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Drinking from Puddles on 04/29/15

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Wed, 04/29/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Hedersleben to perform on Drinking From Puddles for 04/22/15 !!

Air date: 
Wed, 04/22/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Hedersleben to perform on Drinking From Puddles for 04/22/15 !!
Okay...Q: what band features two members of early English Punk pioneers The UK Subs, but now are part of a ensemble that serves as the collaborative studio & live bands for Prog/Space Rock legends Nik Turner (Hawkwind) & Brainticket (Joel Vandroogenbroeck) ?!?

A: I didn't know either,...but when they play on Drinking From Puddles you better listen !!

                                 Hedersleben !!

Drinking From Puddles: 04/08/2015

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Wed, 04/08/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 04/08/2015

Drinking From Puddles: 03/25/2015

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Wed, 03/25/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 03/25/2015

The Flamin' Groovies open their 2015 tour on KBOO's Drinking From Puddles !!

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Wed, 03/11/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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The Flamin' Groovies open their 2015 tour on KBOO's Drinking From Puddles !!
The Flamin' Groovies open their 2015 tour on KBOO's Drinking From Puddles !!

Having formed in 1965, and releasing their first record in 1968, San Francisco's The Flamin' Groovies pre-dated most of the musical trends they are aligned with (New Wave, Punk, etc..), and are considered the one of the main U.S. architects (along with Alex Chilton's Big Star and a small handful of influential others) of a style that would become known as "Power-Pop".

The Knack, The Plimsouls, The Smithereens  and countless others would hike the audio-trails that the Groovies helped carve out.

Eternal Tapestry return to Drinking From Puddles for 02/25/15 !!

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Wed, 02/25/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Eternal Tapestry return to Drinking From Puddles for 02/25/15 !!
"(Eternal Tapestry)...is a cosmic music with an earthy tone, slowly ricocheting between the stars and the ground, recalling similarly minded souls such as Acid Mothers Temple, Spacemen 3, Popol Vuh, and Guru Guru."--Pitchfork.com

Portland's Psych-wielders return to Drinking From Puddles tonight, the day after the official release of their latest offering Wild Strawberries, another for them on the vaunted Thrill Jockey record label.

3-D glasses are available for tonight's broadcast, ask the attendant at your mind's door.

Drinking from Puddles on 02/11/15

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Wed, 02/11/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 01/28/2015

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Wed, 01/28/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 01/28/2015

Drinking From Puddles: 01/14/2015

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Wed, 01/14/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 01/14/2015

Drinking From Puddles: 12/31/2014

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Wed, 12/31/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Drinking From Puddles: 12/31/2014
Tonight for a special year-end Drinking From Puddles we take a listen back to my very early radio (non-)career, as I replay two 31 year-old broadcasts of "Artist Profile" as originally aired on KBVR-FM (Corvallis OR./OSU station) both from the Fall/Winter term of 1983 !!

The first hour will be Los Angeles, CA. New Wavers Suburban Lawns followed in the second hour by the at-that-time just breaking-out-big UK group The Cure (remember nothing later than 1983) !!

Well...it's NYE...so....!!

Happy New Year,



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Wed, 03/14/2012

Legendary Northwest rockers Fred & Toody Cole are doing a special engagement as a duo at the Ash Street Saloon on Friday 03/16/12, and previewed several tunes for us on live-on-your-radio on the Drinking From Puddles broadcast. Here's the set:

Down the Road / I Hate the Blues / It's Still You / We Won't Break

  • Length: 16:01 minutes (14.66 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: Jenny Don't, Kelly Halliburton, Sam Henry

program date: 
Wed, 03/14/2012

As a sneak preview for the Friday night show at Ash St. Salloon, Jenny Don't, Kelly Halliburton, Sam Henry play 4 unplugged songs, 3 covers and  an original by Jenny!

A Tribute to Musician and Poet Stephen Spyrit

program date: 
Wed, 11/17/2010

Revered Portland poet, musician, activist and scholar Stephen Spyrit recently passed. This is a audio tribute aired on KBOO-FM's Drinking From Puddles program which aired on 11/17/10

  • Length: 19:54 minutes (22.76 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 05/22/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
08:27pm12:02Träd, Gräs och StenarRingringAjn Schvajn Draj2002Silence Records 
08:39pm5:20JunipLine Of FireJunip2013City Slang 
08:45pm12:00Foot Village1600 Dolla BillMake Memories2012Northern Spy Records 
08:57pm4:04Abbass MehrpouyaSoul RagaSoul Raga: Anthology2013Pharaway Sounds 
09:01pm2:10Petra HadenGoldfinger Main Title (from "Goldfinger")Petra Goes to the Movies2013Anti/Epitaph 
09:03pm3:02Floyd Ray and his OrchestraJammin' the BluesComin' On With The Blues1963Golden Era 
09:06pm3:00WavvesSail To The SunAfraid of Heights2013POD 
09:17pm2:26X (with Ray Manzarek)SOUL KITCHENLos Angeles

09:20pm2:23John ParishThe Minotaur (Pt. 2)Screenplay2013Thrill Jockey 
09:22pm5:08ZomesLoveful HeightsTime Was

2013Thrill Jockey 
09:27pm6:17SagaEnsamma RumSaga1974Sonet 
09:34pm6:36Yusef LateefRobot ManAutophysiopsychic1977CTI Records 
09:40pm3:33FuzzFuzz's Fourth DreamThis Time I Got A Reason 7”
2013Trouble in Mind 
09:46pm2:49Moon KingVIOLENCEObsessions II - EP2013One Big Silence 
09:49pm3:33A Place to Bury StrangersThe 99'sStrange Moon: A Tribute To Dead Moon2013Dead Oceans 
09:55pm3:00BleachedOutta My MIndRide Your Heart2013Dead Oceans

First half-hour was pre-empted for a Public Affairs special: Brandon hosts

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 05/08/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
08:02pm2:22Edward ArtemievActorsShadows Of A Theater2005Electroshock Records 
08:04pm4:01Jaimeo BrownMean WorldTranscendence

2013Motema Music 
08:08pm3:33Ty SegallMusic For A Film 1Ty Segall/Chad & The Meatbobes 7-inch2013Famous Class 
08:11pm15:00Bardo PondThe Creator Has A Master PlanRise Above It All

2013Fire Records 
08:26pm3:00The Blue Sky BoysRadio Station S-A-V-E-DPrecious Moments1962Starday 
08:29pm3:33Chrissy ZebbyTembo & Ngozi FamilyMy AncestorsMy Ancestors2013QDK Media 
08:33pm4:40Shannon WrightThe Caustic LightIn Film Sound2013Ernest Jenning Record Co. 
08:42pm2:57SaltlandI Thought It Was UsI Thought It Was Us But It Was All of Us2013Constellation 
08:45pm3:01Sam AmidonShort LifeBright Sunny South2013Nonesuch 
08:48pm4:15The UncludedDelicate CycleHokey Fright2013Rhymesayers 
08:52pm5:03Dark HorsesROSEBlack Music2013Last Gang Records 
08:57pm3:33A Place to Bury StrangersI'm WiseStrange Moon: A Tribute To Dead Moon2013Dead Oceans 
09:03pm4:37Jenny HvalAmphibious, AndrogynousInnocence Is Kinky2013Rune Grammofon 
09:07pm18:21MicahHe's A Dreamer/Look Around You/So You Can See/I'm Only One ManI'm Only One Man1971Shadoks Music 
09:26pm3:09DeerhunterLeather Jacket IIMonomania20134AD / Hostess 
09:31pm3:33BazookaRavening TripBazooka2013Sloivenly 
09:34pm6:12OSIRISGamin'Since Before Our Time1979warner brothers 
09:40pm2:59Mother Merey & The Black DirtChicken ScrabbleDown To The River2012self released 
09:43pm8:31HawkwindOrgone AccumulatorMasters Of The Universe

09:55pm3:53Mikal CroninSee It My WayMCII2013Merge Records / Hostess


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 04/24/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

dr. zomb filled for Brandon this week. the show started about ten minutes late due to the live remote preceding it running long...

os mutantes    shell spot, gloria ao rei...    the sixth finger lp

androids of mu   lost in space    blood robots lp    water wing

john buzon trio    ill wind    inferno! lp   liberty?

pisces   motley mary ann, say goodbye to john

iggy pop    some weird sin    lust for life lp

muddy waters bo diddley & little walter    long distance call    super blues lp

gun club    for the love of ivy

pere ubu    hard of darkness, modern dance    live 1978 longhorn club lp

saigon rock and soul lp    a girl's destiny    sublime frequencies

djalma ferreira    bicharada    poco loco in the coco lp

orkes melayu purnama    bangla desh   indonesia pop nostalgia v/a lp

lorne greene    i'm a gun  

linda ronstadt    anti drug spot

pil    home is where the heart is

dirt gang spot

davie allan and the arrows    glory stompers theme

os mutantes    live track    the sixth finger lp

phew    a/2    ongaku 90 v/a lp

captain beefheart    big eyed beans from venus    clear spot lp

pisces    mary   


the panthers    bhairvi    sublime frequencies lp

os mutantes    a/4    the sixth finger lp

los mac's    fm y cia    pepperisms v/a lp

mohawk and the rednecks    enchanted forest    god less america v/a lp


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 04/10/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

We listened to some more music from the vast catalog of quality songs left to us from the recently departed Jason Molina in the second hour of the program.  

08:02pm2:35Raymonde LefevreSoul CoaxingSoul Coaxing19674Corners 
08:05pm4:05CSC Funk BandFunkincenseFunkincense2013Electric Cowbell 
08:09pm4:07BombinoAzamane TiliadeNOMAD
08:13pm6:00Aidan Baker (with Carla Bozulich)Lorelei/Common ToungeAlready Drowning2013Gizeh Records 
08:19pm5:26Midnight MoversWhy Don't We Do It In The RoadDo It In The Road1970Elephant V Ltd 
08:24pm5:21LOWAmethystThe Invisible Way2013Sub Pop 
08:29pm4:47Kurt VileShame ChamberWakin On a Pretty Daze2013Matador Records 
08:34pm4:03The Black AngelsI Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia)Indigo Meadow2013Blue Horizon 
08:41pm2:40And So I Watch You From AfarLike a MouseAll Hail Bright Futures (Bonus Track Version)2013Sargent House 
08:44pm2:23Stuff Smith And His Onyx Club BandTwilight In TurkeyThe Swinging Small Bands 1937-1944 (Original Jazz Sound)

1938Original Jazz Sound 
08:46pm2:33BleachedNext StopRide Your Heart2013Dead Oceans 
08:49pm5:37King HarvestRoosevelt and Ira LeeDancing In the Moonlight

1972Perception Records 
08:54pm5:49ImplodesEx MassRecurring Dream

09:06pm2:20Songs: OhiaCabwaylingoSongs: Ohia1997Secretly Canadian 
09:08pm8:49Magnolia Electric Co.Such Pretty Eyes For A SnakeTrials & Errors2005Secretly Canadian 
09:17pm5:21Songs: OhiaNo Limit On the WordsGhost Tropic

2000Secretly Canadian 
09:22pm3:33Magnolia Electric Co.Don't Fade On MeNashville Moon/Sojourner (Box Set)2009Secretly Canadian 
09:29pm3:34Molina and JohnsonWooden HeartMolina and Johnson2009Secretly Canadian 
09:32pm2:15Songs: OhiaProgram: The MaskImpala1998Secretly Canadian 
09:35pm3:34Magnolia Electric Co.The Handing DownJosephine2009Secretly Canadian 
09:38pm4:28Songs: OhiaAlmost Was Good EnoughThe Magnolia Electric Co.2003Secretly Canadian 
09:43pm7:58Magnolia Electric Co.The Big BeastTrials and Errors2005Secretly Canadian 
09:51pm4:23Songs: OhiaBack On TopThe Lioness

2000Secretly Canadian 
09:55pm3:56Magnolia Electric Co.And the Moon Hits the WaterBlack Ram/Sojourner (Box Set)2009Secretly Canadian

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 03/27/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
08:02pm3:00PelicanEnd Of Seasons (Prefuse 73 Remix)Pink Mammoth 10-inch Hydra Head 
08:06pm3:50Crime and the City SolutionGODDESSAmerican Twilight


08:13pm3:20Sallie Ford & The Sound OutsideThey Told MeUntamed Beast

08:18pm3:07LOWHOLY GHOSTThe Invisible Way2013Sub Pop

08:27pm6:24Diamanda GalasI Put a Spell On You (Live 2002)La Serpenta Canta (Live)2003Mute Artists 
08:34pm4:27Fish KarmaGod Bless The NRATeddy in the Sky With Magnets

1991Triple X Records 
08:38pm3:43Charles BradleyStrictly Reserved For You (feat. Menahan Street Band)Victim of Love (feat. Menahan Street Band)2013Daptone Records 
08:49pm9:14Magnolia Electric Co.Almost Was Good EnoughTrials & Errors2005Secretly Canadian 
09:04pm7:46Songs: OhiaAn Ace Unable to ChangeImpala

1998Secretly Canadian 
09:11pm4:58Magnolia Electric Co.Give Something Else Away Every DayWhat Comes After the Blues

2005Secretly Canadian 
09:23pm6:13Endless BoogieGeneral AdmissionLong Island2013No Quarter 
09:29pm3:00The Lilly BrothersWhy Did You WanderBluegrass Breakdown1964prestige
09:38pm4:30The Swell MapsMidget SubmarinesA Trip To Marineville
1979Rough Trade 
09:42pm3:478 Eyed SpyRun Through The Jungle8 Eyed Spy Live1981ROIR 
09:46pm1:07The Traditional FoolsShredstickThe Traditional Fools2008Wizard Mountain/Make a Mess 
09:51pm3:44The Black AngelsEvil ThingsIndigo Meadow2013Blue Horizon 
09:57pm2:31LiliputLike Or Lump ItLiliput1982Rough Trade

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 03/13/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
08:00pm3:20William Ryan FritchIt Moves With Or Without UsThe Waiting Room2013Lost Tribe Sound 
08:03pm3:00Jerry McGeeOn The ReboundUnknown Soldier 7-inch
08:06pm3:00Charles BradleyLove Bug Blues (feat. Menahan Street Band)Victim Of Love2013V2 Records Benelux 
08:09pm3:51AnnaMySnowflakesWoodpecker2013Subliminal Sounds 
08:13pm4:16Black PusFly On The WallAll My Relations2013Thrill Jockey 
08:17pm3:00Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain BoyMy Lord's Gonna Bless MeLet Me Rest On A Peaceful Mountain1975Rebel Records 
08:20pm3:25Thalia ZedekHe SaidVia 2013Thrill Jockey 
08:24pm4:24Graveyard TapesMemorialsOur Sound Is Our Wound2013Lost Tribe Sound 
08:28pm5:49Chelsea Light MovingSleeping Where I FallChelsea Light Moving2013Matador 
08:35pm4:02Ora CoganWaterboundRibbon Vine2013Hairy Spider Legs 
08:39pm8:00The MenSupermoonNew Moon2013Sacred Bones Records 
08:47pm3:47Tu FawningBlood StainsA Monument2012City Slang 
08:51pm2:28Shirley & LeeLet the Good Times Roll (Original)Everybody's Rockin' With Shirley & Lee1961Imperial Records 
08:53pm4:52Das DamenSong For Michael Jackson To SellMarshmellow Conspiracy1988SST Records 
08:58pm3:10Ola Belle ReedMy EpitaphOla Belle Reed1973Rounder Records 
09:01pm2:07The Traditional FoolsPLEASEThe Traditional Fools2008Wizard Mountain/Make a Mess 
09:05pm5:23Lady Lamb the BeekeeperHair to the Ferris WheelRipely Pine2013Ba Da Bing! 
09:10pm3:29FerdinandTele Apres La MetroChange The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1979-19871980Strut 
09:14pm3:02Robyn HitchcockStupefiedLove From London2013Yep Roc Records 
09:17pm3:31Chicken ShackWhen the Train Comes BackForty Blue Fingers, Freshley Packed and Ready to Serve

09:20pm6:41Endless BoogieTaking Out The TrashLong Island2013No Quarter 
09:27pm3:00Patsy MontanaSwing Time CowgirlPatsy Montana1940Outlaw 
09:30pm6:27Moon DuoRolling OutCIRCLES2012Sacred Bones Records 
09:38pm3:00OdesHoney Gets HardMeltaway 7-inch1994Merge
09:41pm3:00Zaleha Hamid & Orkes ZindegiBertemashaPop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock From Singapore And Malaysia 1964-1970: Vol. 11967Sublime Frequwncies 
09:44pm4:07The Staple SingersWho Do You Think You Are (Jesus Christ Superstar)?Be Altitude: Respect Yourself1972Stax 
09:48pm3:02Volcano SunsBlue RibCareer In Rock1991Quarterstick Records 
09:55pm4:27Mark LaneganFIRE and BRIMSTONELAWLESS
CD Comp

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 02/27/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

Sallie Ford & The Soud Outside played Live !! Brandon hosted: Late start due to pre-emption: Last three hour 8-11pm show: Starting in March 2013, Drinking From Puddles 8-10pm Wed. Night


08:26pm5:36GlorieFallingFalling2013self released 
08:32pm4:47Mount MoriahMiracle Temple HolinessMiracle Temple2013Merge / Hostess 
08:37pm9:35Leon RussellOf Thee I Sing/Yes I AmLive In Japan1971Omnivore 
08:47pm5:24Dead ConfederateGodfatherPeyote People2013self released 
08:52pm3:12Billy (Sugar Billy) GarnerSugar Pie7-inch1975Fast Track 
08:56pm4:18The FallFree RangeCode Selfish

09:03pm3:22The MenThe BrassNew Moon2013Sacred Bones Records 
09:06pm6:45Julia LucilleHomingHoming2012Julia Lucille 
09:13pm7:45The WaterboysSavage Earth Heart (Live)The Secret Life of the Waterboys '81-'851994Chrysalis UK 
09:20pm2:38Los GirasolesLa BocinaCumbia Beat 2: Tropical Sounds Peru 1966-831977Leader Music 
09:23pm4:07CrystalaugurI'll be RememberedTerranaut1972Dodo 
09:27pm3:00Lunar FunkMr Penguin, Pt. 1Mr Penguin, Pt. 1 7-inch
1972Bell Records 
09:30pm2:29Ty Segall & Mikal CroninDrop Dead BabyReverse Shark Attack2009In The Red
09:36pm7:18Banque AllemandeSchwarz Vor Schwarzer WandWillst du Chinese sein musst du die ekligen Sachen essen2013S.S. Records 
09:43pm3:00Elton JohnSick CityDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me 7-inch1974MCA 
09:46pm0:04The Mystery BandOpening the Umbrella To Go Outdoors, I Notice the Corner of a Postcard I Recieved Two Years Ago Peering Out From Beneath the Bureau In the Corner of the Room.Leo, Gemini, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.2013AJM Recordings 
09:46pm4:12The Mystery BandEspionage The Motion PictureLeo, Gemini, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.2013AJM Recordings 
09:50pm4:20Robyn HitchcockHarry's SongLove From London2013Yep Roc Records 
09:55pm2:57The Avant GardenersStrange Girl In ClothesDig It1980Appaloosa 
10:01pm5:30Lady Lamb the BeekeeperRegarding Ascending the StairsRipely Pine2013Ba Da Bing! 
10:06pm6:32Complicated Universal CumBeyond Or BelowHello Exit Harmony - Level Body Revelation, Pt. 1

2012MBO - The Music Business Organisation A/S 
10:19pm3:20Sallie Ford & The Sound OutsideThey Told MeLive In-Studio Performance (KBOO)2013Drinking From Puddles/KBOO-FM 
10:22pm2:42Sallie Ford & The Sound OutsideLip BoyLive In-Studio Performance (KBOO)2013Drinking From Puddles/KBOO-FM 
10:25pm2:57Sallie Ford & The Sound OutsideBad BoysLive In-Studio Performance (KBOO)2013Drinking From Puddles/KBOO-FM 
10:28pm2:36Sallie Ford & The Sound OutsideParty KidsLive In-Studio Performance (KBOO)2013Drinking From Puddles/KBOO-FM 
10:30pm3:30Sallie Ford & The Sound OutsideWrite Me A LetterLive In-Studio Performance (KBOO)2013

Drinking From Puddles/KBOO-FM

10:34pm2:13Sallie Ford & The Sound OutsideRockabilityUntamed Beast

6:13Endless BoogieGeneral AdmissionLong Island2013No Quarter 
10:48pm4:43The ObituariesLove AlwaysThe Obituaries
2007Highgate Records 
10:53pm1:58Thee HeadcoateesGIVE IT TO MEGirlsville1991Damaged Goods 
10:57pm2:36Chelsea Light MovingLipChelsea Light Moving


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 02/13/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

 Brandon hosted:


08:02pm 7:16 Red Sparowes As Each End Looms And Subsides The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer
2010 Sargent House  
08:09pm 1:40 Andrzej Korzynski W Instyucie Secret Enigma
2012 EMI Label Services  
08:10pm 3:42 Charles Bradley Strictly Reserved For You Victim Of Love
2013  Daptone  
08:14pm 3:00 Bianco Rustle Of Spring Music To Make Your Heart Sing 196? RCA
08:17pm 5:25 Miranda Martino O Destino E L'late Miranda Martino 1962 RCA Italiano  
08:23pm 9:17 Endless Boogie Occult Banker Long Island 2013 No Quarter  
08:32pm 3:53 Blaudzun We Both Know Heavy Flowers
2012 V2 Records Benelux  
08:36pm 3:33 Wandra Merrell BOOMERANG 7-inch single 195? RCA
08:39pm 2:49 J.C. Satàn Prehistoric Love Sick of Love
2010 Slovenly Recordings  
08:46pm 4:02 Black Mountain The Way to Gone Wilderness Heart
2010 Jagjaguwar / Hostess  
08:50pm 3:37 Thao & The Get Down Stay Down We the Common (For Valerie Bolden) We the Common 2013 Ribbon Music  
08:53pm 2:32 Mel Williams Send Me A Picture Baby R&B Hipshakers Vol 3 - Just A Little Bit Of The Jumpin' Bean
1955 Vampisoul  
08:56pm 2:38 Pissed Jeans Bathroom Laughter Honeys 2013 Sub Pop Records  
08:58pm 3:00 Red River Dave Red River Valley Singing Popular Range Songs 194? Varsity  
09:01pm 2:53 The Mighty Gospel Giants Lift Jesus Let There Be Peace 1970 Minit  
09:04pm 4:02 Pontiak Royal Colors Echo Ono 2012 Thrill Jockey  
09:08pm 9:24 Banque Allemande Suchmaschine Willst du Chinese sein musst du die ekligen Sachen essen 2013 S.S. Records  
09:20pm 21:00 Earthless Lost In the Cold Sun Sonic Prayer 2005 Gravity Records  
09:41pm 3:00 Stan Kenton and His Orchestra & June Christy Fine, Fine Deal Stan Kenton & His Orchestra Vol 4 (1944-45)
1945 Hindsight Records  
09:44pm 3:08 The Meat Purveyors I'd Rather Be Your Enemy Pain By Numbers
2004 Bloodshot Records  
09:47pm 2:39 Adnnan Othman & The Wanderers Revolusi Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock From Singapore And Malaysia 1964-1970: Vol. 1 196?  Sublime Frequencies  
09:48pm 3:52 Kristin Hersh Pearl (Live) Cats and Mice (Live) 2010 Kitten Charmer  
09:52pm 3:18 Mark Lanegan Band Phantasmagoria Blues Blues Funeral 2012 4ad  
09:55pm 3:07 The Hot Rats Damaged Goods Turn Ons 2010 G & D Records  
09:58pm 3:56 The Pack A.D. Deer We Kill Computers 2010 Mint Records  
10:08pm 2:36 Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside Party Kids (Explicit) Untamed Beast
2013 Partisan  
10:11pm 6:05 Bobby Bare The Devil and Billy Markham Darker Than Light
2012 Plowboy Records, Llc  
10:17pm 5:28 Silverhead Wounded Heart Silverhead
1972 Deep Purple (Overseas)  
10:22pm 3:19 Amalgamated Sons Of Rest My Donal Amalgamated Sons Of Rest 2002 Galaxia  
10:25pm 2:11 Juaneco Y Su Combo Recordando a Fachin Cumbia Beat 2: Tropical Sounds of Peru 1966-83 1982 Vampisoul  
10:28pm 3:00 Gloria Brady Listen Memphis Belles - The Women Of Sun Records 1956 Bear Family  
10:31pm 5:49 Eternal Tapestry Alone Against Tomorrow A World Out Of Time 2012 Thrill Jockey Records  
10:39pm 2:14 The Hate My Day Jobs KILLING TIME Out Of Control
2009 The Hate My Day Jobs  
10:42pm 2:51 The Heavy In The Morning Great Vengeance & Furious Fire
2007 Phantom Sound & Vision  
10:44pm 8:02 Complicated Universal Cum Futuero Before F After C
2012 MBO - The Music Business Organisation A/S  
10:55pm 4:22 Tonio K. H-A-T-R-E-D Life In The Foodchain 1978 epic


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 01/30/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

 Brandon hosted:

08:03pm 3:42 Glorie Smoke Falling 2013 self released  
08:07pm 10:06 Cerebus Shoal Myrrh (Loop) Homb 1999 Temporary Residence Ltd  
08:17pm 1:54 Carmela Madrugada Llanera The Fantastic Carmela Sings Latin-American Folklore 1968 Fontana
08:19pm 6:12 Mystical Weapons Gross Domestic Happiness Mystical Weapons 2012 Chimera Music  
08:25pm 3:28 Pacific Gas & Electric Live Love Get It On 1970 Kent  
08:28pm 1:58 The Silencers Boy's Town Shock + The Silencers 1979 Wankin' Stiphs  
08:34pm 9:18 Endless Boogie Imprecations Long Island 2013 No Quarter  
08:43pm 20:01 Ravi Shankar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Raga Sindhu Bhairavi Exotic Sitar & Sarod 1967 Capitol
09:03pm 5:05 Menahan Street Band The Crossing The Crossing
2012 Daptone Records  
09:08pm 2:32 Roy Rogers & The Sons of the Pioneers Stampede The King Of The Cowboys 1950 Bear Family  
09:11pm 4:22 PVT Homosapien Homosapien 2013 felte  
09:15pm 3:46 Henry Wagons Unwelcome Company (feat. Alison Mosshart) Expecting Company? 2013 Six Shooter Records  
09:19pm 4:24 Radio Birdman Descent Into The Maelstrom Radios Appear 1977 Trafalgar  
09:26pm 4:06 Ulaan Markhor Plague of Farewells Ulaan Markhor
2012 Soft Abuse  
09:30pm 3:26 Charley Musselwhite's South Side Band Cha Cha The Blues Stand Back! 1967 Vanguard  
09:33pm 4:46 Pelican Lathe Biosas Ataraxia / Taraxis - EP 2012 (RED) Southern Lord  
09:38pm 3:00 Gus Binova and his Orchestra Clarinet Parmegian Dig That Crazy Band 1956 Mercury  
09:41pm 6:40 Smog Let Me See the Colts A River Ain't Too Much to Love
2005 Drag City  
09:47pm 4:22 Crystal Stilts Converging In the Quiet Crystal Stilts - EP 2008 Woodsist  
09:52pm 3:00 Petula Clark The In Crowd I Know A Place 1965 Warner Brothers  
09:55pm 2:06 M. Said & Les Remaja Temasah Ria Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock From Singapore And Malaysia 1964-1970: Vol. 1 1968 Sublime Frequencies  
09:57pm 3:32 Useless Eaters Life On A Grid Hypertension 2013 French Kiss  
10:00pm 2:32 Bill Monroe We're You There (single)
1941 Bluebird  
10:03pm 7:52 Grand Funk Paranoid Grand Funk Railroad 1969 Capitol  
10:14pm 3:34 Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs They Say Sunday Run Me Over 2012 (RED) Transdreamer  
10:17pm 10:10 David Bowie Station To Station Station to Station
1976 RCA  
10:28pm 6:32 Godspeed You! Black Emperor Strung Like Lights At Thee Printemps Erable Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
2012 Constellation  
10:34pm 4:38 Brainbombs Driving Through Leeds Urge to Kill 1999 Load Records  
10:41pm 3:33 Peter Buck I'm Alive Peter Buck 2012 Mississippi  
10:44pm 2:38 Fanny Rockin' All Night Long Rock and Roll Survivors 1974 Casablanca  
10:47pm 3:00 Xavier Cugat Jalouise Tango With Cugat 1953 Columbia  
10:50pm 6:12 Beaches New Knowledge Eternal Sphere - EP 2010 Mexican Summer  
10:58pm 3:00 The Liminanas Un Ballade Pour Clive Crystal Anis
2012 Hozac

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 01/16/2013

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


08:08pm 7:30 Mountains Tilt Centralia 2013 Thrill Jockey  
08:17pm 3:58 Dosh Bury the Ghost Wolves and Wishes
2008 Anticon  
08:22pm 4:57 Doris Troy Give Me Back My Dynamite Doris Troy
1970 Apple  
08:27pm 7:25 Rich Hopkins and Luminarios Friend Of The Shooter Buried Treasures 2012 Blue Rose  
08:34pm 8:28 Led Zeppelin HOW MANY MORE TIMES Led Zeppelin
1969 Rhino Atlantic  
08:42pm 4:31 Samantha Crain Kid Face Kid Face 2013 Ramseur  
08:47pm 3:24 Deep Time BERMUDA TRIANGLE Deep Time 2012 Hardly Art  
08:53pm 6:41 Brokeback Will be Arriving Brokeback and the Black Rock 2013 Thrill Jockey  
09:00pm 7:14 Pere Ubu Mandy Lady from Shanghai 2013 Fire Records  
09:07pm 2:39 Mon Rivera & Moncho Leña Y Los Ases Del Ritmo Bailando Plena (Plena-Mambo) Cumbia Beat 2: Tropical Sounds Peru 1966-83
1968 Vampisoul  
09:10pm 4:48 Fleetwood Mac HypnotizeD Mystery to me
1973 Reprise Records  
09:15pm 6:12 Wooden Wand Southern Colorado Song Blood Oaths of the New Blues
2013 Fire Records  
09:21pm 2:34 Wanda Jackson Before I Lose My Mind Capitol Rarities [10-inch] 1961 Capitol
09:24pm 3:24 Six Organs Of Admittance A Thousand Birds Dark Noontide 2002 Holy Mountain  
09:27pm 2:30 The Isley Brothers Twist & Shout Take Some Time Out For The Isley Brothers 1966 Scepter  
09:29pm 3:59 Guided By Voices Blatant Doom Trip Same Place the Fly Got Smashed 1990 Scat  
09:33pm 3:00 Cab Calloway Bye Bye Blues Cab Calloway Classics 1941 cbs  
09:36pm 3:33 Peter Buck Nothing Means Nothing Peter Buck 2012 Mississippi  
09:45pm 4:56 Arbouretum Renouncer Coming Out of the Fog 2013 Thrill Jockey  
09:50pm 2:22 Glen Campbell No Need To Be Lying Country Music Star #1 1969 Starday  
09:52pm 5:09 The Parlez HEART AND SOUL Glisten 2012 The Parlez  
09:57pm 7:46 Songs: Ohia An Ace Unable to Change Impala
1998 Secretly Canadian  
10:05pm 3:17 Kronos Quartet The Funky Chicken In Formation
1982 Reference Recordings  
10:08pm 5:51 Foxygen On Blue Mountain We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
2012 Jagjaguwar  
10:14pm 6:04 Larry Norman I Am the Six O'Clock News Only Visiting This Planet 1972 verve  
10:20pm 5:07 Complicated Universal Cum Hello Hello Hello Exit Harmony - Level Body Revelation, Pt. 1
2012 MBO - The Music Business Organisation A/S  
10:25pm 2:39 Bobby Bare w/Norma Jean & Liz Anderson One Among The Three Of Us The Game Of Triangles 1967 RCA Victor  
10:28pm 3:31 Ty Segall & White Fence Scissor People Hair
2012 Drag City  
10:35pm 2:09 Paint Fumes Space Cadet Uck Life 2012 Slovenly Recordings  
10:37pm 6:57 Kiki Gyan Disco Dancer 24 Hours in a Disco 1978-82 2012 Soundway Records  
10:44pm 2:13 Metz Knife In The Water Metz 2012 Sub Pop Records  
10:46pm 3:16 Amanda Ambrose What Are the Parts of a Flower? Amazing Amanda Ambrose 1963 RCA Victor  
10:50pm 3:00 Dennis Most and the Instigators Penetrate Excuse My Spunk 1977 Rave Up  
10:54pm 6:27 Moon Duo Rolling Out CIRCLES 2012 Sacred Bones Records


Driftwood Magazine shouts out to Drinkin from Puddles May Days


Dear Brandon,

Took a coupla three years since you helped get Cindy Lee Berryhill back out playing her new songs after the years caring for her husband the rock writer Paul Williams who had traumatic brain injury in bike mishap. Your wide-ranging i-view with her on DRINKING FROM PUDDLES remains a classic and should be archived.  Here's how the inspiration drawn from her life and songs and your superb sustained discussion with her (so rare even on community radio) got integrated into the theme of "MAY DAYS FADE 2011" in Mitch's Monthly Mix a chance to discuss song material and making rather than focus on Celebrity and Personality as per our standard journalism. Enjoy and Keep on Doing! Scroll down to Track 12 here to quick cut to clip of and discussion of Berryhill's "Forty Cent Raise" http://driftwoodmagazine.com/2011/06/04/1957/ 

Respectfully yours,

Mitch Ritter, Driftwood Magazine NW Correspondent.

PS - Can ya route this link to CLB too?  She plays Banjo Jim's in the East Village June 9, 2011 at 8 PM so good to see her playing out again....

2009 playlists

Any plans to post the 2009 playlists?




your very creative show:

Hey Brandon - whenever your show is on i always make an effort to keep tuned in. I have a dedicated radio set to KBOO that has been playing continually for the last several years (I never turn it off). It's an old GE Am & Fm clock radio out in the patio that I keep on low volume at night to scare off any possible intruders, especially when someone at The Boo is playing some really freaky stuff during the early hours of the AM (which I call "the rat-scratching hours" , about 3 to 4 AM when both rats and sub-humans become especially active. I talked to you once before on the phone when I was making a one hour video called "KBOO radio check" in which I tuned every radio in the house to KBOO and went to each one with my camcorder, checking to see that it was picking up the waves ok - this was during the early AM when you were on that time slot - i had the camcorder set on night vision and it all turned out good. There were about eight different radios involved, each with their own glowing readouts that indicated 90.7 FM was tuned in - and I zoomed in for a closeup of each one while your program was on the air. In fact, I talked to you at the station while my video was going. It's a one hour video (a real classic) but you have to have your show to get in the right frame of mind to view it. So the bottom line is that I'm a long time listener (have been since KBOO first came on the air) and i find your show quite inspirational and inventive - and always enjoy your commentary whenever you get around to it, so be sure to add that aspect to your show tonight, even though it seems a little out of place that you're on so early tonight, like a different time zone or something. Later (~)


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