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Burning Meme: Israel's Wonderland of 'Unsettling' Words

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Thu, 09/04/2014

George  Galloway beaten by pro-Israeli fanatic for Gaza views

In his first TV interview after release from hospital, British MP George Galloway told RT he is surprised by the lack of condemnation from other UK politicians of the brutal attack on him. The assault by a pro-Israeli man left Galloway in much pain.
Galloway, 60, was brutally beaten in Notting Hill, London last Friday allegedly for his views on the conflict in Gaza. 
He said the attack occurred during broad daylight, when he was in the street around 19:30. 
“Unlucky for me, there weren’t many people around. Though, luckily for me as it turned out none of my small children were there to witness what happened next,” he said. “I was posing for a picture with two Moroccan gentlemen who have a business in the street. And whilst I was posing for that picture, out of nowhere – dressed in an Israeli Defense Force shirt, complete with logo – came a man charging at me, cursing and swearing and shouting support for Israel and opposition to my views on Israel. Then a torrent of punches and kicks [followed] – which is admitted in court today though he has pled not guilty to the charge that it was religiously aggravated.”
Gaza reconstruction will take 20 years, says UN-backed authority
Following a hearing, the case has been passed on to a higher court. “In any case, the Judge has referred it to much higher court because his sentencing parole was not sufficient. The man has been denied bail, so he will spend some weeks in prison before this matter comes back to court.” 
Galloway described the attacker as “a pro-Israel fanatic.” “His Facebook that morning contained his words that he would like to cut my throat. A man who says he’d like to cut your throat and then dresses for the occasion in an Israel Defense Force t-shirt and ends up on the street near where you live, has probably a serious intention to do you harm.”
“It’s unprecedented in recent times. Britain is not really the kind of country where lawmakers, legislators, MPs are savagely attacked in this way – certainly not when they are six times elected, 27 years in parliament and having just turned 60.”
‘If this can happen to Galloway, it can happen to anybody’
The incident has largely been ignored by UK’s senior politicians. 
Peter Oborne, a Conservative writer for the Conservative daily The Telegraph asked in his article on Monday why no senior politicians had condemned the assault on Galloway, the MP noted. 
“It seems very strange. They are always telling us how much they hate violence and terrorism, how much they believe in the rule of law, free speech and democracy. But when it came to the attack on me their lips were sealed. This conservative columnist was making a point which is obvious: if this can happen to Galloway, it can happen to anybody.”
‘No weapons for Israel!’ Protest group pours fake blood in Belgium airport
Known for his harsh anti-Israeli stance, in early August Galloway went as far as to declare his constituency an “Israel-free zone.” The MP urged people not to buy Israeli goods or services and even to reject tourists. 
Galloway pointed out that he separates the people from the regime. “Israel has nothing to do with Judaism. Many Jews are against what Israel is doing and most of the people supporting what Israel is doing are not Jews,” he said. 
“The word Jew never crossed my lips, would never cross my lips. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. Soviet Union was a political construct, apartheid South Africa was a political construct, the Zionist apartheid state of Israel is a political construct. It has nothing to do with hating people, still less hating a religion.”

'Biggest in 30 years': Israel expropriates 400 hectares of W. Bank land

Palestinian people have moral legal and moral right to resist Israeli occupation, he added. 
“Palestinian resistance has for almost 70 years been trying to restore their country to the map. It was wiped off the map and the Palestinian people scattered to the four corners of the Earth. Nobody would accept that. If foreigners come and steal your country, wipe it off the map and take your house and drive you out, you are going to struggle to return.”
 On Israeli land grab, State Dept calls for reversal but lays out no consequencesSubmitted by Megan Iorio on 3 September 2014 - 6:38pm
In response to Israel's recent announcement declaring nearly 1,000 acres of land in the West Bank "state land" with the intention of expanding settlements in the Etzion bloc, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki issued the following statement:
We are deeply concerned about the declaration of a large area as 'state land' to be used for expanded settlement building. We have long made clear our opposition to continued settlement activity. We call on the Government of Israel to reverse this decision.
During a press briefing on Tuesday, Psaki was asked whether the US was planning any consequences if Israel fails to heed the US's call to reverse its decision. Here's the exchange:
QUESTION: [Y]ou said that if the appropriation in the West Bank and if these rumored or reported new announcements go ahead, it would send a very troubling message – it would send a very troubling message if they proceed.
MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION: Is there any consequence to that --
MS. PSAKI: Well --
QUESTION: -- if they proceed?
MS. PSAKI: I don’t have any consequences to lay out for you, Matt. I think it’s important for us – not just the United States but there are a range of countries in the international community that have been clear about not only their opposition but their own intentions. I’m not going to speak to those. I speak for the United States.
The issue came up again during Wednesday's press briefing:
MS. PSAKI: I think there’s no secret about our position and our view on the legitimacy of settlements.
QUESTION: No, no. But I mean specific – but specifically, do you know --
MS. PSAKI: That’s not what I was saying. I think – let’s – I think we all know what the United States position is on settlements.
QUESTION: Yeah. I’m not --
MS. PSAKI: It would not be a surprise to any Israeli government about what our view would be. So my point is that it’s not – that’s not a new – I don’t think our concern about this was --
QUESTION: Okay. But what might be a surprise to the Israeli Government is if you did something about it, other than just say you’re opposed to it and you should change your mind. I mean, is there – so if you don’t see results or a reversal in the immediate term, or the intermediate – or intermediate term, or even the long term, what happens?
MS. PSAKI: Matt, I’m not here to project that. I think it’s – we have an important relationship with Israel.
QUESTION: I’m not doubting that.
MS. PSAKI: We certainly express our concerns when we have them. There are a range of countries that have expressed their concerns about these type of activities. Obviously we feel it’s not just in the United States interest, it’s in Israel’s interest to take steps that would be conducive to being able, at some point, to move toward a two-state solution.
MS. PSAKI: And this makes it challenging for the other side.
So Psaki's response to whether the US would actually do something if Israel doesn't reverse their decision is "we have an important relationship with Israel." Which—yeah, that's about right.
These revelation shouldn't be at all surprising, since almost every announcement Israel has made about new settlement expansion has been met by tepid US condemnation backed by little substantive action. US officials can't even bring themselves to call the settlements illegal, instead referring to them as "illegitimate" or "unhelpful"—the latter a term the US also applied to the tent cities Palestinians set up to protest Israeli land grabs back in early 2013.
J Street, which has tried to set itself up as an alternative Jewish lobby to DC mainstays such as AIPAC, has, at times, had trouble supporting political pressure on Israel. In response to the new settlement announcement, however, J Street is calling on the Obama administration "to make clear to Israel that it means what it says and that US opposition to settlements is not just symbolic but real." They are calling on the US "to announce the steps it will take if Israel goes forward with this decision" and to join the rest of the international community in calling Israeli settlements what they are: illegal.
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Ferguson Reflections: Dave Rovics, Rear Admiral George Cockburn & Freed Slaves Burn It Down & Up

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Fri, 08/29/2014

The following is an excerpt from Dave Rovic's 'Ferguson Reflections. The essay which appeared on Rovic's website this week is extraordinarily moving.  I urge you to read the whole thing.

And along the way, have a look at Andrew Cockburn's account of the War of 1812 and how freed slaves side by side with the British soundly thrashed the American slavers and burned DC to the ground.

Here's how to get your copy of 'Falasteen Habibi':

I very rarely attend church services of any kind, and this one was easily the most exciting church service I've ever experienced. The chorus and band were fantastic, and even in the auditorium, watching things in the sanctuary on screens and listening through speakers, the people in there danced, clapped and sang magnificently.
There was much talk from the lengthy string of male ministers who dominated the program about stopping the violence in the black community. Their animated speeches seemed to focus more on gang violence than on police violence, and decidedly focused more on peace than it did on justice. That theme changed noticeably with Attorney Benjamin Crump's short speech and introduction to Reverend Al Sharpton, who gave a long, eloquent, impassioned plea for movement-building, for justice, for accountability on the part of the police.
Every time I hear Reverend Sharpton speak I wonder what the heck the pundits in the corporate and “public” media are talking about when they constantly berate him as a “divider.” It seems so obvious to anyone who's paying attention that he's not dividing anyone – in fact he's trying to unite people, behind common sense. Talking about obvious divisions doesn't make you divisive. (Ignoring them does make you divisive, though!) The worst thing you could say about Al Sharpton, it seems to me, is that he still has faith in the Democratic Party. Why an apparently sensible person like him would have such faith is a complete mystery to me.
Well under 1% of those in attendance at the homegoing service were white, and most of those whites were journalists. Some white antiracists I talked to didn't go to the funeral because they felt like doing so would somehow be intrusive. Like just because the event is open to the public doesn't mean it's OK to invade the cultural space or something. Maybe I'm just thick, but I'm pretty mystified by that perspective. Seems to me, someone was killed by the police, and anybody who shows up at the funeral is showing solidarity with that person, his family, and his community, whoever that may be, wherever in the world they may be. (Period.)
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Mazin Qamsiyeh, The Art and Science of Suffering: Occupied Palestine in Poetry...

Air Cascadia
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Tue, 08/26/2014
We also lost a great Palestinian poet Samih Al-Qasem this week. He was
born from a Druze family in 1939 but considered his own date of birth
as 1948 because that is when he said he awoke to what was happening to
our people. He had a great career contributing words to many now
famous Palestinian national songs like this one in Arabic followed by
the English translation

منتصب القامة أمشي
مرفوع الهامة أمشي
في كفي غصن زيتون
وعلى كتفي نعشي
وأنا أمشي

Standing upright i walk
Elevated forehead I walk
In my palm a bunch of olives
and on my shoulder my own coffin
and I walk

Here is another poignant poem
تذاكر سفر
وعندما أٌقتَل في يومٍ من الأيام
سيَعثُر القاتل في جيبي
على تذاكِرِ السفر:
واحدة الى السلام
واحدة الى الحقول والمطر
الى ضمائر البشر
ارجوك الّا تُهمِل التذاكر
يا قاتلي العزيز
ارجوك ان تسافر

The day I'm killed,
my killer, rifling through my pockets,
will find travel tickets:
One to peace,
one to the fields and the rain,
and one
to the conscience of humankind.
Dear killer of mine, I beg you:
Do not waste the tickets.
Take them, use them.
I beg you to travel.
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Israel's Deliberate 'Constructive Chaos' Crashes Iraq, van Buren's Vision, WIRT's Action & CAIRsuit

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Thu, 08/14/2014
Here's the Israeli Playbook:
There are two days of audio below.  The 0813 is Peter van Buren - 25 years with the Stte Department - talking about the three-part partition of imploding Iraq.  Without answering the question, Who  exactly is going to run the Three Iraqs? King Faisal's Family Fallout? Potus, Scotus and Our Elected Representatives? Father, son and Holy Ghost? The Three Bears?
Moving right along:
Today's program featured Helen Youst with the Wyoming Idaho Rising Tide; Lena Masri, Staff Attorney with the Council on Muslim American Relations talks about CAIR's lawsuit in which she represents the plaintiffs) filed on behalf of Muslims who find themselves on the terrorist 'No-Fly' List for no otgher reason. Just Muslim's all..
and finlly, Sami Rasouli. Rasouli broken the wall protecting Israel from what we know to be true: The Jewish nation's clear involvement in the convenient chaos that Iraq has become. The 'Three State' solution would make it far easier to intimidate and manipulate other players in the region. Yes, always the victim, always the bully and forever both. 
But first, the playbook presented here for your horrified amusement:

The Israel Project’s Secret Hasbara Handbook Exposed
by Richard Silverstein on July 10, 2009
in Mideast Peace, Politics & Society
tip hasbara project screenshotImagine for a moment you’re a general about to embark on a decisive military campaign and your intelligence service secures a copy of your opponent’s entire campaign strategy. You open it and you see his battle plans laid out before you, key forces, weaponry, lines of attack, points of weaknesses, etc. You suddenly understand just how weak his forces are and precisely how to mercilessly attack and eviscerate him. The plan makes you understand that his forces are largely based on artifice and sham.  It gives you confidence that you are entirely on the right course and tells you how to stay on that course.  Victory is assured, your enemy’s defeat certain.
Douglas Bloomfield and Newsweek have done pretty close to that against the Israel lobby. Specifically, they’ve exposed a secret hasbara handbook written for The Israel Project by star Republican marketer, Frank Luntz. The oddly-named Global Language Dictionary (pdf) is a veritable goldmine of arguments, strategy, tactics. At 116 pages, it’s not for the faint of heart.  But anyone who wants to get inside the head of the Israel lobby must read this document.
I want to devote at least two or three posts to it so I hope you, dear reader, will bear with me.  I know my enthusiasm will mark me as a real wonk, but this is the real deal and worth spending some time parsing and deconstructing.
The first thing to say is that the entire document is a pathetic piece of propaganda.  While it ostensibly is addressed to TIP’s leaders and advises them how to shape a pro-Israel message when they lobby Congress, the media and other critical power brokers, the entire thing reeks of desperation and a lost cause.  It goes without saying that the arguments offered are not only devoid of truth, they’re devoid of rigor or credibility.  There is literally no substance to the claims offered on Israel’s behalf.  It’s an empty exercise in every sense of the word.  Reading this makes you realize that the entire Israel lobby edifice is a house of cards.
Perhaps I’m letting my shock at the shabbiness of the Dictionary get the better of me and overstating the case it reveals against the Lobby.  After all, any political network that exists for six decades and achieves as much as this one has doesn’t topple overnight.  But I’ll just have to let you be the judge.
One aspect of this I find extraordinary and entirely dubious is the choice of the Republican campaign pollster Frank Luntz to write this report.  This indicates, as I’ve always maintained, that the Lobby is totally tone deaf to the political environment.  We have a democratic president and two Houses of Congress under Democratic control for the first time in a few decades.  Pragmatic liberalism is ascendant.  Neo-conservatism and Bushian Republicanism are in retreat.  And who does TIP chose to make the case for Israel?  A right-wing Republican spinmeister.  Remarkable.  But one thing I must say is that this is a good sign for our side.  If our opponents are as wooden as they appear, then they will topple themselves without needing much help from us.
The first chapter, 25 Rules for Effective Communication opens with:
    The first step to winning trust and friends for Israel is showing that you care about peace for BOTH Israelis and Palestinians and, in particular, a better future for every child.  Indeed, the sequence of your conversation is critical and you must start with empathy for BOTH sides first. Open your conversation with strong proven messages such as:
    “Israel is committed to a better future for everyone – Israelis and Palestinians alike. Israel wants the pain and suffering to end, and is committed to working with the Palestinians toward a peaceful, diplomatic solution where both sides can have a better future. Let this be a time of hope and opportunity for both the
    Israeli and the Palestinian people.”
The first thing we learn is that this passage, as with everything else printed in the handbook, is empty meaningless drivel.  It’s a perfect example of political three-card monty in which there appears to be a card which isn’t there at all.  It’s all a sham.  There is no substance.  The rhetoric here is even worse than that offered by spokespeople like Mark Regev on behalf of the Israeli government.
In the following passage, we can see that Luntz has lifted shamelessly lifted arguments from MEMRI and former Mossad officer, Itamar Marcus’ Palestine Media Watch.  Others before me have demolished these tawdry arguments, but it’s instructive to read the lies and distortions that TIP instructs its representatives to parrot.
Throughout, the document drips noblesse oblige and fake concern for Palestinian children:
    “As a matter of principle, we believe that it is a basic right of children to be raised without hate. We ask the Palestinian leadership to end the culture of hate in Palestinian schools, 300 of which are named for suicide bombers.  Palestinian leaders should take textbooks out of classrooms that show maps of the Middle East without Israel and that glorify terrorism.”
    As a matter of principle, children should not be raised to want to kill others or themselves. Yet, day after day, Palestinian leadership pushes a culture of hate that encourages even small children to become suicide bombers. Iran-backed Hamas’s public television in Gaza uses Sesame Street–type programming to
    glorify suicide bombers.
    As a matter of principle, no child should be abused in such a way. Palestinian children deserve better.”
As a matter of principle I believe that no child (Israeli or Palestinian) should be raised in fear that their mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother or grandfather could be killed for no other reason than they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and a frightened, trigger hungry 18 year army recruit decides to make an example of them.
As for maps, before Frank Luntz or Itamar Marcus make their specious claims about Palestinian textbooks, I’d like them to show me a single Israeli textbook that features a map of Palestine.  You will certainly find Judea and Samaria.  But will you find any acknowledgement of the millions of Palestinians who live in the Territories?
Further, the arguments are entirely dated.  Suicide bombings were a serious phenomenon in years past.  But Palestinian militants have largely abandoned this tactic, at least in part due to its unpopularity among average Palestinians.  You certainly wouldn’t know this from Frank Luntz’s agitprop.  It’s like he’s living in a time warp and its still the first Intifada (circa 2000).
    Clearly differentiate between the Palestinian people and Hamas. There is an immediate and clear distinction between the empathy Americans feel for the Palestinians and the scorn they direct at Palestinian leadership. Hamas is a terrorist organization – Americans get that already. But if it sounds like you are attacking the Palestinian people (even though they elected Hamas) rather than their leadership, you will lose public support.
Another characteristic of the Dictionary is the dubious distinctions it draws, as in this example.  There is no way to distinguish between the Palestinian people and their leadership.  In effect, the passage concedes the illogic of its argument with this phrase: “even though they elected Hamas.”  Of course they elected Hamas.  That’s precisely the point.  They had an election and chose who they wanted to represent them.  So for the lobby to say they sympathize with Palestinians, but not with the leaders they chose is an empty statement.
Yet another example of noblesse oblige (and it’s entirely dubious to claim that these words “work”):
    We know that the Palestinians deserve leaders who will care about the well being of their people, and who do not simply take hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance from America and Europe, put them in Swiss bank accounts, and use them to support terror instead of peace. The Palestinians need books, not bombs. They want roads, not rockets.”
Clearly passages like this are designed to score debate points but are entirely devoid of accuracy.  The claims of embezzlement, of course, go back to the days when Yasir Arafat ran things and tolerated rampant Fatah corruption.  But Arafat has been dead for lo these many years.  Someone ought to roll over and tell Tchaichovsky and Frank Luntz the news.
As for Palestinians wanting roads, they do.  They’d like some of those wonderful Israeli bypass roads that run directly through former Palestinian farmland and whisk settlers from their settlement homes to their jobs inside Israel proper.  The same apartheid roads which are off-limits to Palestinians.
One thing you’ve got to give Luntz, he’s not above stealing ideas from anyone, even Israeli peace activists (see italics):
    “The obstacles on the road to a peaceful and prosperous Middle East are many.  Israel recognizes that peace is made with one’s adversaries, not with one’s friends. But peace can only be made with adversaries who want to make peace with you.  Terrorist organizations like Iran-backed Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad are, by definition, opposed to peaceful co-existence, and determined to prevent reconciliation. I ask you, how do you negotiate with those who want you dead?”
There is an amazing insularity in the arguments presented here, with absolutely no conception that Palestinians feel precisely the same emotions as Israelis.  In other words, they too ask how and why they should negotiate with a state of Israel that would just as soon kill them as live with them in peace.
More obliviousness, with no awareness of the dark irony of this statement:
    “We may disagree about politics…But there is one fundamental principle that all peoples from all parts of the globe will agree on: civilized people do not target innocent women and children for death.”
Do I hear any concern here for the “innocent women and children” of Gaza who were slaughtered in their hundreds during the Gaza war?  No, of course not.
Of course, there is unintentionally comic discourse:
    Don’t pretend that Israel is without mistakes or fault. It’s not true and no one believes it. Pretending Israel is free from errors does not pass the smell test. It will only make your listeners question the veracity of everything else you say.
Admit Israel make mistakes.  Don’t specify them.  Change the subject as quickly as possible and hope no one notices what you’ve just conceded.  And then point out how much more guilty the Palestinians are than the Israelis for the conflict.
    Use humility. “I know that in trying to defend its children and citizens from terrorists that Israel has accidentally hurt innocent people. I know it, and I’m sorry for it. But what can Israel do to defend itself? If America had given up land for peace – and that land had been used for launching rockets at America, what would America do?
Use fake humility.  Pretend that Israel is the U.S. and that there has been no Occupation and no injustice perpetrated against Palestinians.  Pretend their lands have not been stolen.  Pretend they have not been turned into refugees in the hundreds of thousands.  Pretend that Israel has a right to expect Palestinians to behave like Canadians or Mexicans, who have not had a border dispute with the U.S. in 150 years.
Here is more fakery in the guise of concern.  And note the conflation of American Jews with Israelis as if we are them (a little identity confusion?):
    “Are Israelis perfect? No. Do we make mistakes? Yes. But we want a better future, and we are working towards it.
    And we want Palestinians to have a better future as well. They deserve a government that will eliminate the terror not only because it will make my children safer—but also because it will make their children more prosperous. When the terror ends, Israel will no longer need to have challenging checkpoints to inspect goods and people. When the terror ends we will no longer need a security fence.”
There is virtually no terror on the West Bank, yet 500 checkpoints remain there.  Why?  Tell me why, Mr. Luntz.
If there is a money quote in this document that reveals that the lobby is now running scared it is this:
    We’re at a time in history when Jews in general (and Israelis in particular) are no longer perceived as the persecuted people. In fact, among American and European audiences—sophisticated, educated, opinionated, non-Jewish audiences—Israelis are often seen as the occupiers and the aggressors. With that kind of baggage, it is critical that messages from the pro-Israel spokespeople not come across as supercilious or condescending.
More unintended irony:
    “We are prepared to allow them to build……”
    If the Palestinians are to be seen as a trusted partner on the path to peace, they must not be subordinated, in perception or in practice, by the Israelis.
What is the Occupation if not “subordination” personified??
Here’s right back at ya, buddy:
    “Achieving peaceful relationships requires the leadership…of both sides. And so we ask the Palestinians … Stop using the language of incitement. Stop using the language of violence. Stop using the language of threats. You won’t achieve peace if your military leadership talks about war. You won’t achieve peace if people talk about pushing others to the sea or to the desert.”
Israel’s military and political leaders speak the language of violence, incitement and war virtually every day.  No acknowledgement of that, of course, by Luntz.  As for “pushing Jews into the sea,” I haven’t read a real live Palestinian resident of the Occupied Territories make such a statement in several decades.  So this argument is circa 1970 or so.  Nice try though, Frank.
    “Israelis know what it is like to live their lives with the daily threat of terrorism.
As do Palestinians.
    Remind people – again and again – that Israel wants peace. Reason One: If Americans see no hope for peace—if they only see a continuation of a 2,000-year-long episode of “Family Feud”—Americans will not want their government to spend tax dollars or their President’s clout on helping Israel.
Bingo.  Here Luntz inadvertently speaks the truth. Israel wants peace in the same vague way that a 13 year old girl may want to be whoever the teen idol of the moment happens to be. Israel has no plan. No means of getting to peace. So to say that Israel wants peace is, once again, meaningless.
And the fear lurking in the hearts of the lobby is that some day Israel will be exposed and Americans will abandon it because they will come to understand that whatever Israel may claim it wants, there will never be peace under terms acceptable to Israel.  That will be a day of reckoning that the lobby wants to avoid at all costs.
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The Hannibal Directive: Killing Them All with American Money

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Wed, 08/06/2014
Are We There Yet?
I want to tell you about The Hannibal Directive - essentially a blank cheque drawn on Israel's Murder Inc. Free rein to simple kill any and everyone they want.  and they want to kill a great many people.  There is no other reason to write such a law:  they just enjoy killing Palastinians.
But as I started to say...

An Israeli official has called for concentration camps in Gaza and ‘the conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters’. Moshe Feiglin, Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset and member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party, posted the inflammatory message on his Facebook page at the weekend.
He lays out a detailed plan for the destruction of Gaza –  which includes shipping its residents across the world – in a letter he addressed to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The message, which received more than 2,000 likes on his page, lists four action points which he wants to be enforced as soon as possible.
Having someone like this in leadership really shows that the Netanyahu government is interested in peace, right?
And regarding the accusations of "antisemitism": I would be saying the same thing if the report named another nation.  If India attacked Pakistan, murdering women and children, bombing mosques, hospitals, homes and schools.
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The End of the World in Gaza...

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Wed, 07/30/2014
‘Protocols of Zionists’?
You may not have heard OF The "2009 Global Language Dictionary”, but you have definitely heard FROM this strange little lexicon. The dictionary is a handbook for assembling Zionist propaganda or ‘hasbara’ (Hebrew for propaganda) for Israel. Sort of a make-over for a monster.  This the reason why Israeli news, proclamations and protestation all come in the same suspicious flavor designed to defend the indefensible.
Recently in Mondoweiss, Deepa Kumar took a close look at the ‘Dictionary’, and found such gems as this:  “When innocent Palestinian children and women are killed, the first response should be to show empathy; the next is to reframe the issue stating that Israel is not to blame and that it is only defending itself and further that it only wants peace. Even when it is raining death and destruction on Palestinians, the manual is clear: ‘Remind people—again and again—that Israel wants peace.’”‘Protocols of Zionists’?
You may not have heard OF The "2009 Global Language Dictionary”, but you have definitely heard FROM this strange little lexicon. The dictionary is a handbook for assembling Zionist propaganda or ‘hasbara’ (Hebrew for propaganda) for Israel. Sort of a make-over for a monster.  This the reason why Israeli news, proclamations and protestation all come in the same suspicious flavor designed to defend the indefensible.
Recently in Mondoweiss, Deepa Kumar took a close look at the ‘Dictionary’, and found such gems as this:  “When innocent Palestinian children and women are killed, the first response should be to show empathy; the next is to reframe the issue stating that Israel is not to blame and that it is only defending itself and further that it only wants peace. Even when it is raining death and destruction on Palestinians, the manual is clear: ‘Remind people—again and again—that Israel wants peace.’”
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America Inc.: Incorporating the United States

Air Cascadia
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Fri, 06/27/2014
'Railroaded': howw a handful of powerful energy companies ran rolling death through the Dakotas without the knowledge or the pwemission of the people whose communities are endnagered.

The DeSmoh Blog's Steve Horn talks Bakken ‘bomb-trains’; Greenpeace’s Brian Manning talks sbout this coming Tuesday’s street theater event in the name of action against amber energy;  the corporatization of incompetence and Janet Phelan, ‘Exile extraordinaire’ introduces the book she wrote documenting her strange saga.
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Murder Made In America: We've Got A Law With Your Name On It...

Air Cascadia
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Tue, 06/24/2014
My guest today, Teusday is Marcy Wheeler

The New York Times is reporting: "A federal appeals court in New York on Monday made public a redacted version of a 2010 Justice Department memo that signed off on the targeted killing of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, without a trial, following Freedom of Information Act lawsuits." The memo was written months after the killing of Awlaki. 
MARCY WHEELER, (734) 332-1652,, @emptywheel
    Wheeler is an independent investigative journalist who covers national security and civil liberties. She writes for various outlets including her blog. She just wrote the piece "Working Thread: The Awlaki Memo" and is tweeting critical information about the memo. [PDF]


And Wednesday's guest - wait for it - is Janet Phelan, 'Exile' Extraordinaire

The Inspector General for the United States Department of Justice has declined to investigate false and misleading statements made by a DOJ employee concerning domestic legislation which appears to violate an international bioweapons treaty.
In a recent unsigned letter, issued on DOJ stationary, the IG's office refused to look into written statements made by Dean Boyd, Press officer for the DOJ, wherein he made an incorrect legal citation when asked to comment on the perception that Section 817 (The Expansion of the  Biological Weapons Statute) of the U.S. Patriot Act violates the International Bioweapons Convention (BWC). The BWC was signed by the U.S. in 1972 . Boyd was specifically asked to comment on 817, but denied the violation, instead referring this reporter to the law which 817 amended, which is 18 USC Section 175. When his error was pointed out, he shut down all communications with this reporter, writing: “We have nothing further for you.”  We are going to talk to one of the reporters involved in the story.  Welcome back to the KBOO air waves Janet Phelan.
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Robert Naiman with Just Foreign Policy Sees the Lopsided Humor in NATO and US Aggression

Air Cascadia
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Wed, 06/11/2014
Tanks, troops, jets: NATO countries launch full-scale war games in Baltic 09 Jun 2014 A major military exercise kicked off in Latvia, with 10 NATO member countries participating. The war games involve 4,700 troops and 800 military vehicles. Russia sees NATO's military build-up as a sign of aggression. The Saber Strike ground forces exercise is being conducted for the fourth time this year and coincides with Baltic Host 2014 and Baltops 2014 naval drills. Troops from the US, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway and the UK are taking part.
 U.S. Air Force sends two B-2 stealth bombers to Europe as show of force to Russia 09 Jun 2014 The U.S. Air Force has further beefed up its bomber presence in Europe, deploying two B-2 stealth bombers for military exercises in the region, according to Air Force Times. The aircraft are assigned to the 509th Bomb Wing out of Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. On Sunday, they joined three B-52 Stratofortress aircraft already deployed to RAF Fairford, a British air base west of London.
Five U.S. special operations soldiers killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan after air support accidentally drops bombs on them --Strategic B-1 bomber reportedly dropped its payload on soldiers --Fox News: Aircraft in question is a B-1 Lancer, a strategic Cold War-era bomber that can carry a payload of up to 125,000 pounds of explosives. 10 Jun 2014 Five American special operations troops have been killed in southern Afghanistan after a U.S. bomber accidentally bombed their positions when they called in for air support on Monday night. One Afghan soldier was also killed in the incident - which is being called the deadliest friendly-fire attack of the 13-year war in Afghanistan. The soldiers were leading a security operation with Afghan National Army troops in southern Zabul Province when they came under attack from Taliban fighters and called in for an airstrike. However, instead of bombing the insurgents, the NATO aircraft dropped its payload on the Americans, authorities believe.
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Corporate People are not We the People

Air Cascadia
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Wed, 06/04/2014
First: The Daily Drumbeat /

No single action is more important  that rolling back corporate personhood.  If we can't do this, we have no chance as far as solving environmental disaster, poisoned food, poisoned water, shitty medical care...the listany continues

, A 3.4-magnitude earthquake struck northern Colorado Saturday night, and environmentalists weren’t surprised to learn that the epicenter was near a fracking site.
There were no reports of damage, but anti-fracking activists say there is not a lot of math to add up in this incident. The USGS site refers to eastern Colorado as nearly “aseismic” and states that earthquakes are rare in the state, overall. However, The Tribune reported that the earthquake took place less than two miles away from two oil and gas wastewater injection wells that the state has not inspected in nearly two years.
Greeley is also in Weld County, where there are more than 24,000 wells.
“Aseismic formations are naturally stable, however when you introduce thousands of fracking-shaped charges (forms of TNT), with millions of gallons of slick water and chemicals at pressures as high as 18,000 [pounds per square inch], the fractures in the shale can extend over 1,000 feet in a radius,” Shane Davis of Fracktivist
Offsetting is a Massive Threat to Wildlife, Warn Environment Groups
Biodiversity offsetting is already being used by developers to justify schemes that will cause irreversible harm to nature, warn over 15 environment groups across the world today (Monday 2 June 2014), ahead of a major biodiversity offsetting conference in London this week.
The conference – “To No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Beyond” on 3 and 4 June  will be addressed by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson who is soon to decide on controversial plans to allow developers to destroy precious wildlife habitat, provided there is an attempt to offset the damage elsewhere.
Such schemes are known as biodiversity offsetting, and FERN and Friends of the Earth are concerned that its introduction could allow developers to push through projects that would have devastating impacts on irreplaceable habitats and our wildlife.
As the drilling rush proceeds at a fast pace in Pennsylvania's Marcellus shale, nearby states have confronted a steady flow of toxic waste produced by the industry. One of Pennsylvania's most active drilling companies, Range Resources, attempted on Tuesday to quietly ship tons of radioactive sludge, rejected by a local landfill, to one in nearby West Virginia where radioactivity rules are still pending. It was only stopped when local media reports brought the attempted dumping to light.
Move to Amend, the group responsible for popularizing the call to end corporate personhood and get big money out of politics, reiterated their call to Congress to pass an amendment that ends the Supreme Court created doctrine of corporate constitutional rights.
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membership means more

your threat of quitting your membership gives me two options for analysis:

1) you gave money to Theresa via KBOO.

2) if Theresa died tomorrow, you'd give up your membership.

my interpretation

1) that's cool, man.  you support community-based radio based solely on your dedication to one weekly half-hour show. that demonstrates that Theresa's voice represents/intrigues you (and many, many others); however you don't feel represented by any one of the other 500 people who volunteer their time and energy in the 24/7 endevour, and you don't value the input (and miraculous existence!) of the other 5-10,000 members and ten times as many listeners; neither do you support the KBOO mission of including as many underrepresented voices as possible on the air, with natural turnover, schedule changes and opportunities as new people arrive.  Membership gives you the power to affect the decision-making, which is why you gave money to Theresa via KBOO; and, by golly, you will do everything in your power to keep her on the air, and you want the KBOO website visitors to know how you feel when they read the comments.  You'd even like them to join you in your fight.

2) wow.

my opinion

Personally, Theresa's show is one of my  favourites and there are plenty of shows that I not only don't like or don't listen to, but also complain about out loud.  It's my radio station, and, like my family, I will not be quiet when they need to shape up or ship out.

writing inflammatory statements on the webpage will remain simply that: inflammatory statements with a reaction or two from trolls (see the 20 pages of Anonymous written about me because of the audio I submitted that Jenka edited), which, in the end, result in: NOTHING.  If you want to chat with others online, that's fine, but you should know that nothing said here is considered in the Committee meetings. It's just an informal public forum, not policy binding.

my advice

Instead of threatening us (volunteers, members, listeners and our very existence), why not use your valuable internet time to phrase it as, for example, a question to which one of us could easily respond:  "Have there been any changes to Theresa's show?  I noticed lately that it has been preemented or even cut.  It is my favourite show. [I fear Air Cascadia will take its place--not necessary but very telling that you chose Chris' page to write it--ed.]. "  You can copy the question to Theresa's email (though I know from experience she doesn't respond) and/or print it out and put it in her cubby hole at the station. And/or show up to the meetings.  And/or call Theresa during her show--she takes calls, you know.  Ask her if she'll train or mentor you to do the same kind of work she does.

p.s.  Air Cascadia basically is the AM News is Chris Andreae: i was engineering {i'm flattered that you liked it}and was very sad when it was cut--but that is the way of the station; we adhere and adapt to the ever-fluctuating needs of the larger community--but i watched, with great pleasure, as it morphed into Air Cascadia.  Though i adore Dennis Bernstein, 15 less minutes of his voice is no skin off my back. 



air cascadia

im a conservative right wing trucker and i think cris andrae is the greatest broadcaster on the radio. i try to listen when i dont need traffic reports.
her scathing commentary is the best. i would join kboo but i fear america will become too weak and barry will force me to find a green job soon . keep up the good work
michael j

The anchor news program

The anchor news program Democracy Now, conveiniently aired at 11 AM so that all could tune in was moved to 7 AM with a result that most if not all of the people who work nights won't be tuning in as they are still sleeping. Also missed the 40th anniversary bash as it was inconveinently held from 4 to 10 Pm, on a weekday, which would exclude anyone working swing from attending unless they took a day off. Why couldn't this have been held on a Saturday or Sunday?
Air Cascadia is a very rough and unpolished program that leaves me tuning to OPB or just turning it off.
The choppy, emergent voice of Cris Andreae is certainly a large part in that.
If it is true that Press Watch will be axed for this then it will be an easy decision to withhold future pledges from this listener.

What happened to Presswatch?

Is Air Cascadia taking over what Therisa has been doing? If so, I may give up my membership. First, the am news gets axed to accomodate Democracy Now, now is Presswatch going under the plow?


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