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Mohawk World to Honor John Houston Talley, Radio Host, Veteran and Mentor to ManyIndian Country Today Media Network. May 24, 2012.

John TalleyIn a tribute (Patricia Lenzi) wrote about her uncle and shared with Indian Country Today Media Network, Lenzi said that Talley volunteered at KBOO. When asked why he refused to get paid, he replied, “People say, ‘Well, why do you do that for no money?’ And I say, ‘Because people need the communications.

Exciting times ahead!

I am looking forward to the John Talley Memorial Event this Friday...People from across cultures will gather to honor the one and only, the late John Talley...

When I get the final of the program I will post it here.

I am honored to have interned with John here at KBOO in 2004. Little did I know that a senior project for my Bachelor of Arts degree from Marylhurst would propell me into radio or into a faithful friendship.. I am truly blessed to have known John and to have him as a friend.

Focusing on that has given me solace when false and greedy, mean and ugly acts have been directed at me during a time of grief..I have lost respect for those involved but I pray that those misdirected people will be redirected to a path more positive.


RIP, Rachel Studer


Very sad news, everybody. Avid KBOO supporter and volunteer, Rachel Studer, passed away March 26 of this year.

Rachel's memorial will be at St. Andrews Catholic Church, 806 NE Alberta, Portland, OR 97211, on May 12th at 11 am. There will be a reception following at noon. All KBOO people are invited.

Rest in Peace, John Talley


We at KBOO would like to pay tribute to former KBOO program host John Talley, who died on Sunday, March 25th. John was the longtime host of the show “Indian World” which aired on KBOO from 1975 until a few years ago, when John retired from the show because of health issues.

Indian World, the first Indian program in the Portland area, featured coverage of Native activities and interests with music, news, interviews, legends, poetry and a calendar of events.

Many of us will always remember a moving segment of Indian World in which John would call out the names of the Native American tribes. John himself was Mohawk, born in New York State.

KBOO makes the news, February 2012


Hi all -

KBOO's community got a couple nice pieces of press lately.

Calo utho aura nrtya! (Let's get up and dance!), January 26, 2012 in the Portland Tribune -- a story about DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid, who air Tuesday nights from 10 to midnight.


In case you missed it: Outside In's films from Portland homeless youth available online, February 1, 2012 in the Oregonian - with this mention:

News in the Web Department


Hi all -

I have not been modeling good blogging skills, I know. So with the new year, I've resolved to write more frequently... and have those entries be shorter. We'll see how this goes.

New Office Hours!

Yes, I have new office hours. I am now here from 11am to 2:30 pm on weekdays KBOO time. So if you'd like to drop in, I should be a little bit easier to find. And if you'd like to make an appointment or share your thoughts, you can do that at web@kboo.org.

New Ads!

Yes, we finally have advertisements. It's pretty exciting.

The State of the Website


Hello! Welcome to the newly scrubbed clean KBOO.fm.

Our website is now safe again for you to visit, enjoy and make donations to KBOO.

What happened?

Upcoming Web Trainings!


Wanting to enhance and improve your skills in working with the KBOO website? Are you an active volunteer? Then these trainings might be for you! All trainings are from 7-8:30 PM.

Sign up by the Receptionist's Desk!

Making Facebook Work (better) for you


Facebook! It's the internet site we love... and love to hate.

Part of that is how little control you have when you're doing just about anything.

If you are trying to publicize your show (hey, if you aren't, why not?), there are a couple of rules of thumb that will make it a better experience.

Start by uploading a Schedule Episode on kboo.fm with a photo, and a good description of what will be happening on your show. Sell the sizzle!


Magically (or something) it will end up on the website's front page. But I've gotten ahead of myself...

copyright, copyleft, and fair use


What is Copyright?

Copyright allows you to own the things (writing, music, photography, etc) that you create. If you create it, you own it. That allows you to reproduce it, to make & distribute copies, to create derivative works, and to display or perform the work publically.

You can give up your copyright by licensing a copyleft or Creative Commons license. Or, if you work for a business and you are paid to create content, in some cases, you no longer hold a copyright to your own work.

Now, wait, how do you refer to copyrighted pieces? Fair use!

The Attributor Blog provides a good guideline to fair use:

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