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Hedersleben to perform on Drinking From Puddles for 04/22/15 !!

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Drinking From Puddles: 04/08/2015

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Wed, 04/08/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 04/08/2015

Drinking From Puddles: 03/25/2015

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Wed, 03/25/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 03/25/2015

The Flamin' Groovies open their 2015 tour on KBOO's Drinking From Puddles !!

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Wed, 03/11/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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The Flamin' Groovies open their 2015 tour on KBOO's Drinking From Puddles !!
The Flamin' Groovies open their 2015 tour on KBOO's Drinking From Puddles !!

Having formed in 1965, and releasing their first record in 1968, San Francisco's The Flamin' Groovies pre-dated most of the musical trends they are aligned with (New Wave, Punk, etc..), and are considered the one of the main U.S. architects (along with Alex Chilton's Big Star and a small handful of influential others) of a style that would become known as "Power-Pop".

The Knack, The Plimsouls, The Smithereens  and countless others would hike the audio-trails that the Groovies helped carve out.

Eternal Tapestry return to Drinking From Puddles for 02/25/15 !!

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Wed, 02/25/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Eternal Tapestry return to Drinking From Puddles for 02/25/15 !!
"(Eternal Tapestry)...is a cosmic music with an earthy tone, slowly ricocheting between the stars and the ground, recalling similarly minded souls such as Acid Mothers Temple, Spacemen 3, Popol Vuh, and Guru Guru."--Pitchfork.com

Portland's Psych-wielders return to Drinking From Puddles tonight, the day after the official release of their latest offering Wild Strawberries, another for them on the vaunted Thrill Jockey record label.

3-D glasses are available for tonight's broadcast, ask the attendant at your mind's door.

Drinking from Puddles on 02/11/15

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Wed, 02/11/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 01/28/2015

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Wed, 01/28/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 01/28/2015

Drinking From Puddles: 01/14/2015

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Wed, 01/14/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 01/14/2015

Drinking From Puddles: 12/31/2014

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Wed, 12/31/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 12/31/2014
Tonight for a special year-end Drinking From Puddles we take a listen back to my very early radio (non-)career, as I replay two 31 year-old broadcasts of "Artist Profile" as originally aired on KBVR-FM (Corvallis OR./OSU station) both from the Fall/Winter term of 1983 !!

The first hour will be Los Angeles, CA. New Wavers Suburban Lawns followed in the second hour by the at-that-time just breaking-out-big UK group The Cure (remember nothing later than 1983) !!

Well...it's NYE...so....!!

Happy New Year,

Drinking From Puddles: 12/17/2014

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Wed, 12/17/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 12/17/2014

Portland Cello Project performs live on Drinking From Puddles for 12/03/14 !!

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Wed, 12/03/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Portland Cello Project performs live on Drinking From Puddles for 12/03/14 !!

Portland Cello Project performs live on Drinking From Puddles !!



program date: 
Wed, 03/14/2012

Legendary Northwest rockers Fred & Toody Cole are doing a special engagement as a duo at the Ash Street Saloon on Friday 03/16/12, and previewed several tunes for us on live-on-your-radio on the Drinking From Puddles broadcast. Here's the set:

Down the Road / I Hate the Blues / It's Still You / We Won't Break

  • Length: 16:01 minutes (14.66 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: Jenny Don't, Kelly Halliburton, Sam Henry

program date: 
Wed, 03/14/2012

As a sneak preview for the Friday night show at Ash St. Salloon, Jenny Don't, Kelly Halliburton, Sam Henry play 4 unplugged songs, 3 covers and  an original by Jenny!

A Tribute to Musician and Poet Stephen Spyrit

program date: 
Wed, 11/17/2010

Revered Portland poet, musician, activist and scholar Stephen Spyrit recently passed. This is a audio tribute aired on KBOO-FM's Drinking From Puddles program which aired on 11/17/10

  • Length: 19:54 minutes (22.76 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 12/12/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


08:00pm 10:50 Nadja One Sense Alone Dagdrøm
2012 Broken Spine  
08:11pm 7:16 The Croutons Accord Beater 1998 First Love  
08:18pm 2:15 Pere Ubu THANKS Lady from Shanghai 2013 Fire Records  
08:20pm 4:01 Rachel Brooke Fox in a Hen House A Killer's Dream
2012 Mal  
08:24pm 4:10 Los Ecos SOS....Peligro! Cumbia Beat 2: Tropical Sounds Peru 1966-83 2012 Vampisoul  
08:28pm 5:11 The Fall Lucifer Over Lancashire BBC Radio One Live 1995 Griffin Music  
08:34pm 2:38 Fred Mc Dowell Shake 'Em On Down The Land Where Blues Began 1971 Rounder  
08:36pm 1:26 Lamps Dogcatcher Under the Water Under the Ground 2012 In The Red
08:41pm 1:55 Isobel Campbell O Love Is Teasin' Milkwhite Sheets 2006 Co-operative Music  
08:43pm 13:38 Elephant9 & Reine Fiske Freedom's Children ATLANTIS
2012 Rune Grammofon  
08:56pm 4:02 Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens Am I Asking Too Much? What Have You Done, My Brother? 2009 Daptone Records  
09:00pm 2:51 Urbane Gorilla Ten Days Gone Man Chest Hair
2012 Finders Keepers Records  
09:03pm 5:33 Antony & The Johnsons Cripple and the Starfish CUT THE WORLD 2012 Spunk  
09:09pm 3:04 Mark Lee Emmaline Bane Obvious...Lee 1995 Teenage Kicks  
09:11pm 4:56 Cash Money DO IT AGAIN Halos of Smoke and Fire 1998 Touch & Go Records  
09:19pm 4:47 All India Radio The Original Red Shadow Landing 2012 Inevitable  
09:24pm 3:20 Lil Green Romance In The Dark Romance In The Dark 1940 rca
09:27pm 3:32 Drivin' And Cryin" Johnny Rides Shotgun Songs About Cars, Space and The Ramones 2012 New! Records  
09:31pm 2:32 Tim Maia Over Again World Psychedelics Classics 4: Nobody Can LIve Forever; The Existential Soul of Tim Maia
2012 Luaka Bop
09:34pm 4:08 Lightning Prelude To Opus lV Lightning
1970 K-tel  
09:38pm 6:54 Matthew E. White Gone Away Big Inner 2012 Hometapes  
09:45pm 4:40 Joanne Vent GOD BLESS THE CHILD The Black and White Of It Is Blues 1969 A&M Records  
09:49pm 2:17 Matthew Friedberger Dying On the Sixth Side IX. You're Not Really Discouraged, Are You? Matricidal Sons of Bitches 2012 Thrill Jockey  
09:52pm 4:03 The Quadrajets Pay The Deuce Pay The Deuce 1998 Estrus  
09:59pm 2:01 Ty Segall You're the Doctor Twins
2012 Drag City  
10:01pm 1:36 Ty Segall Band Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse 2012 In The Red
10:03pm 2:28 Epsilons Papa Told Me Killed 'Em Deader 'n a Six Card Poker Hand 2007 RETARD DISCO  
10:06pm 2:04 Ty Segall Cents Singles 2007-2010 2011 Goner  
10:08pm 1:38 Ty Segall Band OH MARY Slaughterhouse 2012 In The Red
10:09pm 2:59 Ty Segall Caesar Singles 2007-2010 2011 Goner  
10:12pm 3:26 Ty Segall There Is No Tomorrow Twins
2012 Drag City  
10:19pm 3:58 The Mountain Goats Lakeside View Apartments Suite Transcendental Youth 2012 Merge Records  
10:23pm 3:16 The Mountain Goats Psalms 40:2 The Life of the World to Come 2009 4ad  
10:26pm 2:37 The Mountain Goats The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton All Hail West Texas 2001 3 Beads Of Sweat  
10:29pm 2:10 The Mountain Goats Dilaudid The Sunset Tree 2005 4ad  
10:33pm 4:35 The Lower 48 THE END Where All Maps End 2011 The Lower 48  
10:37pm 5:02 The Lower 48 Smoke Will Rise Where All Maps End 2011 The Lower 48  
10:45pm 1:57 The Dicks Kill From The Heart Kill From The Heart 1983 SST  
10:47pm 1:44 The Golden Arm Trio Deadman's Hall Why The Sea Is Salt
2000 Shamrock Record Co.  
10:49pm 2:31 Escombros STONE FREE Escombros 1970 Shadoks Music  
10:52pm 3:00 Jad & David Fair Frankenstein 26 Monster Songs For Children 1998 Kill Rock Stars  
10:56pm 4:01 Zulus Death in the Current Zulus 2012 Aagoo

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 12/05/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


08:01pm 4:51 Ulaan Markhor 100 Birds Ulaan Markhor
2012 Soft Abuse  
08:05pm 4:00 The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation Don't Take the Power Away To Mum from Aynsley and the Boys 1969 Blue Thumb  
08:09pm 6:15 He3 Project Dark Angels Chapter Three 2012 Family Groove  
08:15pm 2:35 Ed Kuepper Messin' With the Tail Starstruck
1996 Hot Records  
08:18pm 2:37 Charalambides Black Pope Our Bed Is Green 1995 kranky  
08:21pm 3:03 Bonnie Turner Way Down In The Congo Memphis Belles – The Women of Sun Records 1956 Bear Family Records GmbH  
08:24pm 5:10 Victory at Sea MERMAID Carousel
2001 Kimchee Records  
08:29pm 7:20 Kiki Gyan 24 Hours in a Disco 24 Hours in a Disco 1978-82 2012 Soundway Records  
08:35pm 3:13 Obnox The Cowboy And Cowgirl I'm Bleeding Now 2011 Smog Veil Records  
08:43pm 3:49 Mogwai San Pedro (The Soft Moon Remix) A Wretched Virile Lore 2012 Sub Pop
08:47pm 3:25 U.S. Girls North On 45 GEM 2012 FatCat Records  
08:51pm 5:00 Crystalaugur Number 4 Terranaur 1972 Dodo  
08:56pm 4:03 Team Ghost AWAY Dead Film Star - EP 2012 Wagram Music / wSphere  
09:00pm 2:38 Wanda Jackson STEP BY STEP Capitol Rarities [10-inch] 1956 Capitol  
09:02pm 20:07 Godspeed You! Black Emperor We Drift Like Worried Fire Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
2012 Constellation  
09:22pm 2:31 Lyres Help You Ann On Fyre
1984 Munster
09:28pm 2:29 Peoples Temple More for the Masses More for the Masses 2012 Hozac  
09:31pm 3:33 Bessie Jones And The Sea Island Singers The Titanic Southern Journey : Velvet Voices 1960 Rounder  
09:34pm 2:39 Karthala 72 Marche De La Mort Diable Du Feu
2012 Electric Cowbell Records  
09:37pm 3:27 PJ Harvey 66 Promises Good Fortune EP 2001 Island  
09:40pm 5:24 Brightblack Morning Light I Kill Therefore I Am Tour EP 2004 self released  
09:46pm 3:49 Bonnie "Prince" Billy Ruby No More Workhorse Blues 2004 Drag City  
09:50pm 5:18 Rickie Lee Jones REASON to BELIEVE The Devil You Know 2012 Jazz  
09:55pm 5:11 Half Film Weather Patterns East Of Monument 2012 Hidden Shoal  
10:00pm 2:37 Lea Roberts Excuse Me Excuse Me I Want To Talk To You 1973 United Artists  
10:03pm 3:18 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Ice Cream Killer Meat + Bone
2012 bronzerat  
10:09pm 2:04 Ty Segall WHO ARE YOU? Twins
2012 Drag City  
10:12pm 4:33 Ty Segall Band Wave Goodbye Slaughterhouse 2012 In The Red
10:16pm 3:00 Ty Segall & Seth Sutton I Hate the Kids Tour [7-inch] 2012 Nashville's Dead  
10:19pm 3:00 Ty Segall Thank God For The Sinners Twins 2012 Drag City  
10:24pm 4:00 Mountain Goats White Cedar Transcendental Youth
2012 Merge
10:28pm 2:43 The Mountain Goats STARS FELL ON ALABAMA Nine Black Poppies 1995 3 Beads Of Sweat  
10:31pm 3:25 The Mountain Goats Lion's Teeth The Sunset Tree
2005 4ad  
10:36pm 5:11 Pony Trash Dry Your Eyes Pony Trash 2012 OBW  
10:41pm 3:00 Conway Twitty Lonely Blueboy Lonely Blueboy
1959 MGM  
10:44pm 4:00 Matthew Friedberger Brand-New Mothers – Trying It Out IX. Brand-New Mothers Matricidal Sons of Bitches 2012 Thrill Jockey  
10:47pm 4:01 Cat Power Silent Machine SUN
2012 Matador  
10:51pm 1:52 The Splash 4 Everybody's The Same Do The Earthquake Shake 2000 1+2 Records  
10:55pm 4:34 Mark Lanegan White Light / White Heat LAWLESS (Soundtrack)
2012 Sony

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 11/28/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
MartinisHung Over45
LovationsI Can't Forget About You45
Van Harris & VanguardsHey Hey Feel Alright45
HarveyCome On And Answer Me45
Judy ClayLet It Be Me45
Carol FranI'm Gonna Try45
Dee EdwardsWhy Can't There Be Love45
Tommy PaytonMountain Of Soul45
Elsie MaeWhole Lotta Lovin'45
Clyde McPhatterThirty Days45
Richard FudoliGweeee45
Beverly McKayBaby You Got It Right45
Carol JonesDon't Destroy Me45
Allison Gary & BurnersBurn45
Ted TaylorSomebody's Always Trying45
Sarah VaughnMama45
Marie KnightCome On Baby45
Carl LattimoreCarl's Dance Party45
Tami JonesStormy45
Lionel HamptonRailroad No. 145
Willie WalkerWarm To Cool To Cold45
Jimmy NolenThe Way You Do45
Vernon GuyYou've Got Me45
Sugar Pie DeSantoGoing Back To Where I Belong45
Louis JordanWorkin' Man45
Micky BakerSteam Roller45
Micky & SylviaNo Good Lover45
Micky & SylviaShake It Up45
Spencer Jackson FamilyBring Back Peace To The World Pt. 245
Mickey DentonOne More Time45
Johnny ThunderSend Her To Me45
AttractionsBurn Up Some Road45
Dave Baby CortezGettin' To The Point45
Betty JamesI'm A Little Mixed Up45
Al ReedShake 'Em Up45
Big MaybelleThat's A Pretty Good Love45
Dian JamesHigh Blood Pressure45
Mabel KingWhen We Get The Word45
Nellie LutcherReaching For The Moon45
Johnny AdamsA Man Will Shed A Few Tears45
VonnsSo Many Days45
Little Johnny TaylorSomewhere Down The Line45
Larry BrightWay Down Home45
Buddy McKnightEverytime Pt. 145
TemptationsIt's You That I Need45
Brenda HollowayJust Look What You've Done45
Marvin GayeThis Love Starved Heart Of Mine45
Kim WestonHelpless45
TemptationsHow Can I Forget45
VolcanosA Lady's Man45
VolcanosMake Your Move45
ImpressionsYou Always Hurt Me45
Sandra Kay TuckerHave It Your Way45
Arthur AlexanderSoldier Of Love45
Clyde McPhatterA Shot Of Rhythm And Blues45
Jimmy HughesI Worship The Ground You Walk On45

Haim K fills in for Callie/Brandon, along with very special guests Ian "Soul Mechanic" Armstrong and Michael "Voice Of Reason" Barbara. Original soul 45s all night long!!!

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 11/14/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


08:02pm 8:29 Roll The Dice Iron Bridge In Dust 2011 The Leaf Label  
08:11pm 5:23 Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus Wooing the Oracle Didymoi Dreams
2012 Rune Grammofon  
08:16pm 7:56 Karthala 72 Triomphe Dieu De La Mer Diable Du Feu
MP3 Album Rock
2012 Electric Cowbell Records  
08:24pm 7:18 Groundhogs 3744 James Road Hogwash 1972 United Artists  
08:31pm 3:15 Chris Brokaw Criminals Gambler's Ecstasy 2012 12XU  
08:34pm 2:47 Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra with Sister Rosetta Tharpe Rock Me Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra 1943 - 1944 1944 Kaydee Records  
08:37pm 1:56 The Milkshakes For She Talking 'Bout...Milkshakes! 1981 Hangman's Daughter  
08:41pm 3:14 The Casket Girls Walking On A Wire SleepWalking 2012 Graveface Records  
08:44pm 4:15 Golden Void Art Of Invading Golden Void 2012 Thrill Jockey  
08:48pm 3:12 Kaki King Great Round Burn Glow 2012 (RED) Velour Recordings - Frontline  
08:52pm 3:33 Department S Going Left Right 7-inch 1981 Stiff  
08:56pm 6:30 Andy Stott Numb Luxury Problems 2012 Modern Love  
09:03pm 2:51 Syl Johnson Sockin' Soul Power Complete Mythology 1966 Numero Group  
09:05pm 5:57 Beaches Eternal Sphere Eternal Sphere - EP 2010 Mexican Summer  
09:14pm 20:00 Godspeed You! Black Emperor Mladic Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! 2012 Constellation  
09:34pm 5:01 Ondatrópica Suena Ondatropica 2012 Soundway Records  
09:39pm 3:11 Will Johnson It Goes Away So Fast Scorpion 2012 Undertow Music Collective  
09:42pm 4:42 Lyres She Pays The Rent Lyres Lyres 1986 Ace Of Hearts/Munster  
09:46pm 2:41 Ty Segall Band The Tongue Slaughterhouse 2012 In The Red
09:52pm 3:34 Wovenhand White Knuckle Grip Ten Stones
CD Album Rock
2008 Soundsfamilyre  
09:55pm 3:13 The Coup The Magic Clap Sorry to Bother You 2012 Anti/Epitaph  
10:01pm 6:16 Moon Duo Zoned Zoned / Take Me With You - Single 2012 Sacred Bones Records  
10:07pm 4:54 Father's Children Kohoutek Who's Gonna Save the World 1973 The Numero Group  
10:11pm 6:18 Swans The Seer Returns The Seer 2012 Young God  
10:18pm 4:49 Luigee Trademarq, Elodie Chérie & Charlie O Sois Gentille Avec Nous Bande original 2000 Rectangle  
10:23pm 2:32 Nu-Blu Man From Galilee Nail By Nail 2012 Pinecastle Records  
10:25pm 1:51 Fatal Microbes Beautiful Pictures Violence Grows [7-inch]
1979 Small Wonder Records
10:29pm 10:02 Elephant9 with Reine Fiske Psychedelic Backfire Atlantis 2012 Rune Grammofon  
10:40pm 7:29 Cerebrum One Kind Favor Eagle Death 1969 Shadoks Music  
10:47pm 3:57 Mountain Goats Lakeside View Apartments Suite Transcendental Youth 2012 Merge
10:51pm 3:23 The Cravats Gordon The Cravats in Toytown (Double Volume) 1980 Overground Records  
10:56pm 3:40 Mission of Burma Second Television UnSound 2012 Fire Records

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 11/07/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


08:03pm 8:20 Marielle V Jakobsons Dusty Trails Glass Canyon 2012 Students Of Decay  
08:11pm 3:39 Jonny Greenwood The Split Saber The Master (Soundtrack) 2012 Nonesuch  
08:15pm 4:30 Balmorhea Fake Fealty Stranger 2012 Western Vinyl  
08:19pm 2:04 Rusty York & Willard Hale Don’t Do It Banjo In the Hills 1976 Starday Records  
08:21pm 4:55 Stereo Total Le ridicule ne tue plus Cactus Versus Brezel 2012 Staatsakt  
08:26pm 3:15 Howe Gelb ('Sno Angel-2006) That's How Things Get Done Rainer Ptacek Tribute: The Inner Flame
2012 Fire Records  
08:29pm 2:22 Metz GET OFF Metz 2012 Sub Pop Records  
08:34pm 5:10 Reanimation The Wheel Of Life Giants Hide Among Us
2011 Reanimation  
08:39pm 4:42 Jean Pierre Mirouze Sexopolis Le mariage collectif (Original Soundtrack)
2012 Born bad records  
08:44pm 2:45 Dan Melchior I Have Known the Emptiness The Backward Path
2012 Northern Spy Records  
08:47pm 4:37 Farzin Khodahafez Khodahafez (Persian Music) 1999 Caltex Records  
08:51pm 3:00 David Byrne & St Vincent WHO Love This Giant
CD Album Rock
2012 4ad  
08:54pm 2:06 The Rippers The Prey Is In Better the Devil You Know 2012 Slovenly Recordings  
08:56pm 6:14 Matthew Dear Her Fantasy Beams 2012 Ghostly International  
09:03pm 3:34 Ty Segall Love Fuzz Twins
MP3 Album
2012 Drag City  
09:15pm 12:09 Eternal Tapestry When I Was In Your Mind A World Out Of Time 2012 Thrill Jockey Records  
09:27pm 3:30 Ten Years After Bad Scene Ssssh
1969 Deram  
09:31pm 2:35 Las Malas Amistades Desecha Maleza 2012 Honest Jon's Records  
09:34pm 3:44 The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Throw It to the Universe Throw It to the Universe 2012 Yep Roc  
09:38pm 11:06 Gary Reverend Regen The Cinematic Orchestra presents In Motion #1 2012 Motion Audio  
09:49pm 3:17 Menahan Street Band Keep Coming Back The Crossing
CD Album
2012 Daptone Records  
09:52pm 2:45 The Hate My Day Jobs Counterpoint Out Of Control
2009 The Hate My Day Jobs  
09:59pm 5:56 Barn Owl Devotion I Lost in the Glare 2011 Thrill Jockey  
10:05pm 2:56 Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs Goddamn Holy Roll Sunday Run Me Over 2012 (RED) Transdreamer  
10:08pm 2:32 The Sufis Sri Sai Flora The Sufis
2012 Ample Play Recordings  
10:11pm 2:00 Pillow A Dream (Part 1) From Dusk to Dawn 2012 City Centre Offices  
10:13pm 5:00 Dark Dark Dark Who Needs Who Who Needs Who
2012 Clementine Music  
10:18pm 2:08 Matthew Friedberger Dying On the Sixth Side IV. Dying On the Sixth Side Matricidal Sons of Bitches 2012 Thrill Jockey  
10:20pm 2:17 Matthew Friedberger Dying On the Sixth Side IX. You're Not Really Discouraged, Are You? Matricidal Sons of Bitches 2012 Thrill Jockey  
10:22pm 0:27 Matthew Friedberger Dying On the Sixth Side X. Done At the Place Matricidal Sons of Bitches 2012 Thrill Jockey  
10:23pm 4:28 Blonds RUN The Bad Ones 2012 Gluck Music  
10:27pm 5:11 Dan Le Sac Caretaker (feat. B.Dolan & HowAboutBeth) Space Between the Words 2012 Sunday Best  
10:31pm 3:06 Loleatta Holloway CASANOVA Cry To Me 1975 Aware Records  
10:34pm 2:25 The Evil Tenors My Love Goes Uh-Oh Peach Fuzz - EP
2012 Pox World Empire and Potluck Foundation  
10:40pm 4:11 Moon Duo I Been Gone CIRCLES 2012 Sacred Bones Records  
10:44pm 5:39 Kristin Norderval 13 Inspirations Aural Histories 2012 Deep Listening  
10:50pm 3:33 The Rats Defiance Intermittent Signals
LP Album Private
1981 Whizeagle Records  
10:55pm 3:52 Redd Kross Researching the Blues Researching the Blues
CD Album Rock
2012 Sweet Nothing Records

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 10/24/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


08:02pm 6:13 Elephant9 with Reine Fiske The Riddler Atlantis 2012 Rune Grammofon  
08:09pm 4:40 Aerosmith Back In The Saddle ROCKS
CD Album Rock
1976 Columbia  
08:13pm 4:44 LTD Back In Love Again Something To Love 1977 A&M  
08:18pm 3:33 The Celibate Rifles Back In The Red Mina Mina Mina 1986 What Goes On?  
08:25pm 3:00 Rupa & The April Fishes Sur La Rute Live On-Air Performance 2012 DFP/KBOO  
08:28pm 3:00 Rupa & The April Fishes LIke I Do Live On Air Performance 2012 DFP/KBOO  
08:31pm 3:00 Rupa & The April Fishes Weeds Live On Air Performance 2012 DFP/KBOO  
08:38pm 4:56 Moon Duo SLEEPWALKER CIRCLES 2012 Sacred Bones Records  
08:43pm 6:01 Kristin Norderval A Flat Ground Aural Histories 2012 Deep Listening  
08:49pm 3:49 Masta Conga & His New Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra Hip Hop Definition Last Odyssey 2012 Ubiquity  
08:53pm 3:17 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Black Mold Meat and Bone
2012 Boombox Recordings LLC  
08:56pm 3:40 Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops Well Enough Alone Little Birdie 2000 Overcoat Recordings  
08:59pm 5:49 Can Millionenspiel Lost Tapes Box Set 2012 Mute Artists  
09:05pm 2:57 Lea Roberts Find A Place Excuse Me I Want To Talk To You 1973 United Artists  
09:08pm 3:00 Eddy Current Suppression Ring Pitch a Tent UV Race/Eddy Current & The Supression Ring split LP: Live At Missing Link 2012 Almost Ready Records  
09:16pm 2:56 The Liminanas Longanisse Crystal Anis 2012 Hozac  
09:19pm 3:33 Matricidal 17 & 18 Sons of Bitches 2012 Thrill Jockey  
09:22pm 6:28 Rickie Lee Jones Sympathy For The Devil The Devil You Know 2012 Jazz  
09:29pm 3:29 Tim Maia Que Beleza World Psychedelics Classics 4: Nobody Can LIve Forever; The Existential Soul of Tim Maia
CD Album World
2012 Luaka Bop
09:32pm 4:27 Mark Lanegan FIRE and BRIMSTONE LAWLESS
CD Comp
2012 Sony  
09:37pm 3:46 Black Moth Super Rainbow We Burn Cobra Juicy 2012 Rad Cult  
09:41pm 5:40 Graham Central Station Release Yourself Live from Soultrain 1974 youtube  
09:46pm 4:26 Ty Segall Band DEATH Slaughterhouse 2012 In The Red
09:53pm 4:43 Ulaan Markhor White Markhor Ulaan Markhor
2012 Soft Abuse  
09:57pm 6:56 Will Johnson Bloodkin Push (Forget the Ones) Scorpion
MP3 Album Rock
2012 Undertow Music Collective  
10:04pm 2:53 Ondatrópica I Ron Man Ondatropica
CD Album World
2012 Soundway Records  
10:06pm 6:09 Swans LunacY The Seer 2012 Young God  
10:12pm 5:05 Menahan Street Band The Crossing The Crossing 2012 Daptone Records  
10:17pm 5:12 Wicked Lady Run The Night The Axeman Cometh 1969 Guerssen  
10:22pm 4:00 Mountain Goats White Cedar Transcendental Youth
2012 Merge
10:26pm 2:32 The Cravats STILL The Cravats in Toytown (Double Volume) 1980 Overground Records  
10:32pm 4:01 Cat Power 3, 6, 9 SUN
CD Album Rock
2012 Matador  
10:36pm 3:33 Popular Culture SPIRIT Episode 2012 Sparrowsongs Music  
10:39pm 3:33 The Reverb Motherfuckers Highway To Hojos Route 666 1988 Vital Music  
10:43pm 4:22 The Heavy Can't Play Dead The Glorious Dead 2012 Counter Records  
10:47pm 1:57 Paramount Singers There's a Leak In This Old Building Work and Pray On 1992 Arhoolie Records  
10:49pm 1:49 Micachu & The Shapes EASY Never 2012 Rough Trade  
10:51pm 3:03 Legal Weapon No Sorrow Death of Innocence
1982 Legal Weapon  
10:57pm 3:33 Union Carbide Productions Be Myself Again From Influence to Ignorance
1991 Radium

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 09/26/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

The Sparkels - That Boy Of Mine. Jay J. Jones - I Don't Know Bout You. Banny Price - You Love Me Pretty Baby. Wanda Jackson - Whirlpool. Willie and the Internationals - Ali Baba. The Perils - Hate. The Throb - Believe In Me. Los Onvis - Ya Se. Ivan Ward and his Swingsters - Congo Glide. Orchestre Rock-A-Mambo - Jalousie. Terry Timmons - Got Nobody To Love. Marie Knight - Come On Baby. The Strands - How Will I Know? Mack Rice - Baby I'm Comming Home. Henry Lumpkin - Don't Leave Me. Wendy Rene - Same Guy. Johnny Lerand and the Internes - Come on Home. Bo Diddley - Prisoner of Love. Chance Halliday - Bury me Deep. Evyln Hopper - Headin' South. Larry Skiles - Echoes of the Past. Buddy Knox - Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself. Patsy Cline - Strange. Dr. Feelgood and the Interns - Mr. Moonlight. Vito and the Salutaions - Unchained Melody. Dobby Dobson - Cry Another Cry. Sir White and the Sounds - Doin the Scratch. Juan Florer - Ba Ba Rum. Los Alegres Bucaneros - Cumbia Buckaneras. Sexteto Bolona - A Morir Cabablleros. Xavier Cugat - Rhumba Rumbero. Chavela Vargas - Paloma Negra. Moondog - Tree Trail. David McNeil - Space Plane. Paul Martin - You Were There. Gunilla Thorn - Jellous Woman. Unrelated Segments - It's Unfair. Kinks - People Take Pictures of Each Other. Bo Diddley - Aloha. Miracles - I Need A Change. Elizabeth Cotten - Honey Babe Your Papa Loves You. John Lee Zeigler - If I Lose, Let Me Lose. Woody Guthrie - Talkin Dust Bowl Blues. Bartlett Brothers and the Country Paupers - Dark mood. Angeline and Hawaii's Teen Towners - Hula Rock and Roll. Mona Baptiste - Calypso blues. Eunice Davis - Get 'cha Enjoys. Shirelles - His Lips Get in the Way. Orlons - Don't you want my lovin? J.J. Jackson - Oo Ma Liddy. Kingsmen - Death of an Angel. Randy Alvey and the Green Fuz - There is a Land. Several short songs from "Fingerbobs." Johnny Waleen - Mystery Train. Spades - We Sell Soul.


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 06/20/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
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Hosted by Dr. Zomb

charlie christian/benny goodman    waitin for benny

nazz   under the ice

koudede   tassakkne tara

rocky porter   the world is a monster

janis & johnny   summertime fire

pink floyd   point me at the sky

joe meek & the blue men   i hear a new world

david lynch   noah's ark

ralph carmichael/pat boone   addict's psalm

young marble giants   radio silents

beyond the valley of the dolls ost    look on up at the bottom

dusty springfield    the corrupt ones

lee hazelwood    the night before

porter wagoner   rubber room

charlie feathers   cockroach

tony bruno   chase of death

harley hatcher   victorville blues

bobb trimble/crippled dog band   intro, all together

better beatles   with a little help from my friends

illuminoids    satan says walrus eggs

television personalities   i know where syd barret lives

screamin jay   i hear voices

ambrose 7"

dick contino   whispering

nino de luca   girl with a gun

robert bridgemountain    you've got the wrong perfume babe

los walkers    19, 8

yma sumac   el condor pasa

chaweewan dumnern    sao lam plearn

jimmy haskell   hydrazine

pierre henry   prologue, psyche rock

pop group   where there's a will

isaiah owens   you without sin...

james davis   james boogie

tuxedomoon   19th nervous breakdown, in heaven

?  saigon rock & soul lp

gunjogacrayon    ?

morricone  the last time, un corsa desperata

ersen   gun don cicegim

omar souleyman   i saw her

sonics   psycho

naima samita   zifafflldada

mark stewart and mafia   liberty city

david lynch   crazy clown time



Drinking from Puddles playlist for 04/18/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


08:01pm 3:08 The American Dollar Strings Awake In The City 2012 self released

08:04pm 3:13 The Sugarman Three Your Friendly Neighborhood Sugarman What The World Needs Now 2012 Daptone  
08:07pm 2:59 Yair Yona Poetry Nights In Valhalla World Behind Curtains 2012 Strange Attractors Audio House  
08:10pm 7:23 George Sarah Manatee Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace 2012 Pusan Music Group  
08:18pm 3:41 Cynthia Dall Christmas (California) UNTITLED 1996 Drag City  
08:21pm 4:49 Chef Menteur Narconaut East Of The Sun & West Of The Moon 2012 Backporch Revolution  
08:26pm 5:06 Dr. John My Children, My Angels Locked Down

2012 Nonesuch

08:31pm 6:25 Bushman's Revenge Tinnitus Love Poem A Little Bit Of Big Bonanza 2012 Rune Grammofon  
08:37pm 2:14 Wendy Rene (The Drapels) Please Don't Leave Me After Laughter Comes Tears: Complete Stax & Volt Singles + Rarities 1964-1965

1964 Light In the Attic  
08:39pm 3:09 Feedtime Possums Today Is Friday 2012 S.S. Records  
08:42pm 2:25 Crystal Springs Ramblers Fort Worth Stomp Okeh Stomping Boogie - The Best of Western Swing 1937 Gralin Music  
08:45pm 3:44 The Mynabirds Generals Generals - Single 2012 Saddle Creek  
08:48pm 3:46 Unsane GHOST Wreck 2012 Alternative Tentacles
09:00pm 4:10 Ezza Rose TRIGGER Jacob 2011 self released
09:04pm 4:02 Pontiak Royal Colors Echo Ono 2012 Thrill Jockey  
09:08pm 4:14 Emerson Lake and Palmer From The Beginning Trilogy 1972 Cotillion  
09:12pm 4:15 Tu Fawning Build A Great Cuff A Monument 2012 City Slang  
09:16pm 7:35 Eternal Tapestry Galactic Derelict Beyond the 4th Door (Bonus Track Version) 2011 Thrill Jockey  
09:23pm 4:49 Colin Stetson Lord I Just Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes New History Warfare, Vol 2: Judges 2011 Constellation  
09:28pm 6:48 Dr. Lonnie Smith Where It's At Boogaloo To Beck 2003 blue note
09:35pm 4:33 X Universal Corner Wild Gift
1981 Rhino/Slash  
09:39pm 7:07 Mark Lanegan Band Tiny Grain of Truth Blues Funeral 2012 4ad  
09:47pm 3:58 Bettye LaVette You Don't Know Me At All The Scene of the Crime

2007 Anti/Epitaph  
09:51pm 4:53 White Hills Radiate Heads On Fire 2007 Rocket Recordings  
09:55pm 2:13 The Damned Problem Child Music for Pleasure
1977 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.  
10:03pm 4:25 K.Flay We Hate Everyone Eyes Shut - EP 2012 K.Flay  
10:08pm 11:36 Kinski Schedule for Using Pillows and Beanbags Airs Above Your Station 2003 Sub Pop
10:19pm 2:56 Kelli Schaefer Mr. Madison Ave Let It Rain: Oregon Music Past & Present 2012 PDX Pop Now!  
10:22pm 3:48 School of Seven Bells Iamundernodisguise Alpinisms

2008 Ghostly International  
10:26pm 4:14 Ty Segall Where Your Head Goes Goodbye Bread 2011 Popfrenzy Records  
10:30pm 2:30 Wanda Jackson Riot In Cell Block #9 Let's Have A Party
1961 Capitol  
10:32pm 5:34 Damien Jurado Nothing Is the News Maraqopa

2012 Secretly Canadian  
10:38pm 4:17 AVENGERS CAR CRASH Avengers 1978 CD Presents  
10:47pm 5:02 The Curious Mystery Space Shuttle We Creeling 2011 K Records  
10:52pm 3:15 Horse Feathers Where I'll Be Cynic's New Year 2012 Kill Rock Stars  
10:57pm 2:17 Frankie Rose And The Outs CANDY Frankie Rose and the Outs (Bonus Track Version) 2010 Slumberland

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 04/11/2012

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

The show tonight featured a special live phone interview with Bonfire Madigan !!

You can see her at:

04/14/12-@-Food For Thought (PSU)

04/15/12-@-Reed College

04/16/12-@-The Red & Black Cafe 


08:00pm 3:50 Burnt Friedman Bokoboko Bokoboko 2012 Nonplace  
08:04pm 2:42 Acanthus Le Frisson Des Vampires B-Music of Jean Rollin 1971 Finders Keepers

08:07pm 3:20 Sarah Jaffe Halfway Right The Body Wins

2012 Kirtland  
08:10pm 2:39 W. Lee O'Daniel and His Hillbilly Boys There'Ll Be Some Changes Made Okeh Stomping Boogie - The Best of Western Swing 2012 Gralin Music  
08:13pm 5:11 The Magic Castles Big Sur Magic Castles 2012 A Records  
08:18pm 3:27 Au Pairs We're So Cool Playing With A Different Sex
1981 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.  
08:22pm 3:00 Syl Johnson Straight Love, No Chaser Complete Mythology 1966 Numero Group  
08:25pm 3:00 Johnny Cash Wildwood In The Pines Bootleg Vol. IV: The Soul of Truth 2012 Sony Legacy  
08:28pm 3:00 Ceremony Hysteria Zoo 2012 Matador  
08:33pm 9:08 Dr. Lonnie Smith Paper Tiger Boogaloo To Beck 2003 blue note

08:42pm 4:08 Y La Bamba Bendito Court The Storm 2012 Tender Loving Empire  
08:46pm 4:38 Elvis Costello The Delivery Man The Delivery Man

2004 UMG  
08:51pm 3:47 Tu Fawning Blood Stains A Monument 2012 City Slang  
08:54pm 6:06 Kinski Semaphore Airs Above Your Station 2003 Sub Pop

09:17pm 3:22 Bonfire Madigan Inch By Inch demo 2012 Moonpuss  
09:35pm 3:15 Bonfire Madigan Sudden Chill demo 2012 Moonpuss  
09:38pm 3:40 Bonfire Madigan SLIP demo 2012 Moonpuss  
09:42pm 5:17 Bonfire Madigan For Life Long (Scars) ...From The Burnpile 1998 Kill Rock Stars  
09:47pm 4:59 Bonfire Madigan Running Saddle The Bridge 2000 Kill Rock Stars  
09:54pm 4:39 Ezza Rose 2% Jacob 2011 Self Released

09:59pm 3:30 Pierced Arrows Coming Down To Earth Descending Shadows

2010 Vice Music  
10:02pm 5:55 Acid Mothers Temple and The Cosmic Inferno Brainstorm Sonic Attack(Psychedelic Warlords) Hawkwind tribute 7-inch 2010