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Drinking From Puddles: 07/30/2014

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Drinking From Puddles: 07/16/2014

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Wed, 07/16/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 07/16/2014

Drinking from Puddles on 07/02/14

Air date: 
Wed, 07/02/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Frightwig are back! Calling Drinking From Puddles tonight!

Air date: 
Wed, 06/18/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Frightwig are back! Calling Drinking From Puddles tonight!
Former Drinking From Puddles Live-In-Studio guests Frightwig, have reunited and are apperaing at Slabtown in Portland on Friday June 20th. Founding member Mia (Levin) D'Bruzzi will be calling in to tonight's show from San Francisco to catch us up on the bands goings on and get you all geared up for the show!:

Drinking From Puddles: 06/04/2014

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Wed, 06/04/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 06/04/2014

Drinking From Puddles for 05/21/14

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Wed, 05/21/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles for 05/21/14

Drinking From Puddles for 05/07/14

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Wed, 05/07/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles for 05/07/14

Drinking From Puddles: 04/23/2014

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Wed, 04/23/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 04/23/2014

Dawn Landes to perform live on Drinking From Puddles for 04/09/14 !!

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Wed, 04/09/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Dawn Landes to perform live on Drinking From Puddles !!

Dawn Landes to perform live on Drinking From Puddles !! 

Drinking From Puddles: 03/26/2014

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Wed, 03/26/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 03/26/2014

Drinking From Puddles: 03/12/2014

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Wed, 03/12/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 03/12/2014



program date: 
Wed, 03/14/2012

Legendary Northwest rockers Fred & Toody Cole are doing a special engagement as a duo at the Ash Street Saloon on Friday 03/16/12, and previewed several tunes for us on live-on-your-radio on the Drinking From Puddles broadcast. Here's the set:

Down the Road / I Hate the Blues / It's Still You / We Won't Break

  • Length: 16:01 minutes (14.66 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: Jenny Don't, Kelly Halliburton, Sam Henry

program date: 
Wed, 03/14/2012

As a sneak preview for the Friday night show at Ash St. Salloon, Jenny Don't, Kelly Halliburton, Sam Henry play 4 unplugged songs, 3 covers and  an original by Jenny!

A Tribute to Musician and Poet Stephen Spyrit

program date: 
Wed, 11/17/2010

Revered Portland poet, musician, activist and scholar Stephen Spyrit recently passed. This is a audio tribute aired on KBOO-FM's Drinking From Puddles program which aired on 11/17/10

  • Length: 19:54 minutes (22.76 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 02/08/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

Extrordinary Renditions: A Drinking From Puddles membership drive special 


Played Dur. Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
08:00pm 4:00 Anita Lane Home Is Where The Hatred Is Sex O'Clock 2001 Mute

08:04pm 4:00 Nick Cave IN THE GHETTO 7-Inch 45   Mute

08:08pm 3:00 Diamanda Galas My World Is Empty Without You Malediction and Prayer   Mute

08:11pm 3:52 Ciccone Youth Burnin' Up The Whitey Album 1988 Geffen  
08:21pm 4:08 Sonic Youth SUPERSTAR If I Were a Carpenter

1994 A&M  
08:25pm 4:23 The Fall A Day In The Life The Collection   Castle  
08:29pm 3:00 Drunks With Guns Superstar (from Jesus Christ Superstar) 7-inch 45   Bag Of Hammers  
08:32pm 3:59 The Breeders Lord Of The Thighs CANNONBALL - EP 1993 4ad  
08:36pm 4:12 Hurray For The Riff Raff My Sweet Lord Harrison Covered 2011 Mojo  
08:40pm 3:00 Algebra Suicide Tales Of Brave Ulysses Melting Pot   SST

08:43pm 3:00 Alvarius B. You Only Live Twice Baroque Primitiva   Abduction  
08:46pm 4:52 Clint Ruin and Lydia Lunch (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Don't Fear) The Reaper   Big Cat  
08:51pm 3:00 Lydia Lunch Why Don't We Do It In the Road? Downtown Does The Beatles   Knitting Factory  
08:54pm 3:00 Hose Super Freak Hose   Def Jam  
08:57pm 3:00 Beastie Boys Rock Hard 12"   Def Jam  
09:00pm 4:35 Urge Overkill Witchita Lineman 7-inch 45
1997 Touch & Go  
09:05pm 4:35 The Geraldine Fibbers Fancy What Part of Get Thee Gone Don't You Understand?
1997 Sympathy For The Record Industry  
09:09pm 3:00 The Dream Syndicate Mr. Soul (Live) Tell Me When It's Over   Rough Trade  
09:12pm 3:00 Killdozer Take The Money and Run For Ladies Only   Touch & Go  
09:15pm 3:00 Killdozer Nasty Lupus 7-inch   Touch & Go  
09:48pm 4:28 Killdozer Funk #49 For Ladies Only   Touch & Go  
09:52pm 3:00 Dead Moon Play With Fire Hard Wired In L   Empty  
09:58pm 2:13 The Avengers Paint It Black 7-inch   CD Presents  
10:01pm 3:07 Generation (with Monica Nelson) I BELIEVE IN ME from Live KBOO/Drinking From Puddles Broadcast   none  
10:04pm 3:12 Ministry Just Got Paid Cover Up   Megaforce  
10:08pm 3:00 Redd Kross Deuce Teen Babes From Monsanto   Gasatanka  
10:11pm 4:00 Verbal Abuse We're An American Band Just An American Band   Fowl  
10:15pm 2:53 Claw Hammer SUNDOWN Claw Hammer

1990 Sympathy For The Record Industry  
10:17pm 3:00 Claw Hammer Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey Poor Robert 7-inch   Grown Up Wrong  
10:20pm 4:52 Claw Hammer Gut Feeling Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are NOT Devo!

1995 Sympathy For The Record Industry  
10:25pm 3:00 The Pretenders 1969 1969 (Soundtrack)   Polydor  
10:28pm 3:00 Bad Livers Lust For Life 7-inch   Fist Puppet  
10:40pm 3:52 DMZ/Lyres Search And Destroy Radio Demos and LiveAt Cantones 1982 2011 Munster

10:49pm 5:23 Grace Woodroofe QUICKSAND Always Want 2011 Modular Recordings  
10:54pm 3:00 Hazel It Ain't Easy Crash Course For The Ravers   Undercover  
10:57pm 3:00 Melvins Venus In Furs 7-inch split 45   Communion

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 02/01/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


07:59pm 20:03 Seven That Spells 2 Men from Dystopia

2007 Beta-lactam Ring Records  
08:19pm 5:41 Trio Subtonic Garage & Grace I'll Meet You There Tomorrow 2012 self released
08:24pm 4:19 Big Sir Regions Before Gardens After Gardens 2012 Sargent House  
08:29pm 3:18 Mark Lanegan Band Phantasmagoria Blues Blues Funeral 2012 4AD  
08:32pm 8:30 DJ Food Giant (feat. Matt Johnson) The Search Engine 2011 Ninja Tune  
08:40pm 6:01 Royal Baths Be Afraid Of Me Better Luck Next Life 2012 Kanine  
08:46pm 1:46 Magnetix LR6 Drogue Électrique

2011 Born bad records  
08:48pm 4:30 Peggy Sue Parking Meter Blues Acrobats 2011 Wichita Recordings  
08:55pm 2:45 Alex Hill and his Hollywood Sepians Lets Have A Jubilee The Sound Of Harlem Vol. 1 1934 Jazz Document  
08:58pm 4:27 Thee American Revolution Saturn Daze Buddha Electrostorm

2011 Fire Records  
09:02pm 5:35 Evangelista Bells Ring Fire In Animal Tongue 2011 Constillation  
09:08pm 5:29 The Tinder Box Our Praise These Winds 2011 self released
09:13pm 5:06 Adrian Younge Something About April Something About April 2011 Wax Poetics Records  
09:18pm 2:53 Thee Oh Sees Crushed Grass Carrion Crawler / The Dream 2011 In The Red
09:21pm 6:48 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Kollaps Tradicional (Bury 3 Dynamos) Kollaps Tradixionales 2010 Constellation  
09:28pm 3:49 Laura Gibson La Grande La Grande

2012 Barsuk Records  
09:32pm 5:32 Crocodiles MIRRORS Sleep Forever

2010 Fat Possum / Hostess  
09:45pm 3:32 The Budos Band Black Venom The Budos Band III

2010 Daptone Records  
09:44pm 4:22 The Plimsouls Jumpin' In The Night Beach Town Confidential 2012 Alive Records  
09:49pm 5:33 Damien Jurado Nothing Is The News Maraqopa 2012 Secretly Canadian  
09:54pm 3:14 Cloud Nothings Hey Cool Kid Turning On 2010 Carpark Records  
09:57pm 3:00 Dead Moon Cast Will Change Echos of the Past

2006 Sub Pop
10:05pm 4:00 Charles Bradley Heartaches and Pain Heartaches and Pain 2011 Daptone Records  
10:12pm 5:11 Secret Chiefs 3 Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique Book of Horizons 2001 Web of Mimicry  
10:17pm 6:10 Mount Moriah Hail, Lightning Mount Moriah

2011 Holidays for Quince Records  
10:24pm 3:00 Feedtime I'll Be Rested Suction 1989 Aberrant  
10:27pm 2:00 Neutral Milk Hotel The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

2005 Domino Records  
10:29pm 4:26 Murder City Devils Cradle To The Grave Broken Bottles Empty Hearts 1998 Sub Pop
10:33pm 4:44 Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet Sugar and Pie Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet

2008 Nettwerk  
10:38pm 4:19 Drunken Prayer Ain't No Grave Into The Missionfield 2012 Fluff & Gravy  
10:47pm 3:55 Bob Mould CIRCLES Body of Song

2005 Yep Roc Records  
10:51pm 3:35 The Stranglers Something Better Change No More Heroes 1977 A&M  
10:56pm 3:54 Disappears HALO Guider - EP

2011 kranky

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 01/25/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


Played Dur. Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
07:59pm 4:58 Turn On The Sunlight Ghostfires from Heaven's Far Verges Faint Illume by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Remixes / Collaborations 2011 disques corde  
08:03pm 4:22 Bill Ryder-Jones Intersect If... (Bonus Track Version) 2011 Double Six Records  
08:08pm 3:49 Julian Cope Sunspots Floored Genius: The Best of Julian Cope and the Teardrop Explodes (1979-91)
1992 Island  
08:12pm 3:00 Pat & Ryan Don't Ya Wanna Dance Ready.Seat.Go! 2012 Defend Music  
08:15pm 2:09 Comet Gain Working Circle Explosive! Howl of the Lonely Crowd
2011 What's Your Rupture  
08:17pm 5:20 Congorock & Alle Benassi SIRIUS Chronicle (Soundtrack) 2012 Milan  
08:22pm 3:00 Blind Willie & Kate McTell Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round Last Kind Words 1926-53 Mississippi Records  
08:25pm 3:00 A Place to Bury Strangers Nothing Will Surprise Me Onwards To The Wall 2012 Dead Oceans  
08:28pm 3:00 Pontiak Royal Colors Echo Ono 2012 Thrill Jockey  
08:31pm 3:00 Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse w/ Vic Chesnutt Grim Augury Dark Night of the Soul 2012 Capitol  
08:34pm 3:00 Wojciech Kilar Balkan's Death The Ninth Gate (Soundtrack) 2000 Artisan  
08:37pm 3:00 The Controllers Neutron Bomb Neutron Bomb 45 1978 What?  
08:40pm 2:38 Adrian Younge Sirens Something About April 2011 Wax Poetics Records  
08:46pm 7:22 Royal Baths Burned Better Luck Next Life 2012 Kanine  
08:55pm 3:54 Embrujo Peces Embrujo 1971 Shadoks Music  
08:59pm 3:00 Sleepmakeswaves We Sing The Body Electric Sleepmakeswaves 2012 Birds Robe  
09:02pm 2:07 Cheyenne Marie Mize Wishing Well We Don't Need 2011 Roaring Colonel  
09:04pm 2:57 The Black Keys Money Maker El Camino 2011 Nonesuch
09:09pm 2:14 The Black Belles In A Cage The Black Belles 2011 Third Man Records  
09:11pm 3:00 Capsula Let's Run Far Away In the Land of Silver Souls
2011 Krian Music Group  
09:14pm 3:00 Charlie and the Moonhearts Thee T-Rex Song Self Titled 7" - EP 2007 Goodbye Boozy  
09:17pm 9:12 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Mountains Made Of Steam Horses In The Sky 2005 Constellation  
09:26pm 5:10 The Builders and The Butchers In The Branches Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well 2009 Gigantic Music  
09:36pm 5:33 Scout Niblett GOOD TO ME Kidnapped By Neptune
2005 Too Pure  
09:42pm 4:53 The Budos Band Origin of Man The Budos Band II
CD Album Rock
2007 Daptone Records  
09:46pm 15:58 Disappears Revisiting Guider - EP
2011 kranky  
10:05pm 2:31 Hazel Ohio Player Airiana 1997 Candy-Ass  
10:08pm 4:23 Mount Moriah Social Wedding Rings Mount Moriah
2011 Holidays for Quince Records  
10:12pm 6:17 Grimble Grumble Slow Rider September Sun
2011 Slow Fizz  
10:18pm 3:00 Feedtime Shovel Shovel 1987 Aberrant  
10:21pm 3:00 Drunken Prayer BRAZIL Into The Missionfield 2012 Fluff & Gravy  
10:24pm 2:36 Mr. Gnome Watch the City Sail Away Madness In Miniature
2011 El Marko Records  
10:27pm 3:00 Laura Gibson Skin Warming Skin La Grande
CD Album Rock
2012 Barsuk Records  
10:30pm 3:00 fIREHOSE Down With The Bass Flyin' The Flannel
Album Rock
1991 Columbia  
10:33pm 4:19 The Lower 48 Golden Shore Where All Maps End 2011 The Lower 48  
10:38pm 4:13 Cloud Nothings No Future/No Past Attack On Memory 2012 Carpark  
10:42pm 4:00 Au Solid Gold Solid Gold 7" 2012 Leaf  
10:47pm 5:12 Radio Moscow INSIDEOUT The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz
2011 Alive Records  
10:56pm 3:08 Crackerbash Bite Crackerbash 1992 Empty  


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 01/18/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


Played Dur. Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
07:59pm 5:59 Sleepmakeswaves Keep Your Splendid Silent Sun Sleepmakeswaves 2012 Birds Robe  
08:04pm 2:11 Mother Falcon OVERTURE Alhambra 2011 Mother Falcon  
08:06pm 5:23 Grace Woodroofe QUICKSAND Always Want 2011 Modular Recordings  
08:12pm 2:37 Guided By Voices Laundry and Lasers Let's Go Eat The Factory 2012 Guided By Voices  
08:15pm 7:22 Rhyton Stone Colored Rhyton 2012 Thrill Jockey  
08:21pm 4:48 Marion Williams He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Standing Here Wondering Which Way to Go 1971 Rhino Atlantic  
08:26pm 3:18 Da! 1:23 (un) released Recordings 1980-81 2010 Factory  
08:32pm 4:04 Bill Ryder-Jones Leaning (Star of Sweden) If... (Bonus Track Version) 2011 Double Six Records  
08:36pm 5:36 Led to Sea Night Calls to the Humble Stream (With Words from Eduardo Galeano's the Book of Embraces) Into the Darkening Sky 2011 Scary Trophy  
08:41pm 2:45 Venice Dawn Turn Down The Sound Something About April 2012 Wax Poetic  
08:44pm 5:08 White Hills Oceans of Sound Heads On Fire 2007 Rocket Recordings  
08:49pm 2:23 Bud and Kathy Hang It Out To Dry Hang It Out To Dry 196? Satan  
08:51pm 3:47 The Buttshakers Hey Hey Headaches & Heartaches 2010 Back To Mono  
08:55pm 2:29 Kammerflimmer Kollektief Soft Machine Teufelskamin 2011 Stausgold  
08:58pm 6:05 The Fall I've Seen Them Come Ersatz GB 2011 Cherry Red Records  
09:03pm 3:11 Thee American Revolution Shoeshine Blues Buddha Electrostorm 2011 Fire Records  
09:07pm 4:45 The Pack A.D. Wolves and Werewolves Funeral Mixtape 2008 Mint Records, Inc.  
09:14pm 3:45 The Builders and The Butchers We All Know The Way Dead Reckoning 2011 Badman Recording Co  
09:19pm 3:49 Laura Gibson La Grande La Grande 2012 Barsuk Records  
09:22pm 4:38 Drunken Prayer The Missionfield Into The Missionfield 2012 Fluff and Gravy  
09:27pm 6:16 Scout Niblett JUST DO IT! The Calcination of Scout Niblett 2010 Drag City  
09:33pm 4:00 Feedtime Ever Again Suction 1989 Aberrant  
09:40pm 2:38 Don't Junk Me Away Away 2010 Red Eyed Rabbit Records  
09:42pm 3:02 The Budos Band King Charles The Budos Band 2005 Daptone Records  
09:45pm 15:58 Disappears Revisiting Guider - EP 2011 kranky  
10:01pm 4:54 Mount Moriah Reckoning Mount Moriah 2011 Holidays for Quince Records  
10:06pm 3:30 Jeff Dahl & Poison Idea Crippled Angel Dead Boy 1992 Triple X Records  
10:09pm 4:35 The Lower 48 THE END Where All Maps End 2011 The Lower 48  
10:14pm 3:45 Point Juncture, WA The Siesta Movement Juxtapony - EP 2006 Lucky Madison  
10:17pm 3:57 Mr. Gnome We Sing Electric Madness In Miniature 2011 El Marko Records  
10:21pm 4:46 Radio Moscow Little Eyes The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz 2011 Alive Records  
10:31pm 4:47 Psychic Ills I’ll Follow You Through the Floor Hazed Dream 2011 Sacred Bones Records  
10:35pm 3:00 The Thrasher Brothers That's When He Wrote My Name In The Book TURN IT ON 196? Canaan  
10:38pm 3:11 Charles Bradley Stay Away No Time for Dreaming 2011 Dunham  
10:42pm 1:40 She Keeps Bees BURN Dig On 2011 She Keeps Bees  
10:43pm 2:58 Eddy Current Suppression Ring Get Up Morning So Many Things 2011 Goner  
10:45pm 3:47 Darkness Falls Noise On the Line Alive In Us 2011 hfn music  
10:49pm 3:52 DMZ/Lyres Search and Destroy Radio Demos and LiveAt Cantones 1982 2011 Munster
10:53pm 2:37 Duchess Says Mayakovsky In a FUNG Day T 2011 Alien8 Recordings  
10:56pm 3:00 Easy Action Get The Fuck Out Of My Way Friends Of Rock 'n Roll 2005 Reptillian  


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 12/23/2009

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

Rolf filled in on this night... The playlist for the 12/23/09 show can be found at SOUNDS UNSOUND on this website...

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 12/24/2008

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Flower Travellin' BandBlack SabbathAnywhereNaked Line
Pharoah OverlordMangrove#1Tumult
Joy DivisionIce AgeStillFactory
Tackhead/Fats CometStormy WeatherPower Inc vol 1Blanc Records
Revolutionary Snake EnsembleDown By the RiversideForked TongueCuneiform
A Bad DianaMotherThe Lights are on but no one's hoomeJnana
BarnicledLosing Weight Through PrayerCharlesESP-Disk
MountainsMillions of TimeMountains Mountains MountainsCatsup Plate
Ulaan Khol3IISoft Abuse
Oil TastersMy Girlfriends GhostOil TastersLexicon Devil
EarthmonkeyAngelmans SupernovaAngelmans SupernovaBeta Lactam Ring
MudboyShockwaveHungry GhostsNot Not Fun
DeerhoofYou're Our TwoThe Runners Four
John BakerChristmas CommercialBBC Radiophonic MusicBBC
The Invincible CzarsMarcheThe Nutcracker SuiteAbove Suspicion
The FallNo X-mas for John KeyesLive at the Witch TrialsIRS
Morgan FischerWe Three KingsHybrid Kids Vol 2Cherry Red
MarcelGod Bless Ye Merry GentlemenHeavy ChristmasSecond Battle
Current 93Happy Birthday Pigface Christus12"Layla
CoilChristmas is Now Drawing NearMoons MilkEskaton
Fern KnightLoch Na Foochs/tVHF
Nature and OrganisationA Dozen Winters of LonelinessA Dozen Summers Against the WorldDurtro
CanLittle Star of BethelhemDelay 1968Restless
BongwaterOver the Credit LineThe Big Sell-OutShimmy Disk
The FallElvesThe Wondrous and Frightening World ofBeggars Banquet
Morgan FischerHappy X-Mas(war is over)Hybrid Kids vol 2Cherry Red
Art BearsAll Hail!Recommended Sampler 1982ReR
Dead Raven ChoirChristmas Meat CarrionWine, Women, and WolvesLast Visible Dog
Kiss the Anus of a Black CatDyptichThe Nebulous DreamersCore
Second HandDeath May Be Your Santa ClausDeath May Be Your Santa ClausSee For Miles
FlipperLife is CheapAlbumSubterranean
Sea DonkeysHeroLive at the SS Marie AntoinetteAssophon
VialkaIncacapablePlus Vite Que la MusiqueVialka
Judy NylonJailhouse RockNew York Noise Vol 3Soul Jazz
Religious KnivesDownstairsThe DoorEcstatic Peace
Oil TastersEarn While You Learns/tLexicon Devil

Rolf filled in for Brandon for this night before X-mas show...

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 07/09/2008

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Jasper TXBlack Sheep Part 3Black SheepMiasmah
Wye OakIf Children Were WishesIf ChildrenMerge
Black TimeCharm OffensiveBlack Time/The Husbands "split" (7")Show & Tell
The UniversalsNew GenerationFlorida Funk: 1968-1975Now Again
Love As LaughterPeaceHolyEpic
Kitty WellsEverybody's Somebody's FoolQueen Of Country MusicDecca
Son Of A Nun/DJ MentosFire Next TimeThe Art Of The StruggleSelf Released
Alejandro EscovedoSmokeReal AnimalLost Highway
Cootie Williams with Eddie 'Cleanhead' VinsonRed BluesClassics 1941-1944Classics
VancougarEvery CarCanadian TuxedoMint Records
King Khan and the ShrinesBurnin' InsideThe Supreme Genius Of King Khan and th ShrinesVice
Pacific UVOrsonLongplay 2Warm Recordings
The KinksDead End StreetThe Kink KroniklesReprise
A Hawk And A HacksawA Black & White RainbowDarkness At NoonLeaf
Green RiverSwallow My PrideCome On DownHomestead
MirahThe SunThe Old Days FeelingModern Radio Record Label
Retribution Gospel ChoirDestroyerRetribution Gospel ChoirCaldo Verde
The Dt'sPagan BabyNice n' Ruff - Hard Soul Hits Vol. 1Get Hip
Pierced ArrowsWalking WoundedStraight to the HeartTombstone Records
Jesus and Mary ChainBlues From A GunAutomaticBlanco y Negro
Tara Jane O'NeilThe Poisoned MindBonesPreservation
Mogwai & The Kronos QuartetDeath Is The Road To AweThe Fountain (Soundtrack)Nonesuch
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsLipstick VogueThis Year's ModelColumbia
Cindy Lee BerryhillAquamarineDrinking From Puddles (compilation)Kill Rock Stars
BorisStarship NarrationSmileSouthern Lord
Midtown DickensWhat A BoreOh Yell307 Knox Records
The Shaky HandsAnother World Part 2The Shaky HandsHolocene Music

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 07/02/2008

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Olafur ArnauldsFokVariations Of StaticErased Tapes
The PhotographicA ConvienancePictures Of A Changing WorldGalaxia
LeilaMettleBlood, Looms and BloomsWarp
Howe GelbMusic ArcadeMore Barn: A Tribute to Neil YoungSlothrop
Jenny PopeWhiskey Drinkin' BluesOh, Run Into Me, But Don't Hurt Me! - Female Blues Singers Rarities 1923 - 1930Sub Rosa
LumeriansCorkscrewTreparationSubterranean Elephants Recording Company
Little ClawPolar BearSpit & Squalor Swallow the SnowEcstatic Peace
White HinterlandThe Destruction Of The Art Deco HousePhylactory FactoryDead Oceans
A Hawk And A HacksawThe Moon UnderwaterDarkness At NoonLeaf
SpiritualizedElectricityRoyal Albert Hall October 10 1997Arista
Sharon Jones and the Dap KingsNobody's Baby100 Days and 100 NightsDaptone
The Modern LoversFoggy NotionLive At The Long Branch And MoreLast Call Records
Cindy Lee BerryhillShe Had EverythingWho's Gonna Save the World?Rhino
Boris with Michio KuriharaRainbowRainbowBlue Chopsticks
Midtown DickensGuitarsOh Yell307 knox Records
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsChemistry ClassArmed ForcesColumbia
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsGod Is In The HouseNo More Shall We PartMute
Eskimo & SonsOh, It's Even More Crash(7") singleBoy Gorilla Records
HillstompNE Portland, 3 AMAfter Two, But Before 5Fuzzmonster
Jesus and Mary ChainApril SkiesDarklandWEA
Todd RundgrenBoogies (Hamburger Hell)FaithfulBearsville
Isaac HayesLife's MoodBrandedVirgin
The Dt'sMystifiedFilthy HabitsGet Hip
The GitsCut My Skin, It Makes Me HumanFrenching The BullyBroken Rekids

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 06/25/2008

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
DW & Fat JackThe CityThe MessageCity Massive Records
Endless BoogieExecutive FocusFocus LevelNo Quarter
Big MaybellePut Yourself In My PlaceVery Best of Big Maybelle: That's AllCollectables
South San GabrielFrom This I Will AwakeDual HawksMisra
The WeedsIt's Your TimeThe Weeds (aka The Lollipop Shoppe)Way Back
Marianne DissardLe Lende Main(7" single)Self Released
Lydia MendozaPiensa EnmiThe Best Of Lydia MendozaArhoolie
Our Brother The NativeTrees Part 2Make Amends, For We Are Merely VesselsFat Cat
The Stairwell SistersBlack EyesGet Off Your MoneyYodel-Ay-Hee-Hoo Records
TheTestorsPrimal CallThe Testors Complete Recordings 1976-79Swami Records
Strangers Die Every DayRomanticismAperture for DepartureThis Generation Tapes
Little ClawBrackish StratumSpit & Squalor Swallow the SnowEcstatic Peace
Elvis Costello with BajofondoFairly RightMar DulceDecca
King Khan and the ShrinesTook My Lady To DinnerThe Supreme Genius Of King Khan and th ShrinesVice
Cindy Lee BerryhillBeloved StrangerBeloved StrangerPopuluxe Records
EarthRise To GloryThe Bees Made Honey In The Lion's SkullSouthern Lord
A WeatherSpiders, SnakesCoveTeam Love
A Hawk & A HacksawWaltz For Strings & TubaThe Way the Wind BlowsLeaf
SpiritualizedThe Slide SongPure PhaseArista
Todd RundgrenBlack MariaSomething, AnythingBearsville
BorisFloorshaker(7" single)Southern Lord
Retribution Gospel ChoirThey Knew You WellRetribution Gospel ChoirCaldo Verde
Amoree LovellLaika, An AllegorySix Sadistic Songs For ChildrenSelf Released
The Modern LoversShe's CrackedThe Original Modern LoversBomp!
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet HereafterDrinking With StrangersReckless BurningBarsuk
The KinksAll Day and All of the NightGreatest Hits Vol. 2Prime Cuts

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 06/18/2008

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
RadiusSouthshoreNeighborhood SuicideSecret Life Of Sound
The ShiversI Wish I Was Never BornBeaks To The MoonDowntown/Late Night
Ironico OrkestraPasseggiatalPassegiata Dei BuddiesMalasartes
Babes In ToylandHouse(7" single)Sub Pop
Eef BarzelayHow Dare TheyLose Big429 Records
Margaret JohnsonDead Drunk BluesOh, Run Into Me, But Don't Hurt Me! - Female Blues Singers Rarities 1923 - 1930Sub Rosa
My Brightest DiamondInside A BoyA Thousand Sharks TeethAsthmatic Kitty
Yellow HandSell OutYellow HandFall Out
SunsetDear Broken FriendBright Blue DreamAutobus (US)
Evelyne Hare & Her Swingtime CowgirlsTriflin WomanRough And Ready Hillbilly of the 30's Vol. 2Collectors Series
The MuggsMotown Blues (Reprise)On With The ShowSelf Released
BorisStatement(7" single)Southern Lord
Elvis Costello & The ImpostorsThe Delivery ManThe Delivery ManLost Highway
The Pack A.D.Gold RushTintypeMint Records
Todd RundgrenBlack And WhiteFaithfulBearsville
Haley BonarSave A Horse, Ride A CowboyThe Size Of PlanetsChairkicker Music
SpiritualizedYeah YeahSongs In A&EFontana International/Spaceman
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsTupelo(7" single)Mute
ValetFire(7" single)Burnt Brown Sounds
Heavens To BetsyMy SecretHeavens To Betsy/Bratmobile (split artist 7" single)K Records
EarthThe Bees Made Honey In The Lion's SkullThe Bees Made Honey In The Lion's SkullSouthern Lord
Cindy Lee BerryhillFeel Like I Owe Somebody SomethingBeloved StrangerPopuluxe Records
The KinksA Well Respected ManLolaHallmark
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Driftwood Magazine shouts out to Drinkin from Puddles May Days


Dear Brandon,

Took a coupla three years since you helped get Cindy Lee Berryhill back out playing her new songs after the years caring for her husband the rock writer Paul Williams who had traumatic brain injury in bike mishap. Your wide-ranging i-view with her on DRINKING FROM PUDDLES remains a classic and should be archived.  Here's how the inspiration drawn from her life and songs and your superb sustained discussion with her (so rare even on community radio) got integrated into the theme of "MAY DAYS FADE 2011" in Mitch's Monthly Mix a chance to discuss song material and making rather than focus on Celebrity and Personality as per our standard journalism. Enjoy and Keep on Doing! Scroll down to Track 12 here to quick cut to clip of and discussion of Berryhill's "Forty Cent Raise" http://driftwoodmagazine.com/2011/06/04/1957/ 

Respectfully yours,

Mitch Ritter, Driftwood Magazine NW Correspondent.

PS - Can ya route this link to CLB too?  She plays Banjo Jim's in the East Village June 9, 2011 at 8 PM so good to see her playing out again....

2009 playlists

Any plans to post the 2009 playlists?




your very creative show:

Hey Brandon - whenever your show is on i always make an effort to keep tuned in. I have a dedicated radio set to KBOO that has been playing continually for the last several years (I never turn it off). It's an old GE Am & Fm clock radio out in the patio that I keep on low volume at night to scare off any possible intruders, especially when someone at The Boo is playing some really freaky stuff during the early hours of the AM (which I call "the rat-scratching hours" , about 3 to 4 AM when both rats and sub-humans become especially active. I talked to you once before on the phone when I was making a one hour video called "KBOO radio check" in which I tuned every radio in the house to KBOO and went to each one with my camcorder, checking to see that it was picking up the waves ok - this was during the early AM when you were on that time slot - i had the camcorder set on night vision and it all turned out good. There were about eight different radios involved, each with their own glowing readouts that indicated 90.7 FM was tuned in - and I zoomed in for a closeup of each one while your program was on the air. In fact, I talked to you at the station while my video was going. It's a one hour video (a real classic) but you have to have your show to get in the right frame of mind to view it. So the bottom line is that I'm a long time listener (have been since KBOO first came on the air) and i find your show quite inspirational and inventive - and always enjoy your commentary whenever you get around to it, so be sure to add that aspect to your show tonight, even though it seems a little out of place that you're on so early tonight, like a different time zone or something. Later (~)


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