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Autonomy Hour on 02/04/16

Autonomy Hour
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Thu, 02/04/2016 - 10:00pm - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour on 01/21/16

Autonomy Hour
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Thu, 01/21/2016 - 10:00pm - Fri, 01/22/2016 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour on 12/17/15

Autonomy Hour
Air date: 
Thu, 12/17/2015 - 10:00pm - Fri, 12/18/2015 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour on 12/03/15

Autonomy Hour
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Thu, 12/03/2015 - 10:00pm - Fri, 12/04/2015 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour

Autonomy Hour
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Thu, 11/19/2015 - 10:00pm - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour
guest host: Rolf

Autonomy Hour on 11/05/15

Autonomy Hour
Air date: 
Thu, 11/05/2015 - 10:00pm - Fri, 11/06/2015 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour on 10/15/15

Autonomy Hour
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Thu, 10/15/2015 - 10:00pm - Fri, 10/16/2015 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour on 10/01/15

Autonomy Hour
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Thu, 10/01/2015 - 10:00pm - Fri, 10/02/2015 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour on 09/17/15

Autonomy Hour
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Thu, 09/17/2015 - 10:00pm - Fri, 09/18/2015 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour on 09/03/15

Autonomy Hour
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Thu, 09/03/2015 - 10:00pm - Fri, 09/04/2015 - 12:00am
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Autonomy Hour playlist for 11/20/2015

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 
ComanechiPatsyYou Owe Me Nothing But LoveTigertrap
Big BlackThe ModelSongs About FuckingTouch and Go
2/5 BZNo Turistik No EgzolikPeel SessionsGozel
eX-GirlPop MuzikBack to the Mono Kero!Ipecac
Steeple RemoveImaginary GirlPosition NormalGonzai
Guido & Maurizo De Angeles`Goodbye My FriendObscure Psychedelic Manuscripts from the Italian CinemaLibrary of Groove Sounds
Group DouehDun DunGuitar Music from the Western SaharaSublime Frequencies
TellavisionAttitudeThe Third EyeKarlrecords
WetdogLower LegFrauhaus!Captured Tracks
Die Goldenen ZitronenBusinesspeopleFlogging a Dead FrogAltin Village & Mire Records
ElectrelaneThis DeedThe Power CutToo Pure
CocoRosieTim and TinaHeartache CityLost Girl Recordings
Hayvanlar AlemiOksigen DuasiGaga003 Records
Andrew LilesGoodbye Mr. PipsSchmettaling Monster of RockDirter
Furva AmbiguitasDebitumSacerPossession Productions
Volcano the BearVelero SymbolsCommencingMiasmah
Tropic of CancerChildren of a Lesser GodRestless IdyllsBlackest Ever Black
Monopoly Child Star SearchersNight Flight in the Southern HemisphereThe Garnet ToucanUnderwater Peoples Records
Aisha Kandisha's Jarring EffectsSankraraEl BuyaRec Rec
Dark Dark DarkSomething For MyselfBright Bright BrightSupply and Demand
guest host Rolf

Autonomy Hour playlist for 11/20/2014

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 
Autonomy Hour (Music) with Abeni Z 11/20/2014 10:00PM to 12:00AM

10:03PM-10:06PM (3:17) Babes In Toyland “OH YEAH!” from Nemesisters (Rock, 1995) on Rhino/Warner Bros.

10:06PM-10:09PM (3:13) HorrorPops “Psychobitches Outta Hell” from Hell Yeah! (Rock, 2004) on Hellcat/Epitaph

10:09PM-10:12PM (2:18) The Epoxies “Molded Plastic” from Epoxies (2002) on Dirtnap Records

10:12PM-10:15PM (3:09) The Cramps “All Women Are Bad” from Stay Sick! (Rock, 1990) on Vengeance Records

10:15PM-10:17PM (2:00) Mission of Burma “That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate” from VS. (2012) on Ace Of Hearts

10:17PM-10:20PM (3:05) Pylon “STOP IT” from Gyrate Plus (2007) on DFA Records

10:20PM-10:22PM (2:15) The Briefs “Destroy the USA” from Sex Objects (2004) on BYO Records

10:22PM-10:24PM (2:26) The Knockout Pills “Do The Skin Crawl” from 1+1=Ate (2004) on Estrus

10:24PM-10:27PM (2:06) The Triggers “I Don't Wash My Hands” from Shoot Your Mouth Off (2003) on Dirtnap Records

10:27PM-10:29PM (2:06) The Complainiacs “Etc.” from Etc. (Single)

10:29PM-10:31PM (2:00) Statch and The Rapes “Naughty Girl” from God Save the Rapes - EP

10:31PM-10:33PM (2:03) The Misfits “Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?” from Earth a.D. / Die, Die My Darling (1984) on Astralwerks

10:33PM-10:35PM (2:31) The Von Bondies “My Baby's Cryin' (Live)” from Raw and Rare (Rock, 2003) on Dim Mak

10:35PM-10:39PM (3:54) Ya Ya Boom “Hands And Feet” from Balloon Heart (Rock, 2010) on Ya Ya Boom

10:39PM-10:42PM (2:44) The Blind Shake “I'm Not an Animal” from "Seriousness" (Rock, 2011) on Learning Curve Records

10:42PM-10:44PM (2:07) The Minds “Nerves” from Smash Smash Smash

10:44PM-10:46PM (1:47) Angry Samoans “Steak Knife” from Steak Knife (Single)

10:46PM-10:55PM (8:51) Cowboy Junkies “Sweet Jane (Live)” from 200 More Miles - Live Performances 1985-1994 (Rock, 1995) on RCA Records Label

10:55PM-10:58PM (3:00) The Pixies “Cactus” from Surfer Rosa (CD, Album, Rock, 1988) on 4ad

10:58PM-10:59PM (1:44) The Germs “Lexicon Devil” from Gi (Rock, 1979) on Rhino/Slash

10:59PM-11:03PM (4:00) Toxic Zombie “Home Sweet Grave” from Live Toxic, Die Toxic

11:03PM-11:07PM (3:55) L7 “Pretend We're Dead” from Bricks Are Heavy (Rock, 1992) on Rhino/Slash

11:07PM-11:09PM (2:15) Plan R “My Friend Is Dead” from My Friend Is Dead (Single) on Blind Spot Records

11:09PM-11:14PM (4:15) X “I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts” from More Fun In the New World (Rock, 1983) on Rhino/Elektra (USA)

11:14PM-11:17PM (3:32) Editors “All Sparks” from The Back Room (Rock, 2005) on Fader Label

11:17PM-11:19PM (2:03) The Smiths “Girlfriend In A Coma” from Strangeways, Here We Come (Rock, 1987) on Rhino

11:19PM-11:25PM (5:20) Girl In a Coma “Mr. Chivalry” from Both Before I'm Gone (Rock, 2007) on Blackheart Records

11:25PM-11:28PM (3:02) Michael Yonkers Band “Microminiature Love” from Microminiature Love (2003) on Sub Pop

11:28PM-11:31PM (3:00) Patrick Fitzgerald “saftey pin stuck in my heart” from small wonders vol 1

11:31PM-11:34PM (3:15) Aly Macrae “The Kilt Song” from Popstardombeckons (Rock, 2009) on EmuBands

11:34PM-11:35PM (1:23) FM Knives “Just Like William Tell” from SmartGuy Singles Volume Two - Single (Rock, 2004) on SmartGuy Records

11:35PM-11:37PM (2:02) NOFX “BOB” from White Trash ...... (1992) on Epitaph

11:37PM-11:40PM (2:28) Frank Black “I Could Stay Here Forever” from Teenager Of The Year (1994) on 4ad

11:40PM-11:43PM (2:50) Agent Orange “THE LAST GOODBYE” from Living In Darkness (Rock, 1981) on Posh Boy Records

11:43PM-11:47PM (4:00) The Observers “Down on Today” from So What's Left Now?

11:47PM-11:51PM (4:14) Vice Squad “Last Rockers” from RESURRECTION (Rock, 1999) on LAST ROCKERS RECORDS

11:51PM-11:53PM (1:37) Nazi's From Mars “I HATE EVERYTHING” from We Come in Peace

11:53PM-11:57PM (4:38) Fifteen “Petroleum Distillation” from Allegra (1999) on Hopeless Records, Inc.

For more info on Toxic Zombie go check out their webpage at CD Release Party will be on December 12th at the Clinton St. Theater starting at 7pm. $7 adv tickets or $10 at the door. 

Thanks for letting me have fun with you!

Autonomy Hour playlist for 10/02/2014

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 
Mahmoud AhmedTezetaEre Mela Mela
Sevil and AylaBebek
3 Hür-ElSevenler Ağlarmış
Baris MancoHal HalHal HalTürküola
Erkin KorayCemalimElektronik TürküleDoğan
Cem KaracaAdsizNem Kaldi?
JK and CoThe Magical Fingers of MinervaSuddenly One SummerWhite Whale
OmegaRettenetes EmberekTrombitás Frédi És A Rettenetes EmberekQualiton
Rebecca and the Sunnybrook FarmersOh Gosh (Running through the Forest)
Uncle Acid and the DeadbeatsCurse in the TreesBlood LustRise Above
Los BetaSin CorazonJuanita Banana 7"Regal
Los ImpalaYo Te ViImpala's 66Velvet
Takeshi Terauchi and the BunniesRising GuitarNippon Guitars (Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974)ace
DianaEu Gosto DeleNão Chore, Baby 7"Epic
RaktaRun to the
Total controlFlesh WarTypical SystemIron Lung
XYXDesiertoTeatro NegroMonofonus Press
Non BandDuncan DancingNon BandTelegraph Records
Tuxedo MoonNo TearsTuxedo MoonSelf released
Altered ImagesInsectsCollected ImagesEpic
The AstronautsGetting Things DoneSurvivorsLa Vida Es En Mus
Algebra SuicidePlease Respect Our Decadance
Annisteen AllenTake A Chance on Me
Ray BarettoAcid
Faye AdamsThe Hammer Keeps Knockin
The InfinityThat Ain't Water That's Pollution7"
Meta MetaOrunmilaMetal MetalMais Um Discos
Joe BataanJohnnySalsoul
Delia DerbyshireSeaInventions for Radio: The DreamsBBC Radiophonic Workshop
Erin yanke Substitutes

Autonomy Hour playlist for 05/09/2014

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 
Brian EnoI'll come running
SparksWhen I'm with you
Nina HagenMichail, Michail
TwinkBooys and Girls
Was (Not Was)Dad I'm in Jail
Adrian BelewThe Gypsy Zurna
3 Mustaphas 3Musafir
Spy From CairoSaidi the Man
Natasha AtlasIt's a Man's World
Huun Huur TuSaryglarlar Maidens
Electric Junkyard GamelanCloser to Heaven
Anoushka Shankar Harsh Kale remixSlither
The Crooked Fiddle BandThe Butcher of Bessarabia
Adrian SherwoodAnimal Magic
Manu chaoMe Llaman Calle
ShantelI'll Smash Glasses
Bob HolroydDrumming up a Storm
Banco De GaiaB2
Karsh KaleJah has cool girl
KottarashkyI want you to sleep
ShantelSabacko Kolo
ShantelDisko Partizani
Natasha AtlasLeysh Nat'Arak (dub mix)
Bombay Dub OrchestraSea of Marmara
State of BengalRama Communication
Juana MolinaEl Vestido
Amon TobinAlways
Nina HagenWir Leben Noch

Autonomy Hour playlist for 08/30/2013

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 
Little John / Billy BoyoBrandy12"Music Lovers
IslajaSuzy SudenkitaKeraaminen PääFonal
Ian Humberstone / David Chatton BarkerPresently She AppearedVol.1 'Two Witches'Devon Folklore Tapes
Idea Fire CompanyIn the BunkerExplosion in a Shingle FactorySwill Radio
Kelenkye BandJungle MusicMoving WorldEmporium
Seasons (pre-din)untitledYour Eyes The Stars And Your Hands The SeatYPE
The Dead CHighwayClyma Est MortBa Da Bing!, Jagjaguwar
Ed AskewOld Mother MoonLittle EyesDe Stijl
Rauhan OrkesteriAlkukeitto Tai KevätkääryleuntitledLal Lal Lal
Svarte GreinerBaandspiller | SolnedgangTil SetersA Room Forever
Ian Humberstone / David Chatton BarkerUnder God's RoofVol.1 'Two Witches'Devon Folklore Tapes
Daphne OramIntertelOramicsYoung Americans
Shoc CorridorArtificial HorizonArtificial Horizon EPTesttoon
Karl GottSchön Wie SektJugend - Oh Süsse JugendWSDP
New York Editsuntitled1NY Edits
TraxmanChilllllDa Mind Of TraxmanPlanet Mu
The CyclistFeel BeautyBones in MotionLeaving Records
Ricardo VillalobosEnfants (Chants)EnfantsSei Es Drum
AstatineConcept Moved Forward To BucklesClosed Fuel CycleOrgasm
Aaron DillowayBody ChaosModern JesterHanson Records
Mark TuckerSideways Love ForeverBatstewDe Stijl
JerusalemPrimitive ManJerusalemDeram
Null and VoidJapanese ForestPossibilities (Discoverable Thoughts)Bunkerpop
Painting Petals On Planet GhostSakurabanaPainting Petals On Planet GhostTime-Lag
Yoshiko SaiLand of SleepMikkoBlack
SatwaSatwaSatwa (Experiência 1)Time-Lag

Autonomy Hour playlist for 06/21/2013

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 

Over the years, Sublime Frequencies founder & member of the Sun City Girls
Alan Bishop has recorded and assembled a series of collage material composed
from material taken from radio broadcasts around the world:  Radio Morocco,
Radio Sumatra, Radio Palestine, Radio India, etc., etc.  The KBOO music library
has just received a whole slew of these Sublime Frequencies CDs, so this seems
like a good time to focus in onBishop's  "Radio" series.  dj timbuktunes subs
for Kathy.

all selections are by various/Alan Bishop, Sublime Frequencies

Radio Sumatra: The Indonesian FM Experience - All Hit Music

-mic break-

Radio Morocco - Radio Tangier Internationale

Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound [disc 1] - Radio Delhi #1

Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound - Radio Delhi #1

Radio Phnom Penh - Multi-Pop Indigenous

-mic break-

Radio Java - Radio Jakarta #3

Radio Java - Radio Bandung

Radio Java - Radio Solo/Bandung

Radio Palestine: Sounds of the Eastern Mediterranean - Psychic Imam INC

Radio Palestine: Sounds of the Eastern Mediterranean - Freedom Fighters

-mic break-

Radio Algeria - Evaporating Borders

Radio Myanmar (Burma) - National Objectives

Radio Myanmar (Burma) - Mr. Radio  (Playboy Group)

Radio Myanmar (Burma) - Commercial for 'American Vision'

Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound [disc 2] - Hyderabad Fidelity

Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound [disc 2] - Lucknow Explosion/Very Impressed with Calcutta

Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound [disc 2] - Spirit of Puja in Bengal/ DJ No Home

-mic break-

Radio Morocco - Radio Marrakesh

Radio Morocco - The Color of Frequency

Radio Sumatra: The Indonesian FM Experience - Great Songs and Great Memories

Radio Sumatra: The Indonesian FM Experience - Dangdut is the Music

Radio Myanmar (Burma) - How Many Cheeks Have You Kissed? (Mawrs)

Radio Myanmar (Burma) - Commercial for Jewelry Shop

-mic break-

Radio Java - Radio Jakarta #2

Radio Java - Radio Republik Indonesia

Radio Palestine: Sounds of the Eastern Mediterranean - Voice of Peace?

Radio Phnom Penh - Street Guns and Studio Dreams

Radio Phnom Penh - Synthesizers East of Siam

Radio Phnom Penh - Indefinite State of Emergency

Radio Phnom Penh - Phnom Penh on the Seine

-mic break-

Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound [disc 1] - Radio Hill Station

Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound [disc 1] - Radio Calcutta #1


Autonomy Hour playlist for 05/10/2013

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 

12:03AM-12:09AM (5:58) Richard Bishop “Exterior Grooves” from Radio Algeria on Sublime Frequencies

12:09AM-12:11AM (1:20) The Ex “NO FEAR” from Too Many Cowboys (2008) on The Ex

12:11AM-12:15AM (4:12) La Cherga “Fake No More” from Fake No More! (World, 2008) on Asphalt Tango Records

12:18AM-12:22AM (4:00) THE MODS “Spring Dance” from Pakistan Folk and Pop Instrumentals on Sublime Frequencies

12:22AM-12:25AM (3:13) Los Yetis “Me Siento Loco” from Los Yetis: Historia Musical - 40 Éxitos (2008) on Discos Fuentes

12:25AM-12:28AM (2:48) Lord Beginner “General Election” from London Is the Place for Me 2 (Jazz, 2005) on Honest Jon's Records

12:28AM-12:31AM (3:00) Cold Storage Comission “Skokiaan” from Rocket Infinity on Mississippi

12:31AM-12:33AM (2:00) Peter Tsotsi, Nahil Pichen and the Equator Sound Band “Pole Musa” from Africa Dances on Authentic

12:33AM-12:36AM (3:35) Alkibar Gignor “Zeinabou” from La Paix (World, 2012) on sahelsounds

12:36AM-12:42AM (6:02) Mahmoud Ahmed “Kulun Mankwalesh” from Éthiopiques, Vol. 6: Mahmoud Ahmed (1973) (World, 2004) on Buda

12:42AM-12:45AM (3:00) Alemayno Eshirtay Group “LOVE IS LOVE” from Africa Dances on Authentic

12:45AM-12:51AM (6:00) Lebombo “Sobantu” from Remember Soweto 76-86 on Stichting De Konkurrent

12:51AM-12:57AM (5:27) Sun Ra and His Arkestra “Yucatan” from Atlantis on Evidence

12:57AM-01:03AM (6:00) Gang 90 & Absurdetes “Jack Kerouac” from The Sexual Life of Savages on soul Jazz

01:04AM-01:09AM (5:08) Kim Doo Soo “Bohemian” from International Sad Hits Volume One on 20-20-20

01:09AM-01:12AM (2:45) Chung -Ae Ahn “No Mercy Blues” from Asian Takeaways on Normal Records

01:12AM-01:15AM (3:19) LIna Lim and the Stylers “Luna Luna” from Singapore a go go on Sublime Frequencies

01:15AM-01:18AM (3:00) Chew Yan and the STylers “Mimi Cat” from Singapore a go go on Sublime Frequencies

01:19AM-01:22AM (2:41) Yoon Il-Loh “A Moody Person's LIfe” from Asian Takeaways on Normal Records

01:22AM-01:25AM (2:50) The Son of PM “Luk Tung Kiong Yao” from Shadow Music of Thailand on Sublime Frequencies

01:25AM-01:28AM (2:35) PM Pocket Music “Kack Tio Mor” from Shadow Music of Thailand on Sublime Frequencies

01:28AM-01:30AM (2:20) The Son of PM “Koisun Ching” from Shadow Music of Thailand on Sublime Frequencies

01:33AM-01:36AM (2:46) Wrong Notes “Verequai” from Waking Up Shceherazade Vol 2 on Ali Baba and his 40 records

01:36AM-01:39AM (3:00) Shar Habeel “Dance and Cheer” from Waking Up Shceherazade Vol 2 on Ali Baba and his 40 records

01:39AM-01:42AM (3:00) Abdelhadi “Belryath” from Waking Up Shceherazade Vol 2 on Ali Baba and his 40 records

01:42AM-01:46AM (4:00) Orchestra empire Des Bakuba “Ya Yongo” from The Sound of Kinshasa on Original

01:46AM-01:48AM (2:49) Lashio Tehin Aung “Mistake of a Small Bird” from Guitars of the Golden Triangle on Sublime Frequencies

01:48AM-01:51AM (2:50) Superman and the Joe Ordinaries “Upside Down” from Underground out of the Islamic Republic of Iran on tian An Men 89

01:51AM-01:54AM (2:41) Cabin C “Tao Perto” from The Sexual Life of Savages on soul Jazz

01:54AM-01:59AM (5:05) Donkey “space Wing Dynamics” from Pump in the yard, dump in the bucket on Wormer Brothers

02:04AM-02:09AM (5:03) Krsna Lila “?” from folk music of Nepal on King Record Company

02:09AM-02:16AM (7:00) Rai Ko Ris “Laureh Ko Chori” from Underground Nepal on tian An Men 89

02:16AM-02:20AM (4:09) Kazakh Traditional Music Ensemble and Symphony of Kurmangazy Kazakh “Turan” from Live Performance

02:20AM-02:23AM (3:00) Dobrovoltsy Ponyevolye “Volga! Volga!” from Underground Kazakhstan on tian An Men 89

02:23AM-02:28AM (4:26) Anonymous “Karelian Folk Music in Russia” from live performance

02:28AM-02:31AM (3:00) Revolver “It Happened in a dream” from Underground Karelia on tian An Men 89

02:31AM-02:35AM (4:03) Bobadin “Mother Jhan Who Curses People” from Music of Nat Pwe on Sublime Frequencies

02:35AM-02:39AM (4:30) Lashio Thein Aung “A Girl Among Girls” from Guitars of the Golden Triangle on Sublime Frequencies

02:39AM-02:43AM (4:00) The Ants “?” from Anthology of Myanmar punk rock vol 1 on tian An Men 89

02:44AM-02:48AM (4:08) Kostadinka Palazova “Song for Gotse Delcheff” from Song for Gotse Delcheff (Single)

02:48AM-02:53AM (5:00) Blla Blla Blla “Une/Mbreteresha Teuta” from Underground Macedonia on tian An Men 89

02:53AM-03:02AM (8:12) Antibalas “The Rat Catcher” from Antibalas (World, 2012) on Daptone Records

Autonomy Hour playlist for 04/12/2013

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 
AmberWhite AngelPearls Of Amber
Edip AkbayramDeniz Üstü KöpürürEdip Akbayram
Catherine Ribeiro + 2 BisLumière EcarlateCatherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis
MalicorneQuand J'etais Chez Mon PereAlmanach
Veronique ChalotComplainte De La Blanche BicheLa Chanson De Provence
Emmanuelle ParreninVoyage MigrateurMaison Rose
Steeleye SpanThe BlacksmithHark! The Village Wait
Nick GarrieQueen Of Spades45
QuintessenceNotting Hill Gate45
TreesSoldiers ThreeOn The Shore
Anne BriggsStanding On The ShoreThe Time Has Come
Mary-AnneBlack GirlMe
Q65Summer Thoughts In A Field Of WeedThe Complete Collection
Bulent OrtacgilKED†LERBenimle Oynar Misin
Sibylle BaierI Lost Something In The HillsColour Green
SubwayArizona SandsSubway
Buffy Saint-MarieAdamIlluminations
Dave Pike SetMatharPsychedelic Jazz
Catherine Ribeiro & AlpesSirbaN°2
Sound Ltd SetSunside WorldDiggin' For Gold Vol 2
Cool StoveBig SensationDiggin' For Gold Vol 3
Erkin KorayMechulMechul singles & rarities
Hamida RokhshanaBimar Dil, Kharab DilAfghanistan - Music from the Crossroads of Asia
Gabriel & Marie YacoubQuand J'Étais Fille À MarierPierre de Grenoble
Ananda ShankarJumpin' Jack FlashAnanda Shankar
RainmanGet You To Come ThroughRainman
Steeleye SpanCopshawholme FairHark! The Village Wait
Anne BriggsStep Right UpThe Time Has Come

Coloured Glass (Haim) fills in and attempts to take you around a little bit of the globe....

Autonomy Hour playlist for 12/31/2010

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 

Dr.Zomb fills in for Kathy...

naima samih   zifaffildada   waking up scheherazade vol.2 lp   ali baba

group doueh   mawal lakhal   beatte harab lp   sublime frequencies

abner jay   my middle name is the blues   last ole minstrel man 10"   mississippi

vegetable orchestra   brazil   onionnoise cd  

tipsy/sons of silence remix   fur teacup   tipsy remix party cd   asphodel

the units   cowboy   history of... cd   community library

we like cats   ruffalution dub   proper eats cd

hype williams   the throning

slim gaillard   yip roc heresy

ruth  polaroid/roman/photo   cold waves minimal electronics v/a lp   angular

jean bernard de libreville   en chommange   sin sa tion! vol.2 lp   les disques mondiales

hype williams   untitled

jean claude vannier   side b first 4 tracks   l'enfant assassin des mouches lp   finders keepers

edgard varese   nocturnal   varese/lazarof lp   vanguard cardinal series

ilhan mimaroglu   piano music for performer and composer   electronic music III lp   turnabout

drew dobbs   limbocore

the vyllies   babylon   cold waves minimal electronics v/a lp   angular

tipsy/people like us remix   reverse cowgirl  tipsy remix party   asphodel

office products   mount and do   commercial ad hoc cd   illegal art

nurse with wound   the sadness of things(excerpt)   s/t lp   united dairies

van morrison   twist and shake   contract breaking sessions cd   mad deadly worldwide communist gangster computer god

hype williams   ?

van morrison   up your mind   contract breaking sessions cd


There!   A reasonably accurate playlist!   See you next time...






Autonomy Hour playlist for 07/03/2009

Program name: 
Autonomy Hour
Air date: 

 Last Thursday late night I substituted for Kathy of The Autonomy Hour. It was an honor; I've long been a fan of her show - which has been on the air in one incarnation or another for over 20 years. To that end, I tried to keep it faithful to the theme of her show, so I played lots of European music. In fact, the first hour was a non-stop mix of Balkan songs, featuring liberal doses of Goran Bregović, Emir Kusturica and Balkan Beat Box.

~Rich L.

Playlist (Artist/Track/Album)
Balkan Beat Box – Adir Adirim – Nu Made Remixes
Kultur Shock – Zumbul – We Came to Take Your Jobs Away
Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra – Unza Unza Time – Unza Unza Time
Goran Bregović – Mesecina – Underground OST
Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks – Balkan Beat Box
Balkan Beat Box – Red Bula – Nu Made Remixes
Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra – Gruss Gott Trauer – Unza Unza Time
Goran Bregović – Maki Maki – Tales from Weddings and Funerals
Balkan Beat Box – Pachima – Nu Made Remixes
Goran Bregović – Polizia Molto Arabbiata – Tales from Weddings and Funerals
Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra – Drang Nach Osten – Unza Unza Time
Goran Bregović – Kalashnjikov – Underground OST
Secret Chiefs 3 – Ciorcarlia – Path of Most Resistance
Laibach – Hostnik – Krst Pod Triglavom
Laibach – Jezero/Der See – Krst Pod Triglavom
Bliss KF 192 – No Control – Alphaville
Heintji – Heidschei Bumbeidschei – Single
Carlo Bruno/Phillip Metler – Heidschei Bumbeidschei – Single
Yat-Kha – Solun Chaagai Sovet Churtum – Yenisei Punk
Yat-Kha – karangailyg – Yenisei Punk
Dengue Fever – Seeing Hands – Venus on Earth
Boyd Rice – Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder – The Way I Feel
Kathy McArty – I Had a Dream – Dead Dog’s Eyeball
Gregory Jacobsen – Dance of the Retarded Girl Slumped Sideways – Ritualistic School of Errors
Gregory Jacobsen – Birthing Mr. Teratoma – Ritualistic School of Errors
Ivor Cutler and Linda Hirst – Counting Song – Women of the World 7″
Księżyc – Mijana – Księżyc
The Children’s Starlight Chorus – E.T., I Love You – E.T., I Love You and Other Extra-Terrestrial Songs


I was just wondering when

I was just wondering when your next show was and when?
thanks in advance.

More Cackle

When are you going to play the Cackle Sisters again?

Viva DeZurik!

I'll play 'em next time.

I'll play 'em next time. Nov. 6th, think.


You rule the airwaves

Man, I got to say, I've been listening to radio for a long time, and I have never heard such a great tracklist as you play. Listened to you 2 weeks ago along with a lot of the something awful guys, and a bunch of us are listening to you online again tonight. As long as you are DJ'ing, no matter where you are, I'll be listening if I can.

Thank you for what you do. It's fantastic.

"The Real Luquado", from SA.

thanks for the track list

You didn't have to take all that time to give us all the tracks, but thanks a lot! I am sure more than just I appreciate it.

This rules.

Thanks from the goons at forums.

Autonomy Hour

I was wondering if I could get the information for the Countdown track as well as the An Actual Attack? I would appreciate it. Those ruled.


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