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A Different Nature

A Different Nature Mission Statement: A Sustained Explorations of New, Experimental Music and Sonic Art
A Different Nature is a curatorial program of genre-defying avant garde music and spoken word that champions historic and modern sound art and spotlights, new, emergent experimental music and audio art generally not heard anywhere else.
The program's format provides the space for deep listening to pieces not confined to pop song lengths and shows are generally focused on an artist, school of music or discipline, record label or art movement.

A Different Nature is a collaborative effort of the ADN Collective, who each curate a show every week on an informal rotating basis, or a group show, depending on the subject at hand.

A Different Nature was founded in the late Seventies by Richard Francis, who fearlessly championed new music and the unheard Avant Garde. His programs went into exhaustive detail on individual artists, labels and musical disciplines. He also spearheaded many important events on the air, such as the 2001 and 2008 Dada and Surrealism festivals that dominated the airwaves for days on end and involved many in the local avant garde community as well as many KBOO programmers.

Richard passed away in 2009 but it's our hope to carry on with his mission of introducing listeners to unheard new music as a collective of his collaborators and listeners.

Long live Papa Dada!

Airs every Monday from 8 to 10 PM

Episode Archive

A Different Nature on 02/11/13

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 02/11/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Sustained Explorations of New, Experimental Music and Sonic Art

A Different Nature on 02/04/13

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 02/04/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Hosted by Dr. Zomb

Tonight's show will feature recent Mississippi Records reissues of historic material by Kesarbai Kerkar and G. I. Gurdjieff and maybe some LaMonte Young or something...    tune in and see (or hear, actually)...


A Different Nature on 01/28/13

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 01/28/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Electronic collaborations

Tonight on A DIFFERENT NATURE we explore some recent experimental electronic collaborations that offer dark, edgy electronic soundscapes.

The first hour will feature RICHARD PINHAS and MERZBOW, drawing from their joint efforts PARIS 2008 and KEIO LINE. Pinhas was the founder of the French progressive electronic band Heldon, and Merzbow is the godfather of Japanese noise bands.. 

A Different Nature on 01/21/13

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 01/21/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Sustained Explorations of New, Experimental Music and Sonic Art

A Different Nature on 01/14/13

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 01/14/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Agog: Damian Bisciglia.

It is with sincere regrets that we inform you that our dear friend and extraordinarily talented sound and visual artist Damian Bisciglia just passed on Tuesday at age 52. He apparently took his own life in a public park in Chatsworth.

He was a founding member of the surreal soundscape group Points of Friction (1981-present), recorded and released solo sound work as Agog, and took part in many many collaborations over the past 30 years.

A Different Nature on 01/07/13

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 01/07/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
The music of TERRY RILEY

The music of TERRY RILEY

Raga vocalist and village greeter Michael Stirling joins host daniel for a look at the life and music of one of Western Classical Music's experimental pioneers. He is widely recognized as one of the founders of what became known as Minimalism, and was a pioneer of the movement when he released the 1964 album IN C. It's impact was to change the course of 20th Century music, it's influence showing up in later works by Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams and in the more innovative rock musicians, such as Pete Townshend's The Who, Edgar Froese's Tangerine Dream, Soft Machine, Curved Air and many others.

A Different Nature on 12/31/12

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 12/31/2012 - 8:00pm - Tue, 01/01/2013 - 12:00am
Short Description: 

A DIFFERENT NATURE END OF TIME & NEW YEARS EVE CELEBRATION. "It's after the end of the world... Don't you know that yet?!" In ADN's regular time slot (from 8-10 pm) Andy celebrates the apocalypse which failed to occur last week. Hear Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time" multiplied x8 and a whole lot more apolcalyptic strangeness. And then stay tuned until midnight as the rest of the ADN collective brings you a dada surrealist countdown to 2013. ♪♪♪ .....oh the end or the world is coming, the sky is full of fire.....

A Different Nature on 12/24/12

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 12/24/2012 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
xmas (disbeli)eve w/ dr. zomb

 Dr. Zomb finds himself in the conflicted position of hosting A Different Nature on Christmas Eve of all nights!   Tune in to find out if he can manage to uncurl from his holiday depression induced fetal position in time to drag himself down to the air room to fill your night with a joyful noise .   Until 10 pm anyway...

A Different Nature on 12/17/12

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 12/17/2012 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
The Spectral Ambient Works of Tim Hecker

 This Monday on A Different Nature, we'll hear some of the ambient works of Canadian artist Tim Hecker.

A Different Nature on 12/10/12

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 12/10/2012 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Sustained Explorations of New, Experimental Music and Sonic Art


Interview With Negativland's Mark Hosler

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 08/25/2014
Dr. Zomb of Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura and Rich of Radio Lost and Found interview Negativland founding member Mark Hosler.
Mark called in all the way from North Carolina to discuss Negativland history, their upcoming show in Portland on the 29th, their upcoming new album It's All In Your Head and other mysteries.

richard's records

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 03/25/2013

This time on A Different Nature, we delve into the program's past, and play gems from founder Richard Francis' own record collection.  It's KBOO's spring membership drive, so A Different Nature listeners will have the opportunity to pledge their support for the station during the program. We have special thank-you gifts to offer new or renewing members: copies of the CD "Hendrix Uncovered: New Music Inspired by Jimi Hendrix", donated by March Music Moderne & Bob Priest.

  • Length: 119:47 minutes (164.51 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Interview with Homer Flynn of The Residents

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 02/18/2013

 For forty years, the San Francisco Avant-Garde band The Residents have basked in relative obscurity, much of it self-imposed. Their earliest modus operandi had them creating works under their 'theory of obscurity', first coined by N. Senada, who may or may not be an actual person. One aspect of the theory is that a work is created with the intent of never releasing a work until every participant has forgotten about it - or something like that.

Another aspect of the Residents is that they've kept their real identity a secret for many decades, with a few people speaking on their behalf in a business capacity who may or may not be Residents themselves.. Hmmm..

We did, however, manage to get Homer Flynn, The Resident's creative director and visual Major Domo on the phone, while he was, uh, helping the band on the Eastern leg of their Wonder of Weird 40th Anniversary tour.

Homer was more than generous with his time and lots of questions get answered, including a long-time rumour around KBOO's history.

But I'll let you listen to that yourself.



A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 09/17/2012

ADN 9/17/2012 CAGE CENTENARY PROGRAM 3 / host: dj what the!@#%*! 

  • Length: 119:30 minutes (109.41 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

A Different Nature 4/30/2012 featuring Derek Ecklund

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 04/30/2012

Interview with Edward Ka-spel of the Legendary Pink Dots

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 11/22/2010

Kathy, Dr Zomb & Rolf interviewed Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots for A DIFFERENT NATURE. We conducted the interview at the Doug Fir a couple hours before they performed and aired it on ADN that night. Also thanks to Crystal for digital audio editing before the interview aired.


A Different Nature playlist for 09/12/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Karlheinz StockhausenLeoTierkreis fur 12 SpieluhrenStockhausen
Karlheinz StockhauHymnen (excerpt from Region III)HymnenDeutsche Grammophon
Karlheinz StockhauYlem (excerpt)YlemDeutsche Grammophon
Karlheinz StockhauKontake (side A)KontakeEcstatic Peace!
karlheinz stockhausenTelemusikMikrophoneie I/Krophonie II/TelemusikStockhausen
Karlheinz StockhauSirius (side 4)SiriusDeutsche Grammophon
Karlheinz StockhauCeylonProzession/CeylonStockhausen
karlheinz stockhausenSamstags-Grus (Luzifer-Gruss) "Saturday Greeting" (Lucifer's Greeting)Samstag aus Licht (opera)Deutsche Grammophon
Karlheinz StockhauAus den sieben Tangen (1. Fais voile vers le soleil)Aus den sieben TangenHarmonia Mundi

Rolf & Andy play music of Stockhausen, recalling his controversial comments following the events of Sept. 11, 2001 and paying tribute to what would have been the composer's 83rd birthday (Aug.22)

A Different Nature playlist for 09/05/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
John CageWilliams MixOHM: The Early Pioneers of Electronic Music: 1948-1980Ellipsis Arts
John Cage/Peter Greenawayaudio track from the documentary film:Four American Composers, Vol. 1: John Cage-----
Cage works heard in the film include:
'Indeterminacy' Story No. 4
Music-Tape Track by David Tudor
'Indeterminacy' Story No. 4
'Indeterminacy' Story No. 81
Living Room Music (1940)
Double Music (1941)
Forever and Sunsmell (1942)
Music for Marcel Duchamp (1947)
Speech (1955)
27 sounds manufactured in a kitchen
12 sounds manufactured by the human body
Aria (1958)
John Cage/Andrew HoschLe Cage Concrète: 52 miniatures to be played in random sequenceLe Cage ConcrèteEpitonium

September 5th is the birthday of the American composer John Cage. He would have been 99 this year. In 2012, to celebrate the centenary of Cage's birth, we here at  A Different Nature, elsewhere on KBOO, and in Portland's new music community, will be presenting Cage-related programming throughout the year.

Tonight's Cage birthday celebration brings you the audio track from the 1983 Peter Greenaway film, Four American Composers, Vol. 1: John Cage.  This documentary sheds light on Cage's musical philosophy. It was based on a series of performances of music by John Cage to celebrate his 70th birthday at St. James Church Islington, London. If you would like to view the film, someone has posted it on youtube. 

The second hour of the show will feature "Le Cage Concrète", a series of 52 miniatures constructed from fragments of performances of Cage's music, averaging 1 1/2 minutes each in duration. These 52 short pieces are intended to be played in random sequence.  The possible combinations are astronomical: approximately 80 to the 67th power (80 with 67 zeroes...)  "Le Cage Concrète" was constructed in 1998 by Andrew Hosch, currently a host of this program.

A Different Nature playlist for 08/22/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 






A 3 HOUR special on A Different Nature (To read more about Pandit Pran Nath and the American avant-garde underground, here is an excellent article -- 

The first 2 hours were dedicated to 4 compositions --4 Portland area composers offering their piece in tribute to or inspired by Pandit Pran Nath

1.  Air Objects by John Berendzen   24:30

2.  Planetary Sine Wave Organ by Derek Ecklund  30:30

3.  Referent  by Scott Goodwin  24:00

4.  Raindrop Garden by Matt Carlson  10:00     

The last hour of the broadcast was indeed very special, even historic, as Michael Stirling sang/performed a raga live in the KBOO studios with accompaniment from Derek Ecklund and Kelly Jennings, each playing a tambura, and Aran Adams on tablas.

Here's what Michael had to say about this raga:  "i dedicate my offering to Shamsudin Faridi Desai, a music family friend from Dehli who passed on 8/16 - one of the last living masters of the Binkar in the tradition of Mian Bande Ali Khan - the great Binkar of the Kirana tradition.  He and sarangi virtuoso and Khalifa of the Kirana Gharana, Ustad Hafizullah Khan were inspiriations and their classical music will never be duplicated - as Terry Riley said of Faridi, a Ghandarva!

To listen, enjoy, and paint the inside of your mind with peace and the walls of your home with a deep resonant ommmmmmmmmmmm, click on this :

have a nice trip.

A Different Nature playlist for 08/15/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Vistas FijasYa Parezco FotografiaVistas FijasLaudano
Vistas FijasGotasVistas FijasLaudano
Vistas FijasVidriosVistas FijasLaudano
Vistas FijasArcanoVistas FijasLaudano
Vistas FijasDeniVistas FijasLaudano
Vistas FijasSinfinVistas FijasLaudano
Vistas FijasDias de MargaritaVistas FijasLaudano
E. HambersinAlejandraLos Valses de
Fernando EscarcegaImprovisacionesLos Valses de
KlimpereiSous la VerandaLos Valses de
Luis FloresVals CuadradoLos Valses de
F.A.R.Alejandra's NightmareLos Valses de
Arturo MezaEl Vals de los Trostrospitos en la Casa de Los Espejos LiquidosLos Valses de
OxomaxomaVals para Yeloguerlizet a 6 Manos y CintaLos Valses de
Armando VelascoUna VezLos Valses de
SackAlejhumtataLos Valses de
Los Troves Souplardos & Claire DeremiensAlejandra I TuLos Valses de
La ReataAlejandroLos Valses de
Bene GesseritAlexandra Petit MuchachaLos Valses de
Folie NeuborgL'Air du TempsLos Valses de
Rolando Chia... y Alejandra MostroLos Valses de
Neffe + VelascoDon' Forget AlexandraLos Valses de
Darsel + ChiaAfanipterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
Darsel + ChiaNeuropterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
Darsel + ChiaLepidopterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
Darsel + ChiaDipterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
Darsel + ChiaHimenopterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
Jose Alvarez + Arturo RomoTrack 1Jose Alvarez + Arturo Romo
Jose Alvarez + Arturo RomoTrack 2Jose Alvarez + Arturo Romo
Oxomaxoma + Arturo MezaUnicornio 13En el Nombre Sea de

Audio for this broadcast can be foud at:

A Different Nature playlist for 08/08/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Charlie MorrowCentral Park, 1850TOOT!XI
Marilyn Monroe collage
TOOT and BLINK, Chicago
Ken Friedman, WFMU talks about Toot & Blink, NY (out on The Hudson)
Breath Chant
Late Afternoon Chant
Wave Music VII (for 30 Harps)
Wave Music I (for 40 cellos)
Central Park, 2007


                           CHARLIE MORROW (b 1942 Newark, New Jersey)

tonight on ADN, we feature(d) Charlie Morrow--a conceptualist whose music and sound work explores many styles and forms, from events for media and public spaces (sunset concerts with 40 cellists! Dozens of boats tooting their whistles and blinking their lights!) to commercial soundtracks, new media productions, museum installations and programming for broadcast and festivals. He also apparently did a live performance for fish. Assembling expert project groups, Morrow employs a collaborative style that fuses arts, artists, and environment. Technological expertise creates the basis for much of his work, which often combines newest and oldest technologies. Morrow’s patent for 3D sound playback is pending.

Morrow's 1st major work, Slow Gabrieli (1957) was a super slow motion performance of G. Gabrielli's Sonata Pian e Forte for double brass ensemble. Other 50s conceptual action works include Interuption Music where, unknown to the conductor, an orchestra is rigged to scratch and belch at a set time in the a performance and Flower Music where, while receiving honors on stage in a public ceremony, the performer tips a vase of flowers onto the audience. Also from this time, ironic stamp art works: REALLY and author: please destroy. Mail art work in this genre followed with Ray Johnson.Morrow’s sound poetry works started with Morrow’s home tape recorder creations Hella (1969) on wordplay text, continuing in Horse Songs of Frank Mitchell and Satan in Goray (1969) manipulations of J. Rothenberg text and the multitrack Personal Chants (1971) w/Morrow’s voice with sound processing. He has performed and made recordings with poet Jerome Rothenberg from the 60s to the present. A Healing Piece for the Performance Group (now the Wooster Group). Performance works with soundtracks, and audience participation include : Ho Ho on my Father’s Shirt, Breath Chants, Sky Songs and Dream Songs.

commonality of spirit with what evolved as the Fluxus collective of artists (in NYC in the early 60s) led to a career-long association with Fluxus artists and a friendship with Emily Harvey, the gallerist who presented Morrow's installation based on Copenhagen Waves (1985). Morrow had a "Flux" wedding in the Emily Harvey Gallery (1988) officiated by his life long collaborator, poet Jerome Rothenberg, in which Emily Harvey ceremonially took the role of Charlie's father (deceased) along side Charlie’s mother, Laura Morrrow, MD. Morrow plans a memorial for Emily and Laura: Mirrored Wing Wind Bells (on poles of canals in Venice).  

His sound poetry ranges from improvisation to fully notated works with and without texts. He chanted as the shaman in his with fire and recorded sound environment, one of the first performances at The Kitchen New York in the old Broadway Central Hotel. His calligraphies of vocal patterns in color on parchment stem from this work, and handmade books in small editions: Chanting Book, A Gathering of Healers. the Blue Book and the Red Book.

Charlie created and directed Radiophonic works include live broadcast Morrow’s Skysongs and electro-acoustic pieces including four one-hour radio Sound Head Shows, broadcast in the US and Europe. Sound portrait works began in 1968 with The Marilyn Monroe Collage. He participated in the 11th International Sound Poetry festival in Toronto where he met Swedish artist, Sten Hanson. Morrow and Hanson co-organized the 12th International Sound Poetry Festival 80 NYC and collaborated on performance works Sound Graphics, The Heavy Weight Sound Fight (including Carles Santes), and Montgolfier Musique. Recent sound poetry work includes digitally retouched voice works, sound portraits, and 3D word-sound environmentsLight Opera, with Min Tanaka and the Western Wind Vocal Ensemble, was presented at La Mama Theater. He created incidental music for Hotel Pro Forma’s Snow White, scores for Nana Nilsson Dancers and performances in 3D sound environments for The Geneva Set.

Morrow’s first sound studio 1968 in NYC was a mix of hand made circuits, tape recorders and a custom loud speakers including a Jack Weisberg corner array of six 6'x 3' horns, stacked 3 above 3. He has built successive studios in Soho and Chelsea as the cornerstone for producing events, broadcasts & media work.

He conceived and produced large-scale musical works for Lake Michigan (Louvre Museum, Paris), General Gas Exhibit (Chicago Museum of Science and Industry), 2nd Acustica International (Whitney Museum) and an arctic sound room for the KAH, Bonn, Germany, the Hall of Planet Earth (American Museum of Natural History) He composed music for multimedia, orchestra, 3D sound for a Volvo U.S. annual sales meeting, for AT&T Mummenschanz (Telcom 88 Geneva) inaugurating the ISDN system, for Nam Jun Paik's Versailles Video Wall and programmed Nam Jun Paik's Swatch Watch.Toot'N Blink Chicago), Copenhagen (Copenhagen Waves), and New York Harbor. He codesigned Radio City Music Hall Production's World Cup Soccer finale, LA , and created event broadcasts for Copenhagen 96, Cultural Capital of Europe. Buecker & Harpsichord Gllery (NY) presented a solo show of event objects, as did No Se No Gallery. Individual pieces appeared in group shows at PS 1, West German Radio Gallery, Berlin Augen Ohren and Copenhagen galleries. A Clio Award winner, Morrow, has created the U.S. national advertising music for the "Hefty/Wimpy" campaign, Diet Coke, SwissAir and Mercedes Benz, and for International campaigns of M&Ms and IBM. Jaron Lanier, Charlotte Moorman, Sten Hanson, RIP Hayman, Tom Johnson, Simon and Garfunkel, The Rascals, The Vanilla Fudge, Dr. John, Sun Ra, Don Cherry, Buster Williams, Sarah Dash, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Allen Ginsberg, Jerome Rothenberg, Alvin Curran and John Cage, as an improviser with Glen Velez, Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy, Marten Alteena, dancers Min Tanaka and Simone Forti. A friend of Fluxus, he performed at George Maciunas and Robert Watts memorial events. WDR (West German), DR(Danish), RAI (Italian), SR (Swedish), BBC (British), CBC(Canadian), BRT (Belgian), NPR, PBS and New York radio stations WBAI, WKCR, WNYC. Branded music logo clients include MTV, WINS TBS, ABC Network, Internat’l Paper, AT&T. He created feature film soundtracks in the U.S. and Europe, Francis Thompson's Moonwalk I, Paddy Chayefsky's Altered States, Elinor Antin's Man Without A World. He designed music and sound for the 13 part educational Time-Life's "America". His video, Paul's Story, A Sami in New York, premiered at The Margaret Mead Film Festival, December 1989. He co-produced T.C. McLuhan’s audio Touch the Earth.

2002 Morrow-Klingenstein venture: audio tours and experience at the Thea Award for Great Platte River Memorial Arch Museum audio installation.




2003 invention of 3D MorrowSound Cube: VIS smart projection + spatial sound for Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, Future of Sound: British Academy Awards, New Sounds New York; SoundCube at the Kitchen; Solo sound art show MUU Gallery, Helsinki.





Charlie Morrow is president and creative director of The Charles Morrow Productions LLC and of the New Wilderness Foundation, Inc.


Morrow worked on records and event projects with:

Morrow has designed and produced special radio and TV programming for :



As artistic director of New Wilderness Foundation, Morrow produced Summer Solstice celebrations 1973-89 broadcast internationally on radio and TV. New Wilderness published EAR Magazine and Audiographics art audio cassettes. Morrow's arctic projects begun in 1986 include :ARCTIC II (1994) hörspiel for Klaus Schöning,WDR and Circumpolar Sounds of Spring, for K96, and hörspiel Shaman’s Journey North(98), also for WDR. His interactive arctic store room of drawers and cabinets filled with arctic sounds was featured in Arktis-Antarktis at the Kunst-und Austellungs Halle, Bonn, DE. Stitchworks on pillow cases are from this time. Morrow’s sound sculpture from the 80s and 90s includes interactive works with electronics, sound furniture and heart beat machine, and resonance objects like (DK), His Blue Glass calligraphy on glasses, vases and windows are from this period. 1996 CD-ROM, ScruTiny in the Great Round,, visual work of Tennessee Rice Dixon and Jim Gasperini +Morrow’s music won MILIA D’OR 96 at Cannes 1997, Three City Dance live internet work with interacting dancers and musicians in Tokyo, New York and Copenhagen with Jaron Lanier, Gunnar Wille. The Vikings.


A Different Nature playlist for 08/01/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Sonic YouthHelen Lundeberg7"Sonic Youth Records
Sonic YouthTremensAnagramaSYR
Sonic Youth/Jim O'RourkeHungara VivoInvito Al CieloSYR
Sonic YouthStilSlaapkamers Met SlagroomSYR
Sonic Youth/Jim O'Rourke/Willaim WinantSix For New Time(Pauline Oliveros)Goodbye 20th CenturySYR
Sonic YouthPendulum(Steve Reich)Goodbye 20th CenturySYR
Kim Gordon/DJ Olive/Ikue MoriWe Are the PrincessesSYR 5SYR
Kim Gordon/DJ Olive/Ikue MoriOlive's HornSYR 5SYR
Kim Gordon/DJ Olive/Ikue MoriTake Me BackSYR 5SYR
Sonic Youth/Tim BarnesUntitled (tr 3)Koncertas Stan Brakhage PirsminimuiSYR
Sonic Youth/Mats Gustafsson/MerzbowAndre Sider af Sonic Youth(excerpt)Andre Sider af Sonic YouthSYR
Sonic YouthTheme d'AliceSimon Werner a DisparuSYR
Coco Hayley Gordon MooreVoice Piece for Soprano(Yoko Ono)Goodbye 20th CenturySYR
Sonic Youth/Jim O'Rourke/William WinantFour6 (John Cage)Goodbye 20th CenturySYR
Sonic Youth/Christian Wolff/Takehise Kosugi/Wiliiam WinantEdges(Christian Wolff)Goodbye 20th CenturySYR
Sonic YouthPiano Piece #(Carpenter's Piece) for Nam June Piak(George Maciunas)Goodbye 20th CenturySYR

SYR special... We examine the music on Sonic Youth Records, the label started by Sonic Youth so that they could release more experimental/less commercial material.

Below is a link to a youtube video of Sonic Youth performing the last peice we played in the show, George Maciunas's "Piano Piece # 13..

A Different Nature playlist for 07/25/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Cesar BolanosIntensidad y Altura (5:02)Peruvian electroacoustic and experimental music (1964-1970)Pogus
César BolañosFlexum (13:50)Peruvian electroacoustic and experimental music (1964-1970)Pogus Productions
César BolañosCanción sin Palabras, ESEPCO II (14:42)Peruvian electroacoustic and experimental music (1964-1970)Pogus Productions
2nd set
Elsa JustelFy Mor (112:12)OO DiscsOO Discs
Nicolás Suarez EyzaguirreChica Aruma (4:25)OO DiscsOO Discs
3rd set
Daniel SchachterTiempo Quebrando (13:58)Travels of the Spider: Electroacoustic music from ArgentinaPogus Productions
Alejandro Iglesian-RossiAscención (10:36)Travels of the Spider: Electroacoustic music from ArgentinaPogus Productions
4th set
Guillermo GregorioSobre el piano (4:05)Otra MusicaAtavistic
Guillermo GregorioCampanitas (4:23)Otra MusicaAtavistic
Guillermo GregorioElastikon (2:59)Otra MusicaAtavistic
Guillermo GregorioClarinete (0:20)Otra MusicaAtavistic
Guillermo GregorioVoces (0:34)Otra MusicaAtavistic
5th set
Jorge AntunesFluxo Luminoso para Sons Brancos I (Luminous Flow for White Sounds) (2:29)Savage SongsPogus Productions
Jorge AntunesCanto Selvagem (Savage Song) (2:52Savage SongsPogus Productions
Jorge AntunesCanto do Pedreiro (Mason's Song) (4:11)Savage SongsPogus Productions
Jorge AntunesAuto-Retrato sobre Paisaje Porteño (14:50)Savage SongsPogus Productions

Tonight's program features electroacoustic music by South American composers.

A Different Nature playlist for 07/18/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Andrew LilesSymphonium Star WheelOuarda(the subtle art of phyllorhodomancyDirter
Andrew LilesThe Ether RedMy Long Accumulating DiscontentNextera
Andrew LilesAn Un WorldAn Un WorldInfraction
Andrew Lilesk) ForeignerNew York DollInfraction
Andrew LilesA Showcase for your Colours (24 Whores)Miscellany DeluxeVinyl-on-Demand
Andrew LilesPart 4The Dying SubmarinderBeta-Lactam Ring
Andrew LilesSteak & Kidney PuddingBlack SheepBeta-Lactam Ring
Andrew LilesBlack Sea Part IIIBlack SeaBeta-Lactam Ringq
Andrew LilesHay BarnBlack OutBeta-lactam Ring
Andrew LilesPiggy Faced Long SnoutBlack OutBeta-lactam Ring
Andrew LilesTo Maim a Donkey Part IIIBlack WidowBeta-Lactam Ring
Andrew LilesOlisbosBlack SeaBeta-Lactam Ring
Andrew LilesUntitled (A1)Anal Aura Gram(ophone)Beta-Lactam Ring
Andrew LilesDissappearance of SpoonsOuarda(the subtle art of phyllorhodomancyDirter
Andrew LilesWanderer7"Beta-Lactam Ring
Andrew LilesAn Unkempt Garden or the Cod CapeMy Long Accumulating DiscontentNextera
Andrew LilesNether Nether LandOuarda(the subtle art of PhyllorhodomancyDirter
Andrew LilesAnything, Evertying, NothingAn Un WorldInfraction

Tonight we listened to the music of Andrew Liles

A Different Nature playlist for 06/27/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 

On this week's A Different Nature, we took a look at the cassette-only series Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine, a subscription series that offered a wide variety of artists and musicians, often curated by a different artist or group per release.

‘Tellus was created in 1983 at the Rum Runner Bar on Canal Street in New York City. Joseph Nechvatal, a visual artist, Claudia Gould, a curator and Carol Parkinson, a composer and staff member of Harvestworks/Studio PASS met to discuss the idea of a magazine on cassette which would feature interesting and challenging sound works. With the advent of the Walkman and the Boom Box, the editors perceived a need for an alternative to radio programming and the commercially available recordings on the market at that time.’ [from Harvestworks website]

Many notable artists appeared here, sometimes in mediums they were not known for. The range of disciplines run the gamut from spoken-word arts, piano composition and performance, guitar, music for experimental film, radio drama, experiments in musical intonation and more.

The series ran from 1983 to 1993, spanning 24 issues, finally culminating in vinyl and CD compilations. It was a veritable who's who of avant garde music of the era, as well as many notable artists from the past making appearances.

Hosted by Rich L.

Play list (Artist-Title-Release)

Jody Harris - Mr. Control - Tellus #1 (1983)

Jerry Lindahl  - The Indian Elephant - Tellus #1 (1983)

Sonic Youth  - Scream  - Tellus #1 (1983) 

Mitch Corber  - Reaganomics/Infinitessimus - Tellus #1 (1983)

The Scene Is Now  - Bugged, Wigged Out  - Tellus #2 (1984)
Tony Papa  - Water Works - Tellus #2 (1984)

Gregory Whitehead - Only a Rash Wound  - Tellus #3 (1984)
Wolfgang Staehle and Steve Pollack  - Voice of the President  - Tellus #3 (1984)
John Shirley and Sync 66  - Mating Probability Index - Tellus #3 (1984) 

Brian Reinbolt - Switched Thing - Tellus #3 (1984) 

Paul Dresher  - Pygmy Vocal Music - Tellus #4 (1984)
Carol Parkinson - The Landlords Visit - Tellus #4 (1984)

Julie Wachtel - You Disappear Me  - Tellus #5-6: Special Audio Visual Issue (1984)

Linda Fisher  - episode from What Words Mean  - Tellus #7 : The Word 
Gregory Whitehead - Eva Can I Stab Bats In A Cave  - Tellus #7 : The Word
Christian Marclay - Groove  - Tellus #8: USA/Germany 

Paul De Marinis  - Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie - Tellus #9 :  Music with Memory 

Lee Ranaldo  - The Bridge  - Tellus #10: All Guitars! (1985) 
Bond Bergland  - Moonlight Ride - Tellus #10: All Guitars! 

Jay Allison  - Tellus #10: All Guitars! The Neighborhood Freaks  - Tellus #11: The Sound of Radio (1985) 
Rick Harris  - Tellus #10: All Guitars! Is This Real' (Excerpt)  - Tellus #11: The Sound of Radio

Linda Fisher  - Send Forth A Current  - Tellus #12: Dance (1986) 

Joseph Nechvatal - How To Kill  - Tellus #13: Power Electronics (1986) 

Harry Partch  - O Frabjous Day! (The Jobberwack)  - Tellus #14: Just Intonation (1986) 
James Tenney  - Septet for Electric Guitars - Tellus #14: Just Intonation

Ikue Mori, John Zorn, Lindsay Cooper , Fred Frith  - Untitled @The Stephanie and Irving Stone Festival of Improvisors  - Tellus #15: The Improvisors (1986) 

David Garland with Cinnie Cole and Zeena Parkins  - Play Within A Play  - Tellus #16: Tango 

Megan Roberts and Raymond Ghirardo  - ATVO II (Excerpt)  - Tellus #17: Video Arts Music (1987) 
David Blair - Wax (or The Discovery of Television Among Bees) (Excerpt) - Tellus #17: Video Arts Music 

Zui Jiu - Drunken Wine (1:32) Tellus #19: New Music China (1988) 
R.I.P. Hayman Electronic Dirge (funeral music from Taiwan) (0:53)

Crawling With Tarts  - Plowing And Tilling  - Tellus #20: Media Myth (1988) 
Violence and The Sacred - Teddy Bear Stinks Real Bad Now (Excerpt)  - Tellus #20: Media Myth 
Christian Boltanski - Reconstruction de Chansons Qui Ont Et Chant es Christian Boltanski -Tellus #20: Audio By Visual Artists (1988)
Alice Shields  - Mass for the Dead (excerpt)  - Tellus #22: False Phonemes (1988)

Abdel Samad  - Le Coran Cheikh ‘Sourat Yassine’  - Tellus #23: Paul Bowles (1989)


A Different Nature playlist for 06/13/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Eli Keszlerpart 1OxtirnESP-Disk
Charles TylerStrange UhuruCharles Tyler EnsembleESP-Disk
The GodzWhite Cat HeatContact HighESP-Disk
Patty WatersBlack is the Color of My True Love's HairPatty Waters SingsESP-Disk
Allen Ginsberg & Peter OrlovskyMantrasThe East Village OtherESP-Disk
Bob James TrioAnd OnExplosionsESP-Disk
Bob James Trio with Robert AshleyWolfmanExplosionsESP-Disk
Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) with New York Art QuartetBlack with New Ywith New York ork Dada NihilisusNew York Art QuartetESP-Disk
Holy Modal RoundersIndian War WhoopIndian War WhoopESP-Disk
Alan SondheimBeautifulT'Other Little TuneESP-Disk
Ornette ColemanDedication to Poets and WritersTown Hall Concert 1962ESP-Disk
Teiji Ito (composer)The Coach With The Six InsidesThe Coach With The Six Insides: A Musical Play By Jean Erdman based on James Joyce' FINNEGAN'S WAKEESP-Disk
CromagnonCrow Of The Black TreeCave RockESP-Disk
William BurroughsUranian WillyCall Me BurroughsESP-Disk
Sun RaThe Other WorldSun Ra - Featuring Pharoah Sanders & Black HaroldESP-Disk
Erica PomeranceKoanisphereYou Used To ThinkESP-Disk
Albert AylerBellsBells/ProphecyESP-Disk
Alan SilvaSolestrial Communications Number OneSkillfulnessesESP-Disk
Sea EnsembleWave Hands Like CloudsMusic Of The Sea Ensemble - We Move TogetherESP-Disk
Sun RaThe CosmosThe Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, Vol. 1ESP-Disk
The GodzSqueakGodz 2ESP-Disk
The FugsHallucination HorrorsVirgin FugsESP-Disk
Charles MansonDon't Do Anything IllegalCharles Manson - SingsESP-Disk
  • Tonights edition of A Different Nature focused on the ESP-DISK label.
  • Co-hosts: Alejandro, Andy, Daniel, Rolf, and Dr. Zomb.
  • Links have been provided if you wish to learn more about these recordings.



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