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Air Cascadia on 02/03/16

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Air Cascadia on 02/02/16

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Saving the West Coast from the Pirate Sector

Air Cascadia
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Mon, 12/15/2014
Here are a  few notes and quotes from today's headlines.
And the link to the sierra Club website

1,  A federal judge has sided with the Cowlitz Indian tribe in its long fight to establish a reservation and build a casino along Interstate 5 in southwest Washington.
U.S. District Judge Barbara J. Rothstein in Washington, D.C., on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by plaintiffs who had challenged a federal government decision to put into trust for the tribe about 152 acres west of La Center in Clark County and to allow gambling on that land, The Columbian reported.   The tribe of southwest Washington, which has about 3,500 members but no land of its own, plans to develop the property into tribal offices, housing, a tribal center as well as a massive casino-resort complex with a roughly 134,000-square-foot casino.
2,  On December 11, the House passed the 2015 federal budget (H.R. 83) by a vote of 219-206, appropriating more than $1 trillion for federal agencies. Buried in the 1,600 pages of the bill's text are hundreds of controversial provisions, known as "policy riders," some of which benefit powerful industries.    One of the most controversial provisions is a measure that was written by lobbyists for Citigroup. The provision rolls back part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that prohibits entities insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) from trading complicated financial devices known as custom swaps, a type of derivative. Just four banks, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, control more than 90 percent of the banking industry's swaps market.
3,  The long story short, remember the following names: Lynn Helms, John Hoeven, James Inhofe, Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) and Heather Zichal. They are all at the center -- among others -- of this 2,000-word+ piece that combed through lobbying disclosure forms, docs obtained via public records requests and included on-the-scene reporting at the IOGCC's recent annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio.
Revealed: How Big Oil Got Expedited Permitting for Fracking on Public Lands Into the Defense Bill
The U.S. Senate has voted 89-11 to approve the Defense Authorization Act of 2015, following the December 4 U.S.House of Representatives' 300-119 up-vote and now awaits President Barack Obama's signature.   The 1,616-page piece of pork barrel legislation contains a provision — among other controversial measures — to streamline permitting for hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) on U.S. public lands overseen by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a unit of the U.S. Department of Interior.
4,  California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors are surrounded by earthquake faults they were never designed to withstand. They are riddled with design flaws and can’t meet basic fire safety standards. They dump huge quantities of hot water into the oceanin defiance of state water quality standards, killing billions of sea creatures.  So the struggle continues.  There is always  a riddle to solve.  always a war on the horizon....
5,  If you haven’t been living in a cave, you have heard that Greenpeace stenciled a message at the Nazca Lines, one of the world’s most historic cultural sites, last week.   After writing “TIME FOR CHANGE! The Future Is Renewable” in yellow paint at an ancient, sacred petroglyph depicting a hummingbird, Greenpeace made sure to scrawl their traditional logo below the message, ensuring that there could be no mistaking its authors.   When an outcry emerged from Peru’s national government, Greenpeace immediately apologized, stating that their message had been misunderstood. It’s hard to say “misunderstood” when it looks like somebody gave 4Chan the keys to the warehouse.
6, Philippine government prosecutors charged a detained U.S. Marine with murder Monday in the killing of a Filipino transgender that reignited an irritant between the military allies over custody of American military personnel suspected of committing crimes.
Prosecutor Emily de los Santos said there was "probable cause" that Marine Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton killed Jennifer Laude, whose former name was Jeffrey, in a motel room, where the victim's body was found in October in Olongapo city, northwest of Manila. She had apparently been drowned in a toilet bowl.
The case reignited a debate over custody of American military personnel accused of crimes. But the looming irritant between the treaty allies over Pemberton's custody was eased after Washington agreed to move him from a U.S. warship to the Philippine military's main camp in metropolitan Manila, where he remained under American custody with an outer ring of Filipino guards.
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David - ACLU - Fidanque takes the JTTF to Task

Air Cascadia
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Fri, 12/12/2014
1, The police state goes to school.  Yesterday The Portland State University (PSU) Board of Trustees on Thursday approved a plan to enhance campus safety and authorize an armed police force on campus to augment PSU’s current unarmed security staff
The board voted 11 to 2 to approve the plan, specifying that PSU will not deploy police officers until after an committee made up of administration, faculty, staff and students spend the next six months setting guidelines for the new safety plan.
PSU would join Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon in having an armed police force on campus.
2, Will Portland return to the odious embrace of the Joint Terrorism Task Force embrace?  Under the guidance of Charlie Hales it seems unlikely.  But let's hear from the ACLU on the burning question...David Fidanque joins us...
2,  Rio Tinto, a global 'Super-Corp' will own a 2400 acre sacred Apache tract of land if the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passes.  the The House approved the  bill  then sent it to the Senate for a fast vote in a process that won’t allow amendments to be made. The Senate is expected to act on it this week.
The land swap bill, called the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2013 (H.R. 687), was attached as a rider to the annual must-pass National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) along with several other land-related bills.
If approved by the Senate and signed by President Obama, the land swap legislation will allow Resolution Copper Co., a subsidiary of the controversial international mining conglomerate Rio Tinto, to acquire 2,400 acres of the federally protected public land in the Tonto National Forest in southeast Arizona in exchange for 5,000 acres in parcels scattered around the state. Resolution Copper plans a massive deep underground copper mine using a technique called block caving in which a shaft is drilled more than a mile deep into the earth and the material is excavated without any reinforcement of the extraction area. Block caving leaves the land above vulnerable to collapse.
3,  Turns out that in the long run,  shooting  wolves does not save livestock.  In fact it could just make matters worse. A new study has found that—paradoxically—killing a wolf can increase the risk that wolves will prey on livestock in the future.  The research, published today in the scientific journal PLOS One, flies in the face of the common idea that the swiftest and surest way to deal with wolves threatening livestock is by shooting the predators. It adds to a growing understanding of how humans influence the complex dynamics driving these pack animals, sometimes with unexpected consequences.
4,  Top 10 for worst governor winner Rick Scott just took another loss in his war on people. His 2011 law requiring drug tests for people applying for welfare has been struck down.   The three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, in Atlanta, ruled that the law, one of the strictest in the country, was an unreasonable search because Florida officials had failed to show a “substantial need” to test all people who applied for welfare benefits. Applicants were required to submit to urine tests, a measure that Mr. Scott said would protect children of welfare applicants by ensuring that their parents were not buying and using drugs.
5,  Very disturbing evidence, both circumstantial as well as potentially damning, coming out of Chicago. Activists in Chicago say that the police have been using "Stingray" technology to listen in on the phones of various people during protests. What's the technology do?   The technology essentially puts up a wall between the user’s phone and their provider, forcing phones in the immediate area to send data to the police instead of the nearest cell towers.
6,  In March of this year, the Illinois Supreme Court killed the Illinois "eavesdropping law." This controversial law, which required someone recording a conversation to obtain permission from all parties being recorded, was ostensibly in place to protect citizens' private conversations. Instead, it ended up protecting the police and lawmakers from citizens recording their interactions with them.
Luckily, the Illinois Supreme Court determined the law was too broad and violated the First Amendment rights of individuals who were recording interactions in public places.
But now, apparently, the law has been revived and has been passed by both the Illinois House and Senate, tacked on as an amendment to an existing unrelated bill.
7,  Here’s one for the history books, and a slap on the wrist for stock-holders like Bill Gates and George Soros. Monsanto stock has been downgraded to ‘Neutral’ from ‘Buy’ after an annual seed dealer industry survey showed bleak returns.
This may be the most depressing news in seven years for Monsanto, but great news for the seed industry, which has been monopolized by the chemical peddler since the early 1990s. The target price for (MON +0.1%) has been lowered from $140 to $127. Conditions affecting the downgrade include “greater discounting, reduced trait purchases, reduced spending on seeds, and share gains for non-major seeds brands” – with hardly a mention of the grass-roots, and international efforts of people to shine a light on Monsanto’s illegal influence on the world seed market.
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Finally...the Environmental Big Dogs Notice the Threat to Jordan Cove...

Air Cascadia
program date: 
Wed, 12/10/2014
Activists in Coos Bay received a visit(s) from the Big long last.  
Yes! no less than the Sierra Club's Ted Gleichman came down to The Cove to see what all the noise is about. Back in April of this year an LNG tank exploded in the small town of Plymouht, Wshington sending five people to the hospital.  At the time Ted Gleichman, who chairs LNG committee for the Oregon chapter of the Sierra Club, said the explosion in Plymouth should concern regulators and people who live near proposed export terminals.
“We can’t ignore the fact that they are inherently extremely dangerous — and huge,” Gleichman said.
The Jordan Cove LNG project in Coos Bay could store 3.4 billion cubic feet of gas in each of its two tanks, almost triple the amount of natural gas as the Plymouth facility, which can store 1.2 billion cubic feet of gas in each of its two tanks. A Williams Northwest Pipeline spokeswoman said the tank that exploded in Plymouth was about 1/3 full.
The Environmental Impact Statement is beginning to look in need of revision, reconsideration and redirection. When the US found that it was flooded with Bakken shale oil, Corporate interests once again erupted in Coos Bay with the plan to flip documents, assesments, inspections and signatures  -  export looked just like import in Greed's looking glass.
Thing is, it is not the same.  and even if it were any form of tanker terminal means the death of the West coast's marine life.
No more fish.
No more visitors
No more marine life
And once its gone, its gone.  The ecology took millions of years of evolution to become what it is today and when its gone, it isn't coming back
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Ashton Carter: A True Hawk's Hawk

Air Cascadia
program date: 
Wed, 12/03/2014
Three Defense Secretaries later, President Obama is still unable to get his own Defense Department under control.  
Chuck Hagel – our last, best chance to get it right – is gone.  And who, pray tell, pops up out of the proverbial rat hole?  Why it’s good  old Ashton Carter…
Under Bill Clinton, Carter was present at the desecration of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.   Clinton’s $6 billion promise to the Dr. Strangeloves in the U.S. weapons labs was essentially a promise that they could do computer simulated laboratory tests of nuclear weapons.  Add to that sub-critical tests a thousand feet below the desert floor at the Nevada test site, where plutonium is blown up with explosives. Because there is no chain reaction, the Clinton administration contended it was not a test, kind of like not inhaling or not having sex with that woman.
Clinton here there and everywhere... 
Now as we gaze into the abyss of a Hillary Clinton presidency, here comes Ashton Carter, a true ‘Hawk’s Hawk’.
The world is far more volatile than ever before and according to Slater, "It was because the U.S. refused to preclude advanced technical testing that India announced it would do a whole new series of nuclear tests, developing its own nuclear arsenal, swiftly followed by Pakistan. This $6 billion program grew like a cancer upon the nation and is now projected to cost $1 trillion over the next 30 years with projections for new bomb factories, new warheads, and delivery systems.
Carter was also instrumental in establishing the policy that led to the new demonization of Russia which we see today. He advised Clinton on missile technology and how the U.S. could begin to deploy a missile shield in Alaska while claiming it was not violating the 1972 anti-ballistic Missile treaty with Russia, although Russia was not convinced. Bush actually walked out of the ABM treaty, which Clinton had already violated, and the missile race was on. Carter also advised Obama on expanding the U.S. empire to Asia in the so-called Asia pivot, which resulted in new bases in the Pacific, expanded missile shields with Japan and South Korea, and actually stationing troops in Australia."
In 2006, Carter outflanked the Bush administration, advocating a strike on North Korea if they did a ballistic missile test in a Washington Post op-ed titled "If Necessary, Strike and Destroy."
In 1996, he warned of the presumed threats posed by Iraq and Iran's alleged weapons of mass destruction programs.
            And he’s Baaaack…
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Alison Weir Explains Israel in Time and Space

Air Cascadia
program date: 
Fri, 11/21/2014
Here's the link that takes you to alison Weir's latestt, 'Against Our Better Judgement, the secret history of how the US was used to create Israel

There is one problem, it takes you to Amazon and once you step into the quicksand, you may never step out. There are other ways to acquired the book besides having it delivered by drone...

That said, this is a remarkable and essential book.  It is imperative that we all read the thing

And It All Started with One Dr. Walter Tamosaitis....

Air Cascadia
program date: 
Thu, 11/20/2014
Last month we learned that the Energy Department does not have an adequate system at Hanford to detect whether harmful vapors are sickening workers.
More than 50 workers in the past year have reported smelling vapors and then becoming ill after working around some of Hanford's 177 underground storage tanks holding nuclear waste. The workers were checked by doctors and cleared to return to work.
The nuclear reservation near Richland contains waste left over from the Cold War-era production of plutonium for nuclear weapons.
Yesterday Washington State AG Bob Ferguson said Wednesday that Hanford workers since 1987 have been reporting exposure to harmful vapors, with no solution found.
Under federal law, a lawsuit can be filed 90 days after the intent to sue is issued, Ferguson said. "There is a 90-day clock starting now," he said at a news conference in Seattle.
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The Week That Put a Cork in the KeystoneXL and Opened the Floodgates in Palestine

Air Cascadia
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Wed, 11/19/2014
A Message from Mazin:

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 12:03 AM, Mazin Qumsiyeh <> wrote:
    I return to this country (and it is one country) to find the situation more
    tense than it was two weeks ago when I left. An Israeli colonial settler
    runs over Palestinian children killing one 5 year old and injuring another.
    A Palestinian native runs over Israeli border police in Jerusalem killing
    one officer and injuring several. Such incidents are increasing. Zionism
    started here as a colonial movement to change a multi-religious flourishing
    Palestine into JSIL (the Jewish state of Israel in the Levant). The support
    of western powers was and continues to be critical for JSIL's establishment
    and (increasingly more expensive) maintenance.  Colonial movements must
    destroy on one hand the native society and build a new society. In the case
    of colonization of Palestine (now called Israel), the destruction is
    breathtaking. 7 million of us are refugees or displaced people (out of a
    population of 12 million). Land left for us to live on in historic
    Palestine is about 8% (that includes the ghettos left for us in the
    Galilee, Naqab, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank). Millions of
    settlers from Europe and other parts of the world now control 92% of the
    land, more than 90% of the water, all border crossings, and all other
    natural resources in the country. The Zionist policy of might makes right
    has meant that human rights and international law are not applicable here.
    This adds to the frustration and anger of the native people. The natives
    were deprived of real leadership (previously the PLO) and instead has now a
    “Palestinian Authority” (PA) approved by the US/Israel.  The PA men, more
    concerned for their jobs than the future of Palestine, now act as
    subcontractors for the occupation.  This was the trap that was created in
    the negotiations in Norway in 1993 (subsequently referred to as the Oslo
    accords). Since then, the number of Israeli colonial settlers in the West
    Bank alone rose from 180,000 to 650,000. More and more life for the
    remaining Palestinians has become unbearable (unless they are from the
    elite of the PA, most in Ramallah). And to maintain a racist system meant
    an Israeli educational and social system that increasingly pushes its
    population to the extremes.
    The chauvinistic, schizophrenic system marches along the road of fascism
    oblivious to the future. Homes are being destroyed, millions of us are
    denied the right to live in most of our country and even the right to visit
    and pray in churches and mosques in Jerusalem. The efforts of transforming
    the country to look more “Jewish” accelerate especially around Jerusalem
    creating more tensions. Decent Israelis are leaving the system (300,000 now
    live in Germany where the fastest growing Jewish population is). Local
    Palestinians with no place to go are getting desperate. The pressure is
    building as a pressure cooker builds steam. Acts of individual violence
    that we see are merely a symptom of this unsustainable system. And the
    danger is spreading. The Jewish State of Israel in the Levant (ISIL) has to
    have new states like Sunni (ISIS) and Shia and others so that it becomes
    “naturalized” instead of the only apartheid system in Western Asia. Still
    our choices are there: 1) might makes right, or 2) human rights including
    abolishing religion based states and insist on secular democracies. The
    first path leads to a lose-lose situation and the second to a win-win for
    all. There is no lose-win scenario (as MLK once said we either live
    together in equalityas fellow human beings or we perish together as fools).
    Hanging between the two roads will mean only more extremism, more violence,
    and more injustice. Choosing democracy, human rights, and justice is not
    easy and we pay a price (financial, physical etc). It is we the people who
    must push for that (everyone now recognizes that our politicians are mostly
    hypocritical, self-centered fools). The day I returned is also the day the
    US “elections” gave us an even more subservient congress bent on further
    destruction of US economy to serve special interests.  Some of us pay
    heavier prices than others and some are even killed (many of my own
    personal friends were killed in non-violent demonstration). Some lose jobs
    or homes. Some are injured. Some spend years as political prisoners. But
    this is a struggle that is existential and must be engaged in. How to do it
    and maintain dignity, humanity, and inner peace is a challenge. “You can’t
    be neutral on a moving train” so apathy is collusion with oppression. When
    our short time on this earth nears its end, will we regret standing by or
    will we be proud that we tried our best to make it better? The choice is
    For those wondering about my nearly two weeks in Europe: I met hundreds of
    people, spoke at over 15 events in three countries (France, Switzerland,
    and Norway), established good contacts and initial discussion that could
    help establish joint projects between our Palestine Museum of Natural
    History and some European groups in ways that bring us closer to
    sustainable development, democracy, and justice (i.e. help us travel along
    that win-win road). All and any partnerships with people who share this
    vision would be welcome. A luta continua (the struggle continues).
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Poverty Makes You Mad...The Mayor Makes You Madder...The Cops Make You Maddest

Air Cascadia
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Thu, 11/13/2014
Poverty Makes A Person Mad…
Think:  The two groups of people most likely to spend their days and nights together in a state of mutual fear and mistrust?
The police and the homeless.  And the homeless very often have come off the rails.  Poverty does make a person crazy, both mentally and physically ill and more or less permanently teetering on the cusp of committing a crime.  Enter  DENNIS ROSENBAUM.  He’s  going to be visiting from time to time to the tune of $240 thousand dollars.
Let’s see, that comes to 240 apartments at $1000 a month.  If people double up that remove nearly five hundred people from the streets. The numbers could easily be doubled with matching grants from the Portland Business Alliance, City Club and other entities such as Nike. We could house about one thousand people and connect them to services that lead to employment.  Now you have tax-paying people, mended lives and hopeful futures.
Denver and a few other cities have discovered the completely obvious and not at all surprising fact that when you give people a safe place to call home, they no longer display the symptoms that characterize ‘mental illness’
Problem solved! oversee Portland's federally mandated police reforms over the next several years, offered city leaders something no other applicant could match.
Ah, but instead we have Dennis Rosenbaum who “Befitting his post as director of the Center for Research in Law and Justice, the Chicago-based professor mustered a nationally recognized team steeped not only in the drudgery of data analysis, but also in the ups and downs of policing and mental health issues.” (The Portland Mercury)
From Chicago.
Or not, actually.  No, Dennis will not be joining us here on the streets of Portland.  And Dennis will never know what it’s like to live hard out here in the west.
So retired judge Paul DeMuniz , whose qualifications start with the fact that he actually lives here will take up a lot of the slack that lies between Chicago and Portland.
Retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice Paul De Muniz, who was glancingly mentioned in Rosenbaum's application materials.  The Oversight Guy gets an Overseer…
Mayor Hales and Commisioner  Amanda Fritz, in backing Rosenbaum and De Muniz, passed on two other finalists who fell short for various reasons. Local consultant John Campbell put together a sizable team of Portland-based experts, but wasn't seen as strong on mental health issues—important given that the US Department of Justice accused Portland police of engaging in a pattern or practice of using excessive force against people with mental illness.
Oregon Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission Executive Director Daniel Ward made perhaps the most compelling case on mental health of the three, having talked about his own history with depression. But he applied all on his own, without a team to help him do the work. He said he'd wait to find helpers until after he got the job.
Portland Copwatch, in a statement, said it spoke with activists in Chicago who questioned Rosenbaum’s role in that city’s police accountability movement. And both Copwatch and the AMA lamented Fritz and Hales’ willingness to defy the city’s selection panel.
"The city has already taken the stand that the community's input is not important," the AMA's co-chairs wrote.
—The Mercury's Dirk VanderHart contributed to this report.
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Prison is a State of Mind - the United States of Mind - Making Money on Madness

Air Cascadia
program date: 
Thu, 11/06/2014

Here's the Link:
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Mid-Term Crisis: Bad Men, Big Money, Bankrupt Bulls and Bears (No selfies with the bears, please)

Air Cascadia
program date: 
Tue, 11/04/2014
Wouldn't really rather watch people fighting than people voting?
Of course you would.  War is expensive, that's true but so are elections.  Maybe even more expensive...
That said...
Above all else, what's at stake in Tuesday's midterm elections is control of the U.S. Senate.
 That, in turn, will shape the fate of President Barack Obama's agenda for the rest of his term. And everything else that Congress wants to do, or stop from getting done.
Republicans need to gain six seats to win back the Senate majority they lost in 2006. Their odds are good, but it's not a slam dunk.
 Polls and pundits alike see about 10 Democratic seats that could switch to the GOP. Democrats could flip a GOP seat, too, or perhaps as many as three if they have what passes for a good night.
Voters will also pick a new House of Representatives, choose governors in three dozen states and decide more than 100 ballot measures.
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membership means more

your threat of quitting your membership gives me two options for analysis:

1) you gave money to Theresa via KBOO.

2) if Theresa died tomorrow, you'd give up your membership.

my interpretation

1) that's cool, man.  you support community-based radio based solely on your dedication to one weekly half-hour show. that demonstrates that Theresa's voice represents/intrigues you (and many, many others); however you don't feel represented by any one of the other 500 people who volunteer their time and energy in the 24/7 endevour, and you don't value the input (and miraculous existence!) of the other 5-10,000 members and ten times as many listeners; neither do you support the KBOO mission of including as many underrepresented voices as possible on the air, with natural turnover, schedule changes and opportunities as new people arrive.  Membership gives you the power to affect the decision-making, which is why you gave money to Theresa via KBOO; and, by golly, you will do everything in your power to keep her on the air, and you want the KBOO website visitors to know how you feel when they read the comments.  You'd even like them to join you in your fight.

2) wow.

my opinion

Personally, Theresa's show is one of my  favourites and there are plenty of shows that I not only don't like or don't listen to, but also complain about out loud.  It's my radio station, and, like my family, I will not be quiet when they need to shape up or ship out.

writing inflammatory statements on the webpage will remain simply that: inflammatory statements with a reaction or two from trolls (see the 20 pages of Anonymous written about me because of the audio I submitted that Jenka edited), which, in the end, result in: NOTHING.  If you want to chat with others online, that's fine, but you should know that nothing said here is considered in the Committee meetings. It's just an informal public forum, not policy binding.

my advice

Instead of threatening us (volunteers, members, listeners and our very existence), why not use your valuable internet time to phrase it as, for example, a question to which one of us could easily respond:  "Have there been any changes to Theresa's show?  I noticed lately that it has been preemented or even cut.  It is my favourite show. [I fear Air Cascadia will take its place--not necessary but very telling that you chose Chris' page to write it--ed.]. "  You can copy the question to Theresa's email (though I know from experience she doesn't respond) and/or print it out and put it in her cubby hole at the station. And/or show up to the meetings.  And/or call Theresa during her show--she takes calls, you know.  Ask her if she'll train or mentor you to do the same kind of work she does.

p.s.  Air Cascadia basically is the AM News is Chris Andreae: i was engineering {i'm flattered that you liked it}and was very sad when it was cut--but that is the way of the station; we adhere and adapt to the ever-fluctuating needs of the larger community--but i watched, with great pleasure, as it morphed into Air Cascadia.  Though i adore Dennis Bernstein, 15 less minutes of his voice is no skin off my back. 



air cascadia

im a conservative right wing trucker and i think cris andrae is the greatest broadcaster on the radio. i try to listen when i dont need traffic reports.
her scathing commentary is the best. i would join kboo but i fear america will become too weak and barry will force me to find a green job soon . keep up the good work
michael j

The anchor news program

The anchor news program Democracy Now, conveiniently aired at 11 AM so that all could tune in was moved to 7 AM with a result that most if not all of the people who work nights won't be tuning in as they are still sleeping. Also missed the 40th anniversary bash as it was inconveinently held from 4 to 10 Pm, on a weekday, which would exclude anyone working swing from attending unless they took a day off. Why couldn't this have been held on a Saturday or Sunday?
Air Cascadia is a very rough and unpolished program that leaves me tuning to OPB or just turning it off.
The choppy, emergent voice of Cris Andreae is certainly a large part in that.
If it is true that Press Watch will be axed for this then it will be an easy decision to withhold future pledges from this listener.

What happened to Presswatch?

Is Air Cascadia taking over what Therisa has been doing? If so, I may give up my membership. First, the am news gets axed to accomodate Democracy Now, now is Presswatch going under the plow?


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