bird
Obleo's TravelsSeed for a Winter Garden
Lost in the LoopEven Odd Bird
Gas Pedal GameTaarka (2002)
Ruby WarblersRosebuds-Bullets
Human CannonballCorvidae
Birds of a FeatherWhy Do All the Country Girls Leave
Caleb KlauderSatisfied MindWestern Country
Been on the LineWestern Country
In the BeginningWestern Country
Little SueWarning TrainsCrow
Little SupermanBaby Knows Better

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