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Episode Archive

Guest DJ Christopher Kirkley

Air date: 
Thu, 06/05/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Guest DJ Christopher Kirkley

Guest DJ Christopher Kirkley joins Dr. Zomb to spin tracks and tales of his travels...    check him out at

Africa-O-Ye! on 05/29/14

Air date: 
Thu, 05/29/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
African music

Africa-O-Ye! on 05/22/14

Air date: 
Thu, 05/22/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
African music

Africa-O-Ye! on 05/15/14

Air date: 
Thu, 05/15/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
African music


Air date: 
Thu, 05/08/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Music from Sudan

The vibrant musical traditions of Sudan are the focus on this week's show.  We do not hear a great deal of music from Sudan, in part due to the social disruption caused by decades of internal conflict.  The end of the second Sudanese civil war in 2005 promised to usher in an era of peace, but that dream would be short-lived, as the war in Darfur soon erupted.  The 2011 referendum creating an independent South Sudan again brought hope, but at present that new nation is torn with horrendous violence.  The music on this week's program does not reflect current realities, but much of it comes from that brief period when the window of opportunity for peace and reconciliation appeared open.


Air date: 
Thu, 05/01/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Vintage music from West Africa

Tune in during the first afternoon of KBOO's Spring 2014 Membership Drive for Africa O-Yé!
Andy will be sitting in for Dr. Zomb, bringing you two hours of great vintage music from the Analog Africa label.  Much of today's playlist comes from the country of Benin. And we'll also hear selections from Angola, Ghana, and Burkina Faso.

Free People : Tuareg Sounds of the Sahara

Air date: 
Thu, 04/24/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
W/ Special Musical Guest; Kildjate Moussa Albadé (TisDass, ex Bombino) & Co-Host Ibrahim Mohamedine

Africa O-Ye! is pleased to present a very special episode: “Free People: Toureg Sounds of Sahara” We’ve had the privilege of spending some extraodinary time with the masterful “Desert Blues” songwriter Kildjate Moussa Albade and his insightful cousin Ibrahim Mohamedine, drinking tea and making friends in the process. Moussa and Ibrahim both hail from the Azawagh regions of northeastern Niger, and strongly identify with their Tuareg roots; a historically nomadic people of Berber descent who have made their homees throughout the eastern Sahara and Sahel of North Africa for centuries.

Africa-O-Ye! on 04/17/14

Air date: 
Thu, 04/17/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
African music

African Music at Soul'd Out Music Festival

Air date: 
Thu, 04/10/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Three pairs of tickets will be given away during the show.

This year's Soul'd Out Music Festival [SOMF] runs from Thursday, April 10th - Sunday, April 20th and features lots of great music. If you haven't seen the complete lineup, go to  And this year's performers include three top-notch African artists:  Fatoumata Diawara (Sun. 4/13, Star Theater), Tinariwen (Tue. 4/15, Aladdin Theater), and Bombino (Wed. 4/16, Roseland Theater).   Tune into this week's Africa O-Yé! to win free tickets.  We'll listen to selections from each of these artists' latest recordings, and one pair of tickets to each concert will be given out during the show.  host: Andy Hosch

Jason Urick on Africa O - Ye

Air date: 
Thu, 04/03/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
guest dj jason urick, hosted by dr. zomb...


Africa O-Ye! 5/10/2012 with Obo Addy

program date: 
Thu, 05/10/2012

 Ghanaian master drummer Obo Addy spoke with host Andy Hosch and shared a variety of music from his long career.


Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 03/21/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Balla et ses BalladinsN'na SobaBalla et ses Balladins, The Syliphone YearsStern's
Balla et ses BalladinsKogno KouraBalla et ses Balladins, The Syliphone YearsStern's
Mic Break
Balla et ses BalladinsKairaBalla et ses Balladins, The Syliphone YearsStern's
Balla et ses BalladinsNyoBalla et ses Balladins, The Syliphone YearsStern's
Pitch Break
Franco & TPOK JazzPricesse KikouFrancophonic, Vol. 2Stern's
Pitch Break
Franco & TPOK JazzKimpa KisanganiFrancophonic, Vol. 2Stern's
Franco & TPOK JazzBina na ngai na RespectFrancophonic, Vol. 2Stern's
Pitch Break
Tabu Ley RochereauOhambeThe Voice of Lightness, Vol. 2Stern's
Pitch Break
Franco & TPOK JazzAlimatouFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's
Pitch Break
Franco & TPOK JazzTozonga na Nganga WanaFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's
Franco & TPOK JazzMambu Ma MiondoFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's

KBOO Membership Drive edition of Africa Oyé, host, Mike Johnson, every third Thursday of the month.

I featured music from Balla et Ses Ballaphones, Franco & TPOK Jazz and Tabu Ley Rochereau, all from Stern's 2CD + booklet box sets. The box sets were offered as Thank You gifts to those donating $90 or more to KBOO during the program.

Thank you for listening & especially to those of you who donated during Africa Oyé.

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 03/14/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Hadja Kouyate & Ali Boulo SantoSembere [remix by Tokyo Black Star]Frikyiwa presents: Electronic Experience In African MusicFrikyiwa
FilifinSiran [remix by Louis 2000]Frikyiwa presents: Electronic Experience In African MusicFrikyiwa
Kéba KébéBoutousseCasamanceFrikyiwa
mic break
FilifinKokouma (feat. N'Gou Bagayoko)SiranFrikyiwa
Hadja Kouyaté et Les GuinéensBarraYilimaloFrikyiwa
N'Gou BagayokoBakari Bamba (Nahawa Doumbia, voc.)KuluFrikyiwa
Hadja Kouyaté et Les GuinéensIwotominiYilimaloFrikyiwa
mic break
TibestiMinistres de DieuTebeïn le TëhlFrikyiwa
Baye ColyDiebidieEtamayaFrikyiwa
Diéfadima KantéDenonFrankondouFrikyiwa
mic break
Trilok Gurtu & The Frikyiwa FamilyDhine Dhadhin (feat. Filifin & N'Gou Bagayoko)FarakalaFrikyiwa
Hadja Kouyaté et Les GuinéensYilimaloYilimaloFrikyiwa
Trilok Gurtu & The Frikyiwa FamilyAgne Yano (Hadja Kouyaté, voc.)FarakalaFrikyiwa
mic break
Baye ColyTialiaEtamayaFrikyiwa
TibestiRaz FeelingTebeïn le TëhlFrikyiwa
Kéba KébéBonimaCasamanceFrikyiwa
mic break
Trilok Gurtu & The Frikyiwa FamilyRoots No Fruits (N'Gou Bagayoko, guitar, voc.)FarakalaFrikyiwa
FilifinDia (feat. N'Gou Bagayoko)SiranFrikyiwa
TibestiTebeïn le TëhlTebeïn le TëhlFrikyiwa
mic break
N'Gou BagayokoSogola Djigui (Mai Sanogo, voc.)KuluFrikyiwa
Kéba KébéYoumbaCasamanceFrikyiwa
Hadja Kouyaté et Les GuinéensBelemanYilimaloFrikyiwa
mic break
Trilok Gurtu & The Frikyiwa FamilyMil-jul (Ali Boulo Santo, kora, voc.)FarakalaFrikyiwa
Kéba KébéBougarabousCasamanceFrikyiwa
Hadja Kouyate & Ali Boulo SantoSembéréManding-koFrikyiwa

Focus on the Frikyiwa label -host: Andy Hosch

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 03/07/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 

This week's host was Dr. Zomb and he played most of the extremely limited edition (only 200 pressed) 3 LP set called Fihavanana, A Collection of Field Recordings and Photography from Magagasikara, which came out several years ago on Cultural Knot / Mississippi Records.  Charles Brooks, a Canadian musician, recorded this material from 1997 - 99, on site with portable recording equipment, and there is a wonderful background ambience present in much of what you hear. In fact, some of the discs seem to intersperse short, purely ambient tracks amongst the already very informally recorded musical selections.

The sides were played in this order: A, D, B, E, F, C (2 tracks)

                            christmas in hellville

madame mboty mamy   ampanjaka tsy miaro

               "                   antsa faomban-drazana

               "                   maman ny'lisa

                    crushing herbs

sarombahy    zavao lava

      "            manao veloma menabe

dada ralira    salama elombe

      "            misaotra misaotra

                   lemurs in trees

sambrav & sylveste     mandry tsara

                   tromba ceremony

para faralahy    maraesky avaratrao mahavavy

pierre rativay, roger, solofo & suzette    tsika holy

                      "                                  mamalava

black collection    sambaratra izay midera

         "               mandry ve ny ao an-tanana

         "               mpiambina

bosy girls    antsa vavy jiaby

bosy boys    antsa lahy jiaby

mr. jaompira, melle angeline, jaoravo tombo & melle marisoa    salama

                                          "                                                tsara miteraka mbola zaza

mr. sambrav tullguese    ny anarako sambrav

jean louis   havako-mamomamo

      "         misaotra mama

      "         lehilahy mananbola

derness razafimalialiatratra    fagnina

drum & flute troubadors    instrumental#1

lahatsy auguste    hoiza ny nimalalako

abdala moraba    tsy ampy vola

                         cicada in the jungle

nokoy alfonse & marlow    tsy olana

jerimanana livingstone    zanahary tsy matity

drum & flute troubadors    instrumental#2

noel & alfonse florent    mandry tsara

noel & isabelle    mahita madagasikara

noel    instrumental under the mango tree

nakoy    instrumental

guy rabearivelo    'oh ye'

children    christmas dance for candy

mr. jean francois (dit mahia) hinavako & melle marinette delphine (nety)    veloma lava mahia

                                                   "                                                        raha teampo maltza dranomosa


                                     Wow, that was an exhausting playlist!     






Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 02/28/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Batwa Ekonda, et al.Africa Oyé !Africa Oyé !Celluloid
Amampondo [South Africa]WozaAfrican ClassicsSheer Sound
Eyuphuro Mozambique]MwanuniMama MosambikiReal World
Letta Mbulu [South Africa]MacongoHugh Masekela presents: From The Vaults Of Chisa 1965-1976BBE Records
mic break
Angélique Kidjo [Benin]BatongaKeep On Moving: The Best Of Angélique KidjoWrasse
Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe [Nigeria]Onu'WaSound TimeIndigedisc
Intombi Zephepha [South Africa]Ingoina Le NyathiNext Stop ... Soweto - Township Sounds From The Golden Age Of MbaqangwaStrut
mic break
Mahotella Queens [South Africa]AmabhongoThe Best Of / The Township IdolsWrasse
Mamadou Doumbia [Coted'Ivoire]Super BebeCote D'Ivoire - West Africa CrossroadsSyllart
Mamar Kassey [Niger]Lelli YaroDenke-DenkeDaqui
Captain Yaba [Ghana]NeribalankinaYaba Funk RootsRetroAfric
mic break
Mamar Kassey [Niger]AlatoumiAlatoumiWorld Village
Mory Kanté [Guinée]SabouSabouRiverboat
Pablo Lubadika Porthos [Zaire]Ngai LocataireLo! Pablo!Globestyle
mic break
Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens [South Africa]UmkhovuNext Stop ... Soweto - Township Sounds From The Golden Age Of MbaqangwaStrut
Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens [South Africa]BayasimenmezaThe Lion Of SowetoEarthworks
Condry Ziqubu [South Africa]SkorokoroOnly The Poorman Feel ItEMI hEMIsphere
Dorothy Masuka [South Africa]Hamba NotsokoloThe Definitive CollectionWrasse
mic break
Mbilia Bel [Zaire]La Beaute D'une FemmeBel Canto Best Of The Genidia Years 82-87Stern's Africa
Papa Noel & Papi Oviedo [DCR/Cuba]Bana CongoBana CongoTumi
mic break
Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers [Nigeria/UK]I Jool OmoAfrican PartyCylone!
Amampondo [South Africa]Song for FelaAfrican ClassicsSheer Sound
Angélique Kidjo [Benin]CongoleoOyaya!Columbia
mic break
Mamar Kassey [Niger]Denke-DenkeDenke-DenkeDaqui

Andy Hosch 'dj timbuktunes' filled in for Gareth Jenkins on this week's African Dance Party.  

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 02/21/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Orch. Super MazembeNangaKaivaskaVirgin LP V2263
Issa Juma & Super Wanyika StarsWacha WasemeWorld Defeats The Grandfathers - Swinging Swahili Rumba 1982-1986, Vol. 1Stern's STCD 3050
Samba Mapangala & Orch. VirungaNeliyaVirunga VolcanoVirgin Records America 2-91408
mic break
Samba Mapangala & Orch. VirungaMabialaSamba Mapangala & VirungaSheer SLCD 149
Issa JumaMwanaidaBwana MusaLP
mic break
Orchestra DDC Mlimani ParkM. V. Mapenzi x2The Best of Orchestra DDC Mlimani ParkAhadi LP 6002
Orchestra MakassyNakolela CherieOrchestra Makassy, The Original RecordingsARC Music EUCD 1909
Orch. Super MazembeAtia-JoMushosho - 10th AnniversaryLP
Issa Juma & Super Wanyika StarsBwana MusaBwana MusaLP
mic break
Les MangalepaOdesiaGuitar paradise of East AfricaEarthworks 3-1021-2
Issa Juma & Super Wanyika StarsSelemaniWorld Defeats The Grandfathers - Swinging Swahili Rumba 1982-1986, Vol. 2Stern's
Orchestra DDC Mlimani ParkClaraThe Best of Orchestra DDC Mlimani ParkLP
mic break
Orchestra MakassyMokano + Mwana NyiauKaivaskaVirgin LP V2263

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 02/14/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 

This week's show featured selections from of some of my favorite African music releases of 2012.  ---Andy Hosch


from the CD: Highlife Roots Revival by Koo Nimo [Riverboat]

  • See Wo Nom Me (Tsetse Fly You Suck My Blood) [4'25]

  • Owusuwaa [4'54]

  • Efie Ne Fie [5'06]


from the CD: Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974-1979 [Analog Africa]

  • Compaoré Issouf: Dambakale [4'39]

  • Mamo Lagemba: Zambo Zambo [4'31]

  • Traoré Seydou Richard et les Vaudou du Flambouyant: Katougou [4'18]



from the CD: Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974-1979 [Analog Africa]

  • Amadou Ballaké et l'Orchestre Super Volta: Bar Konou Mousso [5'27]

  • Amadou Ballaké et les 5 Consuls: Baden Djougou [4'20]

  • Amadou Ballaké et l'Orchestre Super Volta: Oye Ka Bara Kignan [4'02]


from the CD: Koima by Sidi Touré [Thrill Jockey]

  • Maimouna [4'44]

  • Aiy FaaDJi [5'50]

  • Kalaa Ay Makory [5'21]


from the CD: Folila by Amadou & Mariam [Nonesuch]

  • Metemya [3'55]

  • Sans Toi [3'18]

  • Mogo [3'36]


from the CD: The Bariba Sound 1970 - 1976 by Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou [Analog Africa]

  • Bori Yo Se Mon Baani (Pachanga Dendi) [3'44]

  • Abere Klouklou (Cavacha Dendi) [5'11]

  • Aske (Folklore Dendi) [3'30]


from the CD: The Bariba Sound 1970 - 1976 by Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou [Analog Africa]

  • Me Ton Le Gbe (Pachanga Fon) [2'55]

  • Wegne ´Nda M ´Banda (Bariba Soul) [3'18]

  • Abakpé (Afro Beat Bariba) [4'16]


from the CD: Antibalas by Antibalas [Daptone]

  • Sáré Kon Kon [8'07]

  • Ari Degbe [6'44]




Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 01/31/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 

PLAYLIST: Africa O-Ye!
January 31, 2013, Thursday, 2 to 4 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 100.7
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

Posted to: Folkdj-l,
Webcast on

(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

Toumani Diabate: "Si Naani" THE MANDE VARIATIONS
((Music Bed))
(VA) Mahmoud Ahmed: "Yeger Memekatesh" ETHIOPIQUES 1 [Buda]

(VA) Djemil Jimmy Mahmed: "Yeheywete Heywet" ETHIOPIQUES 2 [Buda]

(VA) Mahmoud Ahmend: "Lomiwen Teqebeletch" ETHIOPIQUES 3 [Buda]

Hamza El Din: "Greetings" A WISH [Sounds True]
Sierra Leon's Refugee All-Stars: "Let Us Be United" RISE & SHINE [Cumbancha]

Etoile De Dakar w/Youssou N'Dour: "Esta China" ETOILE DE DEKAR [Sterns]

(VA) Macire Sylla: "Perenperen" AFRICA PARTY [Putamayo]
Mulato Asttre: "A Man of Experience and Wisdom" ETHIOPIQUES 4 [Buda]

Mahmoud Ahmed: "Zemedie" ETHIOPIQUES 6 [Buda]
(VA) Nuta Jazz Band: "Send Me To My Father" ZANZIBARA 3 [Buda]

Bi Kidude: "Jua Toka" ZANZIBARA 4 [Buda]

(VA) Dar International Orchestra: "Natural Beauty" ZANZIBARA 5 [Buda]
(VA) Aba-Lilizeli: "Sikhwele" NEXT STOP SOWETO [Strut]

Syran Mbenza Ensemble Rhumba Kongo: "Salima" AFRICA GUITAR LEGENDS [Rough Guides]

Orchestra Baobab: "Ami Kita Bay" MADE IN DAKAR [World Circuit/Nonesuch]

Orchestra Baobab: "Ray M'Bele" PIRATES CHOICE [World Circuit/Nonesuch]
(VA) Tesfa-Maryam Kidane: "Heywete" ETHIOPIQUES 10 [Buda]

(VA) Alemayehu Eshere: "Wededku Afqerkush" ETHIOPIQUES 13 [Buda]
Orchestra Poly-Ryhthmo: "Holonon" CONTONOU CLUB [Strut]

Questions & comments are welcome.

Host: Don Jacobson

Africa O-Ye!
Fifth Thursdays, 2 to 4 pm

Movin' On
Second and Fourth Fridays, 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Pastures Of Plenty
Fifth Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:00 am

Portland OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 100.7
Hood River/Columbia Gorge, OR: 91.9
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My playlists are posted to folkdj-l and

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 01/17/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Franco & OK JazzBokolo Bana Ya Mbanda Na Yo Malamu20eme Anniversaire, Vol. 2Sonodisc CD50383
Franco & OK JazzAmour VioléBomba Bomba, Mabe "Mbongo"Sonodisc 36545
Franco & OK JazzMelou20eme Anniversaire, Vol. 1Sonodisc CD50382
Tabu Ley RochereauEsw Yo WapiTabu LeyShanachie 43017
Tabu LeyNtua BwangaFaux-PasGenidia GENCD1031
Sam MangwanaKiyediSings Dino VanguStern's Africa STCD 1077
Dino VanguMobuKin NostalgieB.Mas BMP000171-2
Papa Wemba & Viva La MusicaMfumu YaniLes Meilluers Succes de Papa Wemba, vol. 1FDB 300094
Papa Wemba & Viva La MusicaZéaBeau Gosse ya ParisNgoyarto EPP20
Papa Wemba & Viva La MusicaAnalengoSucces (Kuru Yaka)Glenn GM312001
Papa Wemba & Viva La MusicaAïssa Na Zoe8è Anniversaire de Viva La MusicaEditions Plus De Paris EPP02
Papa Wemba & Viva La MusicaAmbro DjeniLes Meilluers Succes de Papa Wemba, vol. 2FDB 300095
Papa Wemba & Viva La MusicaMukaji WanyiSucces (Kuru Yaka)Glenn GM312001
Papa Wemba & Viva La MusicaKalijogo8è Anniversaire de Viva La MusicaEditions Plus De Paris EPP02

Africa Oyé with your host, Mike Johnson, every third Thursday of the month. This was a program of Congolese/Zairean music from Franco & OK Jazz, Tabu Ley Rochereau, Sam Mangwana, Dino Vangu & Papa Wemba.

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 01/10/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 

 This, the third of three shows devoted to 1970s Nigeria and the advent of Afrobeat sums it all up: FELA.  One of the most iconic musical figures of the late 20th century, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Afrika 70's soul-jazz-R&B infused highlife, propelled by Yoruba rhythms layered with Afro-Cuban cláve and a deep funk groove carrying the message of an anti-colonial, Pan-African, anti-corrupt-global-corporate world view has become an enduring legacy, inspiring generations of musicians, listeners, and activists world-wide.       this week's host: Andy Hosch 



artist on all tracks: Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Afrika 70

1. Opposite People (Opposite People/Sorrow, Tears & Blood)  [MCA]

2. J.J.D. (Johnny Just Drop) (J.J.D. Live at the Kalakuta Republic) [MCA]

3. Zombie (Zombie) [MCA]

4. Sorrow, Tears & Blood (Opposite People/Sorrow, Tears & Blood)  [MCA]

5. No Agreement (Shuffering And Shmiling/No Agreement) [MCA]

6. Shuffering And Shmiling, Pt. 1 & 2 (Shuffering And Shmiling/No Agreement) [MCA]

7. Gentlemen [excerpt] (Confusion/Gentlemen) [MCA]

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 01/03/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 

Dr. Zomb flying solo this time with help from Karen and Chris (Mississippi Records and Sahelsounds) as far as suggesting and loaning lps to play.


cold storage commission   skokiaan   rocket infinity v/a 10"   canary/mississippi/change

cheba wassila   hwa heda   music from saharan cellphones vol. 2 v/a lp   sahelsounds

koudede   hat-iman-in   guitars from agadez vol.6 7"   sublime frequencies

   "            souveniram    ...saharan cellphones vol. 2 lp

   "            nelil-igorasan   guitars from agadez vol.6 7"

   "            tassakkne tara   guitars from agadez vol.5 7"

konono no.1   lufuala ndonga, masikulu   congotronics lp   ache/crammed discs

super negro bantous   professional super bantous   lagos all routes v/a lp   honest jon's

alemayehu eshete   ney ney weleba   s/t lp     mississippi/change

witch    81st crowd confusion   collected 7" tracks lp

amen   amen   foster manganyi no.1 v/a lp   honest jon's

vanu va lova   people are dying     same lp as above

ali birra   ammalele   lp of the same name   domino/mississippi/little axe

guelewar   ya mom samaray   touki ba banjoul lp   kindred spirits

gnawa music from essaouira   tseuheur/chedede   eat the dream lp   sublime frequencies

takamba lp   adernibah, khomeissa?   mississippi/change/sahelsounds

lewlewal de podor   n jajane n jaaye   laila je t'aime lp   mississippi/change/sahelsounds

mdou moctar   anar   saharan cellphones vol.2 v/a lp   sahelsounds

koudede    golf    guitars from agadez vol.5 7"   sublime frequencies


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